tagInterracial LoveMovie Star's Follow-up Visit

Movie Star's Follow-up Visit


A few weeks after Debbie's last "audition" while I was at work I happened to notice Tom had signed out early.

For some reason I had a funny feeling about his absence. I am not sure what made me think something was up. Maybe it had been the way Tom had been carrying on about my wife. He told me he had been jacking off nightly to the tape he shot. I guess the other guys were bugging him to get me to agree to set another audition up as well.

I told my boss I was feeling funny and had to leave early. Moments later I was headed toward my house. As I came around the corner, there sat Tom's Lincoln parked in front of my house.

To say I was pissed would be an understatement. As I pulled in my driveway I was mentally going over how I was going to handle this situation. Tom had pulled a quick one on me twice before and I was beginning to feel this situation was out of my control.

As I entered the house I had no idea what to expect. Tom and my wife were no where in sight. I quickly passed through the living room and soon realized they were sitting on our back deck. This is a private area with tall fences all the way around. All that is out there is our hot tub and barbecue and a table and chairs.

I walked to the rear door and peered out. I could hear their entire conversation. They could not see me because we have solar shades installed. This makes it clear for someone inside to see out, but from the outside you could not see in.

Tom was telling Debbie how much Spike had liked her audition. He also told her that his opinion carried a lot of weight with Spike. "So far, as far as I am concerned, you are the one I am seriously considering backing for the lead role", Tom said.

"Do you have any idea when Spike will make his decision" Debbie asked excitedly?

"Should be soon, but we never really know for sure. Sometimes Spike wants additional audition footage. I will be sure and keep you posted though," Tom added.

I was cussing Tom under my breath for going around me and instigating this little visit without getting my approval. I was also getting a hard on watching the two of them together. For some reason, this pissed me off too. I could not even control my own cock.

Debbie looked very innocent. She had her usual sundress on. I could not tell if she had anything on under it. Her smallish tits were rising and falling with each excited breath in the most provocative way. Her dress was on the short side and came to about 2 to 3 inches above her knees. It had a light flowered print on it and it was open at the collar. It buttoned all the way up the front. In short, she looked like an innocent everyday sexy housewife. I finally managed to catch a glimpse of her at the proper angle and was certain she was not wearing a bra. I clearly detected her nipples protruding. They were not as easy to see with the flowered print pattern, but at certain angles and from the way her breast bobbled when she clapped her hands in excitement, it was clear she was in fact braless.

"I have to take a piss Debbie" Tom said as he started to stand. I nearly fell over myself trying to get out of the way. I quickly planned to dash down the hallway and act as if I was just coming in the front door. When the back door did not open I cautiously made my way back to the windows.

My mouth nearly fell to the counter as I saw Tom standing at the edge of the deck with his big black cock pulled out from his pants and him holding it as he aimed a stream of piss into my flowers below.

Debbie appeared equally as shocked as I was. She obviously expected him to use the bathroom. "As private as your back yard is, I can take care of business here and besides, I don't have a lot of time. I wanted to finish telling you about what Spike said." Tom continued as if he was standing at a urinal.

Debbie with a still shocked look on her face was staring at Tom's black cock as the arc of piss flowed. He had stepped over beside her and was in between her and me inside the house. He was standing just to one side of her and was close enough to reach over and touch her.

I could not believe his brash behavior. Hell, I always close and lock the bathroom door when I use the facilities. Yet here was Tom only inches away from my petite little wife draining the main vein as though it was the most normal thing in the world to do. I was also certain Tom was keeping his eye on the time and he knew he had to clear out before I got off work.

Tom continued, "As I was saying Debbie, Spike seems to rely an awful lot on what I say when it comes to casting his movies. He values my opinion and I have always steered him straight."

Debbie appeared transfixed at Tom's cock. I was not certain but the thought occurred to me she had probably never witnessed a guy pissing before. Let alone a black guy and from that close distance.

Tom casually held his spouting cock in one hand and as he was telling Debbie how much weight he pulled with Spike he nonchalantly reached over and cupped one of her tits. Debbie sat motionless staring at Tom's cock.

"Mmmmm no bra, I like that." Tom said as his hand began kneading her pert breast.

As if Debbie suddenly became aware of what was going on, she jerked to attention and reached up to grab Tom's hand away from her breast. "I don't think this is the time or the place for this" she said.

Tom was shaking his cock as his piss was ending. "Sure it is Debbie, if you want me to put in a good word for ya with Spike that is" he added.

