tagBDSMMotel Stories 03 - Carlie

Motel Stories 03 - Carlie


NC-18 -- No characters under the age of 18 are depicted in this story.

This is a copyrighted original work of erotic fiction. All rights reserved.


Carlie opened the door to the stairwell and started up the stairs. Shame she didn't think to look behind the door.

She made it to the landing outside the door on my floor and had just barely gotten her hand on the handle when an arm suddenly appeared on either side of her shoulders and pressed firmly into the door to keep it from opening.

"Where ya goin', Carlie?" I growled in her ear.

She gasped and I pulled my torso and head back as she spun to find herself trapped between my arms, my chest and the door.

"Oh, hi! I was just coming to your room."

"Oh, you'll get there," I growled. "Eventually. But not just yet."

I leaned in a little bit with a wicked grin and said, "We've got places to go."

Her eyes widened as I leaned in a little more and made it a point to pause as I looked down at her body. "Things to see."

I met her eyes, leaned in the last little bit and grumbled right in her ear, "And you to do." She shivered.

I pulled back a little and growled, "Lift your arms above your head."

She started to lift her arms out to the sides, jumping-jack style, before I growled again and she realized it was because she couldn't lift her arms without touching mine, which were still pinning the door shut.

She looked me in the eyes and said, "Um?"

I pulled back a little more -- a very little, and said, "Figure it out, little girl."

She lowered her arms, then crossed one carefully across her torso before lifting it through my arms while being careful to not touch mine. I was close enough that first her forearm pushed one breast up and then let it drop then her upper arm pushed the other one up and let it drop as it slid past. Her nipples had been showing a little before, but they were definitely showing now.

Once that arm was above her head she repeated the process. When her arm nearly touched mine I growled at her again and she slowed to be more careful until it, too was above her head. Now both of her nipples were perked up quite nicely beneath her thin top.

And, just like Alexandra, she crossed her wrists. She didn't extend her arms all the way, which allowed her to cross them at pretty-much a square angle not far above her head.

I pushed back slightly and reached my left hand up and put my thumb beneath her wrists and my fingers above to grasp her wrists and hold them in place.

"I see you understood my message and wore a skirt. What have you got under here for me, Carlie?" I asked as I reached down to the front of her hip and began to pull the fabric of her just-above-the-knee length skirt up with my fingertips and gathered it in my palm, slowly raising her hemline as I dragged the material against her thigh.

I wasn't watching my hand though. Or her long shapely legs as they came into view. I was watching her eyes as they looked straight across into mine.

They drifted shut, but the lids were fluttering a little and she was breathing heavily as her skirt slowly crept its way up her thigh. But that wasn't what I was watching for.

There it was! Her eyes shot open and flicked straight to the security camera in the corner.

"Whatcha lookin' at, Carlie? Afraid the duty manager might be watching?" No response.

"Or did it just occur to you that, instead of having to tell them what I did to you, Alex and Kelsey are going to be able to watch at least some of it on their very own copies?" Her eyes rolled upward a little, then the lids slowly closed and she shivered and moaned audibly. I could feel her hip ease slightly forward into my hand as her pussy hunched up toward me.

"I knew that would turn you on. Knowing that your friends are going to be watching and wondering what you wore under this skirt, too?" She moaned again and her eyes opened, flicked to the camera and then flicked back to mine. There was no mistaking the lust in those eyes.

I abandoned trying to lift her skirt then and let it drop back into place and she groaned in frustration.

Instead, I began to pull the bottom of her blouse out from the waistband of her skirt.

I didn't "yank it out like I was in charge". I pulled it out a little at a time -- because I WAS in charge. I pulled a little in the front, then pulled a little in the back, then on one side, then the other, but always slowly, seeing in her eyes that the delay was increasing the tension. As I pulled the blouse upward on each side I used my foot to ease her bare foot on that side outward a little.

Her eyes were making a circuit now. She'd look in my eyes, then down to my hand moving around her body, then over to the camera, then back to my eyes.

