tagGay MaleMr. Perfect Ch. 04

Mr. Perfect Ch. 04


Chapter 4- The Trial

I reached home at eleven and aunt Berne was sleeping already. I didn't really expect her to be awake. I locked up and went to my room. Chris had driven me home like he usually did. I never really did find out how he returned the car to Jason the other day, because he had left it in my place.

I shut my eyes. Just thinking about him made me hot. My hands automatically reached for my throbbing cock. I had fantasized being with Chris for so long. My ass hurt a little but it wasn't uncomfortable. Then Stan's face came into my head.

His face, those mesmerising eyes. I tried to remove all thoughts. It wasn't working. I was not going to be able to sleep with all this stuff going around in my head. I lay there still, listening to the sounds of the night. I stared at the ceiling.

The next thing I knew, someone trying to push me off the bed. It wasn't really that hard I wasn't a jumbo guy. I was quite lanky actually.

I opened my eyes weary of my surroundings. Someone's face was inches from mine. I opened wide to see Chris inches from my face.

"Boo!" He whispered.

I pushed him back. "How the hell did you get in? Forget that WHY are you here?"

"You told me to get my bike and meet up- some place you were taking me. By the way are you going to be able to ride your bike?" He grinned.

"Oh shut up!" I screamed.

"No really I could hear you scream all the way from where we were playing." He smirked. .

"SO! What do you care? Why, do you want to know how it feels?" I asked him sarcastically.

"Sure," he replied even more sarcastically.

"Why you-" I jumped off the bed and pushed him to the floor. Okay when I wanted to I can be very strong. As I said I'm not a whimp I just study too much.

I had him pinned. His hands were at the back and I was sitting on them. I pulled on his hair.

"Oh you are going to LOVE this!" I said.

"Okay okay please Jake- my lord, the divine, the great god of sex, the greatest please I'm begging you to let me live another day," as he uttered my lord all the memories of last night came crashing to me. I couldn't help but smile. Stan's face swirled around me. I suddenly felt guilty but this is what made me fall for Chris over and over again - he was so adorable.

"Fine but just this one time," I said firmly and we burst out laughing.

I brushed my teeth and we headed down. Aunt Berne was making pancakes. Somehow every time I saw she was always near the stove cooking something.

"Good morning! Did you let this idiot into my room to wake me up?" I asked her, "By the way it smells delicious."

"Why yes, since you'd never wake up if I just call for you. Chris dear have you had breakfast?" She shifted topics in seconds.

"Umm yes Ms Berne " he said politely.

"Well but you have to have some pancakes," she forced some down his throat.

"Well how can I say no when they smell so good and are from such a lovely lady?" he was buttering her up like he had all the butter in the world. I just sat there and smiled like an imp.

"You know aunt Berne today I am going to make lunch for you!" I announced.

"Yes and since I seem to be eating here more than I do at my own house I will help Jake too," Chris chimed in.

"Oh please I bet you couldn't hold a spatula if your life depended on it," I smiled a sarcastically.

"Excuse me I have made delectable things - umm I can make an omelette" Chris grinned. "Besides you're going to need someone to supervise anyways. And I can cut stuff."

I got up finishing the last of the pancake. "Now I figured out why you don't stay in the dorm," I smiled gently pushing him.

"Ok aunt Berne were going to check out the pool well be back in an hour." I said before closing the door.

Chris was right it did hurt a little to be on a bike. Actually it felt weird. He offered to carry me on his but I graciously refused. We rode down a couple of blocks before we reached the place. We parked our bikes nearby and walked in.

God! Since I had transferred I hadn't gone for swimming. First of all St Paul isn't exactly the warmest city in the world and suddenly I had the urge to swim again. The chlorine water smell filled me up. Ok fine the real reason I swam was to see hot guys in trunks. But I really did love swimming and I was quite good at I too.

"Okay this is good!" I said loudly.

"You like to swim?" He asked slight discord on his face.

"Why you don't?" I looked at his face, "don't tell me-you are AFRAID to swim?!"

"Why don't you announce it on the radio huh?" He huffed, "no I have never had an affinity to water"

"Well then I don't reckon you'll come with me day after tomorrow onwards" I said disappointed.

"I'll sit out while you swim," he smiled.

We headed back out and grabbed our bikes to cycle back home.

