tagInterracial LoveMovie Star's At-Home Audition

Movie Star's At-Home Audition


I had not been talking to Tom much after I caught him at my house with my wife. I figured I would let him stew for a while. We still joked around but when ever he tried to bring up another audition for my wife I would change the subject and tell him I thought it was too soon.

One Saturday morning I had just finished mowing the lawn and was putting the mower away when Debbie came rushing out to the garage wide eyed and obviously excited. She was so excited the words came flowing so fast I could barely make out what she was saying. “Mr. Dingle and Ed and Roy and the fat associate producer are all coming over to tell me about my audition in Spike Lee’s new movie and I told them I would fix them something to eat and we need some wine and we need to get everything ready I figured we would eat out back on the patio and I just don’t know what to wear and I am so excited and they will be here around 3:00 and we need to maybe bar-b-que something for them, maybe steaks and ohh what will I wear!!!”

After I calmed her down as much as possible I assured her I would pick up some wine and steaks and help her get everything ready. Inside I was seething. “To think those assholes are coming to my place, my home, in broad daylight, with me here!” I vowed to make a serious attempt to kick Tom’s ass for showing those other assholes where my wife and I lived. My mind was racing as I was tossing steaks in my shopping cart. “How the hell was I going to play this? I had to act like I knew nothing. Worse yet, I had to act like these idiots were legit. I knew that as long as I was there at least they would not try anything with Debbie. I made up my mind to get enough of everything so they would not be able to ask Debbie to send me out for anything.” I cussed them all the way back home.

Our garage had a window that faced the rear deck and hot tub area and you could see everything from the window. I set my video camera up on the work bench so in case I was detained and anything happened like when I was in the bathroom or something I would capture it on video. Just before 3:00 I slipped out and turned it on. I would be ready for those cocksuckers if they tried anything. I was not quite sure what I would do, but I figured as long as I stayed close to my wife nothing would happen. I still could not get over the audacity of Tom to pull something like this.

They pulled in the driveway driving a big blue town car just as Debbie descended the stairs. She looked great. She had finally settled on a rather short summer dress that I had always liked because of the way it showed off her hot ass. It seemed to mold itself to her ass and you could see each cheek move separately as she walked. She had the dress unbuttoned about 3 buttons in the front and I could tell she was wearing a bra. She is so petite and cute she can make any outfit look hot. The dress was a pink and light blue flowered print and with her blonde hair she could make heads turn.

I told Debbie to let them in and I would check the steaks. I viciously flipped the steaks on the grill cussing each one of the assholes who I was about to meet for the first time. ( or at least that is what Debbie thought. ) They all came out on the back deck rather hesitantly to say the least. “Good, I thought to myself, make em sweat”.

Debbie was gushing as she spoke. “You remember Mr. Dingle” and this is Ed and Roy and, the introductions went on and I with my grilling fork in one hand turned to shake all their hands with my other hand. “Well have a seat and I will get you all a glass of wine” Debbie spewed enthusiastically. As she stepped inside to get the wine Tom stepped over and began whispering how sorry he was and that it was not his idea but that the others had forced him to do this. “Listen you asshole, I said threw gritted teeth, you guys eat your steaks then get the fuck out!” “Don’t worry man, it’ll be cool don’t worry none” Tom whispered.

“I am dying to hear if a decision has been made on the auditions”? Debbie finally blurted as we were cutting into our steaks. The fat guy spoke, “It is close Debbie. I will tell you this, as soon as Mr. Lee can secure financing I know he wants to make this picture.” Did I tell you what a bang up job your little wife did in her audition”, The fat guy asked me? “Er, well no, that is to say all I have heard is what Debbie has told me,” I managed to answer. “Well lemme tell you,” he said as he leaned over and put his arm around her pulling her closer, “she is one fine little actress. Isn’t that right baby.” He hugged her to him a couple of times nearly knocking the steak off her fork with his roughness. Debbie blushed noticeably and made some gesture as if to brush his compliment off.

