Mr. Dick

byPandoras Desire©

Lynn had the body of a goddess. Tall, lithe, and well built, and always showing off her body. For the girls and the boys. She was a full-blown exhibitionist. Lynn loved to wear tight cloths, accentuating her gorgeous curves. When she would go out for an evening, all heads turned. Her tits were a full 38d, and the rest a 25-35. But when Lynn was home she most always walked around nude.

One day late summer, a sweltering 103 degrees. Lynn had taken a quick shower, grabbed a towel and wrapped her hair, and her body. Exiting the bathroom, she walked down the hall to her bedroom. Taking the towel off her tall, lithe body and slowly dried herself off. Then taking the towel off her head, and grabbing her comb, and started combing her long dark hair. Her head bobbing from side to side as her hair seemed matted. With each come, her tits gave a gentle sway. As Lynn kept coming her hair, she noticed through the window, her neighbor Mr. Dick, standing by his window watching her. Lynn gave a sly grin and a wink, as Mr. Dick blushed slowly.

Each passing day, Lynn would shower at the same time. Then towel dry herself and her hair in the same fashion, in front of her bedroom window. Coming her hair with her head bobbing from side to side, as her tits gave a gentle sway. And each day her neighbor Mr. Dick would be watching through his window. Soon, Mr. Dick would stand there nude. His cock in hand, bringing himself to orgasm watching Lynn.

One day Lynn had rearranged her bedroom so that her bed was just at the right angle. And after her shower, she decided to give Mr. Dick a show at just how horny she was. She showered, dried herself in front of her window as always, then combed her hair. And sure enough Mr. Dick was there watching her. With cock in hand. Lynn gave a wink and a sly grin to Mr. Dick, as she positioned herself on her bed. Lynn never dried herself between her legs, because she loved the feel of the wetness she had after her shower, and besides it was easier to fuck herself. Lynn took her hands and massaged her 38d tits. Making the aureoles into hardened peaks. Then slowly pulling up on those hardened peaks, giving a slight moan. Lynn's window near her bed was wide open, the curtain pulled back, so Mr. Dick could have full view of her ministrations. She grabbed her huge black dildo and sucked on the tip of its head. Then placing it at the entrance of her gaping pussy. Slowly teasing the opening, before sliding it inside. Lynn gave a little whimper as the cock entered her gaping pussy. Once she began to settle, she pumped that cock in and out of her cunt. From her position she could see that Mr. Dick was standing at watch, with cock in hand. Stroking up and down his sheath, his head tilting back slightly.

Lynn carefully massaged her tits, with one hand, and the other pumping her gaping cunt with her huge black dildo. Pumping furiously. Wanting so badly to come. Lost in her ministrations, Lynn forgot all about Mr. Dick, the spying neighbor. But Mr. Dick surely didn't forget about Lynn. He had all he could do to keep from coming. He wanted to come with Lynn. So he slowed his pace down a little. Then excessively pumping his cock whenever Lynn would pump her huge black dildo overtly in her cunt. Mr. Dick could tell that Lynn was about to come, so he quickened his pace on his cock. And sure enough, Lynn moaned one last moan, and came with such gushing pride. As so did Mr. Dick.

Lynn finally realized, after coming down from her orgasm, that Mr. Dick was still watching her, from his window. So Lynn took her fingers and fingered her dripping wet pussy, then took her fingers and sucked them into her mouth. Gave Mr. Dick a grin and a wink. And fell back onto her bed, and fell fast asleep.

The next day, Lynn showered. Then dried in her room, tits swaying as she combed her hair. But Lynn noticed something different. Mr. Dick wasn't in his usual position. In front of the window, cock in hand. Lynn frowned and felt a little disappointed. But anyway, Lynn grabbed her huge black dildo and got into position on her bed. Played with her tits, and took the black dildo into her mouth and thought of Mr. Dick usually watching from his window, with cock in hand. She entered the huge black dildo into her wet cunt, and tried to bring herself to orgasm. But she just couldn't do it. She needed her audience. She tried to fulfill her fantasy. Eyes completely closed as she pulled on her nipples, and fucked her pussy. Then Lynn was awakened with a start, her eyes flew open, and there towering over her, was her neighbor Mr. Dick, as she laid on her bed, legs spread, and a huge black dildo sliding in and out of her gaping pussy. A soft "can I help you with that" voice came billowing out at Lynn.

"How did you get in here?", Lynn asked with a bit of concern.

"Your front door was unlocked," said Mr. Dick.

"Now can I help you with that huge black dildo?" As he placed his hands near Lynn's.

Lynn let go of her huge black dildo, and Mr. Dick's hands replaced hers. Sliding the huge black dildo in and out of Lynn's gaping pussy. Her juices sloshing around. Mr. Dick leaned forward, and grabbed one of Lynn's bare 38d tits, and massaged the aureole, into a hardened peak. Still sliding the huge black dildo in and out of her gaping pussy. Lynn reached forward and cupped Mr. Dick's cock through his tight sweats. She could feel his hardness as he continued to massage and fuck her. Lynn's hands flew to the waist band of his sweats, and gently pulled them down, then staring at his hard cock in his thong. Lynn pulled down Mr. Dick's thong, and his cock sprang to full attention in Lynn's hand.

"My, what a nice cock you have, Mr. Dick," she said. Taking her hand up and down his long 7 inch cock. Pushing the skin forward, then giving special attention to its head.

With Mr. Dick pumping the huge black dildo faster and faster in and out of Lynn's pussy. Lynn fastened her pace on Mr. Dick's ever growing cock.

They stared into each others eyes. The room silent except for a few moans, from Lynn and Mr. Dick. Pumping furiously Mr. Dicks huge bulging cock in her hand, and the huge black dildo in Lynn's pussy. Lynn decided to stop pumping Mr. Dicks cock. And said, "Fuck me with the real thing."

And with that, Lynn whimpered as Mr. Dick slowly pulled out the huge black dildo from Lynn's drenched cunt. And took his bulging 7 inch cock in his hand, massaged it a few times before entering Lynn's pussy. As Mr. Dick slowly entered her cunt, she felt awashed with waves of desire. Filled. His cock, pumping first slowly, then faster as his own desire heightened. Turning on her side, with Mr. Dicks cock still inside her he pumped a few more times, before Lynn made it on all fours. His hands on Lynn's hips, his cock banging away at Lynn's tight pussy. His balls colliding with her body, slapping her skin. Mr. Dick reached under Lynn's body and grabbed one of her furiously swinging tits and massaged it, all the while pumping furiously his cock in her tight pussy.

"Oh, damn! That feels good!," he shouted.

"Fuck me harder," she pleaded. "bang my pussy with your cock." "Oh my God, I'm gonna come" she screamed. And with that Lynn came. Gushing juice after juice upon Mr. Dicks cock.

"Oh fuck, fuck, fuccccccck," he shouted as Mr. Dick's cock came inside Lynn's pussy. And with that, Lynn came again, as Mr. Dick collapsed atop Lynn, crushing her 38d tits.

Lying there spent, the two of them stroked and fondled each other into the night. Then fucking each other again and again. And every afternoon after that.

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