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Mother-in-law Peeping for Halloween


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Son-in-law has his wicked way with his MILF of a mother-in-law on Halloween night.

This time, Halloween night, a long time coming, I had lost my mind to incest. This time, after coming home from the Halloween masquerade ball we attended together, I had gone over the edge with incestuous lust for my wife's mother, my MILF of a mother-in-law, Diane. I realize, of course, not being blood related that lusting over an in-law technically may not be deemed incest. Yet, tell that to the judge, when the true definition of incest doesn't carry much weight in divorce court, if I were to be caught lusting over, peeping on, and having sex with my wife's mother.

We were both a little drunk and it was with the help of copious amounts of alcohol and the encouragement of my wife, that my true reckless and incestuous desires surfaced. Using those two things as my excuse and insanity plea, that I was drunk and it was my wife's fault because she encouraged me to dance with her mother and show her lonely, divorced Mom a good time.

"I want to dance, Jack. Dance with me," said my mother-in-law pulling me up on the dance floor by my hand.

"Go ahead, Jack. Dance with my Mom. Show my mother a good time."

Oh, I danced with her, alright, I showed my mother-in-law a good time alright, if that's what you want to call what I was doing on the dance floor dancing and showing her a good time. Groping her curvaceous body on the dance floor more described what I was doing. Feeling up my mother-in-law was my idea of not only showing her a good time but also giving myself a good time, too. Encouraged by her, when she didn't slap my hand away or tell me to stop, I took advantage that she was more than a bit tipsy. In the five years I had known her, I never felt so much of my mother-in-law's bodacious body. In the five years I had known her, I always have been lusting over my mother-in-law.

Then, totally losing my mind and pushing the limits of my marriage by making out with my wife's mother on the taxi ride home was a daring move and a sexual fantasy come true. Having already crossed the line of appropriate behavior between a son-in-law and a mother-in-law on the dance floor and again in the cab on the wild, ride home, there was no turning back now. Now, should my wife catch me kissing her mother, French kissing her mother, my only defense was that we were both drunk. Nevertheless, being caught kissing Diane or not, once home from the Halloween party, with my mother-in-law an overnight guest, I was, without a doubt, doomed, driven, and determined to continue a sexual relationship with her, but this time, from inside her guest bedroom closet.

"Oh, yeah."

With the guest bedroom light off, quietly, not moving, and barely breathing, I stood in the guest bedroom closet hiding behind her clothes and concealed by the closed, double bi-fold, louvered closet doors, while waiting for my mother-in-law, Diane, to come to bed. This was it. I was making my move. My perfect peeping plan, this is what I had been waiting for and had been fantasizing about for years. A long time coming, my perfect opportunity, I was finally going to watch my mother-in-law undress and, hopefully, strip naked.

"Naked, naked, naked. Finally, I was going to see my mother-in-law naked."

Desperate to see her naked body, determined to see her big tits, her round ass, and her forbidden pussy, a grown, responsible, and somewhat normal man, even I couldn't believe I was hiding in her closet. Spying on my mother-in-law, in the way of some testosterone filled, young adult, this is what my life has suddenly become. No doubt and admittedly, I'm a pervert, a peeper, a perverted peeper, about to watch my MILF of a mother-in-law strip naked, naked, naked.

"Naked, naked, naked, oh, my God. If only she would, I'd be so excitedly happy. If only she knew I was in her closet hoping to watch her undress."

Will it really happen? Will she not know and not even suspect that I'm hiding in her closet watching her remove her clothes, while stroking my cock and thinking about having sex with her, the mother of my wife? Will I really get to see my mother-in-law's tits, her ass, and her pussy or, as I've grown to expect, will something go wrong at the last instant to ruin my perfect Halloween peeping plan?

So nervous with what I was about to do, so insane with incestuous lust for her, debating if I should go through with peeping on my mother-in-law or not, I still had time to back out now, return to my bedroom, and sleep with my wife, Jennifer, but I couldn't do that. No, for me to fulfill my sexual fantasy, for me to satisfy my most perverse urges, for me to see all that I've been so wanting and needing to see of my mother-in-law, I needed to see my wife's mother naked. Too late, with me already hiding in her closet, I couldn't back out now, not tonight.

