tagIncest/TabooMothers Day Surprise

Mothers Day Surprise


Over the past six or seven months Jennifer had been noticing how her son had been growing into a fine looking young man. She noticed that he was now around six feet tall and was filing out in proportion to his feet which had always seemed to be quite large for a younger boy. He had always gotten along well with his mom, but lately it seemed to be changing. At least to Jennifer it had been. Not in a bad way, but he was acting more like a man around her and seemed to be very flirty with her. Jennifer enjoyed the attention. She was married to a great guy. But after quite a few years of marriage, he was not as flirtatious as he use to be; and Jennifer always enjoyed attention. But she didn't flirt with her husband much anymore either. They just went about their usual life doing what married couples do. Work and the usual sex every weekend when they weren't to tired.

Tim had just turned eighteen and was about to graduate from high school. He played sports and never had much trouble with the girls, but he never really got involved with any of them for too long. He seemed to always hang out with them for a few weeks and he would then move on. Jennifer always asked Tim about his girlfriends only for him to reply that none of them could match up with his beautiful mother.

Jennifer had her son early. So she looked great compared to all of Tim's friends' moms. She stood about 5'6"and weighed in at 120 lbs. She had a great ass and nice perky B cup breasts. She didn't work out much, but due to walking most every day or evening. She looked great.

All of Tim's friends would come over and hang out. And tell Tim that his mom was the best MILF in the school. He never really said much, but he also knew that they were right. Because as he got older he had started to notice her too.

It all started innocent enough. As the family would be sitting in the den watching television, Jennifer on one side and her husband on the other, Tim would come in and sit or lay in the middle. The couch had reclining ends, and he liked to put his feet up on the foot rest with his moms'. Not thinking much about it, he would often rub his feet on her smooth legs, or just put them next to hers so that he could feel the heat that came off her smooth legs.

Sometimes he would put his feet on her lap as he lay sideways on the couch. Feeling her soft hands on his legs. She would unconsciously rub her hand over his muscular calves. He would lose all track of what they were watching, and he would feel his cock start to grow. Jennifer usually kept a blanket on the couch, so Tim would pull it down and say that he was a little cold to hide his erection. Jennifer really didn't know that he was getting hard right there next to her husband.

One evening Tim and his mom were laying there. Tim put his head on his mom's lap. With him there she didn't have much of a place for her hands so she naturally she put one on his neck, and the other by his head. Tim instantly got hard in his shorts feeling her hands on his skin. He just lay there enjoying the feeling of her touch. Jennifer didn't think much about it, but she started to run her fingers through his hair and down over his neck.Lightly running her nails over his skin.

Tim loved the feeling of the attention that his mother gave him and he kept putting his head in her lap or somewhere near her. If not his head or feet, he would put a hand on her leg or up against her.

This went on for quite awhile. When one day Tim had been playing football. After a great game, he said that he had a sore neck and back. Jennifer told him to lie down and she would massage his neck to see if she could help. Jennifer started to rub her son's neck and shoulders. As she was trying to rub the kinks out of his shoulders, Tim's shirt kept getting in the way. So Jennifer told Tim to pull off his shirt. Tim knew that he was going to like that idea.

When he pulled off his shirt, Jennifer couldn't help but notice his muscular back. She thought to herself, My son had become a real stud. As she rubbed his shoulders, Tim told his mom that it felt so good. After a few min. Jennifer finished and told her son "there, that should help." Tim got up and put his shirt on, but not without getting noticed that he had quite a large bulge in his shorts. Tim thanked her and went off to bed where he could not help but rub his cock while thinking about his mom.

After that Jennifer couldn't help but think about what she had seen and wondered if it was her that gave Tim such a hard on.

After that day, they kept up the touching . But it was mostly kept pretty innocent. Tim would give his mother a neck massage. Or he would hug her before he left to go out. Always making sure that he kept her nice and close as he did. As time went by, Jennifer noticed that Tim's hands were getting lower and lower. He would put them right above her sexy ass and pull her tight. She always loved a nice hug from her son but could tell that he was enjoying it too, maybe a little to much. One afternoon when they were alone, Tim was giving his mom a hug when she felt his hand slid under the bottom of her shirt and was now on the small of her back. He pulled her nice and tight. And as his hand started to run over her smooth skin, she felt his cock starting to grow against her belly. Tim's hand was moving slowly on her smooth skin. And she felt him start to run his fingers under the edge of her pants. Getting lower and lower as she just stood there enjoying the feeling of him trying to push to see how far he could go.

