tagNonHumanMoth Ch. 027

Moth Ch. 027


Copyright of Nanna Marker 2010.


"Nicely done, Lei," said the healer, appreciatively eyeing Lei's empty plate. "Now let me see your mouth."

Lei took a sip of water, swooshed it around, and swallowed, then obediently opened her mouth for the healer to inspect, and closed her eyes.

The healer raised her bright-glow and, without further ado, prodded and looked.

"You didn't bite your cheeks even once," praised the healer. "That's excellent. We can keep you on real food now." The healer retracted her probing fingers from Lei's mouth. "It's time to gorge."

Lei sighed, she didn't feel much like gorging. Her sense of taste was still funky. Everything tasted strange.

"Has all this time on the ground made you forget that you are a moth?" asked the healer. "You have to gorge or all that flying around will starve you to death."

"I haven't been doing any flying around," objected Lei.

"No. But it's time you do," stated the healer. "Walking, flying, running. It's time to get you back in shape."

"My lips are still swollen," objected Lei.

"Only enough to make you look funny," said the healer. "It will pass."

"I should stay inside some days longer," insisted Lei.

"No," snapped the healer.


"No!" The healer raised an arm and sternly pointed to her door. "Get out."

"Please." Lei dug her fingers into the bunk's bedding. "Let me stay."

"Out!" insisted the healer, and grabbed hold of one of Lei's upper arms.

With surprising strength, the woman pulled Lei to her feet, dragged her to the door, and shoved it open. Outside, the last orange light of sunset was fading away.

Lei grabbed for the door frame and clutched it tight.

"Please," she begged.

"No," said the healer, and, four arms around Lei's torso, pulled her from the door.

"Lei?" asked Black's voice from somewhere close by, and Lei covered her face with her hands.

"Baltin has made a bed for her in the big hall," said the healer, still holding on to Lei. "But don't let her spend too much time in it, she needs exercise. Make sure she eats a lot. I'll come check on her sometime tomorrow."

Then the healer let go of her, went back inside, and slammed her door shut. Lei sank to her knees. Her hands were getting wet. She was crying.

"Lei?" asked Black, and touched her shoulder.

"Go away," sobbed Lei.

"Why?" snarled Black.

"Please, just go away."

"No," snarled Black. "I'm done with just going away."

"Really, Lei," sounded Hinea's voice, "don't you think you are taking this vanity thing a tad too far?"

"Stay away from her," snarled Black.

"I'm just trying to help," complained Hinea.

"Back off, busybody," snarled Black.

"Really, Black. That was completely uncalled for. I..."

Lei bowed her face even lower and kept it covered by her hands.

"That's enough, Hinea," sounded Baltin's voice. "It's time to leave the young couple to themselves. Let's all give them some privacy."

Lei heard the soft sounds of people wandering off, but she didn't care about an audience of beetles. It was Black who needed to leave. Lei remained still and listened. After a while, all she could hear was distant sounds. Maybe Black had left too.

Hesitantly, she raised her head, and peeked out between her fingers. She saw hard-treaded village ground, and the healer's hut, from which she had just been evicted, and a bit further off she saw normal village homes. But there was no sign of Black.

Lei got to her feet, and, still holding her hands over her face, glanced about more thoroughly. It seemed he had chosen to respect her wishes after all. Lei wiped her eyes, lowered her hands, and took a deep breath of fresh air.

It wasn't as if she hadn't longed to get out of the healer's hut. She just didn't want Black to see her.

Nervously Lei turned this way and that, scouting for him. She missed him horribly, but the mere thought of him seeing her like that, her lips protruding like a snout, made her stomach hurt with anxiety.

"I don't get it," sounded Black's voice. It came from the roof of the healer's hut.

Lei shrieked, covered her face, and turned away from him.

"Lay off it," snarled Black.

She heard him landing in front of her and tightened her hold on her face.

"It's too late for that nonsense," snarled Black. "I've seen it now. So just lay off it."

"I'm ugly," sobbed Lei.

"What off it?" snarled Black. "Who cares?"

"You're supposed to think I'm beautiful," sobbed Lei.

"Get over it."

Lei jumped off the ground and unfolded her wings. To her surprise she landed before that first wind-catching flap. Her legs were weaker than they had been two weeks earlier. Her wings felt weak too.

"I've waited a long time," snarled Black, and jumped above her, to her front. "Your exercise can wait a few moments longer."

"Please, just go away," sobbed Lei.

