tagIncest/TabooMother's Helping Hand Ch. 05

Mother's Helping Hand Ch. 05


The usual disclaimers apply, the story contains incest and sexual scenes so if you are likely to be offended by this please don't read any further.

The characters are over 18, the persons and events described are entirely fictional. The author reserves all rights to the story and its reproduction apart from on Literotica.

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After the double helping of his mother's magical hand jobs the night before Bobby slept like a rock.The following day was the weekend so they both slept in late and when he awoke he saw sunlight steaming in through the window and his mom pulling the drapes back .

"Finally awake sleepy head? It's such a lovely day I thought you might like a trip to the beach?"

He stifled a yawn as he peered bleary eyed at his beautiful mom in her revealing negligee. No matter how many times he saw her in her skimpy outfits he never tired of them. His morning woody gave an appreciative lurch as he watched her boobs swaying about while she finished pulling back the drapes.

"Yeah, that sounds great mom."

He was pitching a tent under the covers and wondered if she would pull them back and offer to give his morning glory some TLC but she seemed to be in 'Mom' mode at present.

"Well it's nearly 10am so if you want to get there for lunch we should get moving. Rise and shine!"

He certainly had risen and was shining with purple excitement, one of his mom's magic hand jobs would sure start the day off right, but it didn't appear to be on the cards.

"Uh, yeah I'll be up in a minute." he yawned again.

"Alright Bobby, well don't be too long. Unless you don't want to join me in the shower?"

She said the last part as she headed off out of the room and as she did so she pulled her negligee over her head giving Bobby a view of the side of her boob and her magnificent butt wiggling as she left his room.

Shit! She was offering to get naked in the shower with him? Fuck! He nearly fell over the bedclothes in his hurry to get out of bed, finally making his way to the bathroom, his hard on swaying like a divining wand in front of him. His mom was stood in just her panties adjusting the water in the shower.

"Well that certainly seemed to get you out of bed, I don't think I've ever seen you move so fast in the mornings!" she smirked.

"Err, well it seemed like too good an offer to refuse."

"Hmm..." she smiled, arching an eyebrow at him. He was too busy ogling her tits to notice though as she fitted the bags to his hands and helped him into the shower before slipping her panties off and joining him. This time she made no bones about him watching her as she washed her self, soaping her big tits and tummy, though he noticed she did face away when she washed between her legs.

Much as he loved staring at her boobs seeing her totally naked like this was an extra thrill that made his dick throb even more than it was already. As she faced him again he couldn't help but admire the neat, dark parch of hair between her legs, he couldn't see much more and she was clearly making sure he wasn't going to as she manoeuvred him under the water and began washing him.

"Looks like you could do with a shave, you're getting to look like a Grizzly Adams."


"Never mind."

As she lathered his face and gently shaved him, he simply drank in the sight of her, the feel of her hands on his skin, her cool breath on his face and the smell of her clean body. She finished gently shaving him before rinsing the foam off.

"Actually I kind need a shave down there too mom."

She glanced down at his cock.

"Oh I thought that the hospital did that."

"No, I err... like to keep things tidy down there."

"Um... ok."

She gently spread foam around the base of his cock and his balls.

"At least I don't have to worry about lifting your penis out of the way." she commented, playfully batting the head of his stiff cock making it sway about.

She tenderly shaved around his cock and balls, gently moving his cock to one side to see what she was doing and lifting his balls to shave underneath. He revelled in the feel of her hands delicately moving his cock and balls about while she shaved him and even though she was using a razor on his pride and joy he felt totally safe in her hands. Eventually she rinsed him off and inspected her work.

"There, happy now?"

"Thanks mom!"

"Now let's get you washed before we both turn into prunes."

As she shampooed his hair he closed his eyes to avoid the soap but could still feel her heavy boobs rubbing against him and squeezing against his chest while his hard cock bumped and rubbed against her flat belly. Her hands moved over his body with a tenderness and sensuality that made his cock throb and lurch.

Eventually she had washed everything else and began soaping his cock and balls.

"I seem to recall this is where all the trouble started."

"Yeah I guess it did mom, kinda like deja vu."

