tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMs. Marca Ch. 03

Ms. Marca Ch. 03

byMs. Marca©

This happen to me before I was marred, in my wild/sleeping around days. I found out a few weeks after this happen who and what had taken place. Hope you enjoy!

* * * * *

My wife had gone out with her girl friends to some woman's thing and I was ready to go peep on my goddess next door. Marca is a 5' 10", 140# dark hair/eyes and a body to die for, 40DD 23X 38. I quietly tiptoed up the steps of my neighbor's deck and peeked through a small crack left in the closed drapes. Marca had a male guest over that night for dinner and like all her men friends she had seduction on the menu. She had made her move on (I did not know his name but will call him Joe). I could see them talking and I could see Marca rubbing her neck. I could also see Joe's empty glass as well as his nod of approval at Marca's apparent suggestion. Marca stood up and walked over to a chair near the window I was at and sat on the floor. She motions for Joe to come set and she was at his feet in front of him. She pulled her long black hair off of the back of her neck and I saw Joe place his hands on her. My cock was already hard watching this man touch her. Then I heard her moan softly and tell him how nice it felt.

She turned and looked at him and told him that he really did not have to leave if he did not want to. After a minute she placed her hand on him and started rubbing on his thigh. Then she slid her hand up to his cock and started caressing it through his slacks. He became turned on after a few minutes and got up to sit on the floor beside her. She slid behind him and started kissing his neck and rubbing his chest. She then moved in front of him and pushed him on his back. She lay on top and they started kissing each other hard and wild. His hands worked down her back and started squeezing her ass. She started to kiss down his neck and undid his shirt, then kissed down his chest to his pants. She unfastened his belt and unzipped his slacks He lifted his ass to help as she slid his pants and underwear all the way down. His thick cock sprang out in her face. I had to smile at the expression on Marca's face.

She stared at the size of his cock in amazement, for I knew that the few times I got to see her; she love to suck and fuck a big cock. All the other guys I had seen her fuck were big and had mushroom heads on them. It was still sort of limp but it was still fat, probably a bit thinner than your wrist. It was also long, I would guess eight and a half or nine inches. It just flopped there on his stomach going all the way past his belly button. He had very large balls as well. She just caressed his cock lightly and stared at it for what seemed like minutes. It slowly began to rise off his stomach. As he got harder it really did not seem to get any longer, but it certainly got fatter. She started to kiss up and down his shaft, licking its length then taking the head in her mouth.

Thick goo started oozing from it, and as she circled her tongue around the tip, strings of it ran from her mouth to his thick purple head. Her head began to bob up and down on it and she could only get half in her mouth. She started slowly at first but then went faster and faster, stopping once in a while to cup his balls, which completely filled her hand, then licking both them and the full length of his cock. I could not believe how long she did this but it had to be at least fifteen or twenty minutes. He really had good control; I never would have lasted that long. Finally she got on her knees and unbuttoned her blouse and then pulled it off over her shoulders. Joe reached up and unfastened her bra and pulled it from her. His hands cupped her globes and lightly squeezed each one as she moaned a soft sigh of approval. Marca is 5' 10" with 40DD breasts and those beautiful soft breast and hard dark nipples looked so sexy as I kept my eyes glued to the action through the window.

My cock was rock hard and I was lightly stroking it as I continued to watch as she finished undressing each other. Then they got on their knees and kissed passionately. She was squeezing his bare ass pulling him to her, her bare breasts mashed against his bare hairy chest. He had his arms around her pulling her tighter to him. They kissed hard for several minutes. Watching them opening their mouths and circling their tongues was very erotic. Next Marca stood and Joe unzipped her skirt and let it drop to her ankles where she kicked it aside.

He was still on his knees and he started hugging her. Kissing her stomach and breasts, squeezing her ass. Her black silk panties were tight up the crack of her ass as he kneaded her cheeks. She pushed him on his back and slid them down, standing in front of Joe totally nude except for her 4" black heel and black lace top stockings, so proud, touching herself, showing off for him (and me), and rubbing her little pink clit. She got on top of him in a sixty-nine position pulling his cock to her mouth and sucking him in, this time taking all of his nine inches into her. He pulled Marca's ass apart and buried his face between her cheeks slipping his tongue in and out; Marca was grinding her pussy on his face. He moved a hand to the crack of her ass and rubbed up and down the length of it.

