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More Strip Poker with Kelly Monaco


A while ago, a friend and sometimes writing partner of mine teamed up with me in a strip poker game with Kelly Monaco. He is the best card mechanic I have ever seen or even heard of, and we got the sexy lady naked and had a great time in bed with her. A few days ago, she called me back and demanded a rematch with just me against her.

"George, I think your friend, Slick, was cheating," she told me.

"Really? What makes you think that?" I was totally aware he was cheating, but I don't think Kelly really minded all that much, since she had as much fun in the aftermath as we did.

"Because sometimes you and he had cards I didn't deal to you."

"Well, maybe you're right, but I don't know what we can do about it now."

"You can give me a rematch. Just you; not Slick this time."

"A rematch? When do you have in mind?"

"July 14. That's National Nude Day, and I intend to get you bare-ass naked and then have my way with you, like you guys did with me."

That sounded intriguing, especially that last part, because her way with me has always been making me eat her pussy and fucking, which is exactly what I would have wanted to do with her in the unlikely event I had ever won any of the honest games we played.

"Okay, July 14. Do you want to come over here or would you rather I go to your place?" "You come over here. I don't entirely trust you not to have mirrors or some other cheating stuff around."

We arranged a time and established the rules, and I got there promptly, partly because it is my nature and mostly because only a fool would be late for a date with a hotsy like Kelly Monaco, especially when their time together was likely to end in the sexual fun I expected to have with her. She met me at the door, and her affectionate kiss belied the rather harsh way she had spoken when our rematch was arranged.

"Hi, George. I've got everything ready right here. I'm going to get you naked as a jaybird in eight hands, and then I'll decide what I want you to do for me."

"Eight hands" seemed rather overconfident to me. I didn't really care which of us won, because I expected the result to be the same either way. I would have predicted her to be the winner, because she is a professional at strip poker, but I certainly didn't expect her to win that quickly.

As we had agreed, each of us was wearing eight garments, including two shoes and two socks or stockings, and the loser of each hand would remove one of those garments. Apparently, she believed we would only play eight hands, and that she would win every one of them and have me naked while she was still fully clothed.

She reminded me, just in case I had forgotten. "Remember, whoever doesn't win the hand has to take of one thing, whichever he or she wants. Whoever gets naked first is the loser and has to do what the other wants in my bed."

We walked to where the game would be played. It was in a small room next to her bedroom, and I glanced in there on the way. The light was on, and I could see the bed was made with just a single sheet, I assumed it would be clean, and some pillows. This was the same arrangement we had at every game until then, and I expected the result to be the same as all except the most recent of them had been.

There was a table with four chairs, two for us to sit on and two that would be used by us to hang up the clothing we removed. A box that had its tax seal intact and contained a brand new deck of cards was in the center of the table. Kelly opened it, dumped out the cards, discarded the joker and began to shuffle expertly. Apparently, she wanted to deal the first hand, which I didn't care about one way or the other.

Until I picked up the cards, that is. I had one of the worst hands I had ever seen, with nothing higher than a nine, and I was about to throw the cards into the middle of the table, when my opponent beat me to it. She laid her hand on the table face up, and her highest was an eight.

Somehow I had managed to win that hand and, when she saw what I had, Kelly stood up, removed her blouse, and hung it on the chair beside her. When she sat back down, I admired her big, luscious breasts, which were still supported by her bra, and the warm expanse of soft tan skin that had become visible. My poker opponent is one of the most beautiful women I know, which certainly seems reasonable. A woman doesn't get to be Playboy's Playmate of the Month without being a beauty. It was my turn to deal, so I picked up the cards and shuffled them clumsily, while Kelly watched me with disdain.

This time I had a pair of fours, and I wasn't going to throw them in without seeing what her hand was. She had two jacks, meaning she had won the hand so I quickly unbuttoned my shirt and hung it on the chair that was there for that purpose. Kelly picked up the cards again, shuffled and looked at me before dealing them out.

"I'm going to get you this time, George. You're going down!"

