tagLoving WivesMr. Lucky Ch. 2

Mr. Lucky Ch. 2


Turning my wife on to swinging was like throwing a match into a gasoline can. My beautiful 5' 4" redhead wanted more and more. She also wanted to try just about everything. She had so much fun the first time she was with another man (as per our agreement), that she was determined to return the favor to me.

The opportunity came on my birthday. Knowing she was going to set up some kind of sexual gift, I began speculating the day before. Jackie is full of ideas and I knew I could expect almost anything. The morning of my birthday I awoke to the aroma of bacon frying and fresh coffee brewing. As I entered the kitchen I expected to find her naked or, at least, partially nude. But, there she was in her usual jogging outfit, cooking my breakfast before her morning run.

"Good morning sweetheart," she said as she puckered for a kiss. "Happy birthday!"

She knew I was expecting more than bacon and eggs, but, so far that was all I got.

"I have a client to meet this morning and then an afternoon meeting," I told her. "Don't hold supper for me hon, the guys are taking me out for a few beers."

"OK," she said, "I have a lot to do anyway. Have fun."

I walked to my car scratching my head. I knew she had something planned, but she knew I'd be gone until late. Had I expected too much?

The day went by and work completed, I joined the guys for drinks at our usual hangout. The beers flowed and we had a lot of laughs. I kept looking at the door. I expected a bimbo would come in, sit on my lap and say, "Your wife sent me." Nothing happened. The bar was closing by the time we left.

I made it home on a wing and a prayer. Opening the front door, I expected a "Ta Da!, happy birthday," tits swinging and pussy waiting, but it was quiet. I went up to our bedroom and found Jackie sound asleep.

"Well, damn it all to hell," I whispered to myself. "She didn't come through. Fuck it, I thought." I climbed into bed a fell asleep immediately, with the help of all those beers.

Morning came. I awoke with a hangover and a hardon. I rolled over and pulled Jackie close to me. She put her hand on my hard cock and I spread her legs with my hands. Running my fingers between those puffy pussy lips, I felt her moisture. I slid two fingers around her clitoris and heard a low moan from her. She squeezed my cock and began to stroke it up and down.

Suddenly she dove her head under the covers and engulfed my hard cock in her mouth. After licking and sucking my precum from the head of my cock, she took it deep down into her throat. All the way to my balls. "Jackie, you can do it without gagging now," I said. "It feels so good." She didn't answer, just kind of hummed on my prick.

With the bedclothes still covering us she manuvered into a 69 position and lowered he sweet pussy to my lips. I reached up and cupped her ass cheeks in my hands and pulled her cunt down on my eager mouth. After licking all around her pussy lips I inserted my tongue deep into her. She was continuing to give me deep throat and squeezing my balls. I thought I'd died and gone to heaven. Her moaning on my cock became louder and she was thrashing about and forcing her cunt down hard on my face.

I heard her mumble, "Cumming, mmmnn."

I kept my tongue glued to her hard little clitoris as she came.

She lifted her mouth from my cock and let out a loud, "Ahhhhhh!" Then I felt a river flooding over my face. I couldn't believe it. As much as we tried to make it happen, Jackie was never able to squirt her cum. I figured, with all the swinging ideas, it finally happened. I drank as much of her juice as I could, but most of it floated over my face, into my ears and down on the pillow.

As her climax began to subside she went back to sucking me. Her hot mouth engulfed my swollen cock down to my balls. Without coming up for air, she held my entire cock in her mouth for a very long time. Then, as she backed away to breathe, she reached her hand under my ass and inserted a finger into my puckered asshole. Wow! She'd never done that before. Without warning I began to shoot my load. I felt my balls tighten up and my cock swelled to its limit. My cum erupted with a large gush and flooded her mouth. She continued to suck, not letting her mouth lose its grip on my pulsating cock.

"Mmff." I heard. I knew I was filling her small mouth to the fullest. As my last few jets of cum squirted into her mouth she backed off my cock until just the head was between her lips. Then she stuck her little tongue into my cock's little "eye" and sucked out every single drop of cum I had in me. Not through yet, she licked the length of my cock and sucked my balls into her mouth, sucking them clean.

"Oh, Jackie," I said. "That was the best blow job you ever gave me. Where did you ever learn to suck so good?"

The covers flipped back and revealed a very pretty face, but it wasn't Jackie's. This woman had shiny black hair that fell to her shoulders. Her coal black eyes matched her beautiful hair.

With a wide smile she said, "Hi Mike! Happy birthday! I'm Kimberly."

The lights were turned on and there was my wife, Jackie, standing by the bed, grinning from ear to ear.

"I know it's a day late," she said, "but It's the only way I could pull it off.

After the proper introductions, I found that Kimberly was a girl that Jackie had known in college. One of our fantasies was having a menage-a-trois with Jackie and I and another woman, or man for that matter.

After a shower and a hearty breakfast the three of us went back to the bedroom for more fun. Jackie had said that she was always curious about having sex with another woman.

But, that's another story.

To Be Continued...

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