She'd worked up a lather on his cock and balls and began stroking the shaft with one hand while caressing his heavy balls with the other. His dick was slightly numb from his morning woody so he was able to relax for a few minutes and enjoy the sensations of her hands and the sight of her big tits squeezed together while she jerked him off knowing he wouldn't cum for a while. She seemed to sense his greater staying power and brought both hands up onto his cock, one sliding up and down the shaft while the other caressed the head. Even numb, after a few minutes of this treatment he could feel the first boiling of cum beginning in his balls.

"Oh wow, that feels amazing!"

"I think there's room for 3 pairs of hands on this thing."

Her movements were becoming faster now, stroking and twisting her fingers round his shaft while her other hand caressed and teased his swollen glans. Her boobs jiggled deliciously with the faster movements and he could feel his cum beginning to rise, his cock was powerless to resist her touch and he knew he couldn't hold back much longer, sure enough after a few more minutes he could feel himself nearing the edge.

"Oh god, I'm gonna cum soon!"

She didn't say anything but continued her stroking, the soap and lather flying off his cock as she she jerked him before he finally went tense and his cock began spasming in her hands, a jet of cum splashing her face and some landing in her hair as she did her best to direct the rest down into the wonderful valley between her boobs, where it ran down, some dribbling off her boobs, some trickling down her belly towards her holy of holies. His dick lurched at the sick thought of his sperm ending up so near her pussy and another spurt splashed onto her belly. She'd made it clear nothing more was on the agenda and he wasn't complaining but the thought filled him with a wicked excitement all the same.

"Hmm looks like I need another shower."

"Sorry mom."

She released his cock and wiped the sperm off her face.

"Did it go in my hair? I don't want to end up like Cameron Diaz in that movie!"

"Err a little.. sorry mom!"

They both laughed as she washed his cum off before stepping out of the shower. She dressed herself first, putting on a light summer dress before helping him into his clothes. He chose a t-shirt and some shorts telling his mom he didn't bother with underwear.

"I don't really get on with it, it's kind of... restricting."

"You mean they haven't designed any you can fit in?" she laughed.

"Err kind of."

Truth was he liked the feel of his heavy cock and balls swinging free in his shorts and most of his underwear actually was pretty tight.

The drive to the beach took a couple of hours and they rode in companionable silence listening to the radio and occasionally chatting. His pain meds left him pretty drowsy and after a while he dozed off only waking as they arrived.

"Sorry mom, I wasn't much company I guess."

"That's ok sweetie, it was just nice having you here."

They parked up and walked along the beach, there were a few people around but it was still a little too early for the tourists. Mom took Bobby's arm as they strolled smiling at him with a look he hadn't seen since... well since his dad died. Mom seemed so different, happy and alive and like the young woman who he remembered from his childhood.

She was wearing a light summer dress, and while it was nothing special Mom had the sort of body that could make a sack look sexy.

Bobby noticed a few guys checking her out as they passed by and he felt a mixture of anger that they should look at his mom like that and pride that she was so beautiful. Mom didn't notice them, or ignored them if she did, she seemed only interested in Bobby, resting her head on his shoulder occasionally as they walked.

He wondered what the guys looking at her would think if they knew she had been naked with him in the shower doing amazing things to his hard dick only a few hours ago? Jealous as fuck was his guess. He remembered how good she looked and how good her hands felt and felt his dick getting bigger in his shorts. He was acutely aware of it swinging about and his heavy balls bouncing on his leg, while he didn't get fully stiff his semi hard cock was still obvious enough that he attracted a couple of looks from some of the girls. A passing teen nudged her friend and pointed at Bobby's crotch who mouthed 'OMG' before they both started giggling.

They found a beachfront restaurant to have lunch and sat on the verandah enjoying the day and each other's company. Afterwards they looked round some of the stores for a while before deciding to call it a day. On the drive back mom was more relaxed than he'd seen her for a long while.

"Thank you for today Bobby, it was good of you to spend so much time with your old mom."

"Old? Mom you look like you're in your 20's, and you're beautiful. And besides I really enjoyed it as well. I wouldn't have missed it for the world."

"Oh Bobby." she smiled and rested her hand on his leg. "I don't know what I"d do with out you."

"Well you''ll never have to, so don't worry."

Her fingers were cool on his skin and the thought that those same fingers had been wrapped round his cock earlier, and with any luck would be again tonight caused his cock to start swelling. The material of his shorts twitched as his dick lengthened and rose and his mom glanced down.

