Mr. Disco Ch. 04


Author's Note: This story is completely fictional and did not happen. All characters and names are fictional and were made up.


London, England

"Mmmmmmm, slide it up in there."

Luke looked down at Lucy as her eyes caught his and she gave him a mischievous little grin. The two had been making use of the bedroom in the apartment going on for the whole weekend with constant love making. After confessing their feelings to one another, Lucy couldn't stop herself from fucking Luke at any moment she had the opportunity. For the past several hours they had been going at it, starting after a nice romantic dinner. Right now he sat on her stomach and pushed his cock up against her glorious breasts while she pushed them together teasing him. It wasn't the first time he would be fucking her tits tonight but she refused to deny him the pleasure of doing it again.

Smack. Smack. Smack. the sound echoed lightly through the room as Lucy took a deep breath feeling the head of his cock beating up against her right nipple. Lucy just bit her lower lip, looking up into his eyes to tease him with the visions. Her hands had already pushed those giant boobs together. If he wanted his cock between them, he would have to dig it in himself. Lucy's eyes watched as he took his cock and buried it between her tits. He had to push hard to get it between there as she squeezed her breasts together tightly. Once he had pushed it down, he looked into her eyes and began to slowly push up and down. His hard rod was somewhere between her tits, completely shielded from his view due to the large size of her famous pair.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh, man. These are the best tits ever."

"I know, as you've told me so many times already."

She laughed while he began to thrust forward between her huge tits. All Luke could do was smile, but Lucy couldn't tell if his smile was from pleasure or her laughing voice. When you were in love with someone, everything felt so much better. Lucy always had enjoyed a man to compliment her, to tell her how she was the best but it felt so much more real with Luke. When they made love, it felt different from the past. Despite previous lovers in recent years, something about him was above other men.

"Mmmmmm, fuck those titties baby! They're all yours now!"

His cock continued to pump between her impressive, well stacked breasts. Luke had his share of buxom women in his lifetime, but Lucy certainly was his favorite. Had someone told him years ago that he would be falling in love with her, he never would've believed them. Over and over, he thrust his rod between her breasts until he took a deep breath. Knowing that he was about to cum, he just had to inform her.

"Lucy baby, I'm ready to blow!"

Her eyes looked up at him and she gasped while letting go of her boobs. She had an idea in mind, something they had not done yet in the bedroom. he had already busted a nut filling up her pussy and mouth earlier tonight, Lucy had something else in mind.

"Get up, Luke! I wanna try something new."

"Oh, like what?"

Lucy smirked at him and raised her eyebrow before answering him.

"Let me finish you with my feet."

With a slight chuckle, he nodded his head.

"Sure, I haven't had a woman ever do that to me."

Luke got up, moving off her stomach as he began to rise and stand up on the bed for Lucy. She was happy to hear that she would be the first, and hopefully only woman to ever use her feet on him. Her hands moved over her breasts, softly smashing her palms over her nipples while she gave him a show of massaging her breasts while moving both of her feet over his stomach. She teased him until she felt his warm hands over her feet, moving them so they could clamp down over his cock. Once her feet pushed down over his rod, Luke moaned out while sh began to rub her soles up and down over his cock.

"Come on, Luke! Cum on my feet!"

He grunted, holding her feet as she moved them up and down against his hard rod. Lucy's fingers squeezed at her nipples, her breasts rocking back and forth until she watched his face curl up as Luke began to grunt. He pushed the head of his cock between the big toe of her left foot, right in place where he could shoot over those beautiful feet. All it took was Lucy to push her toes down, curling them up around his cock and then he exploded.


His voice cried out as a thick wad of cum shot up her foot and over her ankle. Lucy licked her lips, moaning at the hot sticky substance striking her skin. A second spurt of cum shot over her foot, causing her to move her right leg around so he could cum on them both equally. The third wad of cum landed on her right feet's toes. As the last remains of his seed were coming out, Lucy squeezed his dick between her toes, forcing the remaining drops to leak out and run a stream down her feet. She giggled in her thick British accent.

"Oh my god, that feels so good! Mmmmmmm!"

