tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMs. Marca Ch. 06

Ms. Marca Ch. 06

byMs. Marca©

I had done a trade show for a company two years in a row, and the President of the company had taken a liking to me and often invited me to lunch and nothing more. I had just turned 24 and was getting my share of assignments

The President of the company ask me to lunch one day and over lunch he told me that he had a Grandson who was being hovered over to much by his mother and Grandmother (his daughter/wife). That the father just was over ruled at every turn on how the boy should be, so was his Grandfather. He can't play football he may get hurt, he can't play baseball it is to hot in the summer. Et. The boy would be a senior in High school, 18 years old, over weight, shy, not going anywhere. Bright student but had no personality and was shy around girls and embarrassed about his looks and the men in the family knew what he was going though, but the mothers wanted to protect their little boy. "You know what I mean Marca!"

"So why are you telling me all this!" As if I didn't know, I saw where he was headed for. Can you make a man of him? I looked at this older (70) man and gave him that raised eyebrow look, "No! But I can show him what a man can do in life with a woman and what it is like to have had sex with a woman, as I smiled. If your wife/daughter finds out I is in trouble, that I don't need! If that happens I'll step in and take the heat, but I don't think it will, unless he is gay. My friend is a very smart business man so I said OK, let me think how I want to do this, give me a few days.

A few days later I called my old friend and told him I had a plan. It seems that on a few days during the week the kid would go with his grandfather to the office and do little things and just visits with the old man. When he does come in next (we had set a date and time) tell your grandson to take this package (just give him something business like) over to this lady and let her look at the paper and wait for her to give you a reply. He is to stay until I sign them or whatever. It was summer school was out and he came over on a weekday about 10:30 AM and I was by the pool in what you would call nothing. I had it all hanging out, thong bikini. The top was one size to small and they were about to bust out if I moved the wrong way.

When he came up I could see it had to be him, short fat kid with a package and he was looking for apt 52E (where I lived). He wonder around trying to find the right one and all this time I'm watching him, when he gets to my apt he knocks and looks around waiting for someone to open the door. I set up in my lounge chair and call out "Can I help you!"

"Iv got a package for the lady who lives here is she home." I live there and he started walking toward me and as he got closer I could see by the look on his face he was not expecting the lady to look like this. He was very polite and introduced himself and told me who his grandfather was and hands me the package. I told him to set down and let me look this over, he took a seat in the chair I had place so he could get a good view of my best assets. So he could watch the little beads of sweat roll off them and down though the valley of cleavage into the forbidden zone. Will it was to him, it was forbidden! I had no idea what the hell the OLE guy sent me but I looked at it like it was a million-dollar deal. About 3 or 4 minutes into reading whatever it was I leaned over to pick up the oil and rubbed some on me. That lean was done so that my right tit would pop out and be looking at him like a one eyed poker player, and my nipples were hard to began with knowing what I was doing. Being a weekday at that time of morning no one but me was around the pool area and so what I did was not going to be seen by anyone but the kid. I acted like I didn't know that it was showing, a woman knows when what ever she is trying to cover is uncovered believe me we know! I sat reading my papers, when all of a sudden I look down and act very surprise and embarrassed that I was exposed and looked around to see if anyone had seen me and I put it back in the undersize cup.

With an embarrassed grin I looked at him and said, "You're not going to say anything to your grand father about that?" No ma I didn't see a thing, and he was turning red and trying not to look at me. "Say it's getting hot out here you want a Coke?" Lets go in and get a drink and out of this hot sun and with that (think about what I'm doing and wearing) I stood up turned around to where my ass is facing him 4 feet from me. I bend over with a tong on and slip on my 5" heels. Who wears heels out to the pool! I'm bending over, with legs spread taking lots of time, I pick up my towel, oil, sunglasses, and the papers and while I'm doing that I shaft my weight back and forth on each leg to get some hip action. HOT just plane HOT!

