tagInterracial LoveMr. Right? Ch. 05

Mr. Right? Ch. 05


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"Turn that up! It's my jam!" Felicia raised her arms and began to dance in the back seat of Kathy's SUV. Staci had to laugh because the girl lacked rhythm, but still loved to dance. Staci was convinced that Felicia got her dancing ability, or lack of, from her father. The man had two left feet and resembled a robot when he danced. At least Lexi had made it out unscathed.

Staci turned to Shannon and smiled. "I see you've recovered from the other night. Do you have anything planned for today at the lake?"

Shannon leaned closer to be heard over the song, "Thanks for getting me off that table. I am so embarrassed, but Lexi tells me it wasn't too bad of a show. To tell you the truth, I'm really looking forward to this party. I heard Damen is going to be there and I have got to get me a piece of that!"

Damen was Shannon's new crush, a smooth Kappa with chocolate brown eyes and a smile that could light up a room. Everyone who knew Damen described him as a sweetheart. He was two years younger than Shannon, but what he lacked in age, he made up for in maturity. He was also super smart, having a GPA that was almost a perfect 4.0, which was the real draw for Shannon.

Staci threw back her head and laughed. Trust Shannon to desire a guy because his GPA was high. "How do you guys party and still manage to get such great grades? That's what I want to know. Teach me, so I won't flunk out of grad school."

"I don't know about him, but my work is done weeks in advance. Now, there's nothing to hold me back from having a good time."

Staci just stared at her friend and shook her head. Weeks in advance? Staci guessed that she wasn't cut out to be a Summa Cum Laude. "Well, I'm sure you two will hit it off. How could he not like a hottie like you?"

Shannon smiled. "What about you, Staci? What's going on in your love life?"

Once again, Staci was glad that other people couldn't see her blush because she felt her cheeks heat in embarrassment. "Umm...well...you know..." Shannon gave her a look that said 'cut the crap' and waited for her to continue. "Umm...I have a date on Monday?"

All the girls in the car, except Kathy, turned to look at Staci. Staci sunk down in the seat and wished she hadn't started a conversation with Shannon. Everyone wanted to know with who and what time and what she was going to wear. Staci figured it would come out sooner or later and these women were her friends, so she should let them in on her life. "His name is Matt and although I think he's crude and I'm pretty sure that he's a pervert, I'm going to give him a chance. It probably won't work out, to tell you the truth. I fluctuate between wanting to slap him and wanting to kiss him and that can't be good for a relationship."

"Well, at least get some booty while you're at it. You need some, girl, you're getting too uptight," Felicia said, nudging her in the ribs lightly. Lexi shook her head and turned back to the front to look out the window.

"Thanks, Felicia, for once again pointing out that I'm not a ho, I'm just picky right now."

"Four months is a long time to be picky."

"In the grand scheme of things, four months really isn't that long... Besides, I don't need a man to satisfy my needs."

"What? You went out and bought a dildo? And you didn't even think to bring one back for me." Felicia shook her head at Staci, tsking and trying to fight off a smile. "Good thing I stocked up last time I went to Sex Universe."

Staci just sighed, Felicia's mind was getting dirtier by the second and once she was on a roll, there was no stopping her. "So you haven't gone all the way with this guy yet?"

The voice seemed slightly apprehensive, as is she wasn't sure she wanted to hear the answer. Staci looked up at Kathy and smiled in her direction. "No, I tossed his ass out of my apartment when he decided he could say whatever he wanted and assumed that I wouldn't get offended. I don't take that kind of crap. Besides, I hardly know the guy, if he wants me, he can wait."

Kathy chuckled and turned her attention back on the road. Lexi, however, was far from done with the questioning. "So, does this Matt have a last name? Do we know him?"

"Rosenbloom." All the girls, except Kathy looked at Staci incredulously. Lexi's head whipped around so quickly, Staci was afraid that she might have gotten whiplash. Those were the dangers of sitting up front. "Say what?"

"Yeah, it's a long story, but short version is that he's convinced me to give him a chance and Kathy relinquished her rights to him last night. So, I haven't gone backstabber or anything. I'm just trying him out."