She closed her eyes, as he was trying to catch his breath. Luke pushed his cock out from between her toes while Lucy moved her feet back and he began to crawl back down on the bed. A soft chuckle was heard again from her voice before she turned to look at him.

"I love you, Luke. You can be so filthy at times!"

"It was your dirty mind at work, dear."

"Guilty as charged!"

Lucy winked at him after responding. He laid back, resting in the bed while she leaned up to collect the cum off her feet using her fingers to scoop it up. The glamour goddess got out of bed, looking at him from over her shoulder while she licked her fingers dry of cum. He pulled back the covers to slip inside, thinking to himself just how lucky he was to be in love with this woman. She was something else, above and beyond all the other lovers he previous had experiences with. After Lucy cleaned herself up in the bathroom, she put on a small night gown before joining him between the sheets to go off into a slumber.



Monday morning came after a slow weekend of relaxation. After Luke had awakened, he did his daily routine of taking a shower and shaving his face after getting out. Lucy had made breakfast an hour earlier as they sat together eating. He had a phone call from Peter about thirty minutes before he joined Lucy for toast and eggs. She sat there with her hair pinned back in a pony tail and wearing just a simple shirt and a pair of panties. After he got dressed, she pulled up her laptop at the kitchen table to check her emails. Luke walked back into the bedroom to get himself dressed up for today. He put on a pair of black pants and grabbed his neon blue blazer jacket out of the closet. Underneath he wore a black shirt, going on a 'black and blue' look for the day. After tucking his phone into the pocket of his jacket, he slipped on his shoes while Lucy called out to him.

"Luke, honey!?"

"Yeah, I'm back here!"

Shoving his feet into the loafers, he walked around a bit before coming out of the bedroom. As he walked out, Lucy turned her head to look at him. When she seen the suit, she knew he had to leave soon. She spoke after looking at him.

"You're heading out?"

Luke nodded.

"Yeah, I'm about to go meet with Peter and see what he's got for me."

"Oh! Before you go, Michelle has a new cellphone and she wants you to have her number!"

"I gotta run, babe! Go ahead and tell me the number and I'll memorize it while I'm calling for a cab."

He leaned over to give her a soft goodbye kiss on her left cheek. Lucy leaned up to return the kiss. They smiled at one another before he walked out of the kitchen to head for the front door. As he walked out, she began to yell out the cellphone number.

"It's zero-two-two, two-four-four, eight-four-eight-seven!"

It seemed as if he was ignoring her while his hand reached for the door knob so Lucy yelled back at him.

"Say it back for me! Make sure you got it!"

Luke glanced back over at her while his hand remained on the knob, calling it back to her.


"Yes! That's it! See you tonight honey, love you!"

"Love you too, darling!"

The sound of the door opening could be heard, but Lucy ignored his exit. She sat down at the kitchen table, running her finger over the little mouse pad of her laptop. She was checking her emails, going through replies of old friends and reading over business offers. Since the world was clearly out that she was back in business through the glamour industry, there were a dozen emails between agents and companies reaching out for her. With so many of them, she mostly moved to the spam folder and ignored it. There was a few 'thank you' emails from companies she worked with in the past. There was however, one email in particular that caught her attention from a company. It couldn't have been a spam message, given how thoroughly written it was.

'Dear Miss. Pinder, congratulations on your triumphant return to the modelling world. You were always a shining beacon of beauty, the one woman who's star is still shining bright despite a recent absence. I congratulate you up front as a friend, despite the fact we have never met before. I'm sure that when we will finally shake hands, you will see a powerful friendship in the making.

I reach out to you with an offer, one that will be difficult to refuse. I reach out to you as the CEO and owner of a new modelling agency looking for great talent. I know everything about you. I understand that you are currently represented by a freelancing agent who has quite a name for himself in many social circles. He will only get you so far, we can make you the highest paid glamour model in the UK. Such a status that would be reserved to you, exclusively.

Join us, we want you.

Nigel Taylor, Perfect Kiss Modelling.'

