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Mortal Kombat: The Sorcerer's Slave

byMackenzie Taylor©

Oh, you all know I love the bad boys. Quan Chi is my favorite. Please vote. If you find any errors point them out. Praise is nice. Advice is welcome. If you're going to criticize please do so kindly as I am a sensitive person. (Don't laugh it's true!)



"Don't you think this one'll do nicely Holmes," Snake asked Pedro, his fellow gang member. They watched the pretty black haired girl turn down their alley. She had on a pair of headphones and was seemingly oblivious to everything around her. This was the same thing she did every night.

Thankfully she's fairly predictable, Snake thought to himself.

Pedro had a major hard on for the girl and Snake couldn't blame him, she was beautiful in a strange kind of way. Every time he saw her he would imagine her looking up at him with those big black eyes and his dick would just spring to attention. He wanted to fuck her more than he'd ever wanted another woman.

It wouldn't happen though. Snake was beyond practical and the little black haired Puta was bad for business. His business. Not many realized it but Snake was kind of like the power behind the throne. Pedro may have been the gang's leader but Snake was the money man and the go to guy in the gang. He was also making money hand over fist and he wanted to keep it that way.

The problem was that normally the inhabitants of the Gulfton Getto tended to keep their heads down and out of the gangs way, but not this one. She'd managed to charm several of their fellow gang members into actually trying to go strait. She'd also confronted several of the others when they were trying to peddle their wares, making them back off somehow. The people in the neighborhood had started to take notice of this and started to follow suit. If this tiny little Chica could stand up to Pedro and his cohorts then so could they.

Jose, one of their Homies, had come in off the street the other day telling them all some wild story about how he'd been selling some meth on a stoop and some crazy old Mexican woman had come running out the house swinging a broom and screeching at him like he was the devil himself. She'd looked like she wasn't even strong enough to hold up a broom let alone chase him, but she had. In fact after he'd taken off, she'd actually chased him halfway down the block before she'd left off and went back to her house.

When he was asked why he didn't just stop her he blushed and mumbled something about her looking a lot like his sainted Abuelita.Most of them crossed themselves. Not because Jose's grandma had been a saint but because she'd been a witch. Everyone in the neighborhood had been terrified of her putting the evil eye on them. Snake had heard of Jose's grandma putting the eye on one of her neighbors because he'd let his dog water her roses. Apparently all of the guys brown hair had fallen out and when it had grown back it was a strange orange color that wouldn't hold any kind of dye. Not a good look on a Mexican.

Snake shook his head at his wondering thoughts. He was more than happy to steer Pedro in the direction of the black haired girl. He needed to get her out of his hair.

"I've wanted a crack at this one for a while." Pedro agreed.

"Remember the money, man." Snake told him as Pedro stepped off the stoop.

"Hey Chica!" Pedro said drawing the girl's big black eyes to him.

She sighed as she pulled the headphones out of her ears and stuffed them in her purse.

"Yes?" Mac asked stopping. She really didn't want to do this tonight. She'd just gotten off of a double shift at work and her feet felt like they were in the process of sawing themselves off just to escape her.

"We see you every night Mamacita and we don't even know your name." Pedro said.

"You never asked." Mac said calmly.

She never took those endless black eyes off of him. He almost felt like he was falling into her gaze. He was also starting to wonder why she didn't go for the mace that he knew every woman alone would carry in their purse. Mac didn't carry mace though. She didn't need too. She was beyond proficient in the Korean martial art of Hapkido. And of course she wouldn't have a problem using it on these pathetic gangbangers that always seemed to haunt the neighborhood. They were a menace, these men, hooting at women and trying to peddle their drugs to kids.

"Well?" Pedro asked.

"Well what?" She asked casually.

"Your name Chica, what is it?" Pedro wanted to be angry but he just couldn't. Not with those big black eyes on him.

"Mackenzie." She said with a small smile.

She concentrated all of her energy on the one talking to her. She knew his name was Pedro and he was the leader of this so called gang. If she were going to get out of this encounter unscathed then she was probably going to have to go through him. It was difficult though. There was something wrong inside of his head and her magic just never seemed to work well on people that either had a lot of mental problems or very strong minds.

"You got long pretty hair Chica." Predo said and put out a hand to run over one of her thick braids.