"Bobby, cant you control that thing at all?"

"Well, I did say you are beautiful mom!"

"Well I suppose that this is as sincere a compliment as a girl can get."

With that she reached over and gently squeezed his cock through his shorts, running her hand up and down his length.

"Ooooh, that feels good."

She continued to rub up and down his cock occasionally pausing to reach down and gently squeeze his balls. His dick was straining against the material now, lurching with excitement as her fingers continued to gently explore his cock though his shorts. She would run her finger tips up and down his length, occasionally teasing the swollen head, sometimes squeezing the shaft, but all the time increasing his excitement. The journey home took a little longer because of traffic and after an hour or so of his mom's teasing Bobby's cock was aching and hard as steel. Pre-cum was beginning to seep through the fabric where his cock was beginning to drool.

"God mom you're driving me crazy!"

"Do you want me to stop?"

"No, I just wish you'd take it out."

"And have you explode all over the car? I'd need windscreen wipers on the inside!"

"Shame we don't have a convertible, the car behind would think it was snowing!"

"Oh god! Bobby that's gross!" she laughed.

"You started it."

"Well I will finish it," she said giving his cock a meaningful squeeze "when we get home."

They finally arrived home 2 hours later and Alison had teased Bobby's cock almost the entire way, as they pulled into the garage and the door closed behind them Bobby breathed a sigh of relief.

"Thank god."

Mom hopped out and went round the car to let Bobby out. As he stood up his dick was so hard it made his shorts stick straight out in front of him.

"Oh my god Bobby, it looks like you've got a third leg!" she laughed.

"It feels like it too! One that's aching real bad!"

"Oh you poor baby, come inside and mommy will make it better."

His mom was getting seriously flirty in her comments recently and this one wasn't down to alcohol Not that he was complaining. As they stepped indoors the heat hit them.

"Oh darn, I forgot to set the A/C when we left. Here let me do it now."

As she returned Bobby said, "Do you mind if I get out of these clothes, it'd more comfortable with the heat and the err.."

"...and this?" she said giving his straining dick a squeeze through his shorts.

"Err... yeah!"

She smiled as she lifted his shirt off before undoing his shorts and pulling them down, his huge hard on springing up and slapping his belly.

"Looks like someone's happy to be let out!" as she said this she gently stroked his cock.

"Mmmm that's soooo nice!"

"Well I'm just going to get changed then I'll be back."

"You know it's a LOT more comfortable with no clothes on when it's this hot mom."

"Is it really now?" she said with a wry smile.

Bobby settled on the sofa his dick hard against his stomach, a small trail of pre-cum smearing against his belly. God, he was looking forward to having his mom's hands on his cock again, he didn't remember ever being so horny as he had been over the last few weeks.

"Does this meet with your approval?"

"Sorry mom, what do you...HOLY SHIT!"

He turned to see what his mom wanted and couldn't believe his eyes. His mom was padding down the stairs naked apart from her panties, her huge boobs bouncing as she descended the steps.

"I hope that's a good holy shit? It really is too hot until the A/C kicks in and I guess you've seen me naked enough times once more won't make much difference."

He was speechless, no matter how many times he saw her naked he didn't think he'd ever get over how gorgeous she was.

"I'm going to get us something to eat and then we can watch TV while I take care of your problem."

He followed her out to the kitchen watching her sexy bottom wobble as she went. His dick scythed through the air as he followed her.

"Come to keep me company have we? Both of you I see."

She playfully stroked his cock as she said this, before picking up a towel and hanging it on his cock.

"What's that for?"

"Well you might as well make yourself useful while you're here, I need another towel rail!"

They laughed as she poured herself a glass of wine as she started cooking. They chatted with one another and he couldn't help thinking how surreal it was to be hanging out with his mom like everything was normal when they were both naked and he had a towel hanging over his hugely erect cock. Once the food was heating his mom turned to him again.

"Well we've got a few minutes while the food cooks, I suppose you'd like me to help you out with this for a little while?" she said removing the towel from his cock while sipping her wine.

"God yes please mom."

She reached down and hefted his big balls in her hand.

"Hmmm... why do I get the feeling I'm going to get extra soaked tonight?"

"Sorry mom, I can't help it, I just cum a lot."

"A lot is an understatement, you could open your own sperm bank!"

