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Motorcycle Anal Dyke


I had a big smile on my face as I drove to the beach because my mistress finally paid some nasty attention to me. I tried to reminisce in my dirty mind the magic moments that just transpired. First I watched Mistress Sandra finish her wine kneeling patiently before her. Handing me the empty glass Sandra bent down, reached into my crotch grabbing my cock with one hand and my hair with the other, and yanked me to my feet. Stroking my cock and looking me straight in the eye she sent me into a hypnotic trance. Chanting to me in a Gallic language I grew more turned on, as my cock seemed to get harder than ever before. Stroking me till she grew bored she cursed my name and immediately I flooded her wine glass with fresh come; she cackled milking every last drop into her glass, telling me that this was my reward for being a good slave. Handing me the glass she ordered me to drink, forcing me to swallow my whole load while she gleefully watched as I licked the glass clean. Mistress condoned my getting an erection or masturbating alone. Sandra especially warned me against erections at the beach especially when she was not there. Having my come safely in my belly meant I would not be cheating on her at least for several hours.

Slapping my face several times to bring me back from the trance, I saw stars, then tears of joy formed in my eyes. I could taste the remnants of come in my mouth so I knew from holding the stained wine glass what I just did for her. Wagging her riding crop in my face she warned me to be a good slave wishing to test my obedience with discipline. Ordering me to bend over her massage table I quickly obeyed and held on for dear life. Sandra whirled the crop through the air assaulting my bare ass with two good licks, making me cry aloud almost jumping off the table. The souvenir welts across my bare ass cheeks marked me for the beach. All the ladies knew who owned me by the marks mistress gave me. Grabbing her KY jelly she lubricated the rubber handle of her crop and pushed it up my butt screwing it in and out of me stimulating my prostate. Shoving the handle as far in me as she could Sandra ordered me to hold on to her whip while she got some pleasure herself.

Very turned on from the smell of semen and licking my ass with her crop Mistress Sandra pushed her pussy into my face holding the back of my head until I licked her to orgasm. Mistress splattered my face with her come as she cried out. My moustache was washed in her essence. Keeping her pussy glued to my lips Sandra told me she had to pee. Pursing my lips around her pee hole she fed me a bladder full of golden nectar, swallow by swallow using her well trained pc muscles. I licked her pussy clean and thanked mistress for allowing me to touch her with my mouth. She slapped my face again harder laughing at my nasty mind. Yanking her crop from my ass she threatened to give me a good thrashing.

After my special reward mistress sent me to spy at the nude beach reporting on who was there and to bring back the info to her in a few hours promising me another reward if I had some information. I preferred to go to the beach with Sandra so I would not be accused of anything. I was sure I would get a real thrashing when I returned.

Too busy with clients, mistress was massaging some wealthy men, milking their dicks and wallets at the same time. Times were good for her and Sandra had plenty of business. Once she had a client naked and well oiled she began rubbing his cock and balls so he was willing to pay anything to explode in her hands. A good massage from Mistress Sandra is incomplete without a relaxing orgasm. She loves giving orgasms to woman as well.

I finally arrived at the beach and walked down to the part that was for complete nakedness. Sandra wanted to see what massage therapists were at the beach so she could know who was busy and who was not. I did not completely strip naked, trying to be respectful, wearing only a bikini brief so my ass could get a good tan. I was hesitant in taking off my suit because of all the naked ladies nearby. I was also embarrassed from my last escapade at the beach.

I saw two lesbian therapists lying together who were arch enemies of mistress. They were looking at me with evil eyes then went back to kissing each other. I noticed another therapist named Gloria whom I had a crush on so I put my towel close to her. Gloria rolled over and smiled at me giving me a welcoming hello by twisting her right nipple hard. Asking me if I was free, I confessed to Gloria that I was just milked to I was sort of out of order. Reminding me that I still had a tongue Gloria teased me by opening her legs and showing me her wet vulva glistening in the sun. I told her maybe later we could duck behind the rocks and I would give her a licking she would never forget. Giggling she told me she never forgot the last tongue fucking I gave her. Mistress Sandra loved me to eat her friends' pussies so Gloria was on my list to please.