"So you did really do it yesterday?" Chris asked along the way his voice trying to conceal what seemed to me like disappointment. But I might have been imagining things.

"Yeah," I replied nonchalantly.

"Umm how was it? I mean is it better than regular sex?" he spoke like a kid.

"Well depends on how you look at it but yeah it might hurt in the beginning but the pleasure outwits it later." I answered choosing my words carefully.

That was the last I heard of that topic.

The rest of the trip was quiet. We didn't go home directly; we made a detour to the super market to pick up supplies. The very same one where I had 'bumped' into Chris. I owed that supermarket everything.

"So what are we going to make?" I asked him.

"Hey don't ask me the only things I can make are omelettes. But I did learn a cake recipe from one of my girlfriends. We can try that for desert. "He said.

" Well I can make salmon and asparagus. And soup I love carrot soup!" I said.

We bought the supplies and headed home.

"Do your parents ever worry about where you are for meals?" I asked him on the way back.

"Nah! Oh shit about meals and parents. I told them about the dinner and they insisted on having you for lunch tomorrow afternoon. I might have said you agreed. And yeah I tell them where I am. That's the beauty of SMS. "He said

"Ok so that doesn't leave me any choice does it. But my parents are arriving tomorrow night from California. "My voice trailed off. The thought of my parents hadn't even occurred to me. I was supposed to tell them about the THING.

I had written a speech and all and I had run it through aunt Berne once to be safe. She was my support pillar.

We reached home and dashed to the kitchen. It was only an hour to lunch. I took out the salmon and began working on it while Chris removed the stuff for his cake. Five minutes later my fish was marinated and resting.

"Do you need any help?" I asked Chris.

"Well, I'm lost! So even if you knew where I was it wouldn't help. "He said looking disappointed.

"Well you put in the flour. I think the next is egg. "I said. His face lit up-EGGS. What was this guy's obsession with eggs?

"No just put them in add sugar and whisk till it's like a batter," I commanded." Oh someone's going to have to manage everything here "I mimicked him in a shrill voice.

"Hey it's not my fault you're a good cook. "He said.

I turned around to look at him and he threw flour on me. "What the!" I said.

That was it. I was not taking this shit.

I took an egg and cracked it on his head. "It acts as a conditioner" I said cool-ly.

He tried to make a break for another egg when aunt Berne came to the scene. "Well if I knew cooking was going to be like this I would have supervised." She said sternly.

Thank god she intervened. I was on the receiving egg of scrambled eggs. She instructed us to clean up and then we'd have lunch.

"I hope you're not making lunch tomorrow?" I prodded Chris.

"Nah don't worry we have a cook," he grinned.

We cleaned up. Ok I was out in seconds. Chris on the other hand was going to take long. We waited for him at the table patiently.

"You're right this is as a good conditioner," he said laughing. "Ok sit I am going to serve" I served them the fish which was marinating in lemon orange and fenugreek. It was half sesame encrusted and half plain.

I cut the fish into two pieces one with the crust and one without. I pan fried the crust end and sautéed the asparagus and skilfully arranged it on the plate. I steamed the other end in a tea essence and placed it on a plate.

"Ta da enjoys!" I said and handed both of them the plates.

They ate it and from what I could see in Chris' expressions he liked it.

"It's ok the cake is going to......take the cake," he winked.

"Well its delicious Jake who knew you could cook? I'd have had you to make meals more often. "Aunt Berne said sweetly.

"About meals Chris tells her!" I motioned to Chris.

"Ah yes Ms Berne my parents have invited Jake and yourself for lunch tomorrow. Sorry I forgot to tell you," he said cordially.

"Well I'd be glad to meet parents of such a fine young man as you" she said. When did this conversation become so archaic? Weren't we just talking about sous vie?

Everyone finished their lunch and I handed them Chris' baking cake. I took a bite I don't know if it was my face or just that Chris tasted it himself.

"Yuch! This is horrible. And yes Jake you made your point you can stop scowling now. "He said slightly disappointed.

Well it's just one thing we are going to work on. Besides it's only cooking?! So what I could suck at something. Ok who was I kidding? Fine just kidding really.

We went up to my room after cleaning up. Chris dashed for my bed and sprung himself wide open on the it.

"Great genius, where am I to sit now?" I said disparagingly. He raised his arms and winked. I was defeated. My heart melted over and over. It was like a liquid condensation process.