The perfect opportunity to implement my perfect plan, able to control everything in my own house, standing in my guest bedroom closet, and ready to watch my drunken mother-in-law undress, I couldn't imagine a better scenario. Possibly my best opportunity and my best plan, maybe my last chance to see her naked, before she moves out of state, I needed to do this or I'd regret my indecision forever. I needed to watch Diane undress. I needed to see my mother-in-law naked, naked, naked.

"Where is she? What is she doing downstairs? What's taking her so long to come to bed? I'm so excited. I can't wait. Precariously exposed, the longer I hide in her closet the more of a chance I'll be detected for the scumbag that I am for peeping on my mother-in-law."

Tired of waiting in her closet, with every minute longer I stood hiding in her closet, I felt more ridiculous and more perverted. Suddenly regretting my decision to spy on her, why am I like this? Why must my life be so twisted like this? Why am I so tortured to see what I'm not supposed to see? Am I forever doomed to be so controlled by incestuous lust for my relatives? Is every man attracted to his grandmother, his mother, his sister, his aunts, his cousins, his daughter-in-law, his sister-in-law, and his mother-in-law or just me?

Hoping she didn't see me walk out of my secret hiding spot, hoping I didn't run into her in the hall with her coming up the stairs and me coming out of the guest bedroom and ruin everything, I stealthily tiptoed out of the closet to investigate her whereabouts.

"Where is she? What the Hell is she doing down there? What's taking her so long to come to bed and strip out of her clothes?"

Once the coast was clear and the house so eerily quiet, already having taken my cock out of my pajama bottoms and wrapped my hand around it. While thinking of Jennifer's mother naked, I stroked myself to an erection, as I walked out in the open. So very exposed, with no one around to see me and watch me play with myself, I wished my mother-in-law was there to see my exposed cock and to watch me masturbate. Brazenly, filled with lust for her, I walked around upstairs imagining my mother-in-law catching me with my cock so exposed.

"Oops, sorry, Mom. Don't look. I'm so embarrassed," I imagined saying to her, if she saw my cock sticking straight out and my one hairy eye pointing at her. "I had no idea my cock had fallen out of my pajamas."

She likes it when I call her Mom, as much as I like calling her Mom. When I call her Mom, I imagine having sex with my mother, not that I'd ever have sex with my mother. I'd never have sex with my mother. I mean, I would have definitely tried to have sex with my mother, if she looked anything like Jennifer's mother, Diane. When I'm not calling my mother-in-law, Mom, I call her Diane. Wishing and wanting to call her MILF, afraid that I may make a misspeak and refer to her as my MILF of a mother-in-law, with her short blonde hair, big blues eyes, and shapely figure, never do I refer to her as my mother-in-law.

So very attracted to her, if I wasn't married to her daughter, I'd ask her out. Oh, yeah, I'd date Diane, if I could. Whenever we're out together shopping at the mall and looking to buy Jennifer a birthday or Christmas gift, I enjoy pretending that I'm out with my older girlfriend, more mature lover, and/or MILF of a wife, instead of my sexy mother-in-law. Before I met Diane, having heard so many horror stories about mothers-in-law, never would I imagine that I'd enjoy shopping with my mother-in-law. Never would I have imagined that I'd be so attracted to my mother-in-law that I'd want to fuck her and lick her, after she sucks me.

Whether on purpose or accidental, I don't know nor do I even care which, she gives me a sexy show when shopping for shoes and especially when trying on boots. Oh, yeah, I love watching her try on boots. Always she flashes me her panties, when she's trying on boots. It's so erotic when she raises her foot in the air, perhaps because I imagine her raising and spreading her legs for me. Struggling to get her boot on her foot and with her knees parted just enough for me to see everything I had hoped to see, I just want to fall between her legs and lick her pussy through her panty. I so would, if I could.

Ready and hoping to see her panty, I always position myself, on the pretense that I'm helping her by giving her my opinion of her shoe selection, to watch her flash me her panties in an up skirt view. It's so erotic to see her knees parted and her skirt rising higher with every movement of her foot. So focused on trying on shoes and boots, does she not realize that she's so exposed and that I can see between her legs and see her panties? Or is she purposely flashing me? I'd like to think that she was purposely flashing me. That's so hot.

"Oh, my God. Panties, panties, panties, I love seeing my mother-in-law's panties."

With all the dressing rooms now having doors, I miss the dressing rooms that had curtains. So few and so far in between, when masturbating over Diane, I sometimes imagine her undressing behind a curtain that's partially open. I imagine seeing her in her panties and bra, just as I hope to see her now, while hiding in her closet.