"Err... thanks mom, I think."

She ran her finger tips up onto his cock and began delicately teasing it, making it jump and lurch.

"Oh god!"

She then wrapped her fingers round it and began lightly stroking it while holding her wine glass in her other hand. She kept the movements slow and light, delicately caressing the swollen glands and lightly rubbing the pre-cum over his cock head. He rode the waves of pleasure she was giving him, totally in her power as she toyed with him, feeling his balls begin to tighten and his cum begin to rise.

Another minute or two and he would be there, as she lightly tugged on his cock head he closed his eyes and surrendered himself to the inevitable orgasm.


"Oh, looks like dinner's ready!" she said releasing his cock.

"Oh fu...I mean god, I was almost there."

"I'm sorry dear, I promise I'll make it up to you later." she smiled at him over her shoulder. As he looked at her in profile, her huge boobs and shapely bottom accentuated by her pose, he couldn't decide if she was teasing him deliberately or just oblivious the effect she was having on him.

They ate their meal together, his mom feeding him and herself before she tidied the plates away. She returned to sit next to him her boobs bouncing as she sat.

"Well, I suppose I should put you out of your misery."


"Alright sweetie, just let me see what's on TV, we might as well have a movie while I take care of you. Oh I left the remote on the table, let me grab it."

She leant over him to reach the remote on the table behind them and as she did her huge boobs hung over his face swaying about as she struggled to reach the remote. As he marvelled and the huge heavy orbs swinging and swaying inches away from him she stretched a bit further and one of her boobs brushed his face. It was too much, he couldn't help himself and he opened his mouth and leant up seeking out her luscious opulent breasts with his lips and tongue. He sucked on her smooth flesh finding the rubbery nipple with his tongue and feeling it harden in his mouth as he feasted on her bounteous boob.

"Bobby!! What are you doing??"

She sat back up looking down at him and at her breast, wet with his saliva.

"I'm sorry mom I couldn't help it."

"Bobby I didn't give you permission to do that."

"I'm sorry mom, but they were right in my face."

"That doesn't mean you can do that to me. I agreed I would help you with your, problem, but I said that was as far as it goes and I meant it."

"I know, I'm sorry mom, I just... I'm sorry."

"Well, alright. I suppose I was being rather, insensitive, leaning over you like that."

"I'm sorry."

"I know, Bobby. It was my fault I should have thought."

She looked down at her wet nipple again "It's been a few years since you did that."

"I wish I could remember." he smiled.

"Well you were always a greedy baby. Guess not much has changed!"

"I bet I never went hungry!" he grinned.

"Bobby!" She playfully hit his arm.

"Ow! Not fair! My hands are in plaster"

"Probably a good thing at the moment! I'm not sure I could trust you."

She found a movie she liked and started it on the TV. Bobby drank in the moment, both of them on the sofa naked apart from the bandages on his wrists and him mom's lacy panties. His cock was hard as a baseball bat and curved up above his belly throbbing with anticipation for the pleasure he knew his mother's hands would shortly be bringing him. He looked at his beautiful mom, her pretty face, her glamour model curves and perfect skin, sitting naked a few inches away. She turned to face him as she put the remote down giving him a perfect view of her huge boobs, swaying and jiggling. She was right about one thing, if his hands weren't in plaster he would reach out right now and grab her huge tits. God he wished he could, they looked so good, he wished he could fill his hands with those bounteous boobs and feast on them all evening. Instead he had to content himself with feasting his eyes, burning the image of those perfect breasts into his mind forever.

She ran her fingers over his chest down to his crotch but skirted around his cock, instead running her fingers over his thighs and back up to his hips. She repeated this a few times letting her finger tips trace the lines of his hard abs and toned thighs but avoiding his cock and balls at the last moment. Occasionally the smooth skin of her forearm brushed against his swollen cock head making his dick lurch and spasm, pre-cum drooling from the evil eye. She was teasing him to distraction, making him so hard he thought he would explode. Finally she ran her fingers up his thighs and lightly stroked his balls, the heavy testicles hanging against his thigh. She then ran her fingertips up to the base of his cock, lightly tracing the underside of his shaft before delicately running them around the swollen purple head. A strand of pre-cum was drooling from the head and she used her finger to lightly scoop it up and rub the clear slippery liquid over his glans.

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