A date on the message showed that it had only been sent out two days ago, fresh and new. Lucy read over the email twice, thinking to herself how it must have been worded by the man himself: Nigel Taylor. It was a recognizable name that rang in her head. Taylor was a common surname, but that didn't matter. There was a family linked with that name who were almost impossible to avoid when it came to modelling. The father was a business tycoon, that much she knew. The name Nigel had been heard to her ears in the past, but Lucy never met him before. Despite the heavily persuasive email, she clicked down on the mouse for the 'delete' button and carried on with the rest of her emails.



Leaving the hotel, Luke took a taxi out to meet with Peter around Soho at a small restaurant where they had lunch and could discuss things in private. During the ride there, thought of Michelle Marsh while he memorized the phone number. Over and over, he kept repeating it in his head: zero-two-two, two-four-four, eight-four-eight-seven. It was almost like he sang the tune of a song within his mind with the phone number. He had to text back and forth with Peter to get a location for them to meet at. During the process, he easily forgot that he could've just put the number in his phone just then. Michelle probably wanted to thank him for dealing with her ex-boyfriend just last week. That was Luke's first guess, he hoped that he had earned her friendship, since she was Lucy's best friend.

When it came to communications with Peter, he rarely ever stayed on the phone for long or sent text messages that didn't contain more than a few words. He liked to work things in a more 'old fashioned way' as he would tell you face to face. The wind blew through the man's hair, while he stood outside the little restaurant with Luke. Just minutes ago, they had shared a few cups of coffee while Peter ate lunch. Both of them had shoved their hands in their pockets, feeling the cool breeze blow over them. Peter wore a brown leather jacket and blue jeans. As pedestrians walked by, he spoke to Luke.

"So, any plans on the next move with Lucy?"

"Not just yet. I want to try and get a modelling shoot back in the States. We had a pretty good offer from L.A., but I want her to be paid more."

"Oh well, while you're trying that I think I got something for you."

"What's that?"

Peter looked around, the wind blowing again as it knocked his hair around while he replied.

"A little online company called 'Strip Tease'. I have a contact with them, they said Lucy shot with them some years ago. They would love to have her back. Instant payment right away."

"I'll have to talk to her about it."

"Yeah, I got you mate. I'll catch you later, Luke."

"Alright Peter, good looking out."

The two men parted ways walking away from one another. While Luke paced down the sidewalk, his cellphone beeped from within his jacket pocket. He pulled it out to read a text from an unknown number simply stating 'hey'. He ignored it and shoved the phone back inside his jacket pocket, figuring that it was probably the wrong number texting him. After walking a few more steps, the phone beeped again. This time when he stopped to the read text, it was far more specific: 'Luke! Need to see you ASAP! Drop by my apartment.' Just a few seconds later, a new text popped up with an address located in Westminister, not far from where he was standing. Looking around, he waved his hand to call a nearby taxi.

"Taxi, right here!"

A black van-like cab pulled up at the curb, inviting him to the backseat. Luke got in and gave out the directions reading it aloud from the screen of his cellphone. As the car began to drive down the road, he let out a sigh in his breath. This couldn't have been Lucy texting out of an emergency, Luke was unsure who it was. The only thing he did know, is that the person knew his name. It could've been an old friend desperately in need of a fix, maybe an old girlfriend or something else. Whatever the case, he felt that it would be wrong to ignore something that seemed so urgent. While the cab rolled through the streets, Luke texted back the unknown with just a simple reply: 'on my way'.

Just a few minutes later while waiting in the cab, he receivers another text message. This one had a room number to the apartment that was listed in the address. Luke didn't reply back to the message, he simply put the phone back it's place within his jacket. He was curious if this could've been Michelle, since Lucy made sure to give him her new phone number just before he left earlier. After a short drive through the London streets, the cab began to slow down and Luke knew right then that his stop was up. He reached into his jacket, the opposite pocket to take out some money to pay the driver. After the exchange, he slid the door open to the cab, feeling the wind rip across his face for a moment.