"You're hurting me," yelled Black, into her hand-covered face.

Lei recoiled and hid her eyes too.

"Why are you hurting me?" snarled Black.

"I'm sorry," sobbed Lei. "Just, please, don't look at me. I'm ugly."

"I don't care," snarled Black. "It doesn't matter what you look like."

"The seer said you would think I am beautiful," sobbed Lei. "You're supposed to think I am beautiful. What will happen if you see me ugly?"

"Nothing happened," whined Black, and curled legtips around her arms. "Don't send me away. I'll be a good slave, just don't send me away."

"You're not making sense," sobbed Lei.

"Neither are you," sobbed Black.

"Please, don't cry," wept Lei.

"Then stop hurting me," snarled Black.


"And then she handed me a tiny fork," narrated his Lei, gathering her fingers till there was almost no air between them.

Kokata cuddled even closer against her back and daringly allowed a legtip to rest between her naked legs.

"That tiny, was it?" he asked, to distract her from his touch.

"The tiniest fork I've ever seen," stated his Lei. She didn't seem uncomfortable about where any his legtips rested. "It was like a miniature model of a fork."

Intellectual property of Nanna Marker.

"It's called a dessert-fork," informed Kokata, and hugged his woman, happy to be home and happy to be allowed to touch her, even between the legs. She hadn't yet allowed him to touch inside, but had promised that eventually she would. He could wait.

"It was horrible," stated his Lei, snuggling back against him. "In one hand I held this wonderful cake, in the other I held that tiny fork."

Kokata chuckled.

"They were all staring at me, so I started eating. I can't begin to tell you how agonising it was. One tiny piece of cake at a time. On that fork there literally wasn't room for a crumb and his nephew!"

Kokata laughed.

"It wasn't funny back then," insisted his Lei, but laughed with him.

Kokata kissed her cheek and moved down toward her jaw. Lei stretched against him, giving him access to her soft throat. Kokata accepted the invite and more. He loved touching her everywhere at once.

Lei spun around and kissed him on the lips. Kokata hungrily accepted the kiss and opened his mouth for her tongue. With one legtip he caressed her fluttering folded wings, with another one of her hips, with another...

"It's not fair that you have eight hands to touch with, and I only have two," said his Lei, pulling her mouth from his.

"I have never laid hand on you," said Kokata with a chuckle. He had no hands. All his legs ended in legtips.

His Lei pulled back his head and trailed kisses along his jaw-line, and down his throat. Kokata shivered at the delicate touch. His Lei continued down his hard chest plates, and somehow woke an acute response from even that, far less sensitive, skin. Her hands, took turns at moving down his sensitive sides, and her kisses reached his long abdomen.

Kokata caressed her inner thighs with his rearmost pair of legs.

With soft fingertips and even softer lips, Lei worked her way down his abdomen, till she was kissing the plates covering his privates.

"Open for me, Black," she whispered.

"What?" whispered Kokata.

"Spread your plates, let me see it," she whispered, and again kissed the plating.

"Sometimes it excretes a bit of... eh... slime," warned Kokata, and gently pulled at his Lei, to come back to his face.

"Cocks do that sometimes," explained Kokata. It had never bothered him, but he knew how his Lei felt about bodily fluids. "Like spare lubricant."

Those were words Kano had used. Back in the beetle-village, when Kokata had waited for Lei to heal, Kano had told him just about everything there was to know about being a man --in the bedding at least.

His Lei defiantly resisted his pull.

"Let me see it," she said.

"Lei," objected Kokata. "It's my man-tool we are talking about. I'll get sad if you decide you don't like it."

"If you want to get your face close to mine, you have to let me get my face into yours," said Lei, and kissed his plating to cut the brunt of her hard words. "But if you aren't ready, we can wait."

"I'm ready," promised Kokata. The last thing he needed was his Lei thinking up more reasons to delay. She had promised that she would let him go down on her. She hadn't specified when, though.

His Lei kissed his plating.

"Then let me in," she whispered.

Kokata spread the plating for her.

His woman kissed the soft skin next to his manhood. Kokata gasped. He had never realised how sensitive the skin surrounding his cock was. It tingled against her lips, and against her fingertips, even against the air she breathed.

He shivered through and through, and wished he had been awake during the day to drain his seed. His need to get into her was nearly unbearable.

His woman's fingers wrapped around his cock and she kissed it.

"I like it," she said.

Kokata moaned and pushed against her touch.