The last time I came here with my Mistress Sandra "massage therapist" we both stripped naked as soon as we spread the towels. It just felt easier to show off my body. Excitingly, we got carried away and gave each other an erotic oil massage that led to into screwing each other on the beach. I was pinned to my towel flat on my back, as Sandra fucked me into the beach till we both wildly came. Mistress lewdly praised my cock and bragged to the ladies about my staying power showing off her wet pussy as my come drooled down her legs. Sandra made me lick up every last drop washing her pussy with my tongue until she wildly orgasmed again. The hetero woman loved the show cheering us on with cat calls. The bitch dyke lesbian women got pissed off and left the area taking a dip in the ocean to plot and chat against us.

One of the lesbians who saw me that day on the beach secretly had it out for me reached for her cell phone and made a call. I did not think anything of it so I minded my own business. Drinking a beer, reading my book and listening to the waves, I heard the rumbling of a Harley driving up. Gloria tried to warn me to run but it was too late. Gloria told me my ass was going to get reamed and I had no choice.

Suddenly I heard someone scuffing through the sand standing next to me. I looked up and saw a woman dressed in black leathers, black motorcycle boots and a leather hat. She had long blond hair hanging out of the back of her hat with sunglasses hiding her face. Giving me a kick in the butt and grabbing my beer I looked up at her watching the biker chick down the rest of my drink. My ass hurt from the kick but I protested demanding her to tell me who she was to kick me like that. Cursing me, she reached for my thong and ripped it off holding what was left in her hand laughing at me. I felt violated but my cock sprung out and started getting surprisingly hard. Eying the fresh welts on my ass she laughed at my sorry ass cheeks. Making fun of my cock she announced to the girls it was too pathetically small to do anything with, making them all giggle, embarrassing me even more. The entire group of women was curiously watching me now.

Speaking directly to me she barked, "I got a call from the girls that your being a voyeur and a peeping Tom here! I think you are long overdue to get a lesson boy! Since your bitch is not here it is the perfect opportunity to bend you over my bike and teach you a few lessons!"

I was actually afraid as this strong woman pulled me up by my long hair dragging me to her bike. Grabbing me by the balls she scolded me more, "I am going to teach you a lesson for my girls!"

The bike was parked sideways next to the beach where everyone could see the action. I felt helpless as this strong Amazon biker chick overpowered me. Forcefully throwing me over the seat of the bike facing the beach the chick warned me not to move or else, giving me another forceful kick in the butt. About a dozen naked women rose from their towels and sat up to watch what would happen next. I could see several of the more liberal ladies place their hands in their crotches masturbating. Gloria just gave me an "I told you so look" and reached for her wet crotch. Quickly the biker chick chained me to the bike lying over the leather seat handcuffed to the frame. I had no way to escape.

The dyke biker stood before the ladies and proudly told them, "The menace of the beach is about to get a lesson in female domination. Removing her thick black leather belt from her pants she announced, "Before I screw his butt with my cock I am going to make this sissy boy cry like a baby with a few health licks of my leather belt."

Standing behind me raising the belt I braced myself for the worst. I could see the looks of fright in the girl's faces who were watching that it would not be fun for me. The thick leather belt wailed across my bare ass. I lunged forward from the thrust of the belt sending my body almost falling off the bike. Yanking me back by my legs the biker chick got pissed for responding like a sissy. Turning her belt around so the silver nubs were on top she struck me several times with the bad ass end of her strap making dents in my ass cheeks where the metal nubs seared my bare flesh. I was sure to be black and blue tomorrow from suck a whipping. Giving me one more wack that made me scream louder than a gull. Wrapping her belt around my neck she pulled it till I was choking.

As I gagged she moved her head close to my ears and told me that she was a friend of Mistress Sandra who paid her to take me at the beach. She promised Sandra that I would be fucked in front of all the girls and made an example of warning any other men who wanted to cheat on his mistress. Moving in front of me I watched her unzip her leather pants. To my surprise out sprung a semi erect cock and a huge set of balls. I gasped and struggled in my chains as my mind let loose of all the worse case scenarios. The biker chick began stroking her cock hard as she spoke making me shake at the thought of her fucking me with such a monster showpiece.

"My name is Danielle, my lucky slave. I am a sexy biker she male with a working nine inch dick and a set of 36 D breasts you will beg me to suck. I am going to fill your hot tight butt hole so full of my sticky come it will still be dripping next week," boasted Danielle!