I eventually pulled the last little bit of her blouse out of her waistband, then reached to the center of her body and began to slowly unbutton it from the bottom up. By this time her feet were far enough apart that her thighs were starting to make the material of her skirt climb upward on its own.

As I unbuttoned each button, the tension on it caused by her hands being over her head exposed more and more of her belly she began to shiver slightly pretty much continuously. It was a little cooler in the stairwell than it would be on the other side of the door, but I suspected her shivering and the goose-bumps popping out on her skin had less to do with the temperature and more to do with what she was feeling.

And it was obvious that the same sensations were causing the piloerection of the fine hairs on her body and were continuing to cause the erection of her nipples, which looked like they were trying to force their way through her thin, silky blouse. Shit, if they got any harder and pointier they'd be able to CUT their way through.

I continued to slowly unbutton her blouse (where the fuck had she gotten one with this many buttons and why the fuck did she decide to wear it this morning?) until the naked skin between her breasts began to be exposed. I didn't immediately pull the gap apart, just continued to slowly unbutton the last few buttons.

After I unbuttoned the last one I reached up with my hand and she closed her eyes and leaned into my fingertips as I ran them across her temple and through the hair on the side of her head, up and over her ear, letting the side of my little finger just barely graze the super-fine hairs on the edge of her ear. Her body shuddered and she moaned as her hips bucked forward again.

As my hand continued on around, my fingertips moved down the side of her neck and started out along the top of her shoulder.

I heard and felt her intake of breath as she expected her breast and nipple to be exposed to me -- and to her friends on the camera.

Instead, I slid my fingertips down across her collarbone inside the blouse and further down across her chest until they were just to the outside of her nipple. Then I spread my fingers and dragged the tip of my middle and ring fingers just above and below her nipple. She arched her back and wriggled, trying to get them to make contact.

I slid my fingertips back across her sternum then up the front of her neck and out to her shoulder before continuing down over her breast and repeated the near-miss (near-touch, actually) of her nipple.

Instead of going back to the first breast, I dragged my fingertips down her sternum then down the middle of her belly to her skirt. I slipped the tips inside the waistband and pulled the front down a little, then slid them around to her right side and pulled it down a little before dragging the nails across her lower belly to her left and tugging it down slightly as well.

I pulled them back to the middle and started to drag the back of my nails lightly back up her belly. This time I was watching my hand and that allowed me to see the subtle movements of the muscles under her skin as she tried to de-conflict the impulse to shy away from the tickle and the desire to stay there to prolong the contact.

I only pulled my fingers up a little though. Then I quickly twisted my hips and torso to the side as I turned my hand around and shot it down the front of her skirt.

Her eyes snapped open and straight to the camera and her body quivered like a taut string as my fingertips split her slit and ran down the small wet space between her inner and outer lips.

I didn't slip the tips inside her dripping cunt. Instead I let them continue on down until they were resting just on her perineum. This caused the heel of my palm to come to rest on her clit. I ground it into her pussy once or twice and Carlie pushed her hips forward into it until her hips were a few inches from the door.

Then I began to push back and she looked at me in surprise as my hand slowly forced her hips backward in spite of her attempt to stop me. I glanced down to watch the play of her abdominal muscles now as she tried to fight my strength.

Her surprise turned almost to astonishment when I looked into her eyes and forced her hips all the way back against the door, but then turned to actual astonishment as I braced my feet and legs, flexed my arm and began to lift her up onto her toes. As the weight came off her feet her toes started to slide across the floor. I stopped lifting and growled. She caught my intent and flexed her thighs to keep her feet spread.

I only lifted her a little more and didn't hold her there long, just far and long enough for her to know I could.

I lowered her slowly and as soon as she had enough weight on her feet she began to grind her pussy into my hand and my fingers got wetter.

Keeping my eyes locked on hers, I pulled my hand out of her skirt and lightly swatted her on the nose with the tips of my middle and ring fingers as I leaned in and growled, "Nnnoooo! You don't get to decide how much pressure you get on your little clit. Only I get to do that."