Going down on her seemed like a great idea, but I decided against mentioning that. Once again, she dealt the cards with easy flicks of her wrists and, when I picked up my hand, I had a pair of tens. I wanted to see her cards before I showed mine, so I waited for her to lay her cards on the table. She was waiting for me also, so I decided to go first, and let her see my tens.

"Well, you win again," she said, and showed me her pair of fives.

I expected her to remove a shoe, but Kelly surprised me. She grinned impishly, reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. After hanging it on the chair while her arm was covering her nipples, she turned to face me, moved her arm out of the way, and shook her truly gorgeous breasts.

As I said, I was surprised at her choice of what piece of clothing to take off, but I was certainly not going to say anything that might make her change her mind, because every time she moved after removing her bra, those lovely tan globes with their dark brown nipples swung and swayed and bounced enticingly.

The game, such as it was, continued. That pair of tens that had earned me the sight of those luscious breasts was the best hand I had. Kelly wasn't doing any better than I was and, after we had each dealt seven times, it was her turn to deal again. I was wearing only my jockey shorts and she was down to no more than her panties. On the previous hand, which I had won, she had stood up to remove her jeans, and I had seen clearly what that last garment was like.

It was very tight and sheer, and I had been treated to the sight of a pale camel toe, visible through the fabric. I was really hoping to win the next hand, which would be the last, so I could again feast my eyes on Kelly's beautiful, naked body and retire to her bed where I would claim the rewards of my victory.

I picked up my cards and stared at them. Only once before in my life had I ever seen a royal flush, and that had been on the previous occasion when we were cheating Kelly, but that was what I held in my hands. I had the ten through the ace of clubs but, before I could lay the cards down on the table and watch the sexy lady strip off her panties, she beat me to it.

"Read 'em and weep, George," she announced, and placed her cards on the table facing me.

That was the third time I had seen a royal flush, and hers was in hearts. The odds against one such hand are immense; the chances of two at the same time in a two-handed game have probably never been calculated. I thought she had very likely been cheating, but I didn't say anything, because my hand was tied with hers, and it had to be the last hand of the game.

"What do we do now?" I asked.

"You know the rules. You didn't win, so you have to stand up and take off your underwear."

"Okay, but you didn't win either."

"Well, then, we'll both have to take off our underwear."

Kelly was grinning as she said that and, when she stood up, I could see and smell why. The crotch of her panties was wet with a stain that was spreading, and I could detect the delectable fragrance of her pussy lubricating. She placed her thumbs in the waistband of her last garment and waited for me to do the same with my shorts.

I stood up to take them off, and had difficulty, because my cock was hard and I had to work the elastic around it. When I finally did, we both pushed the last article of clothing down, and they slid down our legs to the floor. We stood looking and smiling at each other's naked bodies.

"Do you know what this means?" Kelly asked. "Now we'll have to go into the bedroom and neither of us can have their way with the other in bed, or we'll both have to."

"I don't think we'll have much of a problem," I assured her. I'm sure we can figure out something so sometimes you can have your way and sometimes I can have mine."

We started working on that idea right away. She came around to the side of the table; we embraced and shared a kiss, with our tongues also saying hello, and walked into the bedroom. Kelly jumped onto the bed and lay with her legs wide apart and a pillow under head as she waited for me to join her.

"I know what I want first, if it's alright with you."

I was sure I knew what she wanted, and it was more than just alright. I lay beside her and kissed her all over her very pretty face, before trailing kisses down her cheek and throat. She made no objection, which meant I must have been doing what she wanted, and I knew it was my first choice too. She gave me a very strong hint as to what she wanted next by cupping her hands under her breasts so they were presented to me.

It was an offer I could not refuse. I leaned over her body and started licking the first nipple I came to, and found it was as erect as my cock. I could actually feel the tiny ridges and the pebbly texture of the areola, and I caressed her there with my tongue until she moved her body to present the other breast to my eager mouth. I had no problem letting her decide which or those adorable nubbins I should lick next, because they were both divine.

Her nipples felt better and better to my tongue as I switched between them, until I drew one of the luscious orbs between my lips and started sucking on it. The soft, smooth flesh felt even better as my lips formed a seal and my mouth worked like a bellows while my tongue continued to lick the rigid nipple.