Turning around all the women gasped and faces reddened with embarrassment at the size of her cock. Some of them placed their hands in their crotches fantasizing about fucking her fingering their clits. The lesbians who knew Danielle praised her and goaded her along to fuck my virgin ass hard. Everyone was invited by Danielle as she shook her cock at them to move closer to watch me get my cherry broken by a hot she male. Danielle began stripping off her leathers. Removing her pants first she pushed her cock in my mouth. Everything happened so fast I did not even think about it; I just automatically opened my mouth and she gave it to me. Having been whipped into submitting to fellatio with mistress' strapon I was not even thinking about the homophobia part of sucking a cock for the first time. The head of her cock was so big it choked me when she pushed it to the back of my throat. I began sucking and immediately sweet precome oozed into my throat reminding me of when mistress used to use my own precome on her dildo when she taught me to suck cock.

Danielle smiled looking down at me suckling her cock like a baby and began removing her jacket, shirt, and bra, very slowly in a strip tease to entertain me and the ladies watching. Everyone gasped when they saw her shapely breasts and nice tight butt on her hour glass figure. Gloating over her looks, Danielle twisted her nipples in one hand and grabbed her dick in the other and roughly fucked my face for several minutes. By then the naked ladies on the beach already suspected there was something different happening. Popping her cock from my sucking lips Danielle stood back so I could worship her body. Standing a good six foot tall Danielle had a Swedish looking face and a set of breasts that made my mouth water. Her cone shaped nipples were already erect just like her cock. I was actually getting hard at the thought of that big erect cock sliding into my virgin butt. She was fully shaven and her cock and balls glistened in the sun. Adoring the rest of her body, Danielle was shapely and muscular at the same time with strong arms and legs. I suspected she was a weightlifter. All the women lusted after her body.

Grabbing her huge cock Danielle wagged it in my face and told me it was time for some ass fucking. Danielle invited the entire group to get around the bike and hold hands while she fucked my virgin ass. Gloria stood at my face while the two lesbian who hated me moved behind me for a front row seat to my ass fucking. The other five women filled in the spaces and they all joined hands giggling. Danielle adding some spice for the ladies told them to rotate as she fucked me so I could eat everyone's pussy during the ritual rape. Hearing that, Gloria rubbed her pussy in my face and almost smothered me in her excitement. Gloria had a nice fragrant smelling pussy I knew she used oils to scent her pussy to lure frequent oral sex partners. Having a neatly trimmed pussy Gloria only had a small tuft of blond pubic hair growing on her pubic mound. Her pink labia lips were open almost welcoming my tongue into her folds. I lapped away at her trying to forget what Danielle was about to do to me.

Moving behind me Danielle grabbed my legs spreading me in a wide V. Now I began to worry as I thought about her huge cock violating my behind in front of all these ladies. The two lesbians cheered Danielle on screaming at the top of their lungs to fuck my ass sissy off. Taking her cock in her hand Danielle proudly began pissing through her erection like a fire hose, peeing forcefully into my crack as she pushed the bulbous head into my anus forcefully opening me up. It hurt at first as my sphincter opened to accommodate her large girth. I nervously pushed out for her with my anal muscles to make it easier on both of us. I could feel her pee still spraying into my colon as she continued to push her huge cock into me. I was experiencing my first penetration with a piss hard shooting pee into my colon violating me to the max. I never thought that someone else's piss would be lubricating my butt hole to take my virginity. Yet I reminded myself that I was fortunate enough to have a mistress that prepared me for this day with her own strapon dildo similar to the size of Danielle hot dick. As Danielle continued to push into me I kept pleasuring Gloria licking her luscious labia up and down making her moan and grind her hips into my face.

I was very upset with Mistress Sandra for having me raped this way in front of all her friends. I would have preferred to have her here to watch and participate in this special event. I figured that she owed something to the lesbians and now it was pay back time for me instead of her. Danielle's cock was warm and bendable so she easily made her way past my prostate depositing her cock balls deep into me rectum. Keeping her dick buried in my ass she spoke to the crowd rotating her hips and grinding her dick in me to entice me to relax.

"I have just taken Mistress Sandra's slaves cherry! He will never to be a virgin again. This is Sandra's reward to her sisters on the beach as a peace offering. Sandra hopes you will enjoy watching her slave get the fucking of his life and a humiliation well deserved. She invites you to participate and feel free to have him any way you wish. Judging by the feeling of his tight ass I am going to personally enjoy fucking this hot slave all afternoon," Danielle squealed!

