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Mortal Kombat vs DCU: Dark Desires


This story is inspired by the events in the video game Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe. I haven't tried too hard in inserting it into the story as outlined in the game, because really...who cares?

All characters are TM of their respective copyright holders and are used without permission. This story should not be read by anyone under the age of 18.

Feedback and voting is always appreciated!


Wonder Woman stood perfectly still, frozen in shock.

She had come to the Cave to get Batman's opinion on the strange events that had been embroiling the Earth, the bizarre energy fluctuations that seemed to signify the merging of their world with another. If anyone would know what was going on, it would be Bruce. She fully expected to find him hunched over his renowned supercomputer, analysing data and formulating strategies.

What she found, however, was something else entirely.

She didn't even blink as she watched -- from across the other side of the cave -- the two women from another world on their knees in front of Batman, sucking his balls and stroking his cock.

During the day's strange turn she had already fought both of them. The blonde with her lips wrapped around Batman's sack was Sonya Blade, from what Wonder Woman had been able to gather.

She had the body of a glamour model but the mettle of a true warrior -- not that she was showing it now with her enthusiastic sucking of Batman's balls.

The other woman, the one with her hand held firmly around his dick as she jerked him off, wore a black-and-blue one-piece bodysuit. It was cut to reveal her legs and cleavage, and was worn with matching gloves and thigh-high boots.

Her long black hair was pulled back from her face, and her mouth was obscured by the kind of mask a ninja would wear.

Wonder Woman remembered her referring to herself as 'Princess Kitana', but the eagerness she showed in stroking Batman's cock hardly betrayed a regal nature.

For his part, Batman was watching the two in an almost detached manner, his hips thrust forward but his expression inscrutable. His utility belt was unbuckled and his pants pulled down just enough to accommodate Sonya Blade's mouth and Kitana's pumping fist.

Their eyes were all glowing with the energy generated from the merging universes, but instead of the usual angry yellow it was instead pulsating a deep red. Rather than rage, it was breeding an entirely different emotion in its hosts -- and it was obvious, given what they were doing, what kind of emotion that was...

"Hn!" Batman grunted -- the first hint of the pleasure he was feeling -- as Sonya opened her mouth wide to deepthroat his entire cock. It was an impressive feat given the Dark Knight's length and girth, but the busty blonde swallowed the whole thing with ease.

Kitana took to stroking and tickling his balls as Sonya held his shaft deep in her throat, drooling around it. Her cheeks were sucked tight on his member and her nostrils were flared as she stared up at him with blatant desire.

Sonya panted as she came up for air, her lips and chin coated in saliva. Thick strands of drool hung from Batman's dick and splattered Sonya on the chest as she quickly wrapped her hands around the edge of her mid-drift tank top and yanked it up.

Wonder Woman had seen plenty of breasts growing up on Themyscira, but she had to admit that Sonya had one of the most spectacular sets she'd ever seen. They easily rivalled Diana's own for sheer size, and despite the fact that Sonya didn't appear to wear a bra they were remarkably firm.

Sonya's tits quivered as she threw her top to the side. Once again she looked up at Batman with a passionate longing, her eyes finding his dick.

"Your cock is beautiful." She said, parting her lips to once again take it in her mouth. Her head started to bob up and down on his pole, Kitana matching her pace by jerking off the base of his cock in time with the head Sonya was giving him.

Wonder Woman silently agreed with Sonya. Bruce's cock was beautiful, as was the rest of his body. Her eyes ran across his pecs and biceps, and as she soaked in the sight of him with the two women, her nipples started to harden beneath the metal cups of her bustier. Her pussy was growing moist, her arousal staining the crotch of her star-spangled panties. She wanted to touch herself so badly...

She shook her head. She knew she was being affected by the merging energy just the same as the other three were, and a small voice of sanity in her head told her to fight it, to pull Sonya and Kitana off of Batman and make them focus on the job at hand.

But the job that Sonya was busy with looked so much more fun...

Clearly Kitana agreed. She was watching Sonya with a mix of fascinated arousal and acute jealousy. She had pulled the crotch of her costume to one side and was languidly dipping a couple of fingertips in and out of her slavering pussy, before drawing her hand up to circle her clit.

Wonder Woman bit her lip. Watching Kitana play with herself underlined just how much she wanted to offer herself some relief of her own. Just as Diana started to reach a hand down to brush her mound, there was a flurry of activity that distracted her from her task.