Jennifer's mind was telling her that she should not be letting him be this forward. But it felt so good. She just stood there and let her son run his fingers over her skin as she rest her head on his shoulder.Tim's hand kept getting lower and lower on his mom's sexy back when she realized that he had his hand all the way down to the top of her ass crack.

Jennifer could feel her nipples getting hard and her pussy was starting to tingle, tightening her thighs to keep from juicing her panties. She realized that she to was enjoying the feeling, but knew that she needed to move so he would stop. She could not have her son feeling her up.

She pulled back and gave her son a little kiss on the lips and told him he had better get going or he would be late. As he left, Jennifer shook her head and thought to herself that she could not believe what had just happened. She had just let her son slide his hand down the back of her pants and did not stop him. But the problem was, she could tell that her panties were soaked, and her mind was telling her that she was loving the touch of her son's hands.

As she went to get ready for work and take a shower, she could not help but touch her hardening nipples as she thought about her son touching her, sliding her hands over her smooth skin, and slowly sliding a finger inside her wet pussy to feel just how wet she had gotten. The next thing she knew she was feeling her muscles deep inside her pussy, tightening around her fingers as she masterbated herself off thinking of her son's hard cock pushing up inside her .

That night Jennifer was in a great mood. She put on her tight yoga pants that showed off her great ass and hugged in all the right places. With her tight yellow shirt, she was feeling sexy as hell. She knew all the men that she passed by as she went for a walk in the park, were really enjoyed her look. She usually didn't wear these pants out too much, because when she walked in them, they always slid between her pussy lips and gave her a camel toe. As Jennifer walked she couldn't help but think of the day and what had taken place with her son, thinking about his hard cock pressing against her belly as he rubbed his hand down the back of her pants, . Little did Jennifer know,thinking about the event was also making her pussy wet and her nipples stand at attention. Jennifer never wore panties with these pants, as she loved the way the tight Lycra material felt on her skin. They were so tight that you could have seen her panty lines, and she knew that her husband loved them on her. She did not think of that as her pussy got soaked as she walked, showing a wet spot between her legs as her pants slid between her swollen pussy.


When Jennifer got home, her husband was home from work sitting on the couch. He took one look at her and said "Wow you look good. Did you enjoy your walk?"

"Yes it was nice." Not knowing what he was staring at. The crotch of here pants were soaked from her pussy, and it was very visible for anyone who looked at her. Her pants were riding deep between her lips, showing a fantastic camel toe.

Brad turned off the TV, got up and went over and grabbed his wife. She was not expecting him to be like this. He began kissing her and running his hands over her tight ass, enjoying the smooth material that was hugging her ass. As they were making out, he quickly pulled off Jennifer's shirt. and bra. Not being too gentle, he began moving his hands all over her firm breasts, pinching and rubbing her now hard nipples. Jennifer let out a little moan and asked her husband what had gotten into him.

"You just look so hot in that outfit, I know that all the guys were staring at you on your walk. I am the lucky one who married you."

Brad picked up Jennifer and sat her down on the couch and reached down grabbing her legs, sliding her pants down over her hips and off her sexy smooth legs. Jennifer was feeling so hot, she knew that the reason she was so wet was there son could walk in at any time. Jennifer told Brad that they shouldn't be doing this in there living room as their son might come home, but Brad just grabbed a hold of her knees and pushed her legs apart. It took him about a half of a second and his tongue was buried into her now soaking pussy.

Brad could not believe how wet his wife was. It had been a long time since they had had sex on a sper of the moment. It was usually just a convenience thing in bed before they went to sleep.

As Brad was frantically eating out his wife . Jennifer could not believe how fast she was about to cum. She could feel every muscle in her body start to tense up.

