Mother's Milk Ch. 04


"Don't you dare fucking cum, slut!" I screamed at him.

As the pain shot through my son's body from me tugging on the chain, he came. He made this animalistic grunt followed by a muffled groan. His cum shot all over his stomach and I felt him shudder from the intensity of the orgasm. He came a big load, some even landed in his belly button. I grinned, but he couldn't see my wicked grin of satisfaction as he was blindfolded. That gave me a few moments to regain my stern look of displeasure in him for disobeying my order.

I got off the bed and moved up to the head of the bed and removed the blindfold from him.

"Just look at the mess you made! Such a bad boy you are!" I scolded him, "You know that I am going to have to punish you for disobeying a direct order."

Tom tried to talk. He was trying to tell me that he couldn't help it and perhaps even apologize, but I couldn't really make out what he was trying to say.

His nipples looked red and sore. I took off the clamps. Tom sighed in relief.

"Aww poor puppy has sore nipples," I said, "This might help them feel better."

I scooped up some of my son's cum from his stomach and rubbed it gently into each nipple. I did it a few times until both nipples were well and truly coated in Tom's cum. My son watched my every move. Then I leant down and gently licked and sucked his sore sensitive nipples clean.

I knew it was giving him a combination of pleasure and pain by the sounds he was making, sometimes a gasp if I sucked a little too hard on his already sore nipples and sometimes a moan of delight.

I looked up at him once I was satisfied that his nipples were clean enough. I gave him a wicked grin and he knew by my expression that I hadn't finished with him yet.

I picked up a teaspoon that I had sitting in a cup beside my bed and I collected a spoon full of his tasty goo and then placed the spoon back on my bedside cabinet, setting it aside for later.

I then licked up the rest of his cum on his stomach, leaving a big glob of it to last. Tom grinned back at me, he was enjoying being able to watch me now that I had taken the blindfold off. I held that last glob of cum in my mouth and moved up to kiss my son. I removed my wet panties from his mouth and he took a deep breath in relief. Tom was about to speak but I kissed him before he could get any words out.

My tongue danced with his as we moved his cum around our mouths. It was wonderful, it felt so good that I almost forgot that today I was being his dominant Mistress and that I was meant to be training him and punishing him. For a moment I wanted to just get lost in the kiss and forget my game, but there were still more I wanted to do to him, so I snapped myself out of it and drew back from his lips.

"Oh my God! Oh mother that was amazing," exclaimed Tom once I released his mouth.

I gave him a stern look.

"I keep telling you, it's Mistress!" I reprimanded him, slapping his thigh.

"Oh sorry. I'm sorry Mistress," apologized Tom.

"Oh you will be when I've finished with you," I warned.

I moved down to the end of the bed and untied his ankles.

"Roll over boy!" I ordered.

Tom looked puzzled at me and didn't move. I guess he thought the game was over because he had already cum.

I slapped his thigh again.

"I said roll over doggie! On your stomach now!" I demanded, giving his thigh yet another smack.

This time Tom responded and rolled over to his stomach, causing the chain of the handcuffs to twist.

I then re-attached the ropes to his ankles, trapping him again. His body at my mercy once more.

I gave his bare ass a firm smack, causing him to gasp in surprise.

Then I walked back over to the suitcase and brought back with me a small paddle.

Tom had his head to one side so he could see what I was doing. I stood in plain view and smacked my own hand a few times with the paddle, giving him a wicked grin.

The paddle made a loud smacking sound. It actually sounded worse than it felt. Tom's eyes grew wide and a look of panic came over him.

I stood to the side of the bed so Tom could see me and I leant over and smacked his right cheek with the paddle.

"That's for not saying thank you. You really need to learn your manners slave," I stated as the sound of the impact rang out.

"Oh fuck!" yelled Tom, partly in pain, partly in shock of what was happening to him.

"And that's for forgetting to call me Mistress when you were told to," I said as I struck his left cheek.

"Ouch! Oh shit that hurts! Mum.....I mean Mistress, please stop!" Tom called out as he tried to wriggle free from his ankle binds.

I put the paddle down on the bed next to Tom and grinned as I looked at his ass cheeks already showing a light pinkish glow. I grabbed both cheeks.

"Oh did that hurt the little puppy?" I said sarcastically as I rubbed his sore cheeks roughly.