As if sensitive to Kitana being overlooked, Batman pulled his dick from Sonya's eager mouth and reached down to grab the raven-haired ninja. She whimpered with delight as he pulled her up into his grasp and walked her over to where the Batmobile was parked.

He placed her as if she weighed nothing on the hood of the car, his muscles rippling beneath the grey of his costume. Her pussy was still exposed and glinted juicily at him.

Batman yanked the glove off his right hand and cupped Kitana's crotch. She cooed at his touch.

"Oh!" She gasped as she felt his finger pressing at her folds, her body stiffening as he sank it inside her radiating slit. "Nnnnnnn!"

"Wet," he said in his usual gruff, clipped tone. "Good."

He pushed her further onto the hood of the Batmobile, took her by the hips and flipped her over.

"Ooh!" She squealed with surprised excitement as he now pulled her closer to him, lining her pussy up with the head of his cock. His shaft was still shining with the lubrication Sonya had offered him with her mouth.

He gritted his teeth as, with a fluid plunge, he drove his dick deep into Kitana's waiting cunt.

"By the Elder Gods!" Kitana screamed as she took the full length of Batman's cock in a single, hard thrust.

He held her there, allowing her to soak in the feeling of his dick buried deep inside her. As she hunched on the car, her body tensed, his hands worked to yank the straps of her top to either side, peeling her bodysuit down to reveal her beautiful tits. Though they were large, they were not big as Sonya's. They were just as firm, however, and even more perky.

With a hand on her back, Batman gently pushed Kitana down so that her breasts pressed against the Batmobile's hood, her nipples stiffening to the touch of the cool, polished metal.

In this new position, he took hold of her hips and began to drive his cock into her at an intense, methodical pace.

"Fuck! Fuck my little cunt!" Kitana cried out, unable or unwilling to contain herself. "Fuck it!"

Wonder Woman was likewise straining to maintain control as she watched Batman fuck Kitana from behind.

Without even realising it she had started to rub at herself, albeit through her clothes. One hand was cupping her armoured breast while the other stroked her crotch. She stopped just short of slipping her fingers under the hem of her briefs -- surely that would be crossing a line.

"Hhhnn! Unh! Ahh!" Kitana's groans and cries were like a siren's call to Diana, making her skin flush warm and her thighs tingle as she envisioned what it would be like to be on the receiving end of Batman's piledriving cock.

It seemed the sound was having the same effect on Sonya Blade, as she approached the two with coarse fascination, her hand buried in her pants.

She stood captivated for a moment, squeezing her breasts and frigging herself as she watched the Dark Knight drive his cock into Kitana again and again.

"Fuck meee! Make me your fucking whore!" Kitana hissed, her mask still covering her mouth. The material was now soaked from her wet, ragged breath.

"Hhn!" Batman grunted sharply in reply -- a grunt that doubled in strength as Sonya ducked between his legs and started sucking his big, hairy balls.

She struggled at first to catch them in her mouth as they slapped against Kitana's ass, but when she did she tasted the salty flavour of his sweat and the musky tang of Kitana's flowing pussy juices.

Arching her back to grant her lover better access, Kitana thrashed on the hood of the Batmobile, her cunt spasming with pleasure.

Her ass was red raw from where Batman was slamming against it as he fucked her, but still she grinded enthusiastically back against him, her howls of pleasure echoing through the Batcave.

Even from halfway across the cavern Wonder Woman could smell the sex thick in the air, and she knew she couldn't take it anymore. With a forceful tug she whipped her blue briefs down. They tangled around her ankles as she now yanked down the top of her breast plate, her sweaty tits tumbling free.

She squeezed one large breast in her left hand as her right sought out her pussy. Her arousal was streaming down her inner thighs, leaving her perfectly able to plunge three fingers inside herself without any resistance.

Diana worked speedily at her cunt, fingering the pink hole and frigging her clit as she watched Batman pull his cock from the shaking Kitana and stick it in Sonya's waiting, willing mouth.

"Mmmhm! Mmmph mmnnnh!" Sonya moaned around his dick, her eyes drifting shut as she heartily slurped away.

Batman facefucked the hot, big-titted blonde for a good dozen strokes before returning his cock to the depths of Kitana's steaming pussy, the ninja warrior clearly happy to have him filling her up once again.