Jennifer grabbed her husbands hair and pulled him into her pussy even tighter as she moaned in a deep groan. Feeling Brad's tongue sliding in and out of her wet pussy was driving her wild. As Brad began to suck on her hard clit, Jennifer's body felt waves of pleasure flow through her body tightening every muscle. Pulling Brad by the hair tight into her pussy, Jennifer pushed her hips up into his sucking mouth and threw her head back in pleasure

"Oohhhhh god yes, mmmm that is so good" Jennifer moaned.

Jennifer had not cum that hard for years.

Brad got up and put his hard cock right between her wet pink pussy. She could not wait to have him slide into her. Brad was just teasing her as he rubbed the tip of his cock between her swollen lips. He would slide just the tip of his cock in, and then pull it out. This was driving Jennifer crazy. Finally she looked right at him and in a sexy deep voice said, "Would you just fuck me, now!, slide that cock in me, NOW! "

Brad didn't know what had come over his wife, but he didn't care. He slammed his cock inside her wet pussy as deep as he could. Jennifer moaned as his balls were pushed up against her ass filling her pussy with his hard as stone cock. It felt so good having him fill her pussy. All Jennifer could do was to push her hips up to allow Brad's cock inside her wet pussy even farther. Brad pulled out and quickly slammed his hard cock back inside Jennifer making a slapping sound as the two of them were loving the feeling of a frantic fuck that had been so long.

Jennifer's pussy was clenching Brad's cock so tight as she started to cum. She grabbed a hold of Brad and pulled him tight into her. Legs wrapped around his back, pulling him tight She rubbed her clit tight into Brads pelvic bone and was cumming so hard "Ah Ah Oh Oh Oh, god yes, fuck me Brad, fuck me harder!" as her body shook in orgasm.

Jennifer had not cum that hard for years and it felt so good.

When Jennifer started to cum her pussy was so tight squeezing Brads cock, it was all he could do to hold back. Feeling her pussy tightly milking his cock sent him over the edge, and Brad emptied every bit of hot cum deep into his wife, feeling his balls tighten and pump her full of cum. Milking every drop he had in him. They lay there for a few minutes and came down off the high that they were riding. As Brad's cock slid out of Jennifer's satisfied pussy, she could feel his hot cum run down her thigh. Thinking that, "God that felt good, and that my dirty mind thinking about my son is what got me there."

Several weeks went by and Tim kept giving his mom a lot of attention, running his hands over her soft skin, occasionally sliding his hand up the back of her shirt feeling her sexy smooth skin or down the back of her shorts to the top of her panties feeling the top of her ass. Why she was letting her son do this was not like her. But it got Jennifer's pussy wet and her feeling sexy and attractive. A couple of times Tim would come up behind his sexy mom, staring at the sexy ass that he so desired, and give her a hug from behind. As he pulled away he would always run his hand over her perky breasts. On occasion when she wasn't wearing a bra, he could tell that she was liking the attention. As he could feel how hard her nipples would get. Jennifer could feel them getting hard and tried to cover up her excitement. But Tim loved getting a view of her hard nipples, giving his mom a sly little smile, knowing that he was having an effect on her and turning on his sexy mom. Tim knew that one of these days he would get a chance to see just how far she would let him go. Wondering just what his mom would let him get away with.

That fantastic day came on Mother's Day.


Tim and his dad had thought about what to get Jennifer and they had decided on getting her a hammock, which was something she had always wanted. So that morning the two of them got up and put it together. They fixed her breakfast and they all enjoyed the start of a fantastic spring day.

After they had eaten, Jennifer went out to try her new hammock. It was fantastic. She loved laying in it and just relaxing.

Brad told Jennifer that he would run to town and do a bunch of errands that needed to be done and that would give her several hours to just relax and enjoy her Mother's Day gift.

After Brad left, Tim went out to see how his mom liked the gift. As they sat and chatted for a bit, Tim told his mom to move over a little. He wanted to try out the new hammock with his mom. So Tim climbed in and the two of them lay there in the morning sun almost ready to fall asleep. Well at least Jennifer was.

If you have ever been in a hammock, you would know that you stay right in the middle. And if there are two of you, you are both pushed to the middle. This gave Tim the opportunity to lie very close to his mom. As they were laying there the sun went behind the clouds, giving Jennifer a little chill. She was really enjoying the relaxation, so she asked Tim to get her a blanket to cover up with.