"He sat up. How was it really?" He asked looking at me, suddenly serious.

"Well it was really bad," I said seriously too.

"I'm not talking about the cake! I'm talking about sex!" He emphasized. "Was Stan big?" Again with This shit. Why was h so interested? Was he -? My heart pounded.

Well ok it's not like the only thing guys talk about are their penises but ever so often a conversation does start up about the sex with a girl or the length of your prick and you get an inferiority complex.

"Well it's HUGE" I said. I didn't really want to talk about this with Chris. He was a straight guy and no matter how many ever gay questions he asked, I knew he'd never thought about guys that way.

That was it of the conversation. After about half an hour, he left and room felt empty as ever. It was filled with sudden desolation.

I took out my phone and started typing. 'Hey you nearby?' I sent it out. Seconds later a message came 'yea' Stan was nearby. 'Meet at the park?' I sent eagerly. 'Sure' came the instantaneous reply.

I wore my shoes, grabbed my bike and cycled to the park. Stan was there sitting on one of the benches. I sat down beside him and for some time we didn't say anything. Even in our silence I could understand every word of what he wanted to say.

"Jake I was thinking," he finally broke the silence "Ok well I was thinking, would you be my boyfriend? We can keep it in wraps for a while. "

I was dumbstruck. I thought this would be one of those friends with benefits things and you know I'd be Chris' boyfriend. Then the harsh realization of it hit me.

I was never going to be Chris' boyfriend. I was just going to be 'friend'.

"I have to think about it. This is a huge deal to me. I haven't even told m parents I'm gay." I said diplomatically.

"Well ok you decide and tell me." He said cheerfully.

But even I knew that this offer wasn't going to last long. Stan was a popular guy and he was very good looking. I wouldn't be much to compare up to.

We just sat there and he held my hand.

It was the day before thanksgiving. My parent were Coming today. It was D day. They would be staying with aunt Berne. Well our family wasn't really big. My grandparents had only two children- aunt Berne and my dad. Aunt Berne didn't have kids so basically the only children were my sis and I.

I had decided I was going to tell them. But before that the big event - lunch at Chris' house.

It had to be perfect. It was only 11:30 when I hovered around my closet to see what to wear. Casual or formal? I decided sweater it is. I had a bath scrubbing myself to seem as clean and fresh and pink as I possibly could.

I came out and pulled on the white shirt. You can't go wrong with a white shirt. I pulled over my black sweater and rolled up the sleeves. Black jeans and I was done. Well my trustee converse and my hair and then I was done. I looked good even if I do say so I and I felt great. I went down and sat nervously on the sofa idly twiddling my thumbs. Aunt Berne came down the stairs.

She was an image of serenity. I was worried shed gather more attention than me. I smiled at her and we walked out the door. I drove till their apartment.

We rang the door bell. My heart was racing. My head was spinning. It was like I was under major scrutiny. The door opened and my heart skipped a beat.

It was Chris' mom. She was beautiful. She was the type of person you'd see in the Hamptons. Pitch black hair till her shoulders. Fair flawless skin with a perfectly embroidered pair of lips. But I knew it'd take more than one beautiful parent to make someone like Chris.

She was really breath taking.

She was clad in jeans and floral shirt with the highest heels I've ever seen. She was at least 5 inches taller than what she really was. "Hi! Please come in! You must be Jake and Lauren!" She said in a cheerful voice. It was actually quite creepy. It was high pitched but her eyes were the softest. Chris had her eyes.

"Lovely to meet you Mrs Trey!" I said politely. Aunt Berne and she were exchanging hugs beside me.

We graciously entered and took a seat on the sofa. Chris' dad came into the room. If I thought his mom was beautiful I sure know where Chris got his HOT from. I'm not kidding Chris' dad was hot. He was an older more mature version on Chris. Black hair that fell effortlessly and complemented his face. They were like the Adams family - creepy........I shuddered.

I would so look like the black sheep if we ever get together. They were all just so perfect. They were like how Stepheny Meyer describes the Cullens. Only they don't look pasty white, they are naturally beautiful.

"Afternoon Mr Trey!" I shook his hand and smiled. Chris came in behind him. My heart had already stopped twice I wasn't sure it could handle a third stop.