"That's it!" She cried. "Stick it in me! Stick your big fat cock in me and don't ever take it out again! That's it! Thhhaat's iiiit! That's iii-iiiiii----it!"

Her last words were drawn out as she gave herself over to the hard and fast fucking that was wracking her body, the car bouncing on its shock absorbers beneath her.

Sensing how close Kitana was to cumming, Batman snaked his hand around to her clit and started to finger it with focused intensity.

"Auuungh!" Kitana screamed, her body convulsing.

"Make her cum!" Sonya cooed from beside them, licking the sweat and pussyjuice that was coating their thighs. "Make her scream!"

Wonder Woman could feel her own orgasm building as she watched Batman swirl his fingers on Kitana's clit over and over. He never slowed down his fucking, even as Kitana started to buck and thrash beneath him.

"Ffffffucking Ggggggoddssssssssssss!" She howled, breaking down into an incoherent scream of pleasure as her entire body convulsed. Her pussy squelched and squirted around Batman's pounding cock as she came and came hard.

"Huuhn! Huuhn! Huuuunh!"

Kitana's breath was hard and rough through her mask. She tore the material away as she gasped for air, allowing Sonya the chance to move in for a ravenous kiss, her tongue melting against the ninja's.

Wonder Woman watched from the shadows, her fingers a blur on her clit and cunt. She sat with her legs splayed on the floor of the cave, tweaking her nipples and whimpering with need.

Her cheeks burned hot and she bit her lip hard to suppress her moans as she came, her pussy exploding onto the cold stone beneath her.


Her fingers now absolutely dripping with her own fluids, she continued to pleasure herself despite the shockwaves still pulsing through her. After all, the show wasn't finished yet...

Kitana, sated and exhausted, had slid from the hood of the car to lay against it on the ground, content to merely watch as Sonya now hoisted herself up into Batman's strong grip, his hands holding tight to her thighs.

"I need you so fucking bad." Sonya breathed against Batman's cheek as she reached down.

Her shirt was still hoisted up around her chest to expose her big, round tits, but sometime during the course of Batman and Kitana's fucking, Sonya had taken the opportunity to strip away her pants and g-string.

Her pussy was pink and shaved clean, the moist lips parted in anticipation of what was to come. Sonya took Batman's sticky, throbbing cock in hand and pressed it to her folds.

"Balls to the wall..." she murmured as she fed his cock into her hungry cunt. "Fuck me good and make me cum!"

"Nnn." Was all Batman replied with as he enjoyed the feel of Sonya's bare pussy, warm and slick and swallowing his dick whole.

They worked together, Sonya undulating her hips as Batman held her in his arms, bouncing her up and down on his cock, pulling out of her enough for the ridge of his helmet to rasp at her outer folds. She gasped and panted as she was raised and lowered on his huge shaft.

"Oh fuck, fuck, fuck!" Sonya gasped on each stroke, on every filling thrust. "Oh cunting fuck!"

"Such strength for a mortal man!" Wonder Woman thought with a thrill of excitement as she imagined herself in Bruce's arms, imagined it was her own womanhood being pierced by his unrelenting staff.

She almost came a second time just at the thought, her fingers busy in her slit, but she held off as she continued to enjoy the sights and sounds in front of her.

Sonya clasped her hands to Batman's shoulders and pushed against him, humping her hips down even as he slid his cock up into her, their thighs smacking together. Her mouth sought out his, but instead of kissing him she bit his lip, nipping him as her fingernails buried into his flowing cloak.

She stared into his eyes, blank behind his mask, his dark face strained with stoic pleasure, the horns of his cowl casting a demonic shadow.

"Oh God! It's like --- like --- like fucking the devil!" She laughed with wild abandon. Her breasts pressed up against his chest, her nipples brushing the bat symbol. "Fuck me! Unh! Fuck---fuck my goddamn brains out you...you vampire sonovabitch!"

Her blonde hair fell in her eyes, her red lips trembling as she threw her head back and fucked herself on his remorseless cock.

Slap! Slap! Slap! Her pussy smacked against his crotch as her humping ass bounced in mid-air.

"Uuuuuaauuunh!" Sonya gave up trying to talk and gave herself over entirely to the ecstasy, the thrill, the ever-growing electric charge.

Her legs were wrapped so tightly around him and her hands were so hard on his shoulders that Batman no longer needed to hold onto her.

