tagErotic CouplingsMore than Friends Ch. 04

More than Friends Ch. 04


Author's Note: Though the relationship depicted here is both loving and consenting, it's also about two people who enjoy exploring their boundaries and talking dirty. If those aren't your interests, l understand, but know this story is maybe not for you!


Mandy insisted on celebrating our one week anniversary. I wasn't sure it was worthy of celebration-we'd hardly seen each other in the week since we'd first fucked due to a series of interruptions, some expected and some unexpected. Mandy had been working at her mother's dance studio since before graduation, which kept her busy during the day, and my job at the library started right away. An illness by one of the evening librarians-and my status as "least senior employee" meant I got dumped with several late shifts, and even though the library closed at nine, by the time I finished sorting books, cleaning bathrooms, and powering down the computers it was often past ten p.m. before I could get out of there.

I'd already talked to my boss about making sure I had a couple evenings free a week, but in the meantime Mandy and I had only been able to spare a few hours together. As much as I just wanted to use every spare minute together to ravage her incredible body again and again, I also wanted to just enjoy being with her, and so we fucked around a little bit, but also made time to catch a movie, to spend time with some of our high school friends, and to see our families.

But this week things were turning around. After my spate of late shifts, I had a three day stretch off, and when I told Mandy she talked to her mother to get time off from the dance studio as well. Which meant we had three days to ourselves before we had to get back into the real world. We made plans for the mini-vacation over the long weekend after dinner on the evening of my last shift.

"Ben and Jerry's whenever we want it," Mandy declared as we sat in my car in her driveway.

"Oh that sci-fi movie we were talking about, that opens this Friday, I'm pretty sure," I said.

"Board games! I haven't had anyone to play with since you left!"

"The waterpark is having Neon Nights again this year. Do you remember that last year?"

"You just want to see me in a bikini," Mandy laughed. "You hate waterparks."

"I want to see you OUT of a bikini," I countered. "But you love waterparks, and I want you to have fun."

She grinned. "Well I want you to have fun too! What do you want to do? A baseball game? Hiking in the foothills? Are any bands coming to town?"

I shrugged happily. "Honestly, I don't care. I just want to be with you. What we're doing doesn't really matter."

"So you don't have any opinion on what we do? I can just plan a weekend of picnics and manicures and you'll be fine?"

"As long as we're doing those things between sessions of me fucking you senseless, I'm one hundred percent fine with that."

Mandy's cheeks flushed instantly. "You silly boy. What am I going to do with you?"

"Absolutely anything you want, you dirty little minx."

She grabbed my head and pulled it to hers, kissing me hard on the lips.

"I've got it. I'll plan a day and you can plan a day and then we'll leave one day totally free for whatever sounds fun in the moment," she said as she pulled away.

"Sounds great," I said. "Do you want tomorrow or do you want me to plan it."

"Oh, I'm all over it. I'm full of ideas."

"Your ideas haven't disappointed me yet!"

"Ok," she said. "Be back here at, let's say, nine in the morning? Will that give you enough sleep? I'm expecting you to have some real energy for the day."

I saluted. "Well I better get to bed right away, then."

She nodded sagely. "That's right, Joel. You're going to need your stamina."

She winked as she got out of the car.

My phone buzzed three times as I drove back to my mom's house. When I finally had a chance to look at it after arriving home I was perplexed. Mandy had sent me three images, but not the dirty pictures I'd hoped for when I saw the image notifications on my phone.

In fact, none of them were quite clear. The first one was a close-up of the spines of a stack of books. I recognized an AP History textbook we had used in high school and what looked like an Astronomy book. The second was a picture of her carpet, the edge of something pink running along the side of the picture. The third was a piece of fabric with a gray and white pattern. It wasn't lingerie, and I didn't recognize it.


She just replied with a winking emoji.

We hadn't done much more than kiss for the past few days, so I texted her again. "I WAS HOPING FOR MORE . . . INTERESTING PICTURES."

The typing icon-a word bubble with three dots in it-popped up, and my heart sped up a bit. I would kill for a picture of those gorgeous tits or that delectable little snatch. Still, I laughed when the picture that popped up on my phone was a graphic comparing the tallest buildings in Chicago every decade since 1900.

"NERD" I texted.

"WHAT? IT'S INTERESTING!" she replied.

I went to sleep dreaming of what the next three days might bring.


When I arrived at Mandy's house the next morning, the driveway was empty. Good. That meant Julia had already left for the day.

