tagFetishPanty Shopping Surprise

Panty Shopping Surprise


I love panties and have been blessed with a beautiful girlfriend who is happy to indulge my fetish. Her name is Tracy, standing at 5' 9" with 34B breasts, a slim waist and a tight bubble butt, that looks beautiful when framed in some sexy lingerie.

I love seeing my beautiful girlfriend emerge from the shower and watch as she picks from her extensive collection of lingerie, taking time to slide the days particular silky selection up her gorgeous legs, knowing that I'm watching carefully as she pulls the days panties snuggly up to her crotch.

She takes a moment to adjust the back sexily so satin bikini material frames her beautiful butt.

I start to get hard knowing that if the mood takes her that after a day of wearing some sexy panties hugging her crotch she will let me undress her, leaving only her panties and bra snuggly framing her pert breasts with the silky panties smoothly covering her beautiful pussy, allowing me to slowly caress her silk covered crotch, making the material wet and leading to some sensual lovemaking.

My girlfriend, Tracy, totally indulges my fetish and is rewarded by a well stocked lingerie draw and lots of tender lovemaking always making sure she is as satisfied in bed as much as me.

Early in our relationship I confessed my love for panties and after assuring Tracy I was not gay, that I loved women in panties and wearing them myself occasionally, especially under a sharp business suit, she decided that it could be a good thing for our relationship.

A big part of the fun is our shopping trips to buy her more pretty panties and bras, particularly virginal white full bikini briefs and matching bras.

On a recent outing we visited our favorite lingerie store after work to buy something new in anticipation of a weekend away. A very attractive sales lady, dressed in a modest but sexy dress, greeted us as regular customers. We browsed through the racks of new arrivals. The sales lady, introduced herself as Leslie and quickly clued into the fact that I had a particular liking for silky white satin bra and panty sets. Leslie offered up several new styles that had just arrived. She made some selections and offered Tracy her sizes, directing her to the dressing room at the rear of the store. I continued to look through the racks of glorious panties of all shapes and styles while Tracy and the Leslie disappeared into the dressing room. I had to readjust my cock as it started to harden against the pink satin panties that I was wearing under my business suit, while I fingered through the racks of panties.

After some time Leslie reappeared and I couldn't help imagine what pretty lingerie she had on under her skirt as I tried to hide my growing hard on. She mentioned that maybe I would like to go through to the dressing room and see what I thought of the lingerie she had picked out for Tracy.

As I enthusiastically stepped into the dressing room area, Tracy emerged from behind the curtain, dressed in a sexy white satin bra and matching high cut satin bikini panties that she modeled for me and coyly asked if I liked.

Tracy stepped forward and kissed me on the lips as she reached down and undid my trousers and ran her hand over my rock hard satin covered cock and whispered in my ear,

"I think you like these," she purred.

Caught off guard by her unusually bold advance, I stammered approval as I ran my hands over her silky covered butt. Tracy kissed my neck and knelt down and proceeded to run her tongue over my panty-covered cock. I nervously looked toward the curtain but was quickly distracted as she started to suck the tip of my cock through the satin material.

I was about to explode when the curtain was pulled back to reveal Leslie, causing me to attempt a feeble cover up. Unfazed, Leslie pulled the curtain closed and said,

"It's ok, I have closed the store and it's just us, please continue, I always like a satisfied customer."

Amazingly, Tracy returned to sucking my cock as Leslie unzipped her dress and stepped out of it to reveal a stylish feminine pink silk bra and matching high cut panty with an old school garter belt holding up her sheer white stockings. Tracy undid my belt and my pants dropped as I struggled to remove my shirt. In no time I was standing in front of two beautiful women wearing a pair of pink satin panties as Tracy sucked vigorously on my rock hard cock.

I felt a new set of hands caressing my body as Leslie joined in, finally breaking Tracy away from my cock to start kissing her. Tracy is usually pretty vanilla in the lovemaking stakes and I'd never known if she has been with another woman but she looked very comfortable as she returned the kisses from the pretty sales lady.

After regaining some composure, I knelt down and started to lick Tracy's wet panty covered pussy while watching her fingers explore the panty-covered crotch of her new bff.

As I licked Tracy's pussy through her satin panties, Tracy's finger gently played with Leslie's pussy, making the silky material covering her pussy visibly wet. I pulled Tracy's panties aside and gently licked her beautiful clit driving her over the edge. Leslie released her lip lock and grabbed another pair of panties and wrapped them round my cock and started to suck through the material as I continued to lick Tracy's gorgeous clit bringing her close to orgasm.

Wanting to prolong the pleasure, I reluctantly broke my cock away from Leslie's lips and asked Tracy to turn over. She happily complied and presented her beautiful bubble panty covered butt to me. I moved in and pulled her panties aside and teasingly pushed my cock tip in and out of Tracy's wet pussy. Leslie knelt down and started to lick the underside of my cock. Tracy pushed back and my cock became buried deep inside her pussy as I could feel the panty material caress my cock as her velvety wet pussy encased my cock. I built up a rythm as my rock hard cock sawed back and forth. Tracy's breathing and moans indicated she was getting close as the tempo increased.

I was going mad with passion as I looked over and watched Leslie vigorously fingering her panty cover pussy as she continued to lick my cock while I fucked Tracy. Unable to hold on any longer, I let go of the biggest load deep into Tracy's pussy as she loudly started to come. We collapsed on the floor as Leslie quickly joined us in a shattering orgasm.

Needless to say, after cleaning ourselves up with Tracy dressing in the come stained panties, I bought a huge selection of lingerie and we both departed. As soon as we got home I started again by licking out my dripping cum from her drenched pussy and fucked her again to a satisfying orgasm.

We are already planning another lingerie shopping spree soon.

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