I watched her nostrils flare as she inhaled the musk of her own juices over and over again now that the tip of her cute little nose was liberally covered in them.

"Well, what should I do with you now, little girl? Should I congratulate you on having taken the initiative to meet me with no underwear on? Or should I punish you for thinking you could rush or control the situation." By the shudder that ran through her body when I said "punish" I knew what had just occurred to her.

I glanced around the stairwell and considered sitting on a step and dragging her across my lap, but a hasty check of the camera lines ruled that out -- she wouldn't be visible through the railing.

I tightened my grip on her wrists and lifted them until she was up on her toes -- but her legs were still spread. "Good girl for keeping the legs spread, but that won't keep you from getting the punishment you deserve. Walk this way." I hooked two fingers in the front of her skirt and used it to indicate for her to walk back over to the stairs.

I led her down four stairs, then grabbed her by the hip and used it to force her to turn around, then I edged her over closer to the wall.

"Lean forward and grab the lip of that top stair, little girl," I growled and she did, making her body bend at a little more than a 90-degree angle.

I very deliberately didn't flip her skirt up over her ass onto her back to expose her naked ass cheeks.

Don't worry. I didn't spank her through the skirt.

Instead of flipping her skirt up, I hooked the tips of my thumbs under the waistband and lifted it as I reached out as far as I could with my fingertips, dragged that material upward and then tucked it as far as I could back up under the waistband. I did that in several places around her waist.

THEN I flipped what very little remained over the waistband.

I stepped into her and braced my left hip against her left hip, then reached across with my left hand and rested my thumb on her hipbone with my fingers dangling over her side.

I took my right hand and ran it lightly over the skin of her left ass cheek from top to bottom, just barely making contact with it. When I got to the bottom I switched to the other cheek and ran it back up, still just barely making contact and she shivered again as she broke back out in chicken-skin.

I pulled my hand away and took a quick inhale. She flinched.

"What'd you flinch for, Carlie?" I asked -- no growl this time, just a polite conversational tone.

She started to say something and I cut her off. "Doesn't matter. But I have to tell you that it's not going to help."

I took another quick inhale and she flinched again.

I took another quick inhale and she stayed still this time. But only for a second.

Only for a second because that's when I bore down with my left thumb to pin her hip more firmly against mine and dragged the tips of my fingers very lightly across the skin of her side.

As she squealed and squirmed to get away from the tickle I brought my right hand down and around and under, then back up and impacted the underside of her left ass cheek with my cupped hand.

With my hand cupped to almost match the curve of her under-cheek there was more noise from the clap than actual impact, but there was still impact and her head snapped up as she gasped and her knees gave just a little.

I stepped one step farther down with my right foot then slipped my left leg across in front of her thighs to brace her thigh into the front of my hip vice against the side. I eased back a few inches then used my left thumb to pull her hips back to meet mine, causing her to spread her legs by a small distance.

I took a quick inhale and she stayed still. I dragged my fingers up her side and through her squirm I could feel her tense up and start to rise up a bit, but no blow fell.

I took another quick inhale and she stayed still, which is when the blow landed on the underside of her right ass cheek.

The trick was to not telegraph the inbound swat by allowing my hips to move.

I delivered several more swats to her ass from that position until I felt her move a little. When I glanced at her I saw that she was craning her neck around to look into the camera.

"Oh, are you afraid Alex and Kelsey won't be able to see your face at the same time as I pop your cute little ass?" I asked, still in a conversational tone. Again, her shiver gave her away.

"I can do something about that." Another shiver.

I stepped away from her and down a few steps to clear the camera lines then turned to face her.

She was looking over her shoulder and grinning at the camera -- until she heard the sound of my belt buckle being undone. Then she ducked her head straight down to look at me between her legs. Since they were only spread as far as they were, she could only see with one eye at a time.