"Hold still," whispered his Lei, and kissed it again.

Kokata shivered and writhed.

"Are you ready?" he pleaded.

"Let me see it," she insisted.

Kokata pressed his legs against the bedding in an effort to let her finish her inspection.

Lei held his cock with one hand and caressed the tip of it with her other. Kokata shivered but held still. He closed his eyes and kept his breathing under control. It actually felt nice. Without looking he couldn't tell exactly what she was doing to it. Just that she was touching it and that it felt entirely different from when he did.

"It doesn't taste bad," said Lei.

Kokata opened his eyes and raised his head. His Lei was fondling his cock with two hands, while licking her lips with a contemplative look on her face.

"Taste?" he asked. Had she put her mouth to it?

Lei lowered her face to his cock, stuck out her tongue, and licked the head of it. Kokata shivered at both sight and sensation.

"It's kind of sweet," said Lei, and grinned at him with a mischievous look on her face. Then, without warning, she opened her mouth and sucked his cock in as if it were a treat.

Kokata couldn't breathe.

Then his woman started moving her head and Kokata dropped his to the bedding.

"Lei," he said, and gasped for air.

She kept moving. It was a soft demanding movement. Engulf and slow release. Her mouth was warm and wet. Kokata pressed his legs against the bedding and fought to retain enough control not to push into her mouth as he would her womanhood.

"Is it nice," asked his Lei, letting his cock drop from her mouth.

"Yes," whined Kokata, hard stressed by the loss of stimulation.

Lei sucked him back into her mouth and resumed.

"Please, don't stop," begged Kokata. Ecstasy approached as if he were inside her. Holding still, leaving the pace to his woman, was both agony and bliss.

"Don't stop," he whispered, and his Lei kept moving.

"Don't stop." The pleasure was building, ecstasy was so very close. If she kept moving like that he would...

"Stop," exclaimed Kokata.

Lei stopped, and released him from her mouth.

"Did I do something wrong?" she asked.

"No. Nothing wrong." Kokata gasped and writhed against the bedding, trying to cope with the cessation. "It was just too good. I would have shot my seed into your mouth."

"Really?" she asked.

"Yes." Kokata heaved for air, relaxing his legs.

Just as he felt like he could handle the deprivation, Lei put his cock back into her mouth.

"Lei," he complained. "I can't control it."

If anything, his Lei started moving faster.

"Lei," warned Kokata. Then he gave up on words and bravely fought the pleasure. It was a losing battle.

For the life of him, he hadn't the will to simply pull her away. It was all he could do not to grab her head and move it even faster.

Kokata groaned and arched. Ecstasy was within his grasp and he was beyond the point of trying to fight it. Then his Lei changed her movement somewhat, and it went away. Kokata writhed against the bedding.

The lust was wonderful and unbearable at the same time.

Submitted to literotica.com by the author.

Ecstasy returned and he grabbed for it, but somehow it slipped away, leaving him panting with need.

He wanted it to last forever but he couldn't stand it anymore.

"Faster," he begged, curling his legs to his chest.

"I'm trying," mumbled Lei around his cock, mercifully only stopping for as long as it took to speak.

It felt like she was slowing down, but that probably was just an illusion born from his need.

Kokata imagined his own face between Lei's legs, imagined her writhing below him begging him 'faster' and heat built in his abdomen. He imagined Lei arching for him as he was doing for her and his whole body cramped into one big lump of heat and lust.

"Lei!" he demanded, and pushed up his abdomen. Lei engulfed him even deeper into her hungry mouth.

Kokata exploded.

Lei sucked him dry. The movement of her tongue was like tiny explosions against his skin. But that was allright, it was nothing compared to what he had just been through.

Kokata was heaving for air and exhaling in small powerless spurts. Everything was perfect. He couldn't get how Lei could be so sensitive about her own juices and yet swallow his seed and lick him clean. But, that was allright.

Everything was good.

His cock shrank till his woman could cuddle it in the palm of one hand, but that was good too. Her hand was warm.

"Was it nice?" asked his Lei.

Kokata laughed soundlessly, his chest shaking with humour, and his Lei released his cock and crawled up to his face.

"Was it?" she asked.

Kokata caught her with all his legs and pulled her down for a kiss.

"It was nice," he admitted, and kissed her.

It didn't bother him to taste himself in her mouth, not one bit.

"Good," said Lei, and cuddled against him.

"You should try it," said Kokata.

"I just did."