Chris was not very tall. I was taller than him. He was 5'11". His mom was about the same height and his dad was my height. My poor aunt Berne must've felt like a dwarf with us.

Chris' mom ushered us to the dining room and the table. We took our seats. Chris was right opposite me while his mom and dad were beside my aunt.

"So Chris tells me you go to the University for Geology?" She said striking up a conversation.

"Yes," I smiled, "well I always had an interest in geography and so I decided to pursue that."

The conversation went on from college to work to anything and everything. I found out more about Chris in that hour or two than in the time I had known him. There was enough embarrassment for everyone to share.

And the food. Oh my god doesn't get me started on the food. It was the best I've ever had for home dining. I obviously knew it wasn't Chris who cooked. I complemented his mother for an exquisite meal.

After a whole lot of laughing and even more desert, we left with hugs and kisses. Chris came back home with us. He really spent more time with us than in his own house.

Now here is where I can tell you we were incompatible. You know all that bullshit about opposites attract. It's all lies. People need something similar for them to survive. In all the time I spent with Chris, not once had he mentioned studies or books or college. Big no for me cause that seemed to be the only other thing I thought about.

I know what it seems like, he coming home and all- but trust me it wasn't. He knew I was going to tell my parents and he figured I'd need support.

"Really whose genes did you acquire?" I said jokingly "It's obvious you didn't get the looks and definitely not the cooking"

"Ha-ha very funny. So you've decided right?" His voice suddenly turned grave.

"Yes. I've got a backup plan too. "I sighed,"I mean it's not going to be bad, they're my parents they have to accept it."

"Well just in case you can spend the night in my place or at least till things cool down if they turn bad. "He reassured me.

I was to pick them up after an hour from the airport.

We sat in my room not a word exchanged between the two of us. I began clearing the room while Chris helped behind me. It was only a matter of time. Fifteen minutes before I left Chris said he was going home..... His parents had asked him to come back.

I took out the car and headed out to the airport. It was the longest agonizing wait for me. My hands were sweaty. I hadn't seen my parents since I transferred. But it really wasn't all that emotional either. I had gotten used to it.

I idly walked up and down the waiting place till I saw my sister's head amongst the crowd. She had grown quite tall now. Behind her my mom and dad strolled their luggage out.

"Hi mom, dad, Vivian!" I hugged each of them sequentially. I was surprised I wasn't getting emotional at all. Neither were they of course. I gathered their luggage into the car and drove them home. We exchanged pleasantries along the way. How school was going, Vivian's friends, moms rattling after her, dads work. And though it lasted the whole way there was a distant feel to the conversation.

We reached home and after the whole meeting with aunt Berne everyone settled down into their rooms etc. Half an hour later aunt Berne and mom called for dinner.

My mom had the rustic look. She had very strong facial features pronounce cheek bones. She was not very tall and had long blonde hair. She looked a little like Sarah Jessica Parker. My dad was the typical stern looking type. He had a beard and moustache. Ink black hair and sharp piercing eyes. I really don't know where I came from.....

Vivian was well she's just my sister. Nothing much to say. We had that love hate relationship. I'd fight with her in one breath and in the same I'd be hugging her. She was my baby sister and that would never change.

We sat at the table. My dad began his prayer. I had forgotten all about the antics that go on at home. My parents were very orthodox and religious. They'd pray before every meal. Church every Sunday without fail. We were sort of like Bree on desperate housewives.

After the chant and once everyone started eating, I decided it was time. My heart pounded fast. I was sweating. My stomach churning. This was fear. I don't even know why I was afraid. What could they say?

As everyone continues chatting on about the latest the conversation shifted to me. I couldn't do it. I didn't know how to do it. I was afraid, not of being accepted but of losing the concept of family that was drilled in my mind.

From a very young age the idea of wife, children church was ingrained into me. I was something I was forced to live. As the years passed I knew it was never going to be like that. I could never carry down the pure line of sons that ran in my family.

"Mom, dad I have to tell you guys something." I said getting their attention.

"Yes honey what is it?" My mom said her eyes gentle.

"Well I wanted to tell you guys - I'm gay." I said slowly.

"What?! What do you mean?" My dad bellowed.

"Yes exactly that -I'm gay I'm attracted to guys." I cleared the air.

No one said anything. My sister slurped her soup and my mom looked down at her bowl. The silence was deafening.

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