Lexi looked pensive for a moment and then replied, "Well, when you're done with him, send him over here. Mama wants a piece of that!" They all broke out into laughter and gossiped for the rest of the ride up to the lake. When they pulled into the driveway, which was already packed with cars, they stared in awe of the house that stood before them. It was huge. "He lives here?" Staci was shocked. No wonder he was so willing to throw a party at his house. Who wouldn't want to show off such a place?

Matt was sitting on the deck, sipping a beer and waiting for Staci to arrive. If she didn't come, they wouldn't be able to plan their date the next day. He had forgotten to ask her for her phone number. Maybe he could ask Jesse for it. The man seemed to know everything there was to know about Staci. Matt knew a lot about Staci from prying information from Jesse. He even knew that she played rugby and liked anime, two of the little secrets that she kept away from the 'Barbie bunch,' as Matt decided to call them. Jesse agreed, saying that it should be a crime to have so many good-looking girls be friends. If you messed up with one, you spoiled your chances with all of them and that was just not fair. Jesse had no idea how right he was. Matt counted himself lucky that Staci had even given him another chance, considering he had turned down Kathy multiple times.

Matt's best friend, Ted, joined him on the deck, resigning himself to having to hear about Staci again. The way Matt talked about her on the phone, he knew that she had to be something special. Matt didn't let Ted down. He eventually brought the conversation to Staci and her friends. Ted laughed when Matt told him about the 'Barbie bunch'. They sounded like a trip, especially the ho.

'Speaking of Barbie,' Matt thought to himself as a young blond waltzed his way. He was surprised that when he checked her out, he compared her to Staci. His Ana had gotten into his head so quickly and for some reason, Matt wasn't worried about it. Wasn't that why people dated? To find the one that they wanted to spend their lives with?

The Barbie look-alike walked up to him and seductively batted her eyes while asking him directions to his bathroom. He told her where to go and she extended an offer to join her to both Matt and Ted. Matt had to chuckle at the way she offered herself to them so willingly. Matt didn't think that he had ever been propositioned to share a girl with his best friend. It was an exciting proposition, but it was a little too late. With a shrug of his shoulders, he told her that he was taken. Then, as a side note, he let her know that he found her offer to be slightly trashy. The look of shock that appeared on her face was classic and Matt wished he had a camera. Back in his college days, he probably would have taken her up on the offer just because he never turned down free pussy. It was a sign that he was growing up. Or perhaps it was a sign that he was seriously stuck on Staci. Ted looked at him and shook his head.

"Man, did you have to ruin my chances too? I'm not the one sprung on some girl. I need pussy like a man in a drought needs rain....and you're swatting off the rain clouds."

Matt laughed. Ted was insane, but that's why they were such good friends. "You didn't want any of that. There are plenty of hot girls here who are willing to get with a guy like you. Give it some time. I'm sure you'll....." Matt trailed off, seeing that his Ana had finally made it to the party.

As he looked across the yard, he saw Staci strolling towards him in a tan sun dress that looked more like a burlap sack on her. He frowned. Why would she wear something like that to the party? Now was not the time to be letting herself go, they hadn't even had a first date yet. And to think he had been bragging about Staci's body to Ted. Now he wasn't even going to get to see how amazing it was.

Staci wore a knowing smile while she strode towards Matt. He'd probably be disappointed that her clothing choice wasn't the thing that wet dreams were made of, but what she wore under it, well, that was something that she hoped he would like. Today, she had dressed for seduction. Matt stood and met her before she reached the stairs to his porch. His pout was more than Staci could handle. She started laughing right there, in the poor man's face. "What's the matter, Matt? You look like your puppy fell into the lake or something."

Matt just grabbed the sides of her dress and wrapped them around her body. "You are under here somewhere, right?"

Staci chuckled. "Of course I'm under here. I just didn't want you to try to steal me away from the party too soon." She gave him a quick wink and, after prying herself from his grasp, turned to walk towards the lake. Matt stared after her and groaned. Even in a burlap sack dress, the way her ass swayed was enough to make his cock swell. If it didn't grow into a full blown hard-on, he'd be lucky. He totally forgot about Ted as he followed Staci to the lake like a love sick puppy. He'd follow his Ana anywhere as long as her ass kept swaying like it did.