Slapping my ass cheek so loud it made the gulls nearby squeal and fly off I cried out into Gloria's pussy which muffled my complaints. Danielle slowly pulled her cock almost all the way out of my ass then plummeted back into me slamming my asscheeks with her thighs. He huge balls hit mine ringing them painfully as if I were kick making me numb between the legs. My own cock deflated until it was limp almost as if being dwarfed by Danielle's cock it gave up. All the nerve endings in my anus were registering fully sending every message to my brain that the butt fucking had begun.

Gloria moved aside for another pussy for me to eat. This one was quite bushy belonging to the hippy chick. It smelled of fresh pussy juice as if she had just masturbated to orgasm. Janice was a hot brunette with a thin body. With shapely lemon sized breasts. I always wanted to fuck her after I saw her screw her boyfriend on the beach on a dare from Sandra. Mistress has fucked her with her strapon at our house after an erotic massage. I could hear her passionate cries outside the massage room as I cooked dinner for them. After their love making session I fed Sandra and Janice a nice veggie dinner while I took turn eating their pussies under the table. From my first taste of Janise I would never forget her pussy. Janise stroked my hair gently trying to console me as I was violated by Danielle feeling the force of Danielle's thrusts all the way through my tongue on her clit.

Almost getting Janice off the women traded places. Ann was next a short plump but fun chick that loved both men and woman. Her pussy smelled of fresh come and I tried to pull away. Ann slapped my face warning me to clean it up for her saying not to worry the sperm was her husband. I had emptied her pussy before sucking out his come when she allowed me to fuck her at our house during a party. I love her shaven pussy because it is easy to lick her labia lips and open her with my mouth. Danielle pounded into me harder as my asshole relaxed for her giving me full stroke with her iron rod. Ann stroked my shoulder muscles trying to get me to relax watching me get fucked as I licked her pussy. I tried to forget the hammering I was getting and thought about fucking Ann again. She had well trained vaginal muscles that can milk a cock without even moving. Ann loves to fuck and make guys come fast forcing them to feed on their own come to get her off. Sucking her hole I was able to get a good swallow of come. Seeing her husband's come on my lips sent Ann off on her orgasmic blissful mind trip.

The next pussy belonged to the blond lesbian who made the call for Danielle. Beth stood in front of me relishing in watching me get my first butt fucking. I was getting pounded fast, as our flesh smacked it resounded around the group making the ladies grind their pussies wishing a piece of Danielle's meat. Slapping my face calling me a homo slut Beth laughed at me wishing me the most humiliating experience I could ever have. Beth opened her legs showing that she was freshly shaven clean. Opening her pussy lips, showing me her virgin hole that has never held a cock, Beth cursed me and began pissing all over my face. I got a shot of fresh pee in my mouth and was forced to swallow to keep from drowning. Beth and my mistress have had sex and Beth is the first woman to fuck Sandra in the ass with a strapon right in front of me. Danielle responded by spanking my sore ass cheeks with her strong hands reminding me to push out for her and to squeeze my anal muscles so she could fully enjoy fucking me. Rubbing her wet pussy in my face was forced to lick Beth dry washing her pussy lips free of salty urine.

Next was Beth's lover Rita another shaved blond. Immediately Rita began degrading me calling me a homo bitch. Slapping my face back and forth she wiggled her pussy in my face just close enough for me to smell her. Her pussy was quite pronounced and her clit was huge already sticking out of the clitoral hood. It was like a cock over an inch long and pierced with a gold ring. Rita was very sensitive to orgasm since she was pierced and can go off like a rocket with the right loving tongue. I have had the opportunity the see Beth eat Rita to orgasm many time right here on the beach. I have also watched Sandra suck Rita off until she screamed for mercy. Rita is also an ejaculator and can squirt come all over. Danielle slowed her cock down giving us both a break. Pulling almost all the way out of me Danielle grabbed my cock from between my legs and began squeezing me hard. Masturbating me and rotating her cock in my anus I gave her the massage of her life kneading her cock head with my anal muscles. Getting jealous of all my attention Beth grabbed my pony tail and pushed her pussy into my mouth rubbing it all over my lips until I took hold of her enlarged clit and began sucking. All the women were feeling the sexual excitement grow.

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