tagFetishMother-in-law Panty Fun

Mother-in-law Panty Fun


Evan lifted the hamper top and began rummaging through his mother-in-laws dirty clothes. Almost instantly he found what he was looking for. A pair of his sexy mother-in-law's dirty silky panties! They were full cut bright green with a wide lace waistband and cute lace trim around the leg openings. A nice pussy stain was embedded in the crotch and the sight of it made his bloated balls tingle. And, they were also one of the favorite pairs he liked to relieve himself into. He and his wife Carol were living with her mother for while and it was nice to have ready access to her dirty under things.

Evan had been using his mother-in-law's dirty panties to jerk off in for as long as he could remember. Way before his wife and he got married. As a matter of fact, before he and his wife had been dating and they had been only friends. That had to be about 20 years running now. He LOVED the way Judy, his mother-in-law, made her panties smell. He even liked them more than his wife's or her sister's dirty panties and they were pretty good to sniff on too.

He held the stained gusset up to his nose and took a big inhale of the lovely fragrance Judy had left in them for him. Wow, it never ceased to amaze him how her musk instantly could bring him to a raging hard-on. Her smell made him ache. He actually throbbed inside the pair of her white silken panties he was now wearing. He had snatched them from Judy's hamper earlier in the week. They had a seam up the back which made them a little tighter and held his aching cock so nicely.

He took another big sniff and reached down to unzip his jeans. The big silken bulge protruded from his zipper and he cupped it in his right hand still holding the dirty panties to his nose with his other hand. God, he couldn't get enough of her smell. He had been blessed with a rather large cock and it now stretched the thin nylon almost to its limits. He squeezed his stiffened member and a big dollop of pre-cum soaked through the panties he was wearing. He sniffed again, imaging his 55 year old mother-in-law licking the large drop off her straining panties. Just that thought forced another bigger drop to push its way through.

He pulled his leaking cock out of the panties he was wearing and began to stroke it long and slow. The more he stroked the more pre-cum flowed freely from the swollen piss slit of his enlarged member. He speeded up his pumping and could feel the all too familiar tingling in the base of his balls that signaled his impending nut. Not wanting to cum in the green pair he so lovingly sniffed, he reached into Judy's hamper again and came up with a very shiny blue pair that he had not seen before. He loved that his mother-in-law bought new panties on a regular basis and never a cotton pair in the bunch. Even his wife had a few pairs of ugly cotton ones for "that time of the month."

Evan carefully laid the blue panties on the counter next to the sink, gusset up, so that he could shoot his pent up load in the stained crotch. He could see where the cotton gusset had been stuck to his mother-in-laws creamy pussy. The stain was quite large and crusty and he could only imagine how wet she had been when she removed them. If he hadn't known better he would have thought that Judy had cum in them herself before depositing them in the hamper. They were that used!

He aimed his big fuck stick at the dirty crotch and thought about how sexy his MILF mother-in-law would look with the wet panties plastered to he juicy love mound. A long string of pre-cum dripped from his overly swollen cock head and attached itself to the center of the naughty stain he stood aiming at. Seeing the strand stretching from his cock to the dirty gusset was just too much for him. He tugged harder on his rigid manhood and was about to unload what felt like a gallon of hot sticky cum in the panties when suddenly the bathroom door opened with a bang and there stood his mother-in-law in the doorway.

Evan tried desperately to stuff his straining leaking cock back into his pants to no avail. He was caught red handed with a pair of his mother-in-laws dirty panties in each hand and a rather large, now deflating cock still dripping pre-cum hanging from the open fly of his jeans. His face turned bright red he stood there looking right at Judy waiting for her to totally freak out on him.

The tension in the air was so thick it could have been cut with knife. Silence filled the room as Judy, with a stern look on her face, and Evan stood staring at each other, eye to eye. To Evan it seemed like and eternity passed.

Just when he thought he would not be able to stand it any longer, Judy took a step into the room.

"I knew you've been abusing my dirty panties for years, you naughty boy. I just thought I'd never catch you at it. Back when you were a teenager visiting with all Carol's friends I'd always find a pair of my dirty panties filled with cum that obviously didn't belong to me. I wasn't sure which one of her friend's had left me those little presents until you started dating Carol and I would find a pair of my cummy panties whenever you left after visiting her. Every time I'd find a pair filled with all that nut juice I would just have to finger myself with them until I had a screaming orgasm. It turned me on so much to think that you found my panties hot enough to fill with cum. I would get myself off thinking about you wrapping my dirty silky panties around that monster you have between your legs and popping a huge load into them." She said with slight tremble in her voice.

"You don't have to stop Evan," Judy said, her voice thick with lust. "Show me what you do with my dirty panties. Show me how you fill them up with all that cum you have in those huge balls of yours."

Listening to his mother-in-law telling him how she liked the fact that he unloaded in her dirty panties was making his dying cock start to rise again. Seeing her in her silky nightgown with no bra on also helped a lot. He could make out the outline of the panties she was wearing through the wispy material. His cock was throbbing so much it hurt. But, it was a good hurt.

He stood there with his cock pointing straight at his mother-in-law, dripping a copious amount of thick pre-cum. He looked at the panties he held in each hand and then while looking here square in the eye he brought the green pair up to his nose and took a long hard sniff of her essence. The blue pair he wrapped around his turgid pole and began to slide the silken material up down his shaft teasing more pre-cum out of it, all the while never breaking eye contact with his very flushed mother-in-law. He made sure the gusset was stretched over the head of his cock so that her dirty panties would catch his pent up load.

Evan could not believe his luck. Here he was, using his mother-in-laws dirty panties while she stood watching him. He had thought about this moment for a long time and now it was actually happening. His cock grew harder in his hand and gained more length if it were possible. His hard cock was almost bursting through the crotch of Judy's panties. A large drop of his freely flowing pre-cum pushed through the dirty gusset.