With that I walk ahead of him to the apartment and give that CATWALK swing as I go. That is where the step must cross over in front of the step you just made which with that high of heel gives your ass that swing that makes a blind man see. I go in first and put the papers and towel and things down in a chair that was near the door, only place for him to set is on the sofa. I tell him have a seat and I go to the bathroom, P and put on some perfume, and put scented water base vaginal lotion in my pussy, good tasting so Iv been told and smells nice and touched up my makeup. Back to the Kitchen and one can of Coke for the kid, things go better with Coke, which was going to be me! I set down near him and go back to reading my paper and start small talk with him, where do you go to school what grade and the BS that I needed to get him chatting.

Time for boob fall out trick again and I lean over to pick up something that I let it fall and POP out it comes and this time he is setting 90 degrees to my right and can see it up close and more of the left one. "Oh this is the 4th time this has happen, as I slip it back in, this happen twice last weekend and her in front of you in less than an hour twice, I'm going to have to get a new bikini!" He just smiled and mumbled "I like that one" and blushed, and looked away from me and squired. I smiled and said "I want tell you grandfather you said that if you don't tell him I almost striped for you." We both laugh and I leaned over and kissed him on the cheek near his mouth and said in a low voice as I put my hand on his leg "Be my luck it will keep falling out!"

He turned and looked at me and down at my tits and sure enough some how the right one pop out again as I lowered my right arm and moved my face closer to his and kissed him this time on the lips (Closed lips). It was a wet lip one and I could feel my right nipple rub his arm, as I pressed it into the flesh and leaned more toward him. He didn't know what to do with his hands are any part of his body, talk about scared I could almost hear his heart beat. With my left hand I moved it up to his face as I pulled back I looked at him and said you're a good kisser, "I like the way you kiss, kiss me again!" That was a load of shit, but it made him feel good.

Before he had a chance to answer I moved closer and kissed him on the lips just a little bit more full lip and ran my lips closed mouth over his. At the same time I reached behind my back and unhooked my bikini top but did not take it off. Could feel the front fall but with my tits pressing up next to him my front was not going anywhere. While still with my lips on his I put my hand up to his face and pulled back and smiled at him and just looked at him. I was waiting for him to pull away so that my top could fall in his lap and he would see my full 40DD and how hard my nipples were. OK what does this tell me he want pull back but he want come toward me to kiss me, tells me he likes it but needs some encouragement. I than move my right hand up to the back of his neck and pull him toward me as I kiss him one more time. Full lip and wet, still no tongue but I run my lips over his not a hard kiss just a full wet touch, and lower my left hand to his lap right on top of his upper thigh. This made him jerk and tense up. Wrong thing to do?

I than pull back no more than a few inches from his face and raise up on my right knee which puts me up and above his face. I lower my head down to kiss him and my top falls into his lap and if I pull away his face will be looking at my full melons. This kiss is full with just a little of my mouth open lips part while I run them over his lips and I have both hands on his cheeks holding his face as I kiss him. I held his face up and pull my lips back and than lower his face so he can see my breast and I move my nipples in toward him. He took the right one in his mouth like a baby taking tit and sucked and licked it as I held his face. I let him suck and lick as long as he wanted and this was not causing me any problems, just sending wave of excitement though me.

He began to get with the action and put one of his hands up around and on my hip, I had moved to where I was on both knees and looking down on him as he sucked my nipple. "The boy doesn't know it but the other one likes to have the same attention," so I had to pull it away and turn my left one into his face for him to continue. He didn't miss a beat, so for so good, but I got to get my bottoms off and he has got to do it! I reach down and pulled his other hand up and placed it on my hip in the same spot, on the other side. His hands were resting on my hips just below my waist and on the thong waistband. I began to move my tits in a circular motion and this made my hips roll as my tits did and I began to moan very slow and in a low tone.