Roy asked if there was any more wine and Debbie asked if I would step in and get another bottle. I clenched my teeth and politely agreed to do so. I mentioned you can see out from our rear windows, but not in. As I grabbed the bottle of wine and turned to dash back out I nearly dropped it as I could see the fat guy reach over and squeeze Debbie’s breast. No sooner did his big black hand clutch her breast than she grabbed it and pushed it away. He burst out laughing as I emerged from inside and I asked what was so funny. “Oh I was just thinking about the story lines from Spike’s movie Debbie is up for,” he laughingly answered.

I could not help but notice that Debbie would fidget in her chair from time to time and at the same time either Ed who was on one side of Debbie or the fat guy who was on the other side had a hand presumably on their own lap. I wondered if perhaps they had mistakenly put their hand on Debbie’s lap instead. Throughout dinner they kept pumping Debbie full of Hollywood and what it was like to be in the movies. They were really laying it on thick. Tom and Ed and Roy and the Fat guy all of them would tell first one story then another. Debbie was eating it up with a spoon. Her eyes were wide as they dropped names of all the big movie stars they had worked with.

“You know what would be the perfect topper to this fantastic evening,” the fat guy said? “No, what”, Debbie asked? “A nice cigar, a glass of that fine wine and a dip in your hot tub” he answered. “Well, ahh, I suppose errr, ahhh I guess that would be alright, wouldn’t it honey?” Debbie was tossing the ball into my court. I was just as shocked as she was. Roy was agreeing with the fat guy and so was Ed. Tom knew better than to open his mouth. “Do you fella’s have suits?” I asked.

“Sheeeit, suits ain’t allowed in no hot tub in Hollywood.” The fat guy laughed. He stood up and began taking his shirt off. Roy followed suit and Ed said he would run out to the car and get the cigars. I numbly walked over and took the top off the hot tub, sneering at Tom all the way. He shrugged his shoulders and gave me a quizzical look as if to say, “Hey, it wasn’t my idea”.

As the fat guy began to unbuckle his pants Debbie jumped up and began clearing the dishes facing the opposite direction so she would not see the Fat guy or Roy undress. I could sweat that fat guy had added another 50 pounds since he had fucked my wife. He looked fatter than ever. Maybe it was because there was still some light outside and I got a better look. Roy was quicker and with his long skinny black cock flipping from side to side he walked over and lowered himself into the hot tub. Ed had returned and was passing out the cigars. The fat guy waddled over to the hot tub with his thick fat black cock swinging from side to side he perched himself on the side, hefted first one fat leg over the edge, then the other and then he slid down into the tub. The water rose to very nearly overflowing.

No one was paying any attention to me, but I told them anyway that I would help Debbie with the dishes. Ed was now naked and heading toward the hot tub and Tom was close behind him. All of them were puffing on cigars.

“Who the fuck do they think they are” I asked Debbie as I walked into the kitchen with an armful of dirty dishes. “I don’t know sweetheart,” she answered “I am just as shocked as you are, believe me. Maybe this is normal in Hollywood, you know how crazy they can get down there.” About that time we heard the fat guy yell out for some of that fine wine. “Well, as soon as they are finished in the hot tub they can get the hell out”, I told her through clenched teeth. Debbie tried to reassure me, “just calm down T.J. you know how important this role is to me. Just try to be civil I am sure they will leave soon.” She had grabbed the wine and glasses and was headed out the door. I was throwing the dishes in the dishwasher and staring out the window at the impromptu party taking place. A hot tub full of naked black men. Two well over 6 feet tall, one average but hefty and one hugely obese fat guy all squeezed into our hot tub. It was times like this I appreciated our private back yard.

Debbie was pouring their drinks with her back to me and would periodically jerk and spill wine. She drained what was left of that bottle and came back in to get another. I noticed her dress was wet right over her breasts. I knew they had groped her as she was handing them their wine. “How did your boobs get wet?” I asked her as she was uncorking another bottle. “Oh, they were getting playful and they splashed me” she quickly answered. “They want me to join them in the tub, I told them I would not without wearing a swimming suit.” She quickly added.

“Absolutely not!!” I said emphatically. “There is no way my wife is getting into a hot tub with 4 naked and drunk black guys.” “Sweety, this role means the world to me and I can take care of myself, you don’t have to worry about me. Besides, it is getting dark outside so I won’t see anything. Please baby, please, please, please, you know how important this is to me.” Debbie whimpered. I figured I would be out there too. Although I had decided not to get in the tub. Besides, I did not think I would fit with all them and with Debbie too. I told Debbie to be careful and gave in.

