tagNon-EroticMoth Ch. 012

Moth Ch. 012


Written by Nanna Marker, a citizen of Denmark, born in 1976.
Submitted to literotica.com by the author.


Lei woke. She had heard something.


Lei sat up straight barely believing her ears.


Her mouth watered as if she were a child carrying her first set of wings.


For a larvae it would have been a far off sound, but for someone with wings it was not!

Lei turned and scrambled through her belongings, till she found her collection of self-made arrowheads. Then, daring the daylight, she crawled out her hole.

"Hi, Black," she said, squinting to be sure the Black form in front of her really was her eight-legged friend.

"What are you doing up?" snarled Black. "It's day, you should be sleeping."

"Wehiloo. Wehiloa," sang the distant voices.

"I'm going to see the travelling termites," replied Lei, cheerfully.

"You shouldn't fly around in daylight," stated Black, reprimandingly tapping a leg-tip on the hard part of her chest just below her throat.

"I'll be careful," promised Lei and jumped off the branch.

"Wehiloo," sang deep manly voices in the distance, and while they were still prolonging the 'o', light feminine voices sang: "Wehiloa."

Thinking of all the marvellously delicious sweets travelling termites always had for the trading, Lei more than halved the distance between herself and the voices before sense caught up to her.

She was not a child, and she wasn't with a horde of other sweet-crazed children swarming to the termites' song. Most of all she was not being followed by a horde of well-armed, overbearing, adult, butterflies and moths.

She was a grown woman and she was alone.

Lei carefully landed on a branch to think things through. With a thump something large and black landed next to her and pushed her to her butt. Lei shrieked.

"Don't leave me," snarled Black.

"Oh-its-you," exhaled Lei, and inhaled deeply. "You scared me. It's so bright I can barely see my own fingers." Lei smiled at her own ineptitude. "I should probably wait for night before checking out the travelling termites."

"I'll help you get home," said Black, and curled a couple of legs around her.

"I can fly you know," said Lei, and withheld a squeal as Black jumped. When he landed she laughed from the tickling sensation in her belly, and didn't complain further. Through the first month of summer Black had jumped around with her several times just for the fun of it.

Once past her initial fright of the wind-defying speed of Black's jumps, she had learned she enjoyed the thrill of it.

When they were back at her hole, Black shoved her in and snarled for her to go to sleep.

"Crankywort," commented Lei with a laugh.

"Crybaby," snarled Black.

Copyright of Nanna Marker 2010.

Even when Lei was safely back to sleep, Kokata remained at the entrance to her hole. He was no fonder of termites than of beetles. He wasn't fond of any type of people. Lei was the only person in the world who treated him like a person.

Their looks apart, the only difference between termites and beetles was the quality of their aim. Termite kids aimed rocks better than beetle kids. And, contrary to beetles, termites were almost as good with bows as moths were.

Kokata had learned that the hard way.

Every kind was welcome to visit travelling termites, except abominations.

"Wehiloo," sang the far off voices, and Kokata shivered.

Travelling termites travelled slow. Come night, Lei would have no trouble catching up to them, and she was not an abomination.

Before Lei had arrived, Kokata had been fine living on his lonesome, once he had given up on seeking out any kind of people. But, now, he couldn't go back to living without her. He just wouldn't know how to breathe.

He could follow her back to Aribo, where spider-silk was fortune, and live in a cave, spending his days making thread as he had for the beetles, if only that meant he could have her some of the nights. He could do that if he had to. But he couldn't go back to a life without her.

Kokata restlessly circled Lei's hole. He could web her in. Just long enough for the termites to be long gone. Just a few days. Kokata shook his head at himself. His fantasies of keeping the beautiful moth to himself were never long-lived.

If Lei should choose to travel with the termites to another place, as beetles would when travelling far, then it wouldn't be hard to follow. Termites were slow travellers.

Kokata settled himself with his face in the hole's opening. He usually only stole brief glances in there, but today he would allow himself to study her sleeping. Besides, she had never told him not to.

Lei woke at sunset and was surprised to see Black's face blocking her exit.

"Good evening," she said, and sat up.

"Good evening," said Black.

"Have you had a nice day?" she asked.

Black cocked his head in a movement that could mean both yes, no, and maybe.

"When the sun is all down, I'll go see the travelling termites," said Lei. She reached for one of the full-balls of thread he had made her, and rolled it between her hands.