Once again, Kelly moved her body to direct me as to which of the gorgeous mounds I should suck and lick, and I was more than happy to comply. She was cooing blissfully by then, and her body was squirming under me. The small amount of her juice that had stained her panties had been joined by a steady stream, and the aroma was urging me to go lower on her body.

She had the same thought. "Time to go lower," she told me, pushing gently on my shoulder.

Eagerly, I kissed and licked my way down her soft belly until I reached her Mount of Venus, at which time I got off the bed, got back on at the foot and walked on my knees until I was between her spread legs. Kelly had picked up a pillow and she handed it to me and raised her ass from the bed so I could slip it under her to bring her pussy to the perfect eating height. With that ready, she raised her legs; I ducked under them and she placed the backs of her knees on my shoulders.

I wrapped my arms around her thighs and leaned forward until my hands met on her mons, bringing my face to within inches of her delightful pussy. The scent had been enticing from a few feet away; from up close it was intoxicating. Some of the juices had spattered onto the insides of her thighs, and I began by licking off those drops, which tasted even more delectable than they smelled. From there, my tongue started on Kelly's crotch, sluicing off the nectar that was trickling from the lovely pink hole that was producing it.

By the time I finished that, Kelly's pussy was squirming under my face and her blissful cooing was louder. I started licking one of her outer lips, my tongue starting below that same lovely hole and traveling slowly upward. Her black pubic hair was something of a nuisance, but it didn't bother me enough to keep me from reveling in what I was doing. My tongue caressed her slowly, covering the entire area many times over, until I reached the same soft, tan mount, which I kissed.

Moving quickly, I brought my mouth back down to the adorable pink hole that was the source of her delicious juices and devoured everything that had just been produced. From there, I started on the other outer lip, treating this one the same way and moving just as slowly. As my tongue meandered its way up the lip, the movements of Kelly's pussy went from squirming to writhing, and her cooing evolved to moans of delight.

I was glad she was enjoying what I was doing, because it made eating her pussy much more fun for me. Once again, I kissed her mons when I reached that point but, this time, I raised my head to see what effect my ministrations were having.

As much fun as I was deriving from eating Kelly's pussy, she seemed to be getting even more. Her sexy body was writhing on the bed and her head, with eyes closed and her lips parted in a blissful smile, was tossing from side to side on her pillow. Her soft moans also told me what a great time my tongue was giving her. I smiled too, but inwardly, and my mouth returned to that same delectable pink hole. As I make a habit of doing, I devoured all the freshest nectar before starting to lick between an inner and an outer lip.

I began by licking the small, very sensitive area separating the origins of the lips, lapping gently with just the tip of my tongue and, from there, I started caressing Kelly between her labia. When I reached the point where they are close together, I canted my head to slip my tongue into the small seam. As I always do, I reveled in licking this part of her pussy, where my tongue was in contact with the slickness of the outer lip and the spongy texture of the inner one, which was swollen with her arousal. Kelly's movements became stronger, and her pussy started fucking up into my face, while her legs were opening and closing like a pair of scissors.

She let me know verbally what she liked too. "Uh! Uh!" she whimpered in the same tempo as the movements of her pussy. "Oh, god, George, that feels so good. "Keep eating me like that!"

I had no intentions of stopping. My tongue continued its slow journey to the end of Kelly's inner lip, where it joins the lip from the other side to form her clit hood. I raised my head briefly to observe her further responses, and was elated to see that precious morsel had almost pushed its way out from its protection. I must have looked too long, because Kelly let me know, in no uncertain terms, what my proper function was at that time.

"Don't stop!" she demanded. "Keep eating my pussy until I cum!"

Regardless of who won or didn't lose our strip poker game, I didn't want too many delays either. I moved my mouth back down to where it belonged and, after feasting on the pool of fresh juices her pussy had produced, my tongue started probing the other inner and outer lips. As she grew more excited, her hips started swiveling under my face, thrusting her legs out and back beside my face like a pair of beautiful pistons.