Mandy opened the door and my jaw dropped open.

She had on a tiny plaid miniskirt with a tight white button down top. Her hair was in pigtails, and white thigh-highs completed the dirty schoolgirl look that she must have been aiming for. It worked.

"Fuck me," I said. "How did you know that was one of my fantasies?"

She laughed, her eyes flashing. "Oh come on, Joel. It's every guy's fantasy, isn't it? Barely legal schoolgirl slut? In my case it just happens to be an accurate description."

I grinned and pulled her close to me, kissing her deeply. Our tongues intertwined, our mouths battling to devour each other.

"I am so fucking lucky," I sighed.

"Yes you are," she nodded, rubbing her hand on my crotch, feeling my thickening cock. "But I feel pretty fortunate too. Come on, there'll be plenty of time to undress me later. For now, let's go work on getting a little energy for the long day ahead."

In the kitchen Mandy had made a nice spread for breakfast: french toast and bacon, plus a large bowl of fruit and a pitcher of juice.

"So domestic," I smiled.

"Don't get used to it," she grinned. "I'm not Martha Stewart. And we'll have to go out for lunch and dinner, because I didn't plan for those."

"Go out, order in and eat naked . . . we'll figure it out, I'm sure."

"God, you're so horny!"

"All the time," I agreed.

"It's pretty cute."

"I'm glad you think so. I just can't help it. You look so damn good in that outfit."

We'd been eating as we talked, but now she rolled her eyes and poured me a glass of juice. "Drink up, loverboy."

I took a long swallow and my eyes opened. It was sweeter than I expected. And more tart.

"Pineapple juice?" I asked.

Mandy blushed. "They say it's the secret to sweeter . . . you know."

I laughed. "Cum? Are you embarrassed to say it? Jesus, you say the filthiest stuff I've ever heard when we're fucking, and now you're blushing just to say the word cum?"

Her eyes blazed at me. "That's different! In the heat of the moment I can't be responsible for my behavior! But now we're just hanging out."

"Whether we're hanging out or fucking like rabbits, it doesn't matter. How many times do I have to tell you, I love your dirty side! Can't be responsible for your behavior? I want more of your behavior! I want nasty Mandy to come out and play anytime and all the time. It's just you and me, you can say whatever you want. Whatever comes to mind. You don't have to censor yourself around me. Not ever. Say whatever you want. Do whatever you want. Except for maybe one or two exceptions, I can't think of much you could do that would change the way I would feel about you."

She cocked her head. "Like what? Maybe we should know where the lines are now."

I thought about it. "Well, I'd probably have a hard time if you cheated on me. I'm pretty open, but I don't know if I'm that open."

She nodded. "Me either. I'd never want either of us to go behind the other person's back. Anything else?"

I shrugged. "Nothing comes to mind right now. Most other things I could probably roll with. How about you?"

She thought for a moment while she swallowed her glass of pineapple juice. "I don't know. I've never been in a relationship like this before. I don't want to do anything to risk it, but I am also pretty open, and I feel like I'm catching up for lost time. It's like I finally have a chance to try all the things I've heard girls at school talk about or seen on the Internet. I'm not sure I have a lot of boundaries, even if it embarrasses me to talk about it sometimes."

I pondered the meaning of that statement. Maybe this was the time, while her rational brain was still in control, that I could get a sense of what Amanda was ok with. She had surprised me so many times already.

"So let's start with what we know. Masturbation."

"Yes," she said without hesitation.


She smiled. "Definitely."


"Feels amazing."

"Cumming on you."

"Anytime you want to. Anywhere you want to."

"Cumming in you."

"Even better."

"Dirty talk."

"Fuck yes," she grinned.

"Hey, good job!" I laughed. "A little bad language when we're not actually doing anything is a good step!"

"What, you don't think this is foreplay?" she asked.

"Maybe it is. Let's keep going. Exhibitionism."

"It sure seemed like it last week."

"Yes it did," I agreed. But now we were starting to talk about new territory. My statements became questions.

"Sex outdoors?"

She cocked her head. "Ooo, maybe. That could be fun."


There was a pause, and her cheeks reddened a little. "I've been waiting to try it." I hoped the catch in my breath wasn't noticeable. I was still trying to play it cool, but it had been clear to me since the first time I had sunk my fingers into her pussy that I had a little vixen on my hands. My heart was pounding.