"There's something I've been trying to find a way of telling you," said Lei.

Black said nothing.

"It's about the beetles who raised you," added Lei, and studied Black's face. He looked slightly surprised.

"They..." Lei hesitated. "I think they were worse than you think they are."

"Not likely," commented Black.

"Do you want to come in?" asked Lei.

Black raised his shiny hairless eyebrows and glanced about Lei's small hole, and she felt stupid for having asked. She had no clue how they should both fit into her small space at once.

To her surprise, Black slid four legs inside and found four places for them to stand directly on the floor.

"Can you find room?" she asked, and pushed herself backward to the far wall, which wasn't far at all.

Submitted to literotica.com by the author.

"Yes," replied Black, and pushed his body and his last four legs in. Once inside, he pushed two of those four legs behind her back, and the other two under her legs. Maybe for having no other place to put them.

"I'm sorry I don't have more space to offer you," said Lei.

"It's fine," said Black, and lowered himself from the already low ceiling, till his face was just in front of hers. His eyes were pure beetle-black with no white surrounding them.

"It's about your silk," said Lei. With one hand she reached up and gently touched Black's cheek.

"What about my silk?"

Lei raised her other hand, so she could hold both Black's cheeks while looking into his eyes.

"Spider's silk can't be cheap anywhere," said Lei.

A shiver ran through Black, and Lei got up on her knees, so she could throw her arms around his head and the top of his body to hug him.

"It's allright," she whispered soothingly and stroked Black's back. "Everything is allright."

Black again shivered, but returned her hug by spinning four legs around her and gently squeezing.

"It was a long time ago, they don't matter anymore," said Lei.

"Who?" whispered Black.

"That's the spirit," stated Lei, pressing her cheek hard against the side of Black's head.

Black shivered again; through the touch of his legs, Lei felt it all over.

"Everything will be allright," comforted Lei. "You'll never have to see them again."

"What are you talking about," mumbled Black. His face against the side of her head.

"Those beetles," said Lei. "You never have to see them again."

Kokata inhaled the light scent of Lei's skin. He had no clue why she was talking about beetles. Lei took a deep breath and her breasts pressed harder against the clingers on his foremost left leg. The hide covering her breasts was thin. He could feel her nipples.

Kokata shivered again.

"I'm sorry," whispered Lei. "I should have known it would upset you."

Kokata tried to get his thoughts to whatever it was they were talking about, but the skin on Lei's legs was smooth and soft. And the curves of her hips were...

"I'm so sorry," whispered Lei.

"What are you sorry about," mumbled Kokata, trying to remember more than one sentence back.

"I shouldn't have upset you," said Lei, she sounded to be on the verge of tears.

"I'm not upset," whispered Kokata. His back-most right leg tip rested against the top of Lei's buttocks. Kokata shivered. He loved that she wore thongs and never pants or skirts. "Why would I be upset?"

"You're too nice to me," said Lei, sounding very sincere.

"I like to be nice to you," whispered Kokata, trying to keep the conversation going. He had a notion that the unexpected intimacy and the conversation was somehow related.

Almost on its own, his back-most left leg tip sought out the front of Lei's thong. The effect was instantaneous. Lei squealed, took her hands off him, and flew them to the front of her thong. The embarrassment on her face was like a slap to his. Her intentions obviously hadn't been of that kind.

"I'm sorry," said Kokata. "It was an accident," he lied.

"I overreacted," said Lei. But her hands still covered the front of her thong. Double protection against further 'accidents'.

Intellectual property of Nanna Marker.

Kokata carefully slid his legs off her and backed out of her hole.

"I need a bite of lanx moss for my stomach," lied Kokata. "Please don't leave before I'm back."

"I won't," promised Lei.

Kokata sped off. He'd chew on some lanx moss when he was done, he wouldn't want his breath to reveal the lie. If Lei learned of his attraction to her, she'd likely never let him touch her again. Anywhere.

Kokata had no illusions of ever becoming more than a friend to her. But, if she ever learned that he fantasised of more she'd recoil with disgust. She'd look at him the way those girls had, and he hadn't even desired those, he had merely looked.

Kokata found a good spot, spread his plates, softened his clingers, and got down to business. He had been doing that a lot since Lei had left her cocoon. It wasn't that he didn't trust himself around her. Since the first crazed near call, he had grown to know his lustful side. And, although the feeling was maddening, he had realised it was controllable.