"I think I know what you need to feel better," I said as I moved closer to his face and held out my index finger close to his mouth, "Suck my finger slave."

Tom looked a little confused, but he obeyed. Then while he watched on I inserted my saliva coated finger into my wet pussy so that it got coated in my juices as well.

I rubbed my wet finger up and down my son's ass crack and then made invisible circles on his tight little hole, causing Tom to gasp. It sounded to me like a gasp of 'yes please' so I pushed the tip of my wet finger into his asshole.

"Oh fuck!" exclaimed Tom.

I reached my other hand between his legs and underneath his balls to feel if he was starting to harden again.

He was.

I felt his cock grow hard and then I moved my left hand so that I cupped his balls as the index finger of my right hand invading his hole.

I could tell by his hardness that Tom was enjoying this invasion and yet his body was tense and it was making it hard for me to finger his hole. I thought of getting my lube out of my draw but that would mean having to remove my hands from their busy task. So instead, I leant in closer and spat at my son's opening.

Tom moaned. It was obvious that my action turned him on. It turned me on too to be treating him like this.

He began to open a little and my saliva was helping, so I moved my finger in and out of his asshole, finger-fucking my son.

"Oh please do that again," Tom begged, "Please Mistress, spit on me again."

Tom was beginning to pant and hearing him beg like that excited me so much. I loved it when I found one of his 'kinky buttons' so I granted his requested and leant in and spat again onto his hole. I was rewarded with not only a moan of pleasure from Tom but also my saliva was making good lube as I continued to finger fuck my son.

Just as Tom was beginning to really open up and enjoy my finger darting in and out of his hole, I stopped.

I removed both my hands from his body and picked up the paddle again and held it as I looked at my son who was now squirming and already missing the sensation of my finger inside him.

"Oh please don't stop now Mistress. That feels so good," Tom pleaded for more.

"If you want the pleasure you have to be able to take the pain as well slave," I said wickedly as I rubbed the paddle lightly across his ass cheeks.

Tom hesitated for a moment, thinking it over. Then he spoke.

"Anything Mistress. Do anything you want to me. Just please finger me some more," Tom begged.

I grinned at him. I loved having this control over Tom, to have him at my mercy.

"That's not good enough slave. Beg for the paddle. Convince me that you want it," I said tauntingly.

Tom groaned impatiently, I knew he wanted more but he had to have it on my terms. He was squirming on my bed, almost as if he was trying to fuck the mattress. His cock pressing into it and his ass cheeks were clenching, wanting to be probed again.

"Oh please spank me Mistress," Tom pleaded, "I've been a bad boy. Please smack me."

I grinned as I struck his right cheek with the paddle. Tom gasped and tensed up, preparing himself for the next blow. I hit his left cheek with the paddle harder and he cried out.

"Oh fuck!" Tom screamed.

I didn't let the sensation of pain linger. I quickly put down the paddle and reinserted my finger and he began to push up against my finger, wanting more. Tom was moaning in pleasure, the pain almost forgotten as enjoyed me violating him. Then I pushed in another finger. That resulted in a grunt and then he began to pant again. It was making me so wet to hear him grunting and panting, knowing that my attack on him was exciting him as much as it was me. I desperately wanted to turn him over again and sit on his cock and ride him until I came. But I had to resist my urges, I had a plan and I intended on going through with it.

I could tell by the way Tom was panting that if I was to keep going like this he would cum again and I didn't want that yet, so I removed my fingers from him again. He groaned in frustration, denied the release.

"Oh please Mistress, don't stop. Please do it again. I want to cum," Tom begged.

"You don't have permission to cum yet slave," I said very calmly, trying not to let it show in my voice how turned on I was.

"Please Mistress," he continued to beg, "I don't care if you spank me again, just keep going please!"

I grinned as I watched my son squirm in sexual frustration. I had brought him close to orgasm but had stopped twice and I knew that if I was to finger him again, this time he would cum.

I had other plans for him.

I smacked his ass with my bare hand and then walked away from him to my suitcase of toys.

Tom tried to wriggle around to see what I was doing but I was standing in front of the chair with my suitcase on so he could not tell what I was up to.

I took out my strap-on dildo and harness. I hadn't used them for a few years and I never would have thought the last time when I put them away that the next time they would be needed would be for me to dominate my son.