"I've been growing it for a long time." Mac focused harder her eyes becoming like shining black obsidian. Pedro could almost see a perfect reflection of himself.

"How come you aint got no man to protect you Chica?"

"My dad's dead and my brother's in the Ham right now."

"Oh, that's too bad." He licked his lips, his cock hardening. "I could protect you, you know."

"I'm sure you could." She ignored his hard on and focused all of her energy. "You're top dog in this neighborhood."

"Yeah top dog." He was practically preening.

"Pedro!" Snake warned. "Money!

Damn! Mac thought as she felt Pedro's mind snap back from hers.

"I don't have any money." She said calmly.

"Nobody in this neighborhood does." Snake sneered. "It's not the money we get from you Chica. It's the money we get for you."

Well that doesn't sound good, Mac thought.

Pedro reached for her and she grabbed his wrist and she tried to slam her fist into his throat but he moved and it was a glancing blow. Next a kick to his balls and he was down on the ground writhing. Then she heard the distinct ratchet of a gun being cocked. She'd counted on snake attacking her too; she just hadn't counted on him pulling a gun. Pedro kicked her legs out from her all of sudden and she fell backward cracking her head on the pavement and the last thing she remembered was Pedro's leering face as he started unbuckling his belt.

"No Esse." Snake stepped in front of her. "We need her unbroken. Think of the money Pedro."

Of course Snake was right and Pedro decided to see reason. The money they would get for the Puta was just too good.


"Where am I?" Mac asked sitting up.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you."

Mac looked over at the speaker, sitting practically on top of her. She was a beautiful blond. Tall and stacked, she was dressed to the nines in a black micro dress. The consummate professional Houston business women. There was also two other women, Mexican by the look of them, huddled in a corner, holding on to each other. Their faces were tear streaked and they looked miserable.

"Try me." Mac said as she rotated her neck, hopping it would pop and alleviate some of the pain in her aching head.

"They just off loaded us from some kind of a cargo plane."

"Cargo plane?" Mac frowned. "Off loaded us where?"

"I don't speak Chinese but I'm pretty sure I heard someone mention Hong Kong." She took a deep breath and let it out with a sigh. This just wasn't her week. Fired, dumped by her asshole boyfriend, and now kidnapped for who knew what nefarious purposes.

"Jesus." Mac tried to focus her mind. "Did we stop anywhere or was it a strait flight?"

"It was a strait flight." The blonde said with a shake of her head. "No stops. No pee breaks."

"I would have to have been out for at least eighteen hours!"

Mac shook her head violently then groaned and covered her mouth with her hand. She wanted to throw up. She did some deep breathing but still retched a few times. Thankfully she hadn't eaten at work and didn't have anything in her stomach. She laid down and put her cheek and bare arms to the cool metal of what had to be a seven by ten cage. She let the cold seep into her body. She got the occasional migraines and had figured out a long time ago that if your body was shivering from cold then it would be too busy to throw up. She finally let herself fall back to sleep. She was definitely going to need her energy for later. Especially if she was going to get herself out of this situation.


Mac woke again when someone lightly slapped her and then yanked her up to stand. She looked around and realized that she was in a room full of women. Some of them disheveled like her and some dressed like harem girls.

"Put this on." A man with several knifes strapped to his body said, shoving an outfit at her.

She was still pretty out of it but she wasn't going to stand for any more bad treatment. Enough was enough.

"No." She told him, tossing the clothes on the floor. Every woman in the room stopped to stare.

"I said put them-"The guard didn't finish his sentence because all of a sudden Mac shoved the edge of her palm into his nose, breaking it. Blood started spurting everywhere.

At the man's agonized shout five other guards came running into the room and everything turned into complete pandemonium. The women in the room were either running around like chickens with their heads cut off or diving for cover behind anything that they thought could protect them. All five of the guards headed her way, instantly knowing from the downed man at her feet that she was the trouble maker. She started fighting like a wild cat, using every dirty trick she knew, and managed to take down four of them. Only because she realized that they were trying to subdue her instead of just plain hurting her though.

Don't want to damage the merchandise, Mac thought to herself as one of the men on the floor managed to get a good grip on her left wrist. She brought her right elbow up to slam down on the back of his head when the guard who's nose she broke grabbed her by the hair and slammed the butt of one of his knifes into the back of her head in the same spot that she'd cracked it on the pavement before. She pitched forward and the last thing she remembered was being on the ground and a heavy boot slamming into her ribs then nothing.