"Please I really don't think this is proper. After all I am a married wo...arghhhhh" Tom had swiveled and in one fluid motion stuck his still dripping cock into my wives mouth. He had not even bothered to finish shaking it off and it was wet on the tip and still dripping some urine from the end.

This action had Debbie thrown back in her chair and Tom's wet black cock driving deep into her mouth.

Debbie was bracing herself in the chair as Tom grabbed her head with both hands and thrust his cock to the back of her throat. She was squirming in the chair and struggling to get herself out of this situation. Tom had not withdrawn his cock once. From when first managed to stick his cock in her mouth to now, he had maintained pressure forcing it deeper and deeper. His cock popped into her throat and her hands had shot up to his thighs and pushed in a vain attempt to stop him from sticking his cock into her throat. Finally he was buried in her mouth and her face was pressed flat against his pubic hairs.

He held his cock buried like this until she looked like she was going to faint. Then finally he withdrew his cock and began his jackhammer attack on her mouth. Gripping my wife's head on top and under her chin, Tom began fucking her mouth as if there were no tomorrow. Debbie's eyes were wide in disbelief this could be happening to her.

We keep a video camera just inside and I had started taping this whole episode from the beginning because I planned to use it in the event Tom tried to deny he was over at my house. Now the tape was going to prove a whole lot more.

I zoomed in and was getting super close-ups of Toms cock buried in Debbie's mouth. My eye jerked away from the viewfinder and I had to look for myself to believe it when I saw Debbie's hand encircle Tom's fat ass and begin to pull him into her mouth.

It appeared quite clear that while Debbie wanted nothing to do with this in the beginning, she had now became an enthusiastic partner to it. Either that or she wanted to get it over with as quickly as possible. After all I reasoned, Debbie knew I would be home soon too. I was relatively certain she was not wild about being caught by her husband with a fat black cock buried in her throat.

When Tom felt Debbie pulling his ass in to her he released his one hand from under her chin and reached his hand down the front of her dress and popped the first few buttons open. He began squeezing her tits and pinching her nipples. This action soon caused his ass to begin to clench and I knew he would be coming soon.

"Ohhhh, fuck bitch I guess you still want that part don't ya. I am gonna pump my cum here any second baby. Get ready to swallow it all." For an moment I could see Debbie was having second thoughts about swallowing Tom's cum as she started to pull her head back from his glistening black cock.

"You better not spill a drop bitch if you want that part." Tom hastily added sensing she was pulling his cock out of her mouth.

She stopped and kept her lips around the head of Tom's cock. I could see even through his pants that his ass was clenching and releasing, then clenching and releasing. I knew at that point his cum was spurting into her mouth.

"Awwwwwwgood... damnnnnnn fuck shit swallow it baby swallow it" Tom blabbered almost incoherently as he slobbered and staggered with the head of his cock still tightly clenched in between my wife's lips.

I could see Debbie was struggling to swallow Tom's load and could see her Adam's apple bob several times as her mouth would fill and she would swallow, then it would fill again.

I could not believe the amount of times Debbie swallowed and could not believe the amount of cum Tom spewed into her mouth. I figured he had to have been saving it up. Although I knew he had worked himself into a fever pitch at the thought of getting another crack at my wife.

Finally it was over and Tom Slumped into a chair. He muttered how great she was and that she should not worry because she was going to get his support with Spike. As he said this he raised his foot and moved it in between Debbie's legs. He nudged her legs open wider and then raising his foot he flipped her sundress up and over her thighs. I zoomed in and could see her panties were literally dripping having been completely soaked through.

Since it was nearly time for me to arrive home, I stepped back into the other room and after I removed the video tape from the camera I yelled out Debbie's name. I had to chuckle to myself because I wished I could have gotten the look on Tom's face when he and Debbie heard my voice.

I had no intention of letting Tom get the feeling he had carte-blanche with my wife any old time his cock needed draining, so I felt this was a necessary step to try and keep him in line.

I eventually stepped out on the rear deck and stifled my glee at the appearance of Tom. He was so pale at being caught he was nearly white. And considering how jet black he is, that is no easy accomplishment.

I told Debbie I had felt ill and left work a half hour early. She stuttered and stammered and managed to introduce Tom as the casting agent for the movie she had auditioned for and told me he had stopped to update her on the progress.

Tom left soon after our introduction and so far I have not let him know what I saw. I figure that information may come in handy some day. As for Debbie I immediately took her into the bedroom and after commenting on how wet her cunt was, I fucked her like it was our first time. She was not only great, she cleaned my cock up completely afterwards.

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