The look of the apartments showed off an upper class image. Whoever had texted him, surely had deep pockets to afford such a place. He fetched his phone out of the jacket pocket again to read the text one last time to find the room number. The small buildings were lined up, all with numbers on them. Luke walked a bit, feeling the cold air as he reached the sixth marked building and walked in. There was no reception at the desk, proving that these truly were private apartments for wealthy owners. The room number was upstairs, so he slowly made it a staircase and turned down a narrow hall where he found the room '4' on it. Unknowing what the mystery awaited, he tucked his phone back into the pocket of his jacket and then raised his hand to knock slowly. He stood there waiting for a just a second before the door slowly opened to the face of a blonde haired woman with big brown eyes starring back at him.

"Luke! I'm so glad you could make it!"

Jennifer Ellison stood beyond the door. She was an old lover in his life, one of many memories. Luke gasped when he looked back at her face. She gave him that cute smile, something he always remembered in his sleep. Her eyes were fixed up with heavy dark eye liner and mascara, her body covered in a purple trench coat. Her long golden hair was split down the middle. She stepped back to invite him into the room.

"Jennifer, it's been a long time. What's going on? I got your text and was wondering who it was. Is everything alright?"

Stepping behind him, loud heels clacked over the floor as she shut the door. Jennifer looked back at him with a face puzzled in concern.

"I needed to see you one last time, Luke."

"One last time?"

As they stood face to face, she looked back and tried to force a smile to him before letting out a sigh.

"I'm leaving the UK tomorrow for Romania. I just wanted to see you one last time, before I go."

He blushed. It was an odd feeling, for Luke had not spoken to Jennifer in a few years. Why would she seek him out like this? He wasn't sure if she was lying or not, but he believed her words.

"Romania? Why did you want to see me? We broke up some years back, but I always wanted to be friends."

She laughed at him, an obvious forced chuckle. Her heels clicked and clacked as she stepped away from him. The apartment room was large, a TV set and a couch sat in the middle of the room. Jennifer ignored the couch, walking behind it until she was standing from the back. Looking back at her former lover, she replied to him.

"I know. We started out as a business relationship then it turned into romance, but that was a long time ago. I just broke up with a bloke I was dating from last year and now I'm heading to Romania to do some modelling work. I'm gonna be gone for a long time. I just thought...I thought that I would talk to you before I leave!"

He put his hands in his pockets, walking around the apartment room to join her behind the couch. Jennifer looked away before glancing back up at him and speaking again.

"There's something about you that isn't like other men, you know? You're more real than most guys I've dated. I can talk to you about anything and you won't judge me."

Luke ignored her for a bit, just looking back at her as he shook his head. He ran his hand up to her shoulder before nodding to her.

"No, I would never judge you. We may not be lovers anymore, but you're still a friend to me."

Finally, her face lit up and she smiled big. it was a sincere face of happiness, showing her pearly white teeth. Jennifer threw her arms around him and hugged him.

"Thank you, Luke. I knew I could trust you today."

His hand patted her back while they hugged. Once the stepped away, Jennifer reached to grab his hand. She tucked her fingers around it while leading him to the couch.

"Please stay with me today, Luke. Just for a few hours, is that fine?"

"Yeah, I can do that for you."

Together, they moved to sit down on the couch. She clutched on his hand, refusing to let go until they had a seat. He turned to look, watching her bite her lower lip. She spoke up to him.

"So, what's been going on with you? I heard you brought Lucy Pinder's modelling career back from the grave, that's a big accomplishment on your part."

Luke smiled while nodding his head.

"Oh yeah, it's true. I found Lucy about two months ago. We hit it off, I became her agent and I'm building her back up."

Jennifer could tell from the look on his face, something was up with he and Lucy. Going by her own experiences with Luke, she just had to ask the question.

"Are you dating her, Luke?"

He looked back at her, thinking for a moment before he nodded his head. Jennifer once more.

"Are you in love with her too?"

"I think so...yeah! To be honest with you, yes I am in love with that woman."

It was true. Jennifer already knew the answer just from reading his facial expression. She turned away from him and sighed while looking down. Luke suddenly realized that it wasn't the words she wanted to hear, but it was still the truth. This had to be painful for her, since the two had a relationship that lasted a long while in the past.

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