tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMs. Marca Ch. 01

Ms. Marca Ch. 01

byMs. Marca©

MY PRIVATE WORLD: My name is MARCA I'm married (more on this in a different story) and at 33, it's nice to know I can still easily find young studs to explore the world of sex with, they find my full figure alluring. –At 5' 10", 140# with 40DD, big and firm, and my body is 23 X 38 still curvy. To know and learn about a woman I think a man should see how she lives her life in her dressing/bed room. If you were to go into my setting area you would see my world of femininity. If you open the drawers of the dresser's, you will find two are filled with satin and silk underwear - brassieres, panties, slips, half-slips, teddies, and garter belts. Red, white, black, blue, champagne and earth tones -- all colors of the rainbow and all shades of the colors.

One by one, you examine each piece of lingerie, lifting them to your nose and inhaling my scent and the lingering traces of my White Shoulders and Lauren perfumes. Opening another drawer, to find stockings of silk and nylon, seamed and seamless, plain and patterned. Blouses, sweaters, socks and "sensible" clothing fill the remaining seven drawers. The vanity has only four small drawers. These are filled with small, personal items. Nothing of interest, unless your into sex! Dildo's, vibrators, condoms, KY jell, baby oil, and cream for my pussy. But the top of the vanity is covered with perfumes, and lipsticks, and fingernail polishes, and eye shadow -- all the colors and smells that makes a woman into "The Woman." You can imagine the erotic sensations I will experience as I put eye shadow and lipstick upon the unconscious, helpless beauty that I try to be.

You turn to my closet, opening the door and glancing inside to find the typical suits, slacks, jackets, skirts and blouses: what we call sensible attire. Nestled among the "sensible" attire are several pieces of rather suggestive clothing including "After Five and Eight" dress in different colors, all with an extremely low neckline and some with the skirt slit almost to the waist. I have mini and knee length skirts and wrap around that will show leg if I want. Shoes of all kind, my heels are anywhere from 1 ½" to 6" platform heels. There are also several nightgowns of silk and satin hang here as well. You discover the way my system is setup in my room should amuse any man.

The surface view is one of the deadly efficient of any woman; while beneath the surface an entirely different story of hidden femininity emerges. Apparently, the same passions and forces that drive me to make myself sexy, is the number one priority. Around the house when no one is here I'm in a pair of shorts and a tank top or halter-top. In the winter time its jeans and a pullover. Thong is my underwear of choice 90% of the time and I always have a bra on, got to have something to help hold these love bags up.

When I'm out doing my running around, bank, store, cleaners and just the everyday things that have got to get done, I always have my hair and makeup, as it should be. Got to be from my days of modeling "Always look your best at all times!" I get a lot of looks and a few bold men will even try and have a conversation with me, if I let them. Most of the time I just smile and go on about my business, unless he has a full package and it is showing than I might return some chat but this is once in a blue moon. I don't have a hard time making friends with men, just the women who don't want to be around me. That is OK with me men are my thing anyway. I'm a tease; a flirt and I flaunt my looks whenever I can. I love for men to look at me; I'm an exhibitionist! I have bra's that will let my nipples show though when I get them hard and they become very aroused, the blouse or top I have on will show just enough to keep the men looking at me.

MY VIEW OF HAVING SEX: The young lads say I'm better in bed or on the floor, than their girl friends, as I'm much more responsive and my cunt really sucks the sperm from their cocks. I love fucking them because they can cum over and over again and never get soft. I also find it amusing to watch them dive down between my legs and push their face into my well used, spunk-filled pussy. They sure enjoy coming back for more. Most of my lovers are in the same age group as myself or a little younger, but I've had many older men as well. Some of the older men can be very satisfying, since they often last much longer than the young ones before they cum. And to see the look of amazement on their faces when I make their eager tongue takes the place of their spent cocks is a turn on for me. Older men will go down on me and eat me longer than a young guy.

Men over 55 seem to want to take their time and make it last which is OK with me, I have multiple orgasms as it is and having my pussy juice flow in his mouth is a treat for both of us, will it should be for him. I normally cum straight away while clamping my thighs tightly around the guy's head just from the expression on their faces I can see that they get a shot of my juices. All my lovers get great satisfaction from watching me play with myself and lick kiss and suck my nipples. It gives them a feeling of superiority to observe a woman making herself climax and see the pussy juice run down her legs she humps her fingers or whatever I use to get off on. And they feel even more superior when I lick their cocks clean and get them hard so they can fuck me again. This is all part of what I want and treat my sex partners as if this is all they are good for anyway. I make sure my lovers know this, because I love the arrogant attitude it gives them! So as your see, I live a very full and active love life, and I feel so young and randy. It must be all that extra marital sex and sperm.

LOVER'S: I've have many lovers over the years, and since my first sex act of oral sex (I was a under age teen) and having oral sex performed on me I always enjoys having men eating me out after they have cum in me. I've never kept score, but after thinking about it, I must have had 1,000+ different men -- black, white and brown -- and many of them I fucked regularly. (If you just take the years from 18th birthday to my 28th, that is 10 years = 520 weeks. If I had just done 3 guys a week, that would be 9 guys a month (remember gentlemen, we ladies must rest for a few days during a 28 day period) that is will over 1,000 men. I have had as many as 10 different men in the same week and have had as many as 5 different men over a weekend many times, so the final number is unknown.) While in high school, I had sex with several neighbors, fathers of girlfriends, boyfriends, brothers of girlfriends, fathers that I baby sat for, a teacher, a guidance counselor, and a host of guy's I never knew what they did or who they were. At the same time, I was dating boys my own age, sometimes two a weekend, and never saying "no. My first year that my mother let me date all I could do was double date.

In 10th grade, I screwed two guys in a car after they dropped the first girl off after a double date. My father wanted me to go to college and I did for one year. What a year! Several times in college, I fucked two, even three different guys on the same night, usually at parties. I once spent a long weekend with four guys, fucking all of them, plus several of their friends who stopped by. I never did get to see the game they were watching on TV, let alone the half time. I screwed at least five different professors (had to pass the course!). Went to Spring Break in Florida, competing with two girlfriends to see who could fuck the most guys (Of course, I won.) After high school and college most of the men I fucked I worked with in the modeling business.

Most of them were part of the crew that was on location for a shoot and once in a while a male model. 75% of the male models are gay and they have no interest in a female, in fact I had to keep them off the crew! When I think about all the guys I had I know them by their face and their cocks of varying sizes. The smallest was just 3.5" long; the longest belonged to an African immigrant and was nearly 14". I thought it was coming up my throat. However, most of my lovers had average size cocks between 7 and 8 inches long, which were still much more filling than a guy with a small PP does. The best cocks going are the ones that have a over size mushroom head.

Giving head to that type of cock over the years has made me have an climax every time I go past the rack of Mushroom at the Safeway. Love to feel the head sliding in and out of my pussy and feel the walls almost as if a slick blunt pole was smoothing the sides. I think of the number of cocks, fingers and tongues that had filled my pussy, mouth and ass. God the cum! How many gallons of cum had entered my body? Some guys have said that I'm a nymph if that is true, God it is a great feeling to be a Grade AAA nymph. Part II next.

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