After trying a while to persuade her to remove her sun dress to go swimming, Matt gave up and swam without her. Staci watched him as he splashed around in the water like a happy duck, wishing she had opted for fun instead of seduction. She did want to get to know him better before giving in, but she figured that she could have a little fun without having sex with Matt. She would set the pace and it would be the one she was most comfortable with.

Staci noticed that Maia and Jesse were talking beneath a tree and looking quite content to just be with each other. In fact, Maia had rode up to the lake with Jesse, volunteering to find another ride since there wasn't enough room in Kathy's SUV to fit everyone. Staci figured that the walk home must have done something to change the dynamics of their relationship...and Jesse didn't seem to mind the hickeys that had yet to fade from Maia's neck. Staci giggled and thought to herself, 'Love really is blind sometimes.'

She turned to watch Matt and his friend Ted have a water fight. Those two were something else. Just when she thought she had enough of one guy who couldn't keep his mind out of the gutter, he had to have a friend who was even worse. Staci couldn't help but like Ted though, he was a sweetheart under his cocky exterior and he was handsome to boot. His short reddish-brown hair accentuated the brown of his eyes and his dimples and southern drawl were enough to make a girl swoon. Staci had a few friends she'd like to hook up with Ted, but that would have to happen after she got things straightened out with Matt. Staci shook her head and headed to the porch to sit down.

Staci sat in an empty chair that was facing the lake. She had drifted off, thinking about a paper she had to write by Thursday, when someone stood in front of her, bringing her back to reality. "Hey, Matt. What's up?" Staci looked up at him and smiled. She then ran her foot slowly up his leg, circling it just below his crotch, and brought it back down to rest on the porch. A seductive smile spread across her face, just in time to see what was really up and peeking out of Matt's shorts. "Oh my!"

Matt's face turned bright red as he excused himself and rushed into his house. 'Smooth, Matt, real smooth. Why didn't you just poke her eye out with that boner of yours?' He shook his head as he hurried upstairs into his bedroom. He should have made sure that his trunks were closed properly after he took a piss behind that tree, but then again, he hadn't thought that his Ana would decide to something that sexy and scandalous in public. Matt couldn't believe how he let his cool outer façade slip. He could have at least made a joke of it or told her just how much she turns him on. Instead, he ran away. Some ladies man he was.

Matt had to take a minute to cool off and compose himself, not to mention come up with something to say to his Ana when he saw her again. He had just settled onto his bed, placing his hands behind his head, when there was a tentative knock at his door. He sighed and told whoever it was to come in. He figured it was Staci, but got quite a shock when it was Barbie from before. How long had she been up here waiting for someone to take her up on her bathroom offer?

"Hey there, handsome. I figured you could use some company when I saw you come up here alone...with that raging hard-on...I'm sure that before you were just shy in front of your friend...but it's just us now."

She closed the door softly behind her and licked her lips before smiling seductively at Matt. Her approach was slow, calculated, and when she reached the foot of the bed, she began crawling up towards Matt. This was not good. She continued her approach, reminding him of a cat about to catch a mouse. Well, it would be fantastic if he were single, but he wasn't, at least he wasn't in his own mind. He hadn't gotten around to asking his Ana to be his monogamously, but he would soon.

As if thinking about her had brought her to him, Staci bust into the room and looked around. She had forgotten to knock, but if she had, she wouldn't have caught Matt at his little game. She expected to see him upset or embarrassed, she did not expect to see him lying shirtless on the bed with some cheap ho about to pounce on him. When she was able to form sentences again, she decided to cut her losses and leave. "Oh, sorry, I see you're busy. I'll just be going now."

Staci turned to leave, but didn't get far because Matt had bounded off the bed and grabbed her arm. Staci looked ready to kill and struggled to break free of Matt's grip. Matt didn't know what to do. He could only hold on to Staci because he was sure that if he let her leave, he wouldn't get a chance to explain or to tell her how he felt. She wouldn't talk to him again.

"Ana, please, listen to me. It's not what you think."

Staci stilled her attempts to break away and looked Matt in the eyes. "Why should I listen to you? I don't even know who you are! What you do is none of my business. Now let me go!"