Brazenly out of my mind with lust for her, I imagine standing at the top of the stairs, as she walks up to me. Pretending that I don't know my cock is out of my pajama bottoms, with my cock at eye level, would she stop on the stairs and talk to me, pretending that she doesn't see my cock so exposed, while casually glancing to look at it and stare at it? As I stroke my cock faster, while thinking of exposing myself to my mother-in-law, I imagine her looking at my cock, seeing my cock, and staring at my cock, actually.

My hoped for sexual fantasy is for her to shyly reach out her hand and coyly touch my cock with her fingertips, before taking it in her hand to stroke it. Never have I masturbated as much, since I met my wife's mother. Every night, waiting for my wife to fall asleep and then, while my wife is asleep beside me, I masturbate with the thoughts of having sex with her mother, my mother-in-law, Diane.

With her daughter there sleeping beside me, it's even more exciting to imagine having sex with her mother. I imagine feeling her lips around my erect prick, her tongue against the stretched skin of my cock, and the warm sensation of her wet mouth sucking me. Oh, yeah, I'd love for her to take me in her mouth and suck me.

"Suck my cock, Diane. Blow me, Mom. I so want to cum in your mouth and watch you swallow."

Or, by the mere sight of my cock, would she scream, tell me my cock is out of my pajama bottoms, and demand that I put it away? Could she tell from my voice or by the excited and perversely twisted look on my face that I purposely exposed my cock to her? I'd feel like the pervert that I am with her knowing that I purposely flashed her. So wanting to expose myself to her but so afraid of her reaction, the best that I can do is to masturbate over the thoughts of exposing myself to my mother-in-law.

If she did know or suspected that I purposely exposed myself to her, would she tell me wife and ruin my life? Or would she take the hint and have sex with me? Should we be caught having sex, I'd take full responsibility for having the incestuous sexual relationship.

Now thinking more about exposing myself to her, instead of peeping on her, if she saw me with my cock sticking out of my pajama bottoms, should I pretend that I don't know that I'm standing there talking to her with my cock sticking out of my pajama bottoms? Or should I feign shocked embarrassment by looking down with her look and then acting mortified that she saw my cock? Yet, seriously, how could I possibly pretend I didn't know my erection was so exposed? I'd be so excited for her to see my cock, I don't think I could pretend I didn't know I was exposed.

I'd love to show her my cock, I really would. I wonder the reaction she'd have on her face. Would she be shocked, embarrassed, or would she have that playful look that I hope and need her to have for us to explore one another's bodies? I wondered what she'd do, if she saw my cock. Would she look? Would she stare? Or would she pretend to not notice or look away in horror, run in the guest bedroom, and slam shut her door, before telling my wife the next morning that I flashed her?

Her running away would ruin everything. Then, I wouldn't even get to watch her undress. All I'd have is a bit of masturbation material with my mother-in-law seeing my cock.

Truth be told, a sexual fantasy come true, I'd love for her to take me in her hand and fondle me, before stroking me. Truth be told, I'd love for her to fall to her knees and suck me, before asking me to make love to her. Only, at this point in time, I'd be happy with just watching her strip naked.

Even if only seeing her in her bra and panty, even if only seeing her topless, how erotic would that be watching her undress, unbuttoning her blouse and unzipping her skirt, from behind the closed closet door? At the perchance of seeing her naked, I'd have mother-in-law masturbation material for the rest of my miserable, perverted life.

Maybe I should just forget about exposing my cock to my mother-in-law and continue with my sexual fantasy of trying to see Jennifer's mother naked.

"Naked, naked, naked, I can't wait to see my mother-in-law naked."

With the thought of watching my mother-in-law undress, with the thought of Diane seeing my cock, and with the thought of having sex with my wife, Jennifer's mother, my cock pulsated in my hand, as I slowly stroked myself to a harder erection, while listening for Diane.

"Where the Hell is she? When is she coming to bed?"

Out of my mind with incestuous sexual lust for her, I don't know what it is and why I'm so sexually attracted to my mother-in-law, but I am. I'm puzzled by the attraction, but since the first day I saw her, I always wanted to fuck my wife's mother. Why? I don't understand.

Hoping to get the chance, wishing she'd walk in my hotel room, while I was changing into my tuxedo an hour before I was to be married to her daughter, I even flirted with her at my wedding reception. Why? I don't understand. I don't get it. When I have a younger and better looking version of her in her daughter, it doesn't make any sense to me.