I had the feeling that Tom wasn't going to like this idea but I had already made up my mind that I was going to take him anyway.

I walked into my bathroom completely out of Tom's sight and took off my skirt and attached the harness and strap-on dildo. It was a black dildo and the harness was black leather, so it completed my outfit rather well I thought as I admired my plastic cock in the bathroom mirror.

I took a tube of lube from the bathroom cabinet and walked back into my bedroom, walked right up to Tom and stood in plain sight right in front of him so he could see what I was wearing.

The look of horror on his face when it registered what my intentions were was almost amusing.

His expression went from puzzlement to shock to panic in a matter of seconds. He didn't even say anything at first, there was a stunned silence.

I opened up the lube and began to rub generous amounts of it in and around his asshole. The sensation of the gel brought the reality of the situation back to Tom and he found his voice again, a panicked voice in fact.

"No mum! You're going to far mum. Stop it now!" Tom shouted at me as he tried to get out of his binds.

I ignored him and applied more lube. Then I lubed up my plastic cock. I wanted to fuck my son, take his anal virginity but I didn't want to hurt him too much, so I made sure that I used plenty of lube.

I had already stretched him a little bit with my two fingers but as he would be resisting me at first, I wanted to make it as easy on him as I could. And yet I had to be forceful and not revert back to the loving mother he was used to, not yet anyway, not until I had finished what I had planned to do today.

I slapped his ass hard with my bare hand. It stung my hand, so I know it would have got his attention.

"Shhh boy!" I reprimanded him, "Behave or I will shove my panties back in your mouth to keep you quiet."

Then as a final touch I got the teaspoon of my son's cum that I had placed beside my bed and I scooped it out and rubbed it on the tip of my black plastic cock. I wanted Tom to know I was about to fuck him using his own cum as lube.

He looked horrified in anticipation of being sodomized by his mother.

I got on the bed and got into position between his outstretched legs. I lined up the tip of my dildo with his asshole and pushed in just a little bit. Tom was panicking, he was all tense and yelling at me to stop. I ignored him.

He soon realized that shouting at me wasn't going to work, so he tried a different tactic.

"Please mummy, don't do it," he pleaded, "Stop please mum. It will hurt me."

His ploy almost worked. I felt a twinge of guilt at what I was about to do to my son, but also his soft pleading, almost begging voice turned me on. I pulled back out of him.

I decided to drop the Mistress persona and I took off my top and collar and let down my hair so that it sat about my shoulders. I did all of this while kneeling between his legs.

He had stopped shouting at me but he was so tense that I knew if I pushed into him again now it would hurt him too much. I had to make him relax.

So instead of scolding him and slapping his ass hard as I would do if I was still playing the Mistress, I rubbed both his cheeks softly, caressing them.

"Shhh baby. Mummy wont hurt you if you just relax," I coaxed him, "I promise you will like it son if you just relax and let me do what I want to you."

Then I lent down and kissed all around his ass cheeks, lots of gentle kisses and licks. I cupped his balls again with my left hand and put my finger back inside his hole. It slid in easy now because of all the lube.

Tom let out a relieved sigh as I went back to fingering his asshole and kissing and caressing his balls.

I soon changed to using two fingers as Tom was relaxing now, enjoying being finger-fucked by his mother again.

As I gained momentum with my fingering, I removed my left hand from playing with his balls. He was starting to moan in pleasure and push up against my hand, encouraging me to go harder and faster.

I knew now was the time. I quickly withdrew my fingers from his hole and lined up my plastic cock and entered him before he had the chance to miss my fingers. I plunged my dildo half way into him and then he let out a scream and I stopped.

"Fuck!" he yelled, "Oh my fucking God!"

I was supporting myself by my arms on either side of his body. I held myself there for a moment as Tom started to pant, partly in fear, partly in excitement. I waited like that, not pushing in further and not withdrawing for a few minutes, while I leant down and kissed his shoulders and back.

Tom was tense, but not as tense as he was the first time I tried to sodomize him. I think he was realizing that there was no point in fighting; I was going to do it anyway, so he was actually trying to relax.

I waited a few minutes for him to get used to this invasion inside him, then I pulled back so that my plastic cock almost fell out of him, but just before it did, I pushed back inside him again. I went very slowly, stretching my son as gently as I could.

