Morgan Ch. 02


"Oh.. I'm going to cum..." moaned Morgan. Callum moved his hand between her legs and began to flick her clit in time to her movements. He sat on the edge of his bed, in front of the large mirrored doors of his wardrobe, leaning back on one hand. Morgan, also facing the mirrors, had impaled herself hard on his dick, and he loved watching the muscles in her toned white thighs ripple with exertion as she thrashed her hips against him.

Morgan, feeling her climax build, threw her head back, took a quick gasp of air, bucked her hips one last time, and...

The doorbell rang.

Morgan let out a frustrated gasp, her concentration broken and her orgasm averted. "Ignore it," said Callum. "Look in the mirror. Look how wet you are. Cum for me baby, I wanna feel you cum on my cock, come on baby."

Morgan did look. Between his fingers, she could see the base of his hard dick, buried deep in her wet amber folds as she strained against it. She tilted her hips forward so she could feel the head of his cock pressed hard against her g-spot.

She moaned as she came, pressing harder down onto him, and gasping for air as the waves of pleasure broke over her.

When her orgasm subsided, and her hips had finished jerking uncontrollably, the doorbell rang again, and it would have been ignored again in favour of Callum shooting his load into her, if not for the accompanying plaintive female call.

"Callum sweetie, I know you're home, your Merc's in the driveway. Come on, open up."

Morgan had never seen anyone move so quickly in her life. Callum roughly shoved her off him, and gave his dick a quick clean with a baby wipe from his bedside table. He looked at Morgan incredulously.

"Well? It's my fucking girlfriend! Get your clothes and get in the fucking cupboard!"

Morgan rolled her eyes, she was too old for this juvenile bullshit. She did as she was asked, rounding up white silk lingerie, a blue sheath dress and matching stilettos, but she was pissed off. Callum had said Chrystal was away for the week, visiting her parents out of town.

As she slid the door closed behind her, Morgan was dimly aware of Callum's muffled conversation in the entrance-way, but she was more interested in the fact that the wardrobe doors seemed to be made of one-way mirror.

"Perverted bastard," she muttered to herself, not realizing that the doors had been installed by the previous owners and Callum had no idea.

Morgan had met Callum at her gym. He was a personal trainer, and although she'd known about his longterm girlfriend, Chrystal, it hadn't been long before Morgan was getting some private 'one-on-one', bent over in a cubicle in the women's showers.

Morgan had an effect on men, she'd never been refused by a man she'd desired. She had long, flowing dark red hair, flawless milky skin, huge green eyes and coral-coloured lips, long sculpted legs, a flat and softly muscled abdomen, and impossibly high, tight little breasts. She loved helping men discover that the amber tone of her mouth perfectly matched the colour of her nipples and of the skin nestled within the slit between her legs.

Morgan liked all kinds of men, but Callum was one of her favourite specimens. He was heavily muscled, tall, blonde and well-tanned. His hair was a little too long, and he was several years younger than her 28, and the overall effect was somewhere between a teenaged surfer and Brad Pitt.

Morgan's fascination with the wardrobe doors waned as she became aware of Callum's conversation with Chrystal.

"Did you miss me sweetie?" she was simpering. " I missed you."

"Yeah, I missed you, Chrystal. I'm sorry I took so long to answer the door, I've been asleep."

"I'm sorry I woke you up honey," continued Chrystal. "But I had to come home early. I've been so horny, Callum-baby."

Morgan rolled her eyes again at the quick silence that followed -- they must have been kissing. She just hoped Callum got rid of her quickly.

"Listen, Chrystal, I'm pretty tired, in fact I might be coming down with something... how about you come back tomorrow?" said Callum pleadingly.

"No way, sweetie," came the sugar-sweet reply. "I came over for a fuck."

Chrystal's tone changed as she continued, her voice becoming husky.

"I've been so horny, Callum. I've wanted you all week, I've been touching myself, thinking of you. You can't send me home sweetie, I want you to fuck me."