I moved my face down near his left ear as he was sucking my left nipple and in a low voice, "OH YES OH YES OH THAT IS SOOOO GOOOD." I began to rock my tit into his mouth and moved both my hands back to his hands and moved them down to my waist band and hooked his thumb into the band and pushed his hands down just a inch or two. I stop pushing and let him do it, but he stop and just help them in his thumb hooked in the band, I wiggled my ass trying to wiggle out of the thong, but he made no effort to pull them down anymore than where they were. I moved my hips my ass anyway I could just to send the message to pull them down, but he was to busy sucking to do two things at once. After a few minutes I knew I had to do something he was not going to. So I pulled back from his face, but held on to his hands and stood up in front of him and Look down and said in a heavy breathing voice. "Help me get my panties off and I pushed on his hands and wiggled out of them down to my knees. He had to lean forward to do this and I lean forward to help him and my honey hole was right in front of his face 3 or 4."

He was not ready for that; oral sex was not on this lesson, him doing it no way. I lean forward as much as I could and looked at him and said "You sure you're not going to tell your Grandfather?"

"Shit! Are you kidding god no!" THE BOY WAS READY TO FUCK! I went back to his face with my tits and let him practice nipple massage and stimulation for a while. I would whisper in his ear not to bit so hard and tell him what felt good and OH yes that is good, gave him all the encouragement he needed to keep going. I reach down and pulled his T-shirt up over his head and he never lost a beat working on my tits, but it did show the boy was a fat little kid. He was no more than 5' 4," if that much and here I was standing over him in 5" heels making me 6' 3." The kid was getting me in the mood with all the work he was doing on my nipples and I had to get his pants off him and start touching his tool! I placed my hand down on his crouch and began to rub him, I could feel his cock and the pants were holding it in and it was ready to get out.

I undid the big/only button on his pants and pulled the zipper down as far as I could with out needing two hands. He had put his left hand back up on my right hip and I took my right hand put it on his left hand and held it in place. I pulled away from him sucking and turned so that my right tit was on his chest and I lowered my head and started licking and kissing his chest as I worked my way down. I had my ass up and getting higher as I lowered my head and I moved his hand to my ass/pussy and just wiggled it a little to get his fingers to where he could feel my wetness. When I felt his finger flick my pussy lips I humped back and by me holding his hand he had 2 fingers in and I let go and began to rock on them. I moved both hands to the zipper and unzipped his pants all the way, without any prompting he reached up and massaged my right breast and played with the nipple, as he fingered me.

I had to get his pants down below his butt, had to get them off! I raised my head up and looked at him and said your going to make me climax with your fingers, please help me have one please! The look on his face was what do I do and with that I pulled on his pants and he just arched up and off they came down to his knees and the jockey shorts was not going to be a problem. I took hold of them and pulled and he jump up and off they went and LORD OH LORD, whom was he going to satisfy with that? This was a boy of 18 and he had a cock that could not have been more than 3.5"/ 4" at the most and his fat belly hide what he had. I kissed on it and it was as hard as a rock, a small rock but it was hard.

I took it in my mouth and gave it a little suck and damn he shot off into my mouth and I just rolled his little grape size nuts in my left hand and he lost his load in a matter of a few seconds. His stubbed little fingers were not doing my love hole any good, but I was only ½ way home. I looked up at him as I swallowed and said was that good! With eyes rolled back all he could say was yes. I got up took his hand and said come on lets do this right and I pulled off his pants and told him take your shoes off and I slipped out of my thong. I wanted him to see me take it off as I wiggled it down my legs and swing my hips from side to side and I took his hand and led him as I walk ahead of him in my heels to the bathroom.

Time for him to take a shower and wash me this will do wonders to get him excited and me washing him will speed thing up. At 18 the damn thing should be hard 20 hours out of 24 on any given day and it was only 12:30 PM. I got the water running and stepped in with me still holding his hand. I gave him the soap and told him to wash me and I turned so he could do my back and I had him use his hand not a wash cloth with just the bar of soap. When he got down to my ass I could see he was not going to run his hands in the crack of my ass so I took it and put it in my fold and looked back, "I like the feel of a mans hands and finger their!" Do my legs and when he got down to my feet I turned around to face him and he had my pussy right in his eyes. He started up my legs rubbing them and when he got to my sweetness I raised one leg up and put it on the lip of the tub and looked at him, "this will let you get up in me more!"