Already having seen her in a barely there bikini, lying out by the pool on her stomach with her top undone, I wondered what she looked like in her sexy bra and bikini panty, before imagining what she looked like naked. Naked, naked, naked, I've been waiting so long to see my mother-in-law naked. Naked, naked, naked, I'm finally going to see my mother-in-law naked.

With her top undone and the sides of her big breasts exposed, I couldn't believe it when she asked me to massage in some sunscreen on her back and on the back of her shapely legs. With every touch of her soft skin, I imagined her naked, while having sex with her. I so wanted to feel the sides of her exposed breasts. I so wished she'd turn around so that I could apply sunscreen to her naked tits. I so wished she'd spread her legs, so that I could touch her where no son-in-law should ever touch his mother-in-law. I imagined standing in front of her and her lifting her head to suck my cock, while I leaned forward to massage sunscreen on her back.

"Suck my cock, Diane, while I protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun by rubbing sunscreen on your back, as you suck and suck and suck my cock. Suck it, my MILF of a mother-in-law. Suck it, suck it, suck it.."

Oh, my God, shaking with nervousness, I couldn't believe I was finally going to do this. So very bold, this the most daringly depraved thing I ever did, even more daring than groping her body on the dance floor and making out with her in the back of the cab. As if possessed by an incestuous lustful Devil, I couldn't believe I was being so inappropriately naughty and incestuously nasty.

For sure, had I not been drinking, I never would have had the courage to go through with this. Had I not seen her panties, every time she tried on shoes and especially boots at the mall, had I not massaged sunscreen in her nearly naked, bikini clad body, while imagining her naked and having sex with her, I may not have developed such an attraction for her. Unfortunately, I did.

Had I not groped her on the dance floor during the Halloween masquerade party, I may have not been as excited to see her naked, as I am now. Had I not made out with her in the cab on the way home, had she rebuffed my advances to touch her, feel her, grope her, and kiss her, maybe I wouldn't be standing here now waiting for her to come to bed, so that I could hide in her closet to watch her undress. Unfortunately, she didn't rebuff me. If anything, by allowing me to feel her, by allowing me to kiss her, and by returning my kisses, she encouraged me..

I haven't hidden in a closet, since I watched my mother undress more than fifteen years ago. So exciting to watch her remove her clothes, I masturbated for years over seeing my mother's big tits with dark brown areolas and nipples. Then, when I saw my mother naked, I'd just have to replay that day in my mind, imagining her stripping all over again, to get me hot enough to want to masturbate over the thoughts of my mother stripping naked.

I'll never forget that first time I saw my mother's tits, her ass, and her pussy. An unbelievable up close sight, the first woman I ever saw naked, I thought I had died and went to Heaven and I couldn't wait to masturbate to the sexy, naked memory of her. Yet, somehow, by the way she slowly undressed and turned to face the closet, once she was naked, I suspected she knew I was hiding in the closet watching her get naked, naked, naked.

Suspecting that she was giving me a striptease show, it made me hot to think that she was expressly undressing for me, her son. When I remember her undressing, so long ago, she gave me such a sexy, private striptease show. Maybe she was giving me my personal sex education lesson, I don't know. To be honest, I didn't care, so long as I saw my mother naked.

Maybe with my Dad no longer on the scene, she was just as horny as I was. Maybe, if she was just as horny as I was, she wanted to show me her body, as much as I wanted to see her body. Maybe she wanted to have sex with me, as much as I wanted to have sex with her. Yet, unable to cross that imaginary line of incest, maybe it was enough that I saw her naked and she knowing that I saw her naked. Maybe, after she showed me her body, in the privacy of her bedroom or bathroom, she masturbated over the thoughts of exposing herself to me. Like mother like son, maybe she's the reason why I'm the pervert that I am today.

Yet, even though I wanted to touch her, feel her, and to have sex with my mother, even though I stood in her closet and watched her strip naked, while masturbating, a bridge to nowhere, I could never cross that line of having sex with my Mom. Maybe if she looked as good then as my mother-in-law looks now, I may have been more tempted. Maybe had my mother made the first move, all those times she caught me masturbating and touched me, wrapped her hand around my cock and stroked me, before taking me in her mouth and/or pussy, instead of just staring at my cock, before closing my bedroom door, I may have relented and had sex with her.

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