"Please, Ana. It isn't what it looks like. I didn't bring her to my bedroom...she just...came in. Don't go."

"Do you want her in here instead of me?" Staci couldn't shake the feeling of betrayal that was threatening to overtake her.

Matt's reply was firm. "No! You're the one I've been after all weekend. I'm not about to give you up so easily." There was no way in hell that he would want that other girl over his Ana. Ana was meant to be his forever, she just didn't know that yet. Staci regarded him warily for a minute. Matt hoped she could see the sincerity in his eyes. He needed her in his life, no one else would do. Staci finally nodded and turned to look at the girl who stood before her in Matt's room. She recognized her as Summer, the girl that Brian was hooking up with when Kathy went to break up with him. Staci narrowed her eyes at her. "Girlie, I will give you to the count of three to get you scrawny ass out of here before I come over there and physically remove you. And believe me, if you leave with my help, it will not be through the door." Staci motioned to the window and smiled. "One.."

Summer rushed past Staci and Matt, blushing furiously. Once she was out of the door, Staci closed it and turned towards Matt. "Well, what do you have to say for yourself?"

Matt wanted to profess his love for her, but figured that it wouldn't be a good idea right now. "She knocked on the door and I thought it was you. I was just about to ask her to leave when you came. As a matter of fact, right before you got to the party, she asked me to join her in the bathroom for some fun and I declined her offer. You can even ask Ted. He was there, he got propositioned too. I would never do anything to intentionally hurt you, Ana. Please believe me. I...I...just want to know that you'll still go out with me tomorrow. I want to know if you'll be mine. I want you in my life more than you know..."

The look of shock that Staci wore on her face spoke volumes. She didn't know how serious Matt was with his feelings for her, but if his little speech was any indication, the man actually cared for her. And here she thought that he was out for a quick fling, a challenge. Staci wasn't sure whether to believe him fully, she did just catch him in his room with another woman. But, then she remembered that the only reason he had run up to his room was to fight off that major boner he had waved in her face earlier. He was so cute when he was embarrassed. She decided to forgive him, but she wanted to draw it out a little longer, see what else he was willing to share. "I don't know, Matt. You were in here with another woman who was obviously more than willing to satisfy you...what am I supposed to think?"

"That I would never do anything to hurt you and I would hope that you would trust me to throw her out before anything happened."

"We just met. How am I supposed to know how you would react in this situation? We aren't even officially dating or anything."

Matt looked at her like she was insane. "I just told you I wanted you to be mine. What more do you want from me, woman? A declaration of love?"

Staci raised an eyebrow and folded her arms. "Woman?"

Matt growled low in his throat. He could hardly resist her when she was just talking to him and being herself, but when she was ticked off, that was when he wanted to rip her clothes off the most. For some reason, her anger and stubbornness set off something inside of him that wanted to do nothing more that claim her as his own. The harder she fought, the more determined he became. He had to have her. There was nothing more beautiful that when her jaw was set and she was about to tell him off and all he wanted to do was turn that anger into passion.

He placed his hands on her full hips and nearly moaned at the thought of being in between her thighs, plunging into her depths. He got himself back under control and leaned his head down to smile at the sweet woman standing before him in a burlap sack. "Mmm...you heard me right. You're my woman and a lot more woman than I could ever imagine asking for. You're strong and you don't take anyone's crap. You're beautiful, smart, funny, sassy, and I bet you dominate on the rugby field. I'd have to be crazy to let you go without a fight. Be mine, Ana. I'm yours if you'll have me."

All the time he had been talking, Matt had been walking Staci backwards until she was against a wall. Before she had a chance to respond, he captured her lips in a deep kiss, hoping that he could convey his feelings for her within that kiss. He pulled away only to bury his face in her neck and place soft kisses over the flesh he found there. Staci was near incoherent at this point. His kisses made her melt and she was thankful the wall was lending her some support right then because without it, she would have been on the floor. Matt halted his exploration of her neck to look at her. Staci's eyes were closed, but they slowly opened to return his gaze. "Will you have me?" Matt's eyes held his emotions, apprehension, desire, lust, love and he figured that his Ana would be able to read each one. There was no point in holding back.

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