The look on Judy's face was priceless. She stood there eyes wide with here mouth slightly open licking her lips as she watched her son-in-law abuse her dirty panties. She always got wet when she found a pair Evan had used but to actually see him using several pairs of her panties made her gush into the silky pink panties she was wearing under her nightgown. She pulled her nightgown up and slid her hand down over the front of her panties letting Evan see how wet she was. She pushed the thin material of her panties into her sopping pussy and rubbed her clit hard racing toward a huge orgasm.

She could see Evan getting ready to make a mess of her dirty panties when she said, "Evan, don't cum yet, I want to get a closer look." With that, Judy squatted down in front of Evan, eye level with his obscenely hard cock. It was then that she noticed that Evan was evidently WEARING a pair of her panties. This made her pussy leak even more sweet juice into her already soaked panties.

"Evan, you ARE a naughty boy! Not only do you use your mother-in-law's panties to jerk off in, you wear her panties too! That makes me so wet," she cooed to his throbbing member.

With her right hand still furiously frigging her engorged clit through her panties she reached up with her left hand to tease his large shaven tight balls with her long manicured finger nails. They practically jumped inside his huge sack. Judy had never seen a set of love nuts so big and full. She could only imagine how much thick cum was boiling around in them waiting to soak her dirty panties.

She was so close to his throbbing cock that the smell of him and her dirty panties filled her nostrils. Without thinking, she leaned forward and planted a kiss on the end of Evan's cock sucking up the dollop of pre-cum leaking through her dirty gusset. He tasted wonderful and she could not wait for him to blow his huge nut in her panties.

Her right hand sped up and pushed her toward the brink. She was now frenching the head of his cock through her dirty panties. Her left hand was really teasing and tugging his extremely tight balls. She knew he was close. She had never seen a man leak so much! She looked up to catch his eye and said, "Pop whenever you're ready, naughty boy. Cum in mother-in-law's dirty panties! Fill them with all your nasty spunk, you bad, bad boy! Go ahead, seed them!"

Her filthy talk and the fact that his mother-in-law was kissing the tip of his cock through her dirty panties, was too much for poor Evan. He took one last big sniff of the green panties he held under his nose and, staring right into her eyes, grunted and began to unload his pent up nut into her dirty panties.

Judy was more than ready for him to cum but not prepared for the amount of cum that began to shoot through her dirty gusset. Keeping her eyes directly on his, she kept kissing and frenching the big head of his cock as it spilled more and more seed into her dirty panties. She could taste herself and him. Her lips were completely covered in his thick hot cum. There was so much of it that it began to drip off her chin and soak her nightgown making the thin material cling to her hardened nipples.

After the sixth or seventh large blast from Evan's cock she opened her cum cover lips and popped his panty wrapped, still shooting cock into her willing mouth. She sucked out the last of his load and still holding his sated cock in her mouth, came with a muffled cry into her pink panties. She held onto Evans strong thighs and fingered herself through her panties till the waves of her own huge orgasm began to subside. When Judy finally had control of herself, she released Evan's softening cock form her mouth and stood up facing her son-in-law.

Evan, who still had her green panties pressed tightly to his nose, smiled as he looked at the mess he had deposited on his mother-in-law's mouth. Judy took the blue panties from around Evan's wilted cock and brought them to her mouth to make sure none of his huge nut remained in them. She wiped at the large load still dripping form her chin and most of it slid off onto her already soaked nightgown showing off even more off her luscious tits.

She took the green panties from him, letting him get another good sniff in, and dropped them and the soaking wet blue ones back in the hamper. She removed her wet nightgown and added that to the hamper also. She stood in front of him and lowered the silky pink panties she was wearing down her shapely legs handing them to a very spent Evan.

"Here," she said, through cum coated lips, "you can have these for later since you helped me prepare them the way you like."

Evan immediately held the soaking gusset to his nose and enjoyed a sniff of her freshly cummed in panties. They would definitely come in handy later. Evan, who hadn't uttered a single word throughout the entire encounter, now managed a hoarse "Thank you."

Judy looked directly at him and said, "Anytime, you naughty boy. From now on, just ask me for my panties and they're yours. You can have them whenever you want and this will be our little secret. There are plenty more where they came from and if you happen to find a sexy silky pair in your travels that you'd like me to wear, just bring them to me and I'll do my very best to get them nice and smelly for you."

With that, she reached down and stuffed Evan's cock back into the panties he was wearing and pushed the large lump back into his jeans. She zipped him up and ushered him out the door.

Pointing at the pink panties that Evan held in his hands she said, "You go put those dirty panties someplace safe and let me get a shower. I'm totally covered in that huge load you let go on me. Why don't you go through my panty drawer and pick out a pair you want me to wear when I'm done. That way, you'll know exactly which pair I'll be wearing for the rest of the day."

She closed the door with a wink, leaving Evan standing there weak in the knees. He went to her panty drawer and rummaged through till he found the pair he was looking for. They were a thin silky wispy bright orange pair with a matching large cotton gusset that he had used several times before. He turned from her bureau sniffing on the wet pink panties she had given him, staring at the cotton crotch of the orange pair that would soon be snuggled against his mother-in-laws sweet pussy. He laid them out on her bed conscious of the fact that before the day was out they would probably be filled with another of his massive loads. He left the room smiling, knowing it was going to be a great day.

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MILs white full cut nylon panties

As often as I could I would steal a pair or two of her dirty panties to sniff, lick wear and cum into. Her scent was amazing sweet and a little vinagery but I loved sniffing them. She was a bigger womanmore...

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