I finished with the dishes and walked out on the deck just before Debbie returned wearing a hot light yellow bikini. She looked delicious. She really keeps herself in shape and her strong legs and flat belly just below her perfect tits (not too big and not too small) all go together to make her a real hottie. I noticed her nipples were clearly protruding in the skimpy top to her bathing suit.

Debbie sat on the edge of the tub and swung her legs over the side and slowly lowered herself in between the fat guy and Ed. I was straining to see what was going on under the water. “You gotta join us too” the fat guy yelled over to me. “Nah,” I answered. “I think I will stay out tonight.” They all started urging me to join in the fun and relax with them.

Thinking that I could not see that well from outside the tub I reluctantly agreed and told them I would go get into my suit. “The hell with a suit” the fat guy bellowed, “the guys stay naked tonight.” I shrugged my shoulders and stood to take my clothes off. I knew I was no match in the cock department for any of these idiots Tom had recruited. I turned my back to push my pants down. As I finished I could hear the water splashing behind me. My mind was racing as I wondered if my petite little with had a big black cock in each hand.

Before I joined them they all wanted a refill on the wine so I served as waiter and accomplished this task. I could make out Debbie’s thighs squeezed in between the fat guys black fat thighs and Ed’s skinny long black ones. She resembled the filling in an oreo cookie. I moved to get into the tub and neither the fat guy nor Ed seemed like they were going to move so I could sit next to my wife. So I sat across from her next to Tom. Besides, I reasoned it would be easier to keep my eyes on them this way.

This went on for some time. All of us smoking cigars except for Debbie and drinking wine. I had to admit, it did feel relaxing. The whole time, Debbie was asking a thousand more questions about the movie business and all the movies they had all been involved with. I could not believe the line of trash they all laid on her and she was buying all of it.

“I gotta sit on the edge for a while” Roy chimed in as he scooted back and suddenly up on the edge of the hot tub. Debbie was seated directly across from him and although I could not be sure, I was certain she was staring at his long black cock which nearly reached the water from where he was sitting. Roy was not being modest as he held his legs wide apart giving my wife a full frontal view of his dangling black cock. He kept up his banter about some stupid movie he had been involved in once. We have subdued lighting in the back yard and although there are shadows and dark areas, you can see relatively well at night. Well enough for Debbie to see his cock I was certain.

“More wine” the fat guy said. “I’ll get it” Roy answered “I need to get out for a minute anyway to take a leak.” With that said and before anyone could move he said, “just stay put, one advantage of being so tall is I can step over”. He stepped across the tub and stepped directly over my wife. He straddled her head as he stepped over her and to me it looked like his cock hit her in the forehead as he exited the hot tub. She said nothing of course but she looked shocked just the same. They kept talking as Roy loped into the house to grab a fresh bottle and hit the can.

I was straining as much as possible to see what, if anything was going on under the water. Tom kept talking to me about dumb shit that did not interest me at all but required me to answer from time to time. It looked like, and I could not believe it, but it did look like my wife was jacking off the fat guy under the water. My mind raced as I tried to figure a way to see if this was going on or not. I did not want to make a scene, but never the less, by the movement of Debbie’s shoulder it looked to me like she was. The closer I looked, the more it looked like she may be jacking not only the fat guy, but Ed too. The last thing I wanted was cum floating to the top of my hot tub. The three of them kept talking though and I started to think my imagination was playing tricks on me.

Roy came back with the wine and standing there with his black cock swinging he leaned over and refilled our glasses. I was getting pretty buzzed and I knew Debbie would be too. Roy jumped back in the tub. The fat guy said he had dibs on the bathroom next and he hauled his fatness slowly out of the water. This caused the level of the water to drop quite a bit. He turned to get out and told everyone to stay put, he would step over. As he emerged from the water I could see his cock was rock hard and huge. My jaw clenched as I now knew Debbie had in fact been jacking him off. He turned and from where I was sitting it looked like his cock swiped across my wife’s lips. The movement was so fast and it was soon blocked from view by his enormous fat body that I could not be sure. I chose to say nothing.

