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Mother's Dream


I have never told this story to anyone before, but since it is a favorite memory of mine I thought I would share it. I have relived it several times in my mind as I bring myself to another climax over again.

Several years ago my husband left me and our son to our own as he traveled from one woman to the next. Not that I regret it now, but then it was very hurtful. I raised my son the best I could and tried to show him all the love I had to make up for his dad's short comings. As Donnie grew I saw the changes in him from a boy growing into a man. I noticed on occasions the swell in his jeans,( I know a mother is not supposed to look but I couldn't help myself), it was very noticeable. I once walked in on him masturbating and was immediately shocked, embarrassed, and hypnotized. I guess I stared longer than I should have before I said excuse me and left. As wrong as it was I couldn't get the image out of my mind or the wetness it brought to my mound.

One Friday night Donnie was getting ready to leave for a weekend camping trip with his friend and his friends dad. I planned to go out that evening with a co-worker for drinks and ( in my mind) hopefully more.

"Mom are you sure you will be alright?" Donnie ask me. "I am sure, I am going out with Bill tonight for a drink. I will be fine, enjoy your weekend." I told him.

"Bill from your work, really Mom!"

" It has been along time since I have been out." I retorted.

" Ok then suit yourself but he is a real loser if you ask me. I will see you Sunday afternoon." Donnie said, then kissed me on the cheek and out the door he went.

I was just getting ready to take a shower and get dressed for my date when the phone rang. "Hello" I said, "Sally this is Bill, I am sorry but I have to cancel tonight." and click he hung the f****ing phone up on me. I slammed the phone down and started to call him back. but decided to hell with him. I walked into the den, to the bar and got out the tequila and took a shot. After the shock of the first shot I took another. I sat there a moment being very pissed off then I thought who needs Bill, I can go out on my own. So I grabbed a bottle of White Zen Fidel and headed to the tub, stopped in my bedroom for some candles and to my bath I went.

I adjusted the water temperature and added some bubble bath. I stripped out of my clothes, pored a glass of wine, lit the candles and crawled into the tub. The water was a little to warm but I sank down into the foaming water feeling it caress my butt and thighs. I leaned back in the tub and felt the water rising up on my body. I took a long drink from my wine and thought of how my plans had been spoiled. But I made myself a promise Bill would never know what he missed or would he ever have another chance at it. I needed to feel a man so bad, my whole body needed a hard cock. I had not had sex in so long my entire existence craved the satisfaction a cock could bring it.

I leaned forward, turned the water off, poured myself another glass of wine, and as I leaned back my hand slid up my leg then rested on my clit. As I took another drink of wine my fingers began a slow circular motion on my clit. I began to think of how it would have been later that night. My mind began to wonder as my fingers busily traced around and into my pussy. Out of nowhere came the image of Donnie grasping his hard cock, larger than I thought it should be, larger than his fathers for sure. How I wished I had touched it, felt it, and helped him to shoot his load. As I imagined stroking it my fingers dove into me, first 1, then 2, and now I am forcing a third into my wanton hole. I can envision his hard cock throbbing in my hand as he is about to unload I rest the head of his cock between my lips as the first stream squirts past my lips to my tonsils, then the second squirt, and then the third, filling my mouth to overflowing with cum. As the fourth squirt hits me in the face my own climax hits me shaking my body like a rag doll.

Feeling ashamed I rinsed off and dried myself. Thinking to myself I shouldn't think of things like that, but they are just thoughts and fantasies.

Grabbing my glass and the bottle of wine, I head to my bedroom. I sit on the edge of the bed, turn on the dim light of my lamp, took another long drink of wine, and then lay back on the bed. I begin to think of my orgasm and how wonderful it felt, I opened my towel and began to once again masturbate imaging Donnie's hard cock. After another mind blowing orgasm I fell asleep.

I begin to dream of Donnie's hard dick watching him stroke it. I feel his hands begin to caress my breasts, and he rubs his erect cock on my nipples. His free hand moves down my stomach, between my thighs, and he pushes 2 fingers into me. It feels so good, watching him stroke that lovely man meat excites me to no limit as his fingers drive me higher. I am reaching my third orgasm when I realize I am not dreaming.

I open my eyes and there is Donnie stroking his beautiful cock and his fingers inside me. I begin to shutter as I cum again and again. Then the wondrous fireworks be gin as he starts shooting his load on me. One fantastic stream of cum after another covering me in his warm sticky cum.

"Donnie!" I cry out as he cums, then he places his cock against my lips and I suck him in as he squirts one last time. Tasting his seed as it squirts in my mouth, warm and salty, sucking him dry. I feel a warm glow in me, my face glowing, not knowing if it is shame or just wanton desire. I know I must find out..................

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