tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMs. Marca Ch. 08

Ms. Marca Ch. 08

byMs. Marca©

The sun was just starting to set as the cab dropped Marca off at home I had been with my husband for the week. I'd been flying all day and was dead tired; all I was looking forward to was a hot shower and a warm bed. I closed my front door went straight to out master bedroom and collapsed into my easy chair for a few minutes to rest my feet. I disposed of my high heels, dimmed the light next to the chair and fell back with my eyes closed to let the hectic day I'd had disappear along with the sun that slowly drifting below the horizon. I could still see rays of sunlight peeking across the roof of the house next door. I must have fallen asleep there in the chair, because when my eyes opened again, it was dark outside. My own bedroom was dark as well, the only illumination coming from a window in the house next door.

I sat there for a few minutes just day dreaming the nap had refreshed me and I was feeling a lot better. I was just getting ready to head for the kitchen to get something to drink before head for our hot tub and unwind in it when I saw a figure move outside my window who ever it was, was in the yard of the house next door. The window of that house was a rear bedroom and only a small lamp on a bedside table lighted the room. My eyes opened wider when I realized that the figure was Mr. Hill the old man next door who had lost his wife about 6 month earlier and was a lonely on cuss. As I looked closer he was moving around in the yard wearing only a pair of jockey shorts. He stood on the edge of his walkway with his back to his house, facing me. I couldn't quite make out what he was doing but he was leaning over toward the fence that was between our houses. I was still in need of a dip in the hot tub and was sleeping but I was frozen in place at the sight of this near naked man in front of me. The old fart was over 70 and was not bad looking for an old guy.

The light from his bedroom window was not very far away and I could see that he had a fine body, and was in very good shape. I had met the man and just spoke to him a few times since his wife died but the growing warmth coming from between my legs was making wish that I had said hello more. The man was still leaning over our common fence, looking this way. That dirty old man peeping is he, you SOB I'll give you something to look at so I stood up and stretched. I was still surrounded by darkness so I knew there was no way anyone could see me. I turned on my table lamp and I slowly took off my skirt, blouse and bra dropped them to the floor. I was looking in the full-length mirror and could see the reflection of my neighbor. I started to massage my 38-size ass and my 40DD breasts. My nipples were getting hard with all the unspoken images running through my mind. When I saw my neighbor step back and get up on a bench to get a better view I just went limp from the excitement. I went out of the room and headed for the hot tub.

I removed my thong as I got near the tub and turned on the lamp out doors to give him a better view and walked out in the garden. I only stayed a few minutes in the tub just long enough for him to see my body and me play with my pussy and breast. The fact that he was just a few feet from me jerking his big rod as he watched me play with myself was turning me on. I was excited and my stomach was turning flips knowing I had eyes on me.

I would bend over and show my ass and arch my back to let him see pink. I raised my arms to let my tits swing.My husband and I had been coming out here for sometime and most of the time late at night we would have full sex. I love to suck him and give him head as he sat on the edge of the tub and I felt so free doing it out in the open, God I wonder if he has been watching all this time. My pussy starting throbbing as that crossed my mind. I got up and took my time drying off and went back in my house turning off the outside lights so that he could see in my house better. I went to my bedroom and left the lights off and sat back in my easy chair to see what else I could spy on. My chair felt luxurious as it wrapped around my bare buttocks. There was enough room between the armrests to spread my legs wide and still have a wonderful view of my neighbor. I run my hands down from my breasts and let them play with my wet pussy.

