tagIncest/TabooMother Wants Me Back Home

Mother Wants Me Back Home


I was glad to be home it had been a long day. I opened the door and found that Joan had forgot to lock it. I started in towards the bedroom to go get changed and I found the true culprit of the unlocked door. My mom was asleep on the living room couch. Mom must have been there for awhile because she was in a silky sheer black baby doll and see through panties. Mom new how much she turned me on when she was dressed this way.

I decided to wake her up the way she wanted. I gently spread mom's legs at the knees and pulled the crotch of her panties to the side and slowly licked her pussy from the bottom to the top. Mom's pussy began to moisten right away as I continued to lick her almost hairless snatch. I was at the top again and sucked mom's clit into my mouth. That woke her up.

"What a wonderful way to wake your mother up," she said. With that mom put her legs over my shoulders and clamped her thighs against my ears. After she pulled the straps of the baby doll off her shoulders and tugged the top down, exposing her beautiful breast. As she began playing with her nipples mom said, "That's it baby eat mommy's pussy, yeah lick my clitty." I looked up without stopping my attack on mom's pussy and saw her looking lustfully at me.

I kept eating mom's snatch for another ten minuets until she began to wail, " Ooooh, honey mommy's gonna come, don't stop, that's it, here it comes." With that mom came and I sucked all that sweet nectar out of her.

While mom was still recovering from her orgasm I stood up and removed my pants and underwear and knelt back down between her legs. Without thinking twice I pulled off her sexy panties and dragged mom's ass off the edge of the couch. At this point mom looked between us and grabbed hold of my cock and guided it to the entrance of her pussy. We both enjoyed watching my cock slide into her pussy every time we were starting to fuck. When my cock was half way into mom's pussy I leaned over and sucked one of her nipples into my mouth and started a steady fucking rhythm.

"I have a surprise for you baby," mom gasped

"I don't think you could top this one mom," I grunted as I released her nipple. My cock was now fully in her so I began to pick up the pace of our coupling.

"I think you'll like to know that I threw your dad out," mom said as she began rocking her hips so she could really enjoy our fuck.

"That's great mom, that means when I come over we can have sex anytime we want without having to worry about getting caught," I said. This really excited me and I began drive my cock much harder into her hot pussy.

"I want more than that," mom said as she twisted beneath me.

"What would that be?" I wondered aloud.

"I want you to leave Joan and come home to live with me," mom said through gritted teeth as I banged away at her.

"I couldn't do that to Joan," I said.

Right after I said my wife's name I heard a car door close. I began to panic because I knew it could only be Joan arriving home from work. Just as I was about to take my cock out of my mother she wrapped her legs around me and forced my cock deep into her clutching hole. Mom smiled and cooed, "Don't worry baby it'll all be over soon."

"What are you taking about mom? Let me go," I said.

Mom just smiled and continued to rock her hips. A second later I heard the door open and my mom groaned, "That's it baby, fuck me, fuck your mother lover."

My mom was trying to get us caught. Trying isn't the right word because a couple seconds later Joan came into the living room and yelled, "Dave, April what the fuck are you doing?"

I started to turn toward her when my mom grabbed me by the chin and said, "I'll take care of this." Mom continued to rock her hips as she said to my wife, "What does it look like we're doing? Now be a dear and go to the kitchen while my son finishes fucking his mother. This isn't a peep show."

In utter shock Joan did as my mom asked. Mom then put her arms around me and whispered, "Sorry for setting you up baby, but your mom doesn't want to share you with her. Now fuck me hard and put a big load of incest come in your mommy's pussy," mom yelled.

I couldn't help myself. I loved it when mom talked dirty like that. I redoubled my efforts on her grasping cunt as she groaned obscenities. In few minuets I told her, " Here it comes mom here comes your son's cock cream. You love having a twat full of my incest seed don't you?" I roared as I began to spray her womb.

"Yes baby mommy loves it, that's it ohh honey mommy's coming too, ohhh yeaah that's putting out the fire in your mommy," she finished. I collapsed into my mom's arms at this point and caught my breath. Mom cooed, "See baby you'll never have sex that good with her." I nodded and began kissing her deeply. Mom began to smile during the kiss and unwrapped her legs from around my back and pushed me on the shoulders letting me know she wanted me to get off her. I did as mom wanted and got up. When my cock slipped out of her pussy there was a popping sound.

Mom said, " I took the liberty to pack a couple bags for you before you got home. Go grab them from the bedroom while mommy gets decent." I pulled up my pants and headed down the hall. By the time I got back mom was pulling the top of her baby doll back up and then grabbed an overcoat she had worn over.

With that we headed towards the kitchen to leave. When we got there I couldn't tell if Joan was sad or angry. I was about to say something to her when mom said, "Sorry, Joan, but Dave's the best lover I've ever had and I have to have him at home with me."

"I don't care just get out you sick freaks," my wife said.

"Whatever," my mom said, "Come on baby mommy isn't finished with that wonderful cock of yours today. Let's go break in our bed."

"Okay mom," I smiled. I looked to my wife and said, "Sorry, Joan, but I love incest fucking."

With that we left.

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