Because it was a lazy day, Jennifer was still in her pajamas. They were nothing fancy. Just a soft v-neck shirt and matching shorts. Both very loose fitting and soft for sleeping.

When Tim came back with the blanket, he climbed back in with his mom and covered the two of them up. Tim was facing Jennifer's back, and since they were so close together, he wrapped his arms around her. It didn't take him long before he was lightly stroking Jennifer's sexy flat stomach. He didn't know how far he could go, but it was turning him on to no end. It took about thirty seconds and he could feel his cock starting to stir. He was sure that his mom could feel this too. As they were lying so close together, her ass was sitting tight against Tim's now hardening cock. Tim's other hand was resting high on her thigh, just under the edge of her loose pajama bottoms. In Jennifer's relaxed state, she didn't think much about her son running his hands over her soft skin. Until she started to notice that she could feel her pussy starting to get wet. But it felt so good just relaxing and having the soft touch on her skin.

Tim's hand had been rubbing her stomach and had reached just under her breasts, when the position that he was in would not let him venture any farther. But his other hand that had been on her thigh was just getting started. Tim was running his fingernails lightly over her sensitive thighs, from her knee to the edge of her pajamas. Every time, he would push them a little farther up, he kept getting closer and closer to the wet pussy that he so desired.

By this point Tim's cock was rock hard and Jennifer could feel his hard cock pushing against her ass, knowing that she should not be letting him touch her the way he was. But the feeling of his cock trying to bust through his shorts and tear her pj's off, felt so good that she just couldn't move. Jennifer just kept her eyes shut and ignored that fact of who was touching her, and just enjoyed the intense feeling that her body was giving her.

Tim's hand was now rubbing right up to the top of Jennifer's thigh, so close to her pussy that he could feel the heat. When he could no longer stand it, he figured that if his mom had let him go this far, he would just keep going until she said no. Tim slid his hand up and ran it over her soft pussy. Feeling how wet she had become, he could feel a trickle of her juice seeping out of her.

Jennifer could not believe that she was letting her son touch her wet pussy. But it felt so good that she uncontrollably moved her legs apart a little to give Tim better access.

Tim took this as a go and slid a finger between her swollen lips, feeling just how wet she was, he ran his finger up and down a few times, just enjoying the feeling and not believing that this was really happening. Tim could feel Jennifer's breathing getting deeper as he began sliding into her drenched pussy. First one, then another finger slid inside . Allowing a river of juice to flow out of his mother. Hearing her breath quicken and a moan escape her mouth, "MMMM."

Tim's cock could have broke down buildings he was so hard, and rubbing it against his mom's ass was not helping. He had to adjust himself as it was starting to hurt. So Tim pulled his shorts down enough that it allowed his cock to spring loose and run right up Jennifer's crack and rest on the skin of her lower back.

Jennifer could feel how hard her son was and could feel the precum rubbing against her skin.

She had not seen his cock since he was younger, but she could tell that he had grow into quite a man.

Jennifer could not stand it anymore and she had to feel him. So she reached back and grabbed a hold of eight inches of thick cock that had been teasing her for the last few months. She could not believe that it was that much bigger than her husband's. Maybe only a couple of inches longer, but it felt so much thicker. Jennifer could not help but stroke his magnificent cock.

Tim could not believe that his mom was holding his stone hard cock in her hand. And to top it off, she was slowly stoking him while he was finger fucking her pussy.

"mmmm, oh God that feels sooo good mom, you are so wet." Tim whispered into her ear. " I have dreamt of this for so long."

Tim thought to himself, "I am not going to let this opportunity pass by."

He took hold of her pajamas and slowly started to pull them down. The instinct that came to Jennifer was to lift up and let him pull them off so that is what she did, knowing full well that she should not be letting him touch her the way he was. But it was such a rush and she was so horny she would have fucked a snake at that point. Helping Tim finally get them off, she kicked her pajamas off her feet and the movement made Tim's cock slide deeper into the crack of her ass, rubbing his precum up and down her ass.

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