tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMs. Marca Ch. 02

Ms. Marca Ch. 02

byMs. Marca©

Chapter 2: My Love of Exhibitionism

I had gone to visit a very dear friend of my family who I had known as a teen. They both worked and I had the day (Monday) all to myself and wanted to read my Glamour and Vogue and keep up on looking like a million that every one tells that do. Just a bitch! I had to get a cab at 2:00 to get to the airport so I had time to lay out. I had gone out to the patio to work on my tan, like I need to get this body any darker, but I love the sun. I was alone during the days and just assumed that every one in the neighborhood worked and that no one was home to see me. I put my towel down on the lounge chair/bed and was lying on the lounge bed on my back. I ran oil on my arms and legs and the body glistening from the sun. Every once in a while I would shift my legs or run my hand or fingers along the edge of the string white bikini to wipe away some of the perspiration that gathered there.

I heard a sound come from the yard next door to the west side of the house. A high 8-ft. wooden fence was between the two houses and I didn't think anyone could see in the yard. A couple named Worth lived next door. I got up went in the house to get something to drink and went up stairs to use my bathroom and I looked down from my window to see if I could see who was in the yard next door. Old Mr. Worth was out in his yard/garden doing his thing, He was about 60 and I knew he was going to start looking as soon as he knows I'm out getting some sun. I felt so sexy, nasty and just naughty and wanted to give him a show.

When I came back down I made sure that I made enough noise that he would know I was back out side and I told myself "SHOWTIME!" I sat down and went about applying the lotion slowly, languidly, pouring some oil in my palm, then reaching down to the ankles and rubbing it slowly up my legs, my 40DD breasts were trying to bust out of my string bikini top as I moved forward and back. I could hear him moving near the fence and than I could not hear anything, he had to be watching. Then I poured a line of oil along my arms, and spread it over the shoulders, and on to my breasts, moving them around, pushing my fingers into them. Then I laid back and spread it on my stomach.

He must be near the fence and was watching , not a sound was coming from the area, he had to be looking though one of the small knotholes and I was ready to give him more. "THE SHOW MUST GO ON!" I continue to rub oil down my stomach, to the edge of the string bikini. I spread my legs wide , very wide and then spread the oil into the crease of my thigh, moving the material to one side letting my pussy lips show. God I feel hot knowing that he's watching."

I was ready to turn over and show him my ass that was covered with a thong that left nothing to the imagination. Iv been told a 100 times that it was a beautiful ass, which my husband often told me. Slowly I moved over on my front and undid my bra string, then applied the lotion to my back. By reaching back I knew that my breast were exposed to some degree. I than focused on my legs now, applying the lotion on the back of them, down and up my calves, then the thighs, right up to my ass cheeks. Then I worked, rubbed and kneaded the oil into my ass. "OH..mmmm" I moaned as I ran a finger into the crack of my ass. I parted my legs just slightly than back to the inside of my thighs, suddenly stopping, with a long moan and groan. I was getting aroused!

The top slip off to the side, and I put my thumbs in the waistband of my thong and slip it down and off, dropping it to the side of my lounge. I turned over and began to rub my breast, massaging them, tugging on my nipples and twisting them. My breasts are fabulous, full and firm, with tight hard nipples. I was getting turned on! I got up to go in and ran upstairs to see if he was still at the fence and was he watching. "OH SHIT!" The old fart was standing looking though a crack in the boards and had his cock out and was stroking it. My pussy went to dripping . It was time for more. "ACT TWO!"

I went back down and walked out on to the patio naked for the entire world to see, will him for sure. I sat down and laid back so he could take in my love bags and I spread my legs to show him my wet pussy. My tummy was rising and falling. I pulled my knees up slightly and slid a finger slowly down my tummy, digging them into my oil slick skin, inching slowly toward my love hole I slid my fingers around my lips, pussy lips. I was fingering myself in full view of the old man!

Oh my god, not only am I naked, I'm masturbating! My heart pounded and the excitement spread all over the more, and me excited I became the more I rubbed my pussy in and out of my wet hot pussy. How could I? Oh god, he was looking right at me, at my pussy and my finger going inside it! I was going hard and wanted to give him a hot fuck me show! I pulled my fingers out of my dripping pussy and quickly moved them up to my mouth. My pink tongue darted out and licked up the fresh wetness of my pussy juices. Oh God how wonderful it smelled and tasted...but oh dear god I'm going crazy, I need to get off. Tasting my pussy juice! Right there in front of him! That was the most private and secret thing that any woman can do, will I guess masturbating is just as bad. Here I was, had just done it in front of him. I felt so naked, wild, sexy, like a bitch in heat and exposed at having my secret let out like this.

I moved my ass toward him a little to the right, facing more towards the fence, so that he could get a perfectly straight view of my open pussy lips. As I moved my ass I spread my legs out as wide as I could open my legs and than spread my lips with my fingers, then plunged my middle finger inside again, coming out only to circle my lips. Oh Jesus, I wasn't even being subtle now. I was showing off for him, having sex with him! I got up and stood so that he could see my ass as I bent over and open up my pussy and look back as if he was behind me ready to fuck me dog style. I wiggled my ass as I spread my lips with my left hand as I reached between my spread legs and used my right hand to rub my rock hard nipples and lift it up so I could kiss, suck and bite my own nipple. Oh how it felt so good to just let go like that, to let him watch, to let it show, to play openly with my pussy and breast. I wanted to show off my sexy body. Oh yes, how I wanted him to see me!

I had 3 or 4 small orgasms but not the big one that makes my knees go weak and I was ready for it. Thinking about getting fucked dog style and thinking about his cock that I had seen was getting me near that big bang. Oh me, if the good Lord felt this way when he made the earth, I was ready for today's BIG BANG! Than it hit me, OH YES OH YES MMM OH, as I continue to rub my pussy and than I went to my knees and found my self on all 4's on the lounge trying to get my breath. Oh me that was good. I got my things together and picked up my bikini and went in side to have a shower. When I got to the door, I turned and looked his way and called out.


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