I was starting to get very wet and turned on by what I was allowing him to see me and what I wanted to do. My neighbor must have been doing this for sometime he had found the right spot to look at his neighbor and I guess watch me as I went about the house, from where he was standing he could see me in my den, kitchen and here in the bedroom. A tingle ran through my body as I saw my neighbor reached up to his waist and in one quick movement, stripped off his jockey shorts. As he stood in the semi darkness of the night he turned around and I could see the cheeks of his ass. I stared at his rear end and slipped a finger down between the lips of my pussy. My pussy was soaking wet at the sight of this old man was playing with himself in front of me. The fact that I was getting an unauthorized view of it was also turning me on. I was breathing very deeply and stroking my pussy when my neighbor suddenly lay back on the fence. His back was still toward me but the sudden view of his fine backside and trim naked body sent another chill through my body.

My fingers were covered with now and it added to the pleasure I was feeling all over. My neighbor still had his back to me. His left arm was dangled down his side and he was stroking his hips slowly with his hand. His hand disappeared in front of his body and I could just make out his ass moving back and forth in small, short movements. It was obvious to me what he was doing. The fact that I was watching secretly was turning me on like I had never been turned on before. My fingers were stroking my clit and pussy furiously as the passion was building up between my legs. I leaned back a little more and placed my legs up on the armrests of my big chair. My legs were spread; my hot pussy was wickedly open as I fingered myself in pleasure. I was very close to coming now as I continued to stroke and probe my cunt. The little tremors of pleasure I was creating were making me shiver in ecstasy. My neighbor was positioning his hips back and forth now a little more forcefully. He moved so that he was side ways and the light from his bed room gave enough glow for me to see him and my breath was taken away in a loud gasp as his cock was suddenly 'There', in full magnificent glory.

It was huge, bigger than most guys I had known over the years were and I'd seen a lot of them before tonight. His hand was stroking it up and down in a rapid, fever pitched pace. He was now arching his hips in time with each stroke on his red, hot cock. He was practically fucking his hand and I was suddenly wishing that I were there instead of his hand. I could practically feel his cock as it piston in and out of my dripping cunt. Stabbing me with pleasure and filling me with wild abandoned ecstasy. My orgasm was almost upon me when my neighbor suddenly stopped in mid thrust, and his hand was gripping his cock tightly at the base. He coiled and gave one last thrust into the air. He spasms again and then a third time. I watched his cock jerk as I bit my lips as my own body arched out of my chair. My fingers slid into my cunt and penetrated deeply as an orgasm shook my body. I felt dizzy as wave after wave of pleasure went through me as I collapsed into my chair. My neighbor had fallen back onto the fence and seemed to be doing the same thing as I was. Trying to regain his lost breath and calm down. It seemed to me that he had had a wonderful climax but I had felt pleasure just knowing what I had just felt. After several minutes of resting there on the walkway, my neighbor pulled on his shorts again. He stood and walked over to the corner and looks as if he was trying to get a better view of my house, maybe the den or kitchen. I could see his silhouette in the moonlight clearly as he stood there looking.

I was sure that he couldn't see me at all, even as close as our houses were because of the darkness of my room. A sudden wicked thought ran through my mind and before I could change my mind, I took my 5" heels and slipped them back on. I reached up and clicked on the lamp next to my chair. I couldn't see his face but I was sure his jaw was dropping in shock as I was suddenly illuminated, standing with my legs still spread wide. My pussy was still glistening with moisture and in full view for him to see. The outline of my neighbor was frozen into place. I clicked the light back off and disappeared into the darkness again. I stood and walked to the window and I could feel the wetness from my pussy start to run down my leg. Little aftershocks from my orgasm were still making my legs shaky as I reached up and pulled my curtains closed. The last view of my new neighbor was of him leaning on the fence, probably straining to get a better view of me but I remained in the dark. After I closed the curtains, I turned and let out a long tremendous sigh. I was even more need of a shower and rest than when I had first returned home, but I was turned on and I wanted him to see more of me.

I went into the kitchen and turned on the light and had nothing on but my heels that made my ass look hot as it stuck out. I went about doing nothing in the kitchen, just bending and giving him a show knowing he was jerking that big cock of his. After 15 minutes of this I went to my bath and stepped into the hot stream of water and felt a wave of tension flow from my body