His finger felt the puffy opening of her ass hole. It was open slightly. He moved the finger to her pussy and coated it with slick pussy juice. Then he rubbed his finger around the entrance to her ass hole pressing gently, then more firmly. His finger slid into the opening. Unlike her pussy it was dry and felt tight. He worked his finger up and down in her hole. Finger fucking her ass hole with ever quickening strokes, he worked on her pussy with his tongue. Her cunt looked was so wet and swollen I could not believe it. I knew that he loved every minute of it. Marca had to stop sucking as her breathing got faster and she lay down and jerked him in front of her face.

When she put her head down his cock was to big it practically hung over her shoulder. Suddenly she began to shake as an orgasm came over her. She bucked and ground on his mouth like wild. She couldn't stand it any longer! She jumped off him and turned around and they kissed madly, harder than ever before. Anticipating what was to come next, she leaned forward and reached down for his cock. Stroking it she began to slide it up and down her open slit. Then closing her eyes and licking her lips she slowly, carefully eased the head of his cock into her as I watched inch after inch separate her lips and glide into her until his entire length was buried in my beautiful neighbors pussy.

She had her head back and mouth open and she started to slowly grind on him getting every last bit of him in there. Then she slowly raised off until he was completely out of her; his cock and her pussy were totally drenched and glistening in the dim light. Slowly she sat down on it again repeating the whole thing several times just enjoying the feel of him before speeding the pace. Faster and faster she went riding him into the ground, him thrusting up from below her. Now I could hear her moans and screams as he fucked her from below, and I could hear her calling out for him to ram the full length of his rod into her. I couldn't believe he hadn't come yet.

But Marca hit her climax two or three times. Then she rolled off of Joe and lay down on the carpet so that her open legs were facing the window to give me a direct view of her soaking love nest. Then Joe positioned himself on top of her and I watched her hand guide his cock into her pussy. Now with him on top pounding into her, she was scratching his back, grabbing his tight ass, and wrapping her legs around his back to pull him into her. His large balls were almost touching the carpet, swinging and slapping her ass with each thrust. He continued his fucking for at least five minutes before he stopped with one last full hard stroke. His ass and thighs tightened as he shot a thick gush inside her. He pounded her pussy with several more strokes before he collapsed on top of her. I could see a pool of thick white cum forming on the carpet as it ran down her ass. She reached down and wiped some off her ass with two fingers.

Bringing the fingers to her mouth, she licked some cum then offered her fingers to Joe. He opened his mouth and took her cum laden fingers in. He tasted her pussy juice now mixed with his cum. He sucked on her fingers and she kissed him. That really got me hot and I continued to jerk my cock wishing that I were able to also share the liquid that she was feeding to Joe. They lay there for 10 minutes kissing lightly and feeling each other, and smiling and talking a bit. Soon he stood and began to dress as Marca lay there watching him, his long cock swinging just a few feet in front of her. She got up on her knees and placed her month around his now limp member and pulled it into her month and sucked the last of his juices from him as she tried to get it to come to life again, but he was spent for the night.

As he finished dressing, she got up and slipped on her panties. Then they kissed one last time and she walked him to the front door. As soon as I was sure he left I cut through the side yard back to my house to see if my wife had got home from her night out with her sisters. She had told me she was going to have dinner with 2 old friends and her sister and would be late. She was not home and I went back to see more! Marca was sitting in the wing chair almost asleep from exhaustion when I came back to the window of her house. After a few minutes she stood up and smiled and went into her master bedroom. I moved to a different window so I could see her in the bedroom and she stood in front of me, her face and chest were all blushed, her breasts heavy and swollen.

Marca turned around and bent over sticking her ass just a few feet from my face, it was unbelievable! His cum had soaked her pussy and ran out drenching her black panties making them almost transparent Her pink, pussy lips was swollen and her black hair was matted against the cum soaked material. She pulled her panties down and I could see how full of cream she was. I watched as she sat back down in a big over stuff chair and placed one of her legs over each arm of the chair. This not only served to spread her pussy but it also raised her ass slightly off of the cushion. Joe's cum was running out of her as she wiped it up with a towel and played with her pussy.

Then I went home and counted the minutes until my wife got home. When she did get home I spent the rest of the night eating my wife's sweet buttered bun as I remembered all of the details of how Joe used his cock on Marca and thinking how I wanted that to be me. Finally I fucked my wife as I could see in my mind Marca fucken and sucken his big cock. I shot what felt like a gallon of cum into my wife's pussy. She asks me what had got into me that was the best fuck I had given her in years. I told her she need to go out with her friends more often and I could do that to her at the end of the evening. Finally we went to sleep in each other's arms.

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