As I slowly started to pull my belt through the loops on my trousers I watched her left foot. As soon as I saw it start to wriggle slightly sideways I "cleared leather" by yanking the belt the rest of the way through the last few loops, spun it up and over my right shoulder, the brought it down so the last six inches or so landed on her left ass cheek.

Her head snapped up as soon as it landed and I could hear her whimper a little.

I doubled the belt over and slapped it lightly and loosely into the inside of her left calf. "NOW you can move your foot, little girl."

She didn't.

"Ah. So that's how it's going to be, huh?"

I pulled it up, grabbed the very end of the looped portion of the belt in my left hand and pushed my hands slightly together to create a gap. Then I pulled them forcefully apart to make the leather of belt snap together and make a sharp slapping sound.

She flinched, but then realized no blow had landed.

Her head dropped and I saw just the one eye peering between her legs again.

I pulled the doubled-up belt over to my right and then shifted my body to the left as I brought the end of it smartly into the barely-visible inside of her left thigh.

That got her left foot to move just a little and as it carried on through the follow-through I brought it straight back across to impact the inside of her right thigh.

She moved her right foot a little to the right.

I repeated the move several more times, making sure to spread the impacts up and down the inside of her thighs and only above the top of her knees.

None of the blows was hard enough to even leave a bruise -- unless she was seriously prone to bruising. Based on the tint of her skin I was pretty sure she wouldn't be sporting bruises from this little exercise.

At some point her right foot came to rest against the side of the stairwell, but I continued to match the blows on either side. Her head dropped down again and she made a quizzical sound as another pop landed on the inside of her right thigh.

"I know it won't go any farther. I'm just making sure both thighs get the attention they deserve. Both now and later."

By that time I was satisfied with how far apart her feet were and I began to spread the impacts around her pert ass and over the rest of her thighs.

Some of the blows landed flatly on the outside of her thighs now.

Some landed flatly on the cheeks of her ass.

Some were bare whispers across the backs of her thighs.

None were the mirror image of the previous -- at least not immediately. They matched almost perfectly, but where the first might be up on her left cheek, the next might be on the outside of her right thigh. This kept her constantly in suspense as to where the next contact would be.

Her head was now bobbing, but not anywhere near rhythmically. She'd look through her spread legs back at me, the belt would land, her head would pop up in response to the impact, then her face would appear as she looked over her shoulder at the camera with a mixture of expressions on her face.

Have you ever seen one of those kid's books that are divided on sets of horizontal millboard and the sections can flipped over to make different combinations of faces?

This was almost like that. But not quite.

Her mouth was stretched into a huge almost humorous grin and I could see a little trickle of saliva on the left side of it.

But her eyes?

Her eyes had the most interesting combination of satisfaction and lust and pain and desire for the spanking to quit and desire for the spanking to continue that I've ever seen. And the expression wasn't cycling through those looks. All of them were there at the same time.

Her mouth wasn't the only thing trickling liquid.

As the color bloomed on her thighs and ass it had bloomed in her pussy as well. And those lips had begun to drool even more of their own sweet, intoxicating scent.

"That was a nice little warm-up. Ready to go to my room?" I asked as I put my belt back through the loops.

I was unsurprised when she didn't immediately jump up. Nor was I unsurprised when she looked over her shoulder first at the camera then at me as she slowly gyrated her hips causing her pussy to alternately pull away as if to hide, then thrust out at me as if to get my attention.

I laughed out loud, but quickly followed that up with, "Oh, I know you'd sooooo like to get fucking drilled on camera, right here, right now. But that's not in my plan for this morning. So, up you come!" This last was said as I stepped up behind her to place a palm on each of her breasts, braced my elbows on the edges of the small of her back and helped her back into a standing position.

As soon as she stood up she started to walk up the stairs. At least she tried to.

When just the pressure of my hands didn't seem to be enough to keep her from climbing I moved my hands slightly and grabbed her nipples between my thumbs and forefingers. A gentle squeeze and downward tug (okay, maybe not quite so gentle) clued her in that climbing might not be such a good idea.'

"Where do you think you're going?"

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