He ran his hands up and just on the out side of my lips washing as one should, but after a few rubs this way I pulled my head back and said I like the feel of your fingers in me. His little short stubs went in and it was if I had put a toy in my pussy, his hands were so small he could have fisted me and I may have been satisfied. He was not much on washing my love hole and he was soon on my melons and like all boys he loved tit. "My turn," and I took the soap and washed him making sure that his little ass hole and his PP got cleaned, Iv seen lots of cocks that was not a cock that was a PP.

Reason I called it a PP that was the only thing it was good for. Got him out of the shower and had him dry me off first and I dried him making sure that his PP was the last place I used the towel on. It had been erect since I washed it and was standing out when I dried it off as I was kneeling down to dry him I kissed it and ran my tongue over it and could feel him tense up. I slipped my heels back on and took some perfume and applied to just the right places and lipstick. He is beside me watching all this, I turned and looked at him and said would you go check and see that the door is locked. I had to get him out of the room so I could do a quick trick with some cream that would not have been sexy in from of him. He is back in a flash and I'm ready so I take him by the hand and with my hips doing the best swing they can I take him to the slaughter.

The slaughter table is 4-post kings size bed with mirrored ceiling and a full-length mirror in one corner and a second one the right side of headboard. The headboard has compartments with sliding wooden doors to keep my condoms, jelly, wipes, hand towels, dildos, vibrators, butt plug, incenses, mist spray for my honey pot, body lotion, baby oil and other sex aids that I use. Sometimes I would put out a small jar of honey ahead of time if I knew I was going to be having a visitor. I would need them today, not for him but for me. The foot of the bed has a rail that runs between the two posts at the foot up about waist high on me. This I used to hang on to when on all 4's while on the bed or to lean and hold on to when standing on the floor for the standing style bent over entrance position. This allowed me to hump and flex my ass, which gave me more control of my movement. I had the bedroom and the bed ready and waiting, curtains closed, lights dimmed, sheets folded back, pillows in place and my phone forward to my recorder. Show time act II.

Holding his hand coming out of the bathroom and me in those 5"heels I towered over him like an amazon and he was still in a stage of "Is this happening to me!" I open the bedroom door and lead him to the bed and sat him down on the edge and moved up to where my nipples were in his face. I smiled down at him as I pulled his head into them and guided his mouth to one of the rock hard pleasure nibbles. He was sucking tit like he was looking for lunch. I could look past his sucking and see his little PP hard and ready but he was not going to be able to keep that little thing in me. Plan B was going into effect. After much sucking and shifting his mouth from one tit the other, I pushed him down on his back, slipped off my heels and got on the bed with him. I moved up to the pillows and rested back and crossed my leg and open my arms and smiled to let him know he was welcome to fall into them. He crawled up into my arm and went back to sucking tit.

After a few minutes of this and my wetness was getting ripe, I rolled him over on to his back, and I turned over on all 4's and straddled him in a 69 position and licked and kissed his PP and little nuts. I could look back between my legs and see him looking up at my ass and I began to flex my muscles and my lips would suck in and twitch. I would lower my pussy down near his face and than raise it back up as in a rolling motion. After my bath while getting my perfume and makeup touched up I put a finger dab of cherry tasting jell cream up in my pussy. The odor was in his face and I knew he could smell that and not the normal female scent. After a few minutes of my ass gyrating and my pussy sucking in and out he moved his hands up to my ass cheeks and held on as I continued the movement. When I felt him hold it with a bit more firmness I lowered my ass more and would stop just above his face, he pulled more and harder down and I gave in just a bit more. He lifted his head and licked my lips of my pussy I knew I was home, this boy was ready to get on with life.

I lowered my ass to where we could 69 each other and whatever he did to me I did to him. If he licked my lips I licked his PP, if he put his tongue in me I sucked his PP. This went on for a few minutes and I was ready to mount the little fucker and ride this little pony. I turned around straddled facing him and reached over and took out a condom. I keep the two different sizes of condoms the regular size and the smaller size the ones they make, which you can order, that are for Japanese men who are very small and not as thick as other men.

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