The next thing Morgan knew, the couple were in Callum's bedroom, right in front of her.

Chrystal kissed Callum passionately, then sunk to her knees at his feet. The pair were side-on to Morgan, no doubt for the view in the mirror.

Chrystal pulled Callum's boxers to his feet, and gripped his cock in her hand. Because he hadn't come with Morgan, Callum quickly became hard again. Callum watched in the mirror as Chrystal's mouth closed over his dick, and Morgan couldn't tear her eyes away as the woman's dark pink lips began to move up and down, pushing the huge cock down her throat with great skill. When Callum let out a moan, Chrystal leapt up with a triumphant look on her face.

"Thought you were too tired?" she teased as she began to undress.

Chrystal was proud of her body, and she turned to face the mirror as she slid off a short pink skirt and a white singlet.

As Morgan studied the other woman's body, she was struck with the idea that Callum had great taste. Although Chrystal was almost an exact opposite to Morgan, she too was stunningly beautiful. She was shorter than Morgan, and curvier. Chrystal had short, curly blonde hair, and her eyes were a bright blue in contrast to Morgan's cat-green.

Her body was evenly tanned all over from hours spent naked in the sun, whereas Morgan's was creamy white, and Chrystal's breasts were large and soft to Morgan's small and firm.

Callum came up behind Chrystal, and ran his hands up her thighs, over her soft belly, and up to cup those beautiful tits. He leaned forward to nibble her earlobe, and whispered in her ear.

"I definitely missed these," he said teasingly.

He bent his head to suck gently on her neck, and trailed kisses out along her shoulder, then looked back at the mirror. Watching his movements, he pinched each of her nipples between a thumb and forefinger, and rolled them gently. As the shocking pink tips hardened into little rosettes, he began to alternate the pinching with sweeping the palms of his hands over them.

Like Morgan, Chrystal liked to see her body react to Callum's expert touches, but unlike Morgan, Chrystal was a very vocal lover.

"God, Callum, that's good. Part of me wants to do this slowly, but I've been waiting all week. I'm already so wet, don't you just want to fuck me?"

Morgan couldn't believe what she was seeing and hearing. Watching Chrystal as she'd sucked on Callum's hardness had shocked her -- she'd expected that he would get rid of her quickly, or distract her so Morgan could sneak away. As Chrystal had undressed, Morgan's female instinct had been concerned with admiring the other woman's body and comparing it to her own. But now, as Chrystal stood naked before her, reacting sensually to Callum's hands on her body, Morgan felt herself becoming aroused, and she silently sat down on the shoe rack in the cupboard, spread her legs apart, put her hand to her pussy and began to stroke herself slowly.

Callum had been close to climax with Morgan, and he was finding it difficult to control himself. His hands moved lower on Chrystal's body. Morgan always kept herself shaved hairless, but Chrystal had a small dark landing strip above her slit.

Callum put one hand on each side of it, and stretched her open.

Morgan inhaled sharply. Chrystal was wet, visibly so, and her pussy was neat, pink and slick. Still silently, Morgan moved her other hand to her nipple, and began to pinch and twist at the hard little peak, movements that mirrored the stroking between her legs.

Callum moved one hand so he could play lightly with Chrystal's sex, and moved the other around behind her to grip his cock. Chrystal spread her feet hip-width, affording both her and Morgan a good view of Callum, as he also spread his legs and bent his knees slightly. With his hand, he pushed his dick between Chrystal's arse cheeks, and through to the front, near his other hand. Rubbing the head of his cock in her wetness, he stroked along the length of her crack, back to her anus, and forward again, several times until her moisture had covered his cock and she was moaning with anticipation.