He soon returned and Ed announced he was next. His cock was rock hard too and since he is so thin, there was no way he could hide it. Plus the damn thing had to be 10 inches or more if it was an inch. Upon his return to the tub I found myself calling for the next chance at the use of the bathroom. I had pulled on my cock so at least it would look respectable as I exited the tub. There was no way I could match Ed’s length or the fat guys thickness, but I held my own. I ran toward the bathroom, not wanting to leave Debbie alone any longer than necessary. I stopped before I went in though and turned to look out. I knew they would make their moves immediately since they would think I went into the bathroom first, then they would cool it when they thought I had been inside long enough.

Sure enough, as I looked out, the fat guy stood up and moved in front of my petite little wife and he grabbed hold of her hair on both sides and began stuffing his fat cock deep in her small mouth. That fat thing of his was beyond belief and it amazed me she could begin to get her mouth open enough to take more than the tip. “Fuck,” I thought to myself. “Now I know what is going on out there and I have to take a piss before I can get back out there.” I was having a hard time pulling myself away from the window. Debbie was really into it. She had reached up and was pulling the fat guy toward her mouth. Either that, or perhaps she was trying to push him back. It was hard to tell for sure. I ran to the bathroom and power pissed as fast as I could. When I came back out the fat guy was still standing there with his cock buried in Debbie’s mouth. As I walked to the door he pulled his cock out of her mouth and she fell back to her seated position. I walked outside and he said, “Hey great, hand me that bottle of wine will ya T.J. you can save me from having to get out to get it.” His thick black cock was rock hard.

I did as he asked and found myself mumbling to myself as I rejoined them in the hot tub. They all acted as if nothing had happened. Debbie who appeared to be out of breath when I first came out was now asking more movie questions. My head was spinning, as much from the wine as how crazy this whole evening was turning out. I leaned over to Tom and whispered, “tell that fat fuck to keep his fat fucking cock out of my wife’s mouth”. Then I laughed like I had just told him something funny. He leaned over to me and whispered back “ just be cool bro, ain’t nuthin gonna get out of control”. Then he too laughed.

“You know what pretty lady” the fat fuck said. “I think you ought to join the men folk here in the tub and lose that teensy weensy yellow bikini” he bellowed as he laughingly reached behind her and pulled the string that was tied behind her neck. “Hey, hold the phone guys,” I tried to interject. Before she could react her top fell from her breasts. Her beautiful nipples were rock hard and jutted straight out. “I suppose I am a bit over dressed” Debbie slurred, acting like she did not hear my objections, “and it is dark out.” She laughed. She reached behind her and in seconds she flipped her top over her head to the deck. “Don’t forget the bottoms missy” the fat guy again bellowed. “Ok,” Debbie said, but you have to tell me all about the movie you did with Eddie Murphy”. Her hand went down and she lifted and then her bikini bottoms emerged from the water and joined her top on the deck behind her. No one was paying any attention to my objections but rather they were all eyes for my wife.

They were soon embroiled deep on conversation about movies on their side of the tub. I was certain my wife was jacking their cocks as she no longer was sober enough to hide it and her shoulders were quaking up and down each time she pulled on their cocks. I was beside myself and at a complete loss as to what to do next. I simply sat there drinking more wine and listening to either Tom or Roy drone on about nothing. It was as if they were oblivious to what was going on on the other side of the hot tub.

“Now I have to use the little ladies room” Debbie announced in a slurred voice and she stood up. In the subdued light in our backyard plus the moonlight, she looked incredible. Her breasts were wet and glistened in the moonlight and her nipples jutted proudly as did her pert breast. Her little bit of pussy hair was clear as she straddled the edge of the tub to get out. Her pretty apple ass was perfect and all of us in the tub drew a sharp intake of breath as we all followed her naked form walking across the deck.

Once she was out of earshot, I unloaded. “Listen to me you fucking assholes. No fucking around with my wife here dammit. You keep your cocks where they belong and start getting your shit together cause the party is over.” All I could see was white eyes as I unloaded on all of them. “We’re sorry man” Roy said, “your wife is just so fucking hot we could not go another minute without seeing her again.”

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