Kokata shook his head. "You should try what it's like."

"Don't you want to catch your breath first?" asked his Lei.

"Maybe that would be a good idea," admitted Kokata, gently moving a legtip along Lei's closed thighs.

His Lei grabbed hold of it, opened her legs, and, holding her own hand on top of it, led it to her privates. Then she closed her legs tightly around hand and legtip.

Kokata happily closed his eyes.

"We'll make it work," promised Lei, sounding only a little nervous.

"We will," promised Kokata, keeping the lucky legtip absolutely still. Lei's tight hold on it left little encouragement for exploration.

Kokata was glad they had woken so early in the evening. Outside the sun wasn't even close to setting. His Lei wouldn't have reason to sneak out for a good while yet.

They talked while he caught his breath. Of beetles, and tiny forks, and of how lucky Bettina and Kano were to fit each other so perfectly, especially in the bed. Kokata had some days back been so stupid to admit that he had seen them in action, and had been rewarded with a fury of outrage and, more than a pinch of, jealousy.

His Lei had gone so far as to grab a well-sized stick and threaten him with a beating. Her expression had been priceless when he had sunk to the ground, lowered his head, and offered her to whack away. She had dropped the stick as if it had been on fire. And, once past her outrage, his Lei had been inappropriately curious about what he had seen.

When Kokata had caught his breath, they talked some more. Lei seemed to almost have forgotten his tip between her legs, and he feared that if he pushed the topic she might shy up and pull it away. She might well have forgotten that she had implied that she would let him go down on her. It wouldn't be the first time.

"Do you think that one day we will be as happy in the bedding as Kano and Bettina are?" asked Lei.

"I hope so," admitted Kokata.

"I think I'm ready," said Lei.


"To let you kiss me," whispered Lei. "Below."

Kokata almost daren't move, lest she should change her mind.

"You don't have to," she whispered. "We can do it another time."

"I want to," whispered Kokata and slowly rolled her off his chest and onto the bedding.

Lei nervously spread her legs, her hands standing guard at her thighs.

"Nice and slow," promised Kokata, and kissed her knees, one after the other, then her inner thighs.

Lei twitched her legs, lessening the distance between her knees.

"Nice and slow," repeated Kokata, and gently caressed her thighs apart.

Through the next hour, Kokata got a thorough taste of what it was like to eat cake with the world's tiniest fork. But then, as if finally ready to trust him, Lei moved away her hands that had guarded and twitched at even the slightest touch.

"That feels nice," she said.

And from then on Kokata was free to pleasure and explore. His tongue sought and his lips nibbled, till his jaw ached painfully, and even then he couldn't get enough. And his Lei liked it.

When the sun was gone and the moon had wandered a good distance. Lei was writhing with lust, but Kokata's mouth refused to follow his lead any longer. His jaw hurt as if it was off-socket and kept threatening to close, whether or not his tongue was safely tucked away.

"I'm sorry," he whispered, raising his head.

"Don't stop now," pleaded Lei, spreading her legs further, encouraging his mouth back.

Kokata kissed the nub which he, again and again, had teased large over the last hours, but he couldn't stand the thought of sticking his tongue out even one more time. He was hurting in muscles he didn't even know he had.

"I was so close," pleaded Lei. "I know I was."

"Then let me touch you," said Kokata, and moved legtips along her inner thighs.

His Lei didn't even twitch when they reached her most private part.

"Please," she whispered.

Kokata sought out the nub and did his best to move his legtip as gently as his tongue.

Lei moaned and rubbed against the touch. Encouraged, Kokata rubbed harder. His woman's response was as enthusiastic and longing as if his tongue was back at work, and Kokata breathed a long silent sigh of relief. He had eight leg-tips to wear down.

Back when Kano had said that the first time might take a long time, especially with a woman who had never, Kokata had thought an hour was a long time. Kokata had taken good use of the information and tips Kano had supplied. It had worked too, at least Lei had been close many times.

Kokata raised his body and moved his face to Lei's breasts. His lips were numb, so he settled for kissing her nipples, and fondling them with legtips.

"Keep rubbing like that," insisted Lei, her eyes closed with concentration.

Kokata focused on the motion against her nub, kept it steady, and gently kept caressing her nipples.

"Don't stop," insisted Lei and moved against his legtip.

Kokata didn't stop.

"Faster," insisted Lei, and rubbed harder against him.

Kokata moved faster. Maybe this time...

Lei stopped moving and slumped back against the bedding.

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