Morgan watched his teasing strokes with a dry mouth. Their genitals were just above eye level for her, and she could see that with each teasing stroke he brushed past her clit, and she could see his hard red cock glistening. Morgan stood quickly, and grabbed from a shelf one of Callum's roll--on deodorant bottles, conveniently phallic-shaped. She gasped silently again as she pushed the cold bottle into her own wet pussy. Sitting down again, she began to rock her hips back and forth while stroking at her clit, so that the makeshift dildo pressed rhythmically against her g-spot.

Without warning, Callum found Chrystal's opening and thrust in, driving all the way in on his first thrust. Chrystal cried out, and he pulled all the way out before ramming in again, holding on to her hip with one hand to support them both. Morgan could see his entire cock as he pulled out and Chrystal's pussy as he thrust into her time and time again. Morgan came with an audible moan, but it was drowned out easily because Chrystal was screaming now, crying out a little louder with each thrust, and Callum was panting as sweat broke out on both their bodies. As the pair came, Chrystal groaned, and slowly gyrated her hips to savour the convulsions, and Morgan watched their fluids pump down over Callum's balls, hers clear and his white.

As her orgasm subsided, Chrystal's eyes opened, she smiled, and she seemed to look straight at Morgan, and despite her own two orgasms, Morgan realized she still wanted more -- specifically, she wanted Chrystal.

Callum pulled out of Chrystal, leaving the blonde woman standing naked before the mirror, and Morgan made a decision, knowing that she would either get what she wanted or be forcibly removed from the house and never see Callum again. She actually didn't much care either way, she concluded.

Callum turned to again clean himself with another baby wipe, and he then left the room, heading for the shower. Chrystal, still naked, moved over to the bed, where she lay on her stomach and buried her face into a mountain of pillows.

Morgan silently rolled back the sliding wardrobe door, hesitating. She waited a few moments, then heard the shower turn off, and heard Callum pad quietly through plush carpet into his small office, and she pictured him sitting before his laptop, paying gym bills and researching new fitness techniques on the web.

Morgan moved over to where Chrystal was dozing, and she ran a hand smoothly and confidently up Chrystal's spine. She quickly straddled the blonde, sitting on the backs of her brown thighs.

"Mmm.. haven't had a back rub for ages, baby," Chrystal mumbled into a pillow, mistaking Morgan for Callum.

Morgan began to knead Chrystal's back smoothly, and the woman sighed intermittently as the knots in her soft muscles were worked out gently.

Morgan's hands worked ever lower, first rubbing Chrystal's neck and shoulders, then her shoulder blades, down the back of her ribcage to the small of her back. Her hands quickly descended to Chrystal's arse. Morgan suppressed a groan of desire.

Chrystal's arse cheeks formed perfect brown globes, softer and larger than Morgan's and yet still tight, high and firm. Morgan started by massaging gently with her knuckles, but soon spread out her palms to grasp Chrystal's flesh firmly. Morgan slowly spread Chrystal's cheeks, giving Morgan a perfect view of the tight crevice and tiny rosebud within. Morgan moved one hand to trace a thumb down Chrystal's crack, momentarily pressing gently on her anus. This brought a gasp and a giggle from Chrystal, both still smothered.

Moving her hand back to again grasp Chrystal's arse and spread it open, Morgan bent forward to press a kiss lightly to the top of Chrystal's crack, then poked out her little amber tongue. She traced a wet trail downwards to Chrystal's anus, and circled it a few times. Morgan moved so she was no longer straddling the other woman, but kneeling between her thighs, which she moved apart. She grabbed a pillow from near Chrystal's head, and pushed it under her hips to elevate her butt even further up, then again lowered her head. Using her hands to spread Chrystal's pussy, she began to lap between Chrystal's pussy and anus. Chrystal turned her head to the side so she could breath, and her gasps became more audible.

"That feels good baby, I can't remember the last time you went down on me," breathed Chrystal.

Morgan knew that although Callum was a generous lover, he'd always viewed oral sex as foreplay, and would never even consider going down on a woman after cumming in her. Morgan, however, reveled in tasting what she'd earlier witnessed.

