More Dutch & Rosa Ch. 15

byParis Waterman©

Dutch looked on, stroking his hardon patiently awaiting his opportunity which he knew was not long off.

Big Mitchie arched his neck and began moving faster. His soccer developed calves and slender hips rocked back and forth, causing Alice to cry out as her slender body jerked back and forth in response to his thrusts. Her swollen breasts jiggled, a gold chain around her neck tossed and slithered on her dusky skin. Faster and faster he went, as Big Mitchie started to ram-fuck her; slamming his hips forward, his balls swinging up against her cunt-lips. He put his hand on her belly, pinning her down as she thrashed under him.

The sofa heaved and bucked under their weight. Alice's breasts were throbbing, her nipples quivering and rock hard. She was in all her glory, enthralled at being so thoroughly fucked.

Suddenly he rolled away and took his magnificent prick with him.

"Your turn," he spat at Dutch and crouched like a baseball catcher awaiting a pitch.

Dutch sprang into action, his cock was relentless, plowing in, sliding out, thrusting in hard and deep and fast, over and over again, faster and faster, deeper and deeper. Soon the sweat glistened and splashed off their bodies. Their cries rose. Alice's cunt spasmed uncontrollably; his thick cock was seemed impossibly huge in her twat, it's very heat scorching the walls of her vagina.

Then Alice was there, coming hard.

"Oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God, oh God!"

"Oh, yeah," he growled, "take it! Take my cock damn you, Take it!"

The surprise of hearing him curse her made her climax even greater and her body heaved frantically on the sofa.

With a manic desperation, Dutch moved faster still, pummeling Alice with his massive rod until she was gasping and moaning and still coming, thrashing deliriously beneath him. And then it was his turn and for some reason he pulled out of her and spewed his load onto her heaving breasts and then spying her open mouth, with protruding tongue, managed to land a heavy glob on the middle of her tongue.

But Alice had no time to relax and enjoy her massive orgasm for Big Mitchie rolled her over and using the copious fluids oozing from her cunt, slathered them on her ass hole and mashed his prodigious prick into her ass.

Fortunately for Alice, she had already had several pricks in her backside earlier in the evening and he didn't tear her rectum to pieces. Instead, he found himself slowly gliding into her tightness with an ease he had never experienced before; and it was with an intense pleasure that Big Mitchie began to ass fuck Alice.

For her part, Alice's orgasm never ended. It kept going on and on and on, every fiber of her slender body was tingling with gloriously intense sensations.

Dutch watched as her mouth drew wide in a soundless cry; and her face contorted, suffused with passion; the tendons in her neck stood out and her fingers clawed at Big Mitchie's thighs. But through it all, Alice kept coming and her ass muscles gripped Big Mitchie like a vise.

Big Mitchie demonstrated his sexual prowess by turning Alice over onto her back while remaining immersed in her ass. Then leaning over her, he kissed her, mashing her breasts under his weight. She was so soaked with sweat that he almost slid off of her.

His tongue reluctantly left her hungry mouth and went in search of a nipple.

Alice moaned at the first touch of his rough tongue as it laved over her stiffened bud. And all the while his massive cock pulsed steadily within her greatly enlarged rectum.


Rosa was wide awake as 'The Tool' approached her.

"Hi," she whispered shyly, remembering vividly how well he had fucked her.

"Ready for more of this?" he asked, holding his monster out to her and wondering if she were up to it.

"I think so, but let's try the bed this time. I don't know if my body can stand another pounding... yeah that's about right, a pounding like that last one at least not on the table."

He smiled at her and took her in his arms and kissed her. It was a long, lingering kiss and when it ended they saw that Robert and Long Dong Silver had joined them.

Rosa smiled at the three well hung men in front of her.

"What's that old expression?" She smiled, "In for a penny..." she shrieked with lewd laughter as 'The Tool' picked her up in his arms and carried her to the bedroom. Long Dong Silver and Robert followed, their cocks waving side to side as they did.


Molly slowly came out of her sexual stupor and horny as ever, looked about for a choice cock, but saw only Alice thrashing about under Big Mitchie, while Dutch looked on. Her sharp eyes quickly informed her that Dutch was currently out of commission, but she called his name and his eyes smiled when he saw her lying there, spread eagled, and awaiting him. He moved to her and she took his flaccid cock between her lips and started to revive him.

And the night of unequaled lust continued.

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