tagFetishMore Panty Shopping Adventures

More Panty Shopping Adventures


I'm lying back in on the bench as my girlfriend, Tracy, is leaning forward and lowering her delectable bubble butt into my face. I have a close up view of her perfect butt covered in a pair of frilly pink satin bikini panties, my favorite. She lowers herself so I can see the satin material covering the outline of her already wet pussy and smell her wonderful sex.

Supporting her with my hands, I lean forward and start licking her pussy through the satin panties making them even wetter. She lets out a low moan of pleasure. I take a moment to glance sideways and watch our reflection in a full-length mirror as she takes a pair of white silky panties and rubs them up and down my raging hard-on. I still have my shirt on but my pants are down, crumpled on the floor.

I return to licking her succulent pussy as I feel the silky fabric rub up and down my cock. I pull the frilly edge of Tracy's satin panty aside, to allow me uninterrupted access to her dripping pussy.

My tongue licks the length of her pussy and back again, focusing on her clit. The aroma of her sex is amazing, slightly musky with a hint of Tracy's favorite perfume. I look sideways at the mirror, Tracy leans forward and continues to rub my cock with the white panties as she alternates by slowly sucking the tip of my cock. I turn back to her panty butt and start focusing on not cumming just yet so I can prolong the pleasure and give her as much pleasure as I'm feeling.

I can hear Tracy's breathing increase in tempo as she takes my cock deep into her mouth. I can't hold on any longer and feel like I'm about to explode when I hear the curtain slide open and a female voice yell.

"What the hell ... is going ...oh my god"?

I can't hold on and shoot big wads of cum all over Tracy's face and into the panties she has wrapped around my cock.

Tracy quickly stands up and I see a very slim and attractive sales lady staring at us with a shocked look. I'm left totally exposed, my pants around my ankles and a pair of cum stained panties wrapped around my deflating cock.

The floor of the dressing room is covered with various items of new lingerie. Despite my embarrassing position, I can't help admiring Tracy's tight body as she adjusts the cum stained high cut pair of pink satin panties and a matching bra.

Tracy splutters, "I'm really sorry, it was all my fault, I got carried away..."

The sales lady holds her ground and says.

"I'm assuming you are going to buy all these panties and bras" sarcastically adding, "We don't usually have a try before you buy policy"

I've caught my breath and attempt to pull my pants up. The sales lady looks at me and says,

"Don't you go anywhere, I'm calling security"

I venture a feeble plea,

"Look, there's no need for that, as you said, we're happy to buy all this stuff" indicating to the floor littered with silky panties and bras.

The sales lady looks at me scornfully and says,

"That's not the point. I'm not used to people using my dressing room to fuck like animals"

Despite the situation, I can't help wondering what lingerie the attractive sales lady is wearing. I can make out the lace edge of a white bra through her white shirt.

I try again and say "I'm sure I can add something extra for any inconvenience we caused" looking her straight in the eye.

Tracy begins zipping her dress up. The sales lady gives us a scornful look up and down and then turns to leave. Hesitating, she turns back and looking me straight in the eye says,

"Don't you two go anywhere, I have to finish closing up" and she departs, pulling the curtain closed.

Tracy grabs me and kisses me firmly on the lips, looking at me as she says,

"I'm sorry honey, but that was worth it, whatever happens"

I kiss her again as I run my hands over her butt feeling her panty-covered ass through her dress and say,

"Totally worth it babe"

We both finish dressing quickly and step out into the shop ready to face whatever embarrassing punishment has been promised.

The Lingerie store is empty and the sales lady is nowhere to be seen. Tracy is holding a handful of panties and a few bras she had bought into the dressing room to try on before we got carried away. We make our way to the cash register and the sales lady appears. I take my wallet out and she avoids eye contact as she starts ringing up our purchases.

I look her straight in the eyes and say,

"As I said, I'm happy to add something for the inconvenience, if you can forget about calling security"

She looks at me and hesitates,

"Follow me" she says and walks toward the back of the shop.

Tracy and I look at each other and with an unspoken agreement decide to follow the sales lady. We reach the back of the shop near the dressing rooms and see the attractive sales lady standing with arms crossed.

She says, "If you can make me cum like you did your girlfriend, maybe we can forget the whole thing"

Tracy looks at me and without hesitation starts undressing me. The sales lady picks a pair of white satin bikini panties from our purchases and hands them to me.

"I know these turn you on, I want you to wear them," she commands.

Tracey, kneeling in front of me, finishes removing my pants and underwear takes the silky panties and slides them up my legs, hesitating to slowly lick my hardening cock as she pulls the panties up so they fit snuggly over my cock.

The sales lady starts to undress giving me the first view of her sexy lingerie, a very expensive white lace sheer bra holding a beautiful set of 36B breasts and a matching sheer French cut panty with a ruffled satin edge covering her beautiful petite butt.

She leaves her lingerie in place and starts to undress Tracy. Tracy looks gorgeous in her lingerie and I can see an obvious wetness through the crotch of her silky pink panties I had been licking just moments before. Much to my surprise and delight Tracy turns and kisses the sales lady full on the mouth. They both embrace, running their hands all over each other, leaving me standing with a raging hard-on bursting against the silky panties I am wearing.

The sales lady falls back into a comfortable lounge chair and spreads her legs. Tracy removes the sales ladies bra releasing her beautiful breasts that remain in perfect shape as Tracey starts to lick and caress her nipples.

While I'm enjoying the view I need to get involved so I kneel between the sales ladies spread legs and pull the sheer panties to one side and gently slide my tongue back and forward across her clit. The sales ladies cunt is beautiful, fragrant and already dripping wet. Her increasing moaning tells me that we will have no problem fulfilling our deal.

In a breathy moan the sales lady grabs my head and says,

"come here"

She pulls me down and kisses my pussy juice smeared lips. I can feel her hand caressing my hard cock through my satin panties.

Tracy takes my place and continues eating the sales ladies pussy. The sales lady pushes me away and grabs my cock through the panties then slides satin material to one side and starts to give me a mind-blowing blowjob.

Lucky, I had already cum once; otherwise I would have blown it at this point. Without warning she releases my cock and pushes me back and commands in a loud moan of pleasure,

"Fuck her while she eats me"

Tracy looks amazing on her knees with her pink satin panty covered butt sticking up and her head between the sales ladies legs as she continues to lick and gently finger fuck the dripping cunt.

Wasting no time, I position myself behind Tracy and I pull the silky panties aside and slide my raging hard-on into Tracy's dripping cunt as a small moan of pleasure escapes her lips.

The sales lady moans, "Fuck your dirty girlfriend hard you panty boy bitch"

I increase my tempo as Tracy's sodden silky satin panties caress my cock as it slides in and out of her velvet pussy. I'm trying hard not to cum as I watch Tracy lick the sales ladies pussy with increasing speed. Just as I fear I can't hold on much longer the sales lady yells,

"Make me cum bitch"

She lets out a low moan of ecstasy causing me to unleash a stream of cum into Tracy's pussy sending her over the edge. We all collapse into a sweaty heap.

After a moment the sales lady stands and grabs Tracy and kisses her pussy juiced lips releasing her she says,

"That was a good start, maybe you can come again soon"

We quickly dress still wearing the soiled panties and exit the shop still not even knowing her name.

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