Chrystal was clearly enjoying Morgan's attentions -- she was lifting her hips slightly with every lick, and sighing -- but Morgan wanted her to turn over. So that Chrystal wouldn't panic at the sight of her, Morgan slipped the pillowcase off the pillow under her hips and quickly used it to blindfold Chrystal.

"Ooh, this is exciting, honey," murmured Chrystal as Morgan turned her over. Morgan was again excited by the sight of Chrystal's breasts, and fought the urge to rub her own against them. She grabbed each one roughly and buried her head between them for compensation, licking at the sweat from her earlier exertion.

"Glad you shaved, honey, hate your stubble," smiled Chrystal.

Morgan lifted her head so she could suck hungrily on one of Chrystal's big pink nipples, and fought off a moan as she felt it harden in her mouth. She did the same for the other, then moved back to again cup her breasts, and began to rub the pads of her thumbs over her nipples. Knowing men usually underestimated the sensitivity of a woman's nipples, Morgan kept her touch light and quick, rubbing over and over, paying them much more attention than any man would, and she knew from the mewing noises Chrystal was making that her touches were having a strong effect.

Morgan knew the other woman was getting wetter, and as she became wetter, her pussy would become pliant and open, and it would feel like it was physically throbbing with arousal. When Chrystal's breath was coming in little gasps, Morgan again moved downwards, spreading Chrystal's hot wet lips open and pressing her tongue flat against her clit.

Chrystal cried out, and Morgan winced, knowing Callum would hear it. Morgan licked Chrystal the way she herself liked to be licked, firmly and quickly, side to side and up and down, her tongue never leaving Chrystal's clit. Chrystal cried out again as Morgan slid first one then two fingers up into her slick opening and quickly located the raised area of her g-spot.

Chrystal's third cry, this time of "oh FUCK, don't stop doing that..." brought Callum into the room. Fortunately, first his curiosity and then his shock kept him quiet.

When he had registered what was going on, an erection sprang almost immediately to life beneath his towel. He moved over to behind Morgan, where he tried to touch her exposed pussy, but he was quickly shoved away. Morgan gestured to the back of her head, then at Chrystal, and he quickly realized she wanted him to take off Chrystal's blindfold. While Callum moved towards the head of the bed, Morgan gripped one of Chrystal's thighs and pulled her down the bed slightly, so that she could slip her feet onto the floor at the end of the bed and yet never break the rhythm of her tongue and fingers.

When Chrystal's sight was restored, she was stunned at the sight of Morgan's red hair nestled between her legs and her pale spine sweeping up to her small tight arse as she stood bent gracefully over the bed, but she was too close to the powerful orgasm that Morgan had skillfully and slowly built towards to stop what was happening.

Callum again quickly moved behind Morgan, and this time she didn't stop him as he first pressed a thumb deep into her pussy, and then, finding her wet and more than ready, thrust his huge cock in, her long legs meaning he didn't even have to bend his knees.

With her spare hand, Morgan encouraged Callum to lean over her, first so he could see better, but also so that his cock would rub her g-spot with each thrust.

When Chrystal came, each of her tiny exhaled cries of "oh!" matched a convulsion of her hips, a contraction hard around Morgan's fingers, and a gush of hot salty fluid into Morgan's mouth. Morgan moved her fingers from within Chrystal's tight sheath to her own clit, mixing Chrystal's juices with her own.

Bracing herself with one hand against the bed, her eyes locked with Chrystal's. The blonde woman watched in shock as Callum thrust harder into Morgan, each jerk of his hips rippling through her, bouncing her small breasts and eliciting soft mews and gasps. This time Chrystal watched as Morgan threw back her head, let out a low moan, and came hard with a buck of her hips.

Chrystal got up, got dressed, and left quickly, without saying a word to either Callum or Morgan.

"I reckon she'll come round," grinned Callum.

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