I treated this second pair of lips as I had the first, licking just as slowly and thoroughly as I had the first pair. By the time I reached the end of this inner lip, Kelly's whole succulent body was thrashing around on the bed, and her pussy was ramming up against me so strongly, it seemed as if she were trying to wrap herself around my face. I stopped when I reached that point and once again surveyed her responses. She was in a high state of arousal but, judging from the many times I had eaten her pussy before, not yet at her peak.

I brought my mouth back below her beautiful pink hole and devoured the juices she had secreted before starting to ease my tongue into the bottom edge of the place that had produced them. As I thrust my tongue back and forth, tiny drops of the nectar flicked out to please my taste buds. I started up one side of that dripping hole, with my tongue exploring gently under her inner lip, before crossing to the other side.

Slowly, moving ever closer to her clit, I switched my tongue back and forth, dipping into the bubbling pink cauldron of nectar until I reached the top edge and started to poke my tongue into the small area that is between Kelly's dripping pink hole and the sweetest of her sweet spots.

Without raising my face from what I was doing, I peeked up at her clit, and was very happy at what I saw. The little cutie was so engorged from her excitement it had pushed its way completely out from its protective hood and resembled a lovely pink pearl. Just as important, the muscles in Kelly's thighs had rotated slightly outward, fully presenting her pussy to me. I knew she had reached the apex of her sexual excitement, and the moment in time had arrived to bring her to her first orgasm of our day together.

I moved slightly higher to engulf her clit and, clamping my lips at the base, I started sucking. My tongue was active too, caressing the sides and top of the engorged morsel. Kelly's movements became wilder than ever, and her whimpering and sobbing were in the same tempo as the working of my mouth and the thrusts of her pussy against me. Abruptly, she cried out in joy as she started cumming.

Her thighs tightly gripped the sides of my head, and her hands went to the back to press my face even more snugly against her pussy. Kelly's sounds of unmitigated joy continued as her legs oscillated wildly, while her luscious ass bounced up and down on the bed. I clung tightly to her thighs and kept my mouth clamped on her clit and continued with the sucking and the licking as I immensely enjoyed the wild ride. For almost five of some of the most glorious minutes of my life, she continued cumming.

Kelly cried out ecstatically and incoherently as she climaxed, her back arching and her pussy ramming against my face for the final time. After her orgasm, she seemed to melt into the mattress like a beautiful tan and pink puddle. Her legs remained draped over my shoulders, and I moved back and then forward so I could feast on the delectable juices she had just produced. I licked them all from her legs, belly, crotch and lips, but not from the pink hole that had just produced them. Although that nectar would have been the most delicious of all, it would be needed as a natural lubrication, because I knew the next thing we would both want to do was fuck.

After relishing all the nectar I would allow myself, I returned to the other room where I had left my pants, took a condom out of the pocket and rolled it into place. When I saw Kelly again, she was still lying flat on her back, her arms out at her sides and a big smile on her face. Her eyes were open and, when she saw my cock encased in latex, her smile became more lascivious. She struggled to a sitting position and beckoned to me to join her.

"I think it's your turn to have your way with me, George, and I can see what you want to do. But I hope it's okay with you if I get on top."

It was more than okay; it was fantastic. Kelly is a rather small woman, except for her big, gorgeous breasts, and my favorite way to fuck somebody with a figure like hers is to have her on top. It can be the Cowgirl position, with her bouncing up and down or Female Superior, with her lying atop me while I caress her voluptuous body; either way is much more than okay with me.

"Oh, okay. I guess that'd be alright." I was playing it cool, but I know I didn't fool Kelly, and I didn't really want to.

She rolled over to the side of the bed and I lay down where she had been. After checking my condom, Kelly swung one leg over me so she was straddling my legs and walked on her knees until her pussy was directly above my cock. I reached down and held it upright so she would easily be able to impale her pussy the way I knew she would want to do. She held her lips apart, moved her body farther until contact was mad and waited there. I swished the tip of my cock around in her wetness to spread the natural lubrication, of which there was so much some was running down the shaft and soaking into my pubic hair.

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