His hands found her fat tits and squeezed them steady, keeping them from slapping against his chest as Sonya lost herself to the rhythm of their fucking.

"Unh! Unh! Unh! Unnnnh!" She wailed with every stab of his dick, impaling her pussy over and over. Her slit was like a waterfall, sweat and sticky fluid flowing down their legs to pool on the ground beneath them.

"I'm so close!" She hissed, her face pressed hard against Batman's. "...so!...so!...."

Her pussy contracted as tight as an asshole as she clamped down on him, her thrusting changing speed and angle as she fell back. Her arms strained, the muscles taut, her hips clenching against his.

"....cllllloooooooooooohhssssssssssssssssseee!" She screamed as her body was bombarded with pleasure, her orgasm having an effect on her pussy like squeezing a lemon, the juices dripping thick and fluid between Batman's boots.

She continued to fuck her cunt onto his cock, sliding every inch in and out as fireworks spiralled from her crotch and exploded throughout her body.

"Goddamn it! Goddamn it! Goddamn it!" She repeated over and over again, almost on the verge of delirious tears as her ass humped against the Dark Knight, her pussy so full and satisfied with him.

"I need to --- need to..." Sonya was weak with effort. She pulled herself messily from Batman's red hot cock and practically slid to the floor, her slit humming with post-coital gratification.

She joined Kitana by the Batmobile and fell on shaking knees to the ground. Kitana wrapped a tired arm around her and kissed her saucily on the lips, their chests rising and falling against one another.

Batman stood like a god of the underworld, surveying the two women left spent and ruined by the intensity of his fucking. Wonder Woman, in turn, stared at him with lustful awe and eyed his cock greedily.

"Two women brought to orgasm and he's barely broken a sweat," she thought to herself, two fingers deep in her twat. "Why didn't he let himself cum?"

"I've been waiting for you..." He said, his voice booming suddenly. At first he stood motionless, but then he turned his head and stared through the darkness straight at her. "...Diana."

Wonder Woman's heart froze. Part of it was the shock of having been discovered. How long had he known she was there? Did he know she'd been touching herself? She felt so humiliated!

But there was something else at the core of her reaction. Excitement. A powerful bolt of lightning racing through her.

He'd been waiting for her?

"There's no need to hide," he said. "I've been wanting this for a long time. As long as you have."

Wonder Woman's face flushed red but she still didn't move, even as her heart willed her to stand. In the absence of motion from her, Batman continued;

"I know the energy from the merge is affecting us -- exciting the libido where before it was stimulating the destrudo. But I don't care. All I want is you, Diana..." He said, before adding tenderly. "Let me see you."

She hesitated a moment, considering pulling her clothes back on and feigning innocence. She knew, however, that he would see straight through that...and what was more, she wanted him to see through it. She wanted him to know what she desired, and how much she desired it.

She stood, leaving her panties on the ground and her breastplate lowered. Her magnificent tits bounced freely as she stepped out of the shadows. Even as she strode from the darkness, however, she couldn't help doubting her actions.

"We shouldn't do this." She said to him. The heels of her boots resounded throughout the cave, first on hewn stone and then on the pressed metal flooring that covered the central chamber, where Batman stood staring at her.

"Why is that?" He asked. Though his demeanour was as enigmatic as ever, Diana could feel his eyes on the curves of her body, the trembling of her cleavage. She also noticed one exhilarating detail -- his cock was still rock hard.

She looked away, trying not to think of how desperately she wanted to feel his touch, even as she crossed the final distance between them and stood face-to-face with him.

"Because the Earth is in danger, and the forces that are tearing it apart are playing on our darkest desires. We shouldn't allow ourselves to be so easily manipulated."

Her words were contradicted by her body -- her heightened breathing, her erect nipples, her wet and sizzling cunt, her hard, aching clit. She was on fire, and she knew he could see it despite her bluff.

"Then why did you walk into the light without dressing?" He asked her pointedly. "Why were you even undressed to begin with? And why do your fingers..." He took her hand in his, raised it to his lips. She gasped, first in shock and then in breathless longing, as he licked and finally sucked at her fingers. "...taste so much like you've been touching yourself?"

Wonder Woman's composed demeanour fell away. Her chest rose and fell as she stared at Batman with undisguised desire. He was now standing so close to her that she could feel the heat of his body, the warmth of his breath. His lips were so close...

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