When Kokata fled Lei's company to drain his seed, it was no longer a matter of shooting out the crazy before it took control of him. It was a matter of shooting out the crazy before she'd come to notice it.

A beetle-woman might happen to see a bulge in a beetle-man's pants. Kokata's erection was hidden behind plates; Lei would never happen to see it and that was a blessing. But, Kokata had noticed other tell-tale signs that Lei might come to recognise if he allowed himself to be lusty around her.

Whenever a strong surge of lust swept through him, he shivered with it. And that wasn't the only tell. The way he moved changed. Well, maybe that part was only in his imagination, but it felt like he moved differently. It felt somewhat like the way he moved when he was trying to catch prey without a net. A more gliding way of moving.

The worst, however, was his voice. It got a tone to it. When it was really bad, he almost couldn't recognise it. It was a good thing that he hadn't told her how often, or rather how rarely, he needed to supplement his food with herbs or roots to keep his stomach stable, it was always a perfect excuse.

Task completed, and lanx moss chewed, Kokata returned to Lei's branch. She was sorting arrowheads.

"How are you feeling?" she asked.

"Much better," said Kokata, and patted his midsection with a leg tip. "Good lanx moss is easy to find this time of year."

Lei nodded, as if accepting an obvious misdirection, and turned her eyes back to her arrowheads. For a moment Kokata thought the girl had realised what he had really been doing, then he remembered she thought he had been upset.

"I'm sorting my arrowheads," said Lei.

"So I see," said Kokata, and tried to remember why he was supposed to be upset. Something with spider-silk having value.

"With a bit of luck maybe I can get some sweets for them," said Lei. "Kids gets sweets for arrowheads and the like, but I guess that is mostly because kids bring parents and parents have real goods to trade."

"I never thought of that," said Kokata who had never traded anything for anything, nor ever received sweets from travelling termites.

Why was he supposed to be hurt that spider-silk had real value?

"I'm sorry I screamed at you," said Lei.

"Screamed at me?" asked Kokata.

"When you... In there." Lei nodded her head toward her hole.

"Oh," said Kokata. The squeal she had made back then hardly qualified as a scream.

"I should have been more careful," said Kokata casually. "I know it's a private part." Now that a certain part of him was utterly drained, it was far easier to feign disinterest in that part of her.

Submitted to literotica.com by the author.

Lei moved an arrowhead from one pile to another.

"I'm really sorry," she said. "You're my friend, I shouldn't have upset you."

"Crybaby," said Kokata, and smiled when Lei did.

"If spider-silk has value everywhere," said Kokata, changing the subject. "Why don't you just trade off the full-balls I gave you?"

"If I did that I'd be just like the beetles," said Lei, turning her face to him.

Kokata blinked at that utterly nonsensical statement.

"Taking advantage of you," said Lei, with a disgusted tone in her voice. "I'm not like that."

Finally Kokata understood. Lei thought he had been upset to find out the beetles had taken advantage of him. It was kind of funny, but Kokata managed not to laugh at it. His loathing for the beetles was so heavy that adding simple fraud to the load hardly made a difference.

But, of course, with all the 'details' he had withheld, she couldn't know how he really felt about them.

"Didn't I tell you to use it for trading when I gave it to you?" asked Kokata. He knew for a fact that he had.

"You really wouldn't mind?" asked Lei. She sounded skeptical, and her upper lip had curled up in a grimace. Kokata felt like sucking that curled upper lip in between his and tease it with his tongue.

"No, I really wouldn't mind," he said, in a smooth tone. "Wouldn't mind at all." There were many other things he wouldn't mind either. Such as running a softened leg-tip from her collarbone to her breast-cover, and sliding same leg-tip under same breast-cover, and then cutting the lizard-hide to shreds, and lower his head to her freed breasts, and...

"I really, really, wouldn't mind," said Kokata, his tone deep, gliding just an inch closer to the moth he wanted.

Lei crawled to him and hugged him tight, the way she had in her hole. The short fur on her head tickled the side of his head. Her breath was warm against his ear. Kokata allowed his front legs to slowly glide around her.

"You're so nice to me," said Lei.

Kokata shivered and inhaled the scent of her skin.

"I like being nice to you," he said, his voice was too deep and too smooth, but he wouldn't pull out of her arms for anything in the world.

"You smell nice," said Lei.

"So do you," replied Kokata, and shivered again.

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