"You don't see anything you want, Sir?" The slave master asked trying valiantly to hide his annoyance.

"No. I-" Quan Chi stopped talking and cocked his head, looking toward the back of the room. He curiously moved toward a large cage situated there.

"She put up a fuss," the slave master said as he followed Quan Chi to the cage. He sighed, as he looked down at the girl. If she'd just been good he could have made a large profit off of her. "One of my men ended up hitting her over the head. She's been out for close to two days."

Quan Chi reached through the bars and turned the girls head towards him. He moved her jet black hair out her face, opened one of her eyelids, and looked at her dark black eye. Then he reached down and touched her neck, feeling a strong pulse. He had to wonder what kind of fuss that this tiny thing could put up that warranted being knocked over the head so viciously that it put her out for two days.

"Why didn't you call a healer?" Quan Chi asked.

"Healers cost money." The slave master shrugged. "You can trust me when I say with the way that she was acting I wouldn't have been able to sell her anyway."

"Hmm." Quan Chi wondered how much of fuss she'd actually put up. She looked like she couldn't harm a fly. Of course looks could be deceiving and Quan Chi knew this.

"A great sorcerer like you could tame her easily though." The slave master said slyly. "Twenty silver and she's yours."

"Twenty silver, huh?"

"Yes. A bargain really." The slave master said with his most winning smile, hoping against hope to either cut his losses or actually make some damn money off the stupid girl.

The slave master's name was Tamin and he was considered a shrewd business man. The moment that Quan Chi had walked into the market Tamin had started hearing the clink of gold coins. Quan Chi had always bought nothing but the best when he'd occasionally showed up at the market. He was smiling in the beginning but started frowning as he'd steadily been watching his profits dip as every woman that the sorcerer examined cringed away from his touch. They'd all gotten glares from Tamin and one even a slap when she'd burst into tears as Quan Chi touched her chin. He didn't take the punishments any farther than that though. He couldn't really blame the women. Quan Chi had an air of powerful authority about him and he practically radiated evilness. Not to mention the sorcerer's very large size and strange looks.

"You're really thinking she won't wake. If I take her off your hands it will save you from having to pay someone to bury her." Quan Chi stated startling Tamin out of his thoughts.

"True." The slave master shrugged apathetically. "Convenient for both of us, really. I make a bit of a profit and you get a body to use for your, uh, nefarious purposes."

Quan Chi sneered at the man's sexually implying words. He could have explained to the bastard that not once, in all of his years, had he ever even slept with anything remotely dead. Why bother though? Let the man think what he would. It would merely add to his reputation.

"I'll give you a few minutes to think about it," Tamin told him as he walked away and started yelling at one of the guards, who was being too rough with the merchandise. Nobody wanted a slave that they had to patch up before they could be used.

Quan Chi looked back down at the girl and sighed. He wasn't quite sure what the hell he'd been thinking to even come over and look at her. He didn't actually need a body for anything. He had other needs though and he'd come to the slave auction in Outworld hoping to buy a concubine. None of the women had appealed to him though. Especially when they cringed just looking at him.

He was about to get up when he noticed that the girls eye's were fluttering as if she were trying to wake from a deep sleep. He wondered if she were going to wake up but her eyes finally stopped fluttering. He decided a closer look was in order. She was very tiny. Not more than five foot at the most. Her hair was long, probably close to knee length, and black as sin. Her skin was extremely pale but definitely not on par with his. She was thin but had curves that hinted at her womanliness. She had a small pert nose and knife edged jaw that made her eyes look very large. If he'd believed in elves he was sure she would have been one. She was one of the most delicate looking women that he'd ever laid eyes on.

He reached up and rubbed the red jewel embedded in his forehead thoughtfully. He was fascinated. He wanted this girl; there were no doubt about it in his mind. He was fairly sure that she would wake soon with the way that her eyes had been flickering. And even if she didn't he was a damn sorcerer so there was no reason he couldn't fix her. He had to have her.

"Well?" Tamin asked, coming to stand next to Quan Chi again.

"Ten silver and you have a deal." Quan Chi said firmly, standing to tower over Tamin.

