Mrs Sucubus - A Halloween Story


She took a very deep breath. "But I feel so refreshed," she said with a sigh.

She lay against me, slowly drawing circles on my chest with her finger. "Do you think this will really work?" she asked.

"It will or I will die trying," I said with a laugh.

"That's not funny," she said, slapping me lightly with her hand. She then got very quiet. "I don't think I want to lose you," she said softly. "I've had thousands of men-- and almost as many women-- lust after me... ... but you are the first person who actually loves me."

She rolled off of me and sat beside me on the bed. "Others have said it, but that was just so they could mug with me." She leaned over and again drew circles on my chest with her finger. "I think," she said with a smile, "you actually mean it. You love me."

"Do you think you will be able to love me?" I asked.

Again her pain washed over me. "Love is not possible for a Succubus," she said sadly. "I guess those who loved couldn't use the act of love as a way of harvesting life and died away."

"What about those who are saddened that they have to harvest life force?" I asked softly.

"I guess we will also die away," she said softly.

"Unless others willingly give you life force," I said. "Do you have enough now to keep you for a while?"

"Yes," she answered. "I don't have enough to last until next Halloween, but I should be good for the next several months."

"That gives us time to plan," I said clapping my hands together.

"Plan what?"

"Among other things," I answered, "next year's Halloween party. But we also have to accumulate some funds. The only way we can pull this off is if we are rich. We need a big house and have to give a lot of big parties."

"Why?" she asked. The confusion on her face made her even more beautiful.

"Because," I said with a grin, "we need to make friends with a lot of young men and women if we are going to have a pool of lovers for you and your friends to snack on."

She still look confused, so I added, "You don't think I can keep you and all your friends alive by myself, do you? Besides, I will eventually shrivel up and die before my time from all the life essence I am giving you."

"Not necessarily," she said with a smile. "If we make love without me drawing life force from you, it disturbs the great pool from which all life force comes. I can't pull it into me, but some of it will flow into you. And since it is new life force from the great pool, it refreshes you in a way that more than makes up for the life force I have drawn from you. Not only will you not die early, your life will be extended beyond anything you can imagine. I think that is the way it used to work when Succubi and Incubi were common and intermarried with mortals."

She smiled again. This time it was a very sad smile. "We can not procreate among ourselves," she explained. "You can get me pregnant, and an incubi can get a mortal woman pregnant, but only if we are not drawing life force from your body. We have been too hungry for too many years to allow ourselves the pleasure of sex without feeding, and so our numbers are diminishing. Someday we will disappear altogether."

"Will all the children be Succubi or Incubi?" I asked.

"Not necessarily," she answered. "The girls will all be beautiful and the boys will be extremely handsome, but we will not know if they are mortal or like me until they reach puberty."

"Wow!" I exclaimed. "And I thought I had a hard time going through puberty and dealing with the changes in my body."


It didn't take long for us to acquire significant riches. Julia didn't have the power to make money just appear, but if she accompanied me to the bank when I applied for a loan, the loan officer would get this blank look on his face-- they were all men back then-- and he would sign the papers for whatever we needed. The stock market was going crazy in those days and if you invested right you could make millions in a short time. Then one Wednesday morning, Julia came to me and said, "We have to draw all of our money out of the stock market... today!"

I didn't ask why, but by nightfall, we had converted almost everything into cash or gold. The next day we completed our exit from the stock market, but it was "Black Thursday," and prices were dropping rapidly. Many of our friends were wiped out the next week on "Black Tuesday" when the market crashed completely and triggered the Great Depression.

That actually worked out rather well for Julia and her friends. With my ability to read minds, I could tell which of our impoverished friends were really planning to commit suicide and Julia or her friends obliged them in a way that made it look like they hadn't killed themselves. They didn't attack them or anything like that. Julia merely explained to them what she was and offered to end their life in a very pleasurable way.

I was surprised at how many women wanted to kill themselves rather than face a life of poverty. Julia, however, said that she had seen this many times before. It is much harder for a woman to give up a life of luxury than it is a man. Perhaps that is because a woman immediately recognizes the full reality of what has occurred while a man only accepts bits and pieces of the truth of their new status in life and gradually accepts his decline to the bottom.

Having riches when no one else did was both a blessing and a curse. Because we had money, we-- like the Rockefellers and Kennedys and others who actually controlled the stock market behind the scenes-- were in a position to phenomenally increase our wealth. But public opinion turned against the opulence of the upper class. It was not unusual for the very rich to be spit upon in the streets. We sold off our mansion at a great loss, moved, and changed our names.

We were able to buy another mansion, just as grand, also at a very reduced price. And the locals were glad to have someone with resources come in and buy the local plant and keep it open and running. Thus, the Barkly's-- as we were now known-- though extremely rich, were loved by the people. That love was made even stronger by our tradition of opening the mansion grounds each month during the summer for a free picnic.

That was Julia's idea. She knew that the working class were much more likely to believe in magic and that such a gathering would provide the necessary power for some of her sisters and brothers to take bodily form. They had to promise absolutely to only snack, and she patrolled the grounds constantly to make sure that was enforced. There was a lot of gossip and talk about what went on in the bushes during those picnics, but no one suspected anything because not everyone in the bushes was coupling with a Succubus or Incubus.

It didn't take long for many of her siblings to become strong enough that they could remain corporeal and sure enough that they could trust not having to overfeed. Some even fell in love-- or at least acquired a taste for a particular mortal. They married and became a "normal" part of the community. A lot of the upper management at the plant were Succubi or Incubi. It was unusual to have women in management back then, but they had no trouble getting the workers to follow their direction. The town and surrounding area has prospered ever since.

Which brings us back to the reason I am here. Halloween is just around the corner and there are many of our young men and women who would love to have you attend the party this year. I can guarantee you will have a good time-- a very good time. And Julia and I will be there in case any of the young sluts or satyrs lose control of themselves and go too far. Who knows, love may even bloom and you will find your life-mate at this party.

What I am saying is that this is your official invitation to my annual Halloween Party. The place is Barkly Mansion. The time is after dark on Halloween night.

I'll give you some time to think about it.

Don't worry about an RSVP, after listening to me for this long, our minds are linked. I'll be able to hear your answer.


Would you go?

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