Tom's panting was getting louder and faster but he did not yell at me to stop, or beg me to stop, actually he said nothing at all for awhile. It seemed he was trying to process what was happening to him and coming to terms with it.

I moved in and out of him once more, and then again. The lube was working well and Tom had given up trying to fight me. I was fucking him now and I knew it would start to feel good. I kept up my slow fucking movements and soon his frantic panting changed to quiet moans.

"Is that starting to feel good now son?" I asked.

"Oh yes mummy. It doesn't hurt so much now," he replied.

I pushed my plastic cock all the way in, causing Tom to scream again.

"Oh fuck!" he yelled, "Oh it's too much, it's too big! Take it out mum!" He was starting to panic again.

I just held still, my plastic cock embedded deep in my son's back passage.

Tom was panting and trying to turn his head around to look at me. I just kept kissing his back, trying to calm him down.

"Shh son. Its ok babe. Just relax son," I said between kisses.

I could tell Tom was trying to will himself to calm down. He was sweating and almost hyperventilating but as I kept up my soft calming voice of reassurance and my gentle soft kisses, he began to settle down.

His breathing returned almost to normal as he adjusted to being stretched from the false cock inside him.

When I thought he was ready, I pulled back slowly and then pushed back inside him again. Tom let out a gasp. I repeated my movements, slow and steady.

"Oh fuck!" Tom exclaimed.

"Is it still hurting you son?" I asked, concerned that he still wasn't getting pleasure from my assault.

"A little bit mum, but you did something just then that felt really good," replied Tom.

"Oh I must have hit your prostrate son," I said wickedly, "Let me see if I can find it again."

I pulled back almost until I slid out, then pushed back inside as far as I could.

"Ohhhh fuck yes!" Tom moaned with obvious pleasure.

I grinned to myself. Finally he was enjoying this. I started to move in and out of him a bit faster and harder. Tom moaned each time I hit the right spot.

Hearing his moans of pleasure got me very excited. Now I was fucking my son and he loved it. This is what I wanted.

"Oh does my baby boy like mummy fucking him now?" I asked with lust.

"Oh yes mummy, mmm I love it now," Tom replied excitedly, "More mummy more. Fuck me harder!"

I picked up momentum and fucked my son harder. Pounding my black plastic cock into my boy. Tom was moaning and panting, close to climaxing.

I felt like I was going to cum myself from the excitement and kinkiness of it all.

We were both panting and sweating and moaning.

"Oh yes mummy! Fuck me mummy," Tom cried out in rapture, "Fuck yes! Rape me mummy!" he exclaimed, and then he grunted as he came hard onto my bed. I felt him shudder beneath me as he rode out his orgasm.

That taboo word on top of all the kinky activities did it for me. Tom always seemed to find my buttons, the triggers to get me to cum. This time my son managed to make me cum without even touching me.

I moaned in pleasure as the ecstasy wave hit me.

I pulled out of him and sat on my knees as I caught my breath and enjoyed the rush of my orgasm. I watched my son as Tom was recovering from his climax too. I felt dizzy, a little light headed from all of the excitement.

"Oh my God mum! That was fucking fantastic!" Tom exclaimed, "Wow that was so intense," he said trying to turn his head to look at me.

I smiled and leant forward and kissed both of his ass cheeks, left then right. Then I got up off the bed, took off the harness and strap-on dildo and placed them at the end of the bed. I then untied both ropes attached to Tom's ankles. There were red marks from when he had tried to break free from his binds. I lovingly rubbed both ankles and kissed them too where they looked tender.

Tom then rolled back over onto his back and looked up at me smiling. He had his own cum on his body as well as on my sheets. I delayed un-cuffing him just yet. I lay on top of him and kissed him passionately.

"I love you son," I announced when I pulled back from kissing him.

"I love you too mum. That was so amazing mum," Tom replied, looking into my eyes.

"I'm glad you came back mum. That Mistress was a bit scary," Tom said with a cheeky laugh.

I giggled at his cheeky remark, and then grinned at him.

"Oh so you don't think I should ask her to come back again then son?" I asked teasingly.

"Well I didn't say that mum," Tom replied defensively, "I just wasn't expecting anything like that. Next time I will be ready for her."

"Oh next time huh," I said cheekily, "There's going to be a next time is there son?"

Tom grinned sheepishly at me.

"Oh yes I think so. Just warn me next time," he said with a chuckle.

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