"Done!" Tamin rubbed his hands greedily as Quan Chi dug in his pocket for the money. "Good doing business with you, sir."

"Hmh." Was the only response that Quan Chi gave.

Tamin opened the cage and Quan Chi picked the girl up, frowning at how little she actually weighed. He cradled her in his arms as he left the slave market. He took a moment and opened a portal to the Neatherrealm. He was doubly glad that he could roam the realms freely instead of having to go and find one of the portal gates. He smiled to himself as he walked through the portal and into the belly of his fortress.


"Open your eyes girl."

Even though it was pleasant she ignored the extremely deep voice.

"You can do it."

The voice was persistent though. And annoying. And pretty damn sexy sounding. Very James Earl Jones meets Michael Clark Duncan.

"Open them, now."

The tone of the voice was firm, warning her that this was someone who was used to being obeyed. Whoever he was, he gently propped her body up and held a cool glass to her lips. She opened her parched mouth, taking a drink of water.

She opened her eyes and looked up into two pooling orbs of darkness. Nothing and everything like her own. Fathomless. Ageless. She felt as if she were looking into a void. But she could see that like her own, his eyes also held his emotions. She could see a longing, loneliness that dwarfed anything she had ever known. Those black eyes called to something deep inside of her. She wanted, needed, to give him the things that he craved. She wondered if that was what it was like for others when she used her magic on them.

"Who are you?" She asked as she reached up and touched one of his sunken white cheeks, checking to make sure he was really there.

"Quan Chi." He said smiling at her slight southern twang.

"Quan Chi." She definitely liked the name. For some reason it just seemed to fit him. She could also feel the magic coursing through him. The strongest magic that she'd ever felt in fact. It took a strong mind and an even stronger will to be able to control so much. "You have magic."

"Yes. I am a free roaming sorcerer without equal." He said magnanimously.

She rolled her eyes. "Good for you. Want a cookie?" she asked sarcastically.

"Ha. Cheeky little mouse." He put the glass to her lips and gave her another drink. "What's your name girl?"


"Mac?" He asked with a sneer.

"Mackenzie Taylor," she said with an eye roll. "But you can call me Mac. Everyone does."

"How old are you, Mac?"

"I'm twenty." She said and then ran a thumb across his black bottom lip and over the red markings on his head. "Normally I don't like the goth look but on you it looks good."

"Goth?" Quan Chi asked confused.

"Yeah." Mac ran a small hand over his exposed abdomen. "I've got to tell you, dude. You are smoking hot." She started running her hand lower but he stopped her.

"That blow to your head must have addled you," Quan Chi said with concern.

"It was two blows actually." She told him with, remembering the alley and the gang bangers. She winked at him. "I'm okay though."

"Not good." He said with a shake of his head. "Definitely addled."

"Why? Because I think you're handsome?"

"Yes. I'm not handsome."

"You don't get a lot of compliments do you?" She looked around. "Is there a bathroom? Cause I've got to go pee."

"Yes, of course." He picked her up and made his way into the bathroom, setting her down on the toilet.

"Thanks." She smiled when he didn't leave. "Um, I can take it from here, big guy."

He nodded and left her to complete her business in private. He shook his head as he plopped on the bed. There was clearly something wrong. He really wasn't much for the healing arts but he was obviously going to have to take a stab at fixing her brain. Hopefully he didn't screw the poor girl up any more than she already was.

Mac smiled ruefully, thinking that thankfully he'd gotten out of there fast because her eyeballs were bobbing. After she was done using the bathroom Mac shed her filthy ripped clothing and stepped into what she assumed was a shower. It was a large stone alcove that had a stream of hot water pouring from the ceiling. There were holes in two of the corners of the alcove where the water drained out. She wasn't one to read architectural digest but she was pretty sure that they'd never featured anything like this before.

There was a pot on a small shelf and it didn't take her long to figure out that it was soap. It smelled like cherry blossoms and she realized that Quan Chi had subtly smelled like cherry blossoms too. She smiled, thinking that almost any man on the planet would throw a fit if he were to be asked to smell like flowers. Apparently Quan Chi was secure in his masculinity. She scrubbed her hair and body clean and then plopped down, letting the water pour over her as she contemplated Quan Chi. He was definitely different, that was for sure.

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