"Not really my thing, I don't think, but I could give it a shot if you want to."

I smiled. "Not really my thing either. But I thought I should ask. Roleplaying?"

She gestured to the slutty schoolgirl outfit she had on. "Duh."

"Rough sex?"

"How rough?" she asked.

"How rough do you want it?" I fired back.

"I can handle it pretty rough. I mean, I don't want bruises or anything, but if the past week has taught us anything it's that I like it hard."

I let that hang in the air for a moment.

"Other people?"

"We said no cheating."

"Not cheating," I said. "As in a threesome or something."

She considered. "Boy or girl?"

"You tell me," I said.

She said, "Hmm. I don't know about that."

"That's fine." And it was. I was just throwing everything at her to see what stuck.

"Fisting?" I asked.

"Geez, Joel! Ratchet it up to eleven why don't you?"

"Hey, there's no pressure. I'm just curious."

She smirked. "Just curious. I have a feeling I'm learning a lot about the kind of porn you watch."

I blushed. It's true. Everything I'd asked her about I'd masturbated to probably a thousand different times.

"But I guess," she said. "Maybe. You'd have to get me pretty damn wet first."

"Is that a challenge?"

"I don't know. I like my pussy staying tight, baby. Don't you? Doesn't your cock? But I like things being deep inside me too. All kinds of things."

"Jesus," I whispered. I couldn't believe it. Could I have said anything right then and had her agree to it? And she hadn't even lost control of herself yet. She was right during our first time together, when she asked me to call her names. She really was a slut. And I fucking loved that about her.

My cock had been hard since the conversation began, but I could tell by the increasing vulgarity of Amanda's language that she was pretty turned on too.

"I'm running out of weird sex things I know about," I grinned.

She grabbed me by the front of the shirt and pulled me to her, kissing me hard on the lips. "Stop worrying so much about 'weird sex things.' Just take me to the bedroom and fuck me. We'll know what to do-new or old-in the moment. We're not going to get bored of each other. I promise."

She led me down the hallway, but when I turned toward her bedroom door she grabbed my wrist and kept me moving.

"No, today we enjoy ourselves."

Amanda led me to her the master bedroom. Her mother had a classy design style, with furniture that was elegant and expensive. I recognized the bedspread on the enormous bed. The gray and white pattern was from the third picture she sent me.

"Oh, you little seductress. You had this planned. The schoolgirl outfit, the King sized bed. Did you plan the sex talk too?"

She smiled. "You brought that up. Just a happy accident that has left my pussy dripping, thinking about all the ways you're going to ruin me."

I attacked her mouth with my tongue, my hands slipping down below the short hem of her skirt, feeling her bare ass cheek. My other hand held the back of her head. She kissed me back for all she was worth, her crotch grinding against my thigh.

A thought somehow slipped past the animal instinct that had taken over my brain, and I pulled back. "Wait, the first picture was the schoolgirl outfit, the last picture was this bed. What was the second picture?"

Her hands were busy pulling my belt off and undoing my fly. "Are you really sure you want to stop this to find out?"

I smiled. "Fuck it. You can show me after I fill you up with cum."

She dropped to her knees as she slid my pants down. "That's right. Everywhere."

And then those glorious lips were back around my cock again, right where they belonged. Her mouth was an O, her lips a tight seal around my cock as she sucked on it hard. It was already hard before she started the blowjob, but now it seemed to grow exponentially inside her mouth with the pressure she was giving it. She pulled her head off it and her lips were wet with her saliva and my precum.

"I love this fat cock, Joel," she said, her voice low and breathy.

"This fat cock loves you too, Mandy," I said, my hand reaching for her head again and pulling her back to my crotch. "Now swallow it again, baby."

She smiled at me, her eyes heavy lidded, but she didn't take my cock back down her throat. Instead, she pushed it up with one hand, the other hand on my ass, and began to lick and suck on my balls. It felt incredible, the sensation nearly tickling but leaving me with shivers and goosebumps instead. She looked up at me from beneath my cock, her eyes warm and smiling. I grabbed one of the pigtails and yanked her back off my nuts, bending down to kiss her.

"Take that fucking shirt off. I want to see your tits again."

Her fingers hurriedly started to undo the buttons, and then she grabbed the backs of my legs.

"Rip it off me," she said, huskily."

I reached down, grabbing the two sides under the collar and pulling down and away hard. She gave a little whimper as the buttons went flying. God she looked good, her shirt open now, her big 36DD tits straining against a sexy black lace bra. She shrugged the shirt off and I reached down to her back to unlatch the bra. It sprang away, and within seconds her braless tits revealed in all their glory. She put her hands under them and held them up for me to inspect, her forefingers and thumbs lightly pulling on her hard nipples.

"These tits?" she asked. "Are these the tits you want to see?" She looked down and spit on one of her nipples, massaging it in with her fingers. I groaned with lust and grabbed her breasts, their heavy weight so pliant in my hands. I bent down and sucked on first one nipple and then the other, while Mandy's hand slid down underneath her skirt.

"I don't think I'll ever get tired of this big rack," I said, pushing her breasts together and kissing the deep valley between them.

"You better fucking not," she said. She pushed my head up and said, "But right now it's my turn to suck, not yours." And then she was back on my dick again, licking the underside right at the head, popping the helmet into her mouth and sucking, one hand on my ass again, the other stroking my shaft.

She pulled back and a strand of precum and drool connected the tip of my cock and her bottom lip. She lifted a finger to the strand and played with it, letting it fall down onto her tits when it broke. She licked her lips, pulling some of the spit back into her mouth.

"God, I know that pineapple juice hasn't kicked in yet, but I still love the way you taste," she said. She stroked my cock as she kept talking, one hand massaging my ass, a fingertip near my asshole. "I was thinking about you at work the other day. Thinking about how much I love this dick." She kissed the head of my cock and then slapped it against her breast. "Thinking about how much I wanted to taste you again. I had to go to the bathroom and rub my little pussy."

She sucked me in again and I groaned. "So filthy, aren't you? You played with your pussy at work? With all those dancers right nearby?"

She pulled her mouth off me again. "Yeah, baby. I was fingering my little cunt, just like this." I looked at her crotch, her skirt pushed up enough that I could see she had pulled her panties to the the side, the heel of her hand rubbing against her clit, the tip of her middle finger diving into her wet slit. "All those other tight teen girls right nearby. My mom right nearby. And me masturbating like a little bitch in heat."

"Jesus," I whispered. "You're so fucking nasty, Mandy."

"Only when I think about you, Joel. Only when I think about this thick pipe in my mouth or in my pussy. You wanna know what I do?"

"What?" I moaned.

"Sometimes I do this."

She let go of my cock and hopped up on the bed, pulling her skirt off as she did so. She left the little red panties on though, and then she reached under the pillow on the bed and pulled out a large pink dildo shaped like a big thick cock.

"I grab this," she said, and then slid the rubbery dildo into her mouth, wetting it with her spit. "And I shove it right here."

With one hand she spread her perfect pink pussy lips, holding the red underwear out of the way, and with the other she pushed the dildo against her tight snatch. It stuck for a second, pushing against her cunt lips, and then with a soft slurp it slid into her wet pussy. She moaned loudly.

It clicked. "Picture two." I said, remembering the pink shape I hadn't identified from her text the night before. "Is your goddamn dildo."

She moaned again. "It's so nice, baby. Almost as nice as your cock. I love to ram my little twat and think about your thick hard dick deep inside me."

I watched her fuck herself, her hand rocking the fake dick in and out, the other hand alternating between rubbing circles on her clit and reaching up to pinch her nipples. It was mesmerizing. Her eyes started out closed as her cheeks flushed, but as she found the rhythm she opened them and looked up at me, licking her lips. I moved to the side of the bed and grabbed her shoulders, twisting her upper body toward the edge of the bed, then pushed my cock between her lips. She never stopped fucking her cunt, just opened her mouth and sucked my hardon in.

"You dirty little minx," I hissed. "Fuck yourself with that dildo. Take it deep in your cunt. Get yourself ready for this real fuckstick."

She grabbed my cock with one hand, pulling it out of her mouth, then sliding the dildo out of her pussy and up to her lips. She sucked on it, savoring her own cunt juices.

"Jesus fucking Christ," I smiled. "You like the way your pussy tastes Mandy?"

"Yes, baby, yes. I taste like a good little slut." She rubbed the fake cock along her tits, tracing her curves back down to her fuckbox and shoving the dildo back inside. The sight was so mesmerizing I forgot for a moment about putting my cock back in her mouth. I stood there, stroking it lightly while I watched her work the thick pink dildo. Her pussy juice had soaked the panties she'd pulled against her leg, and the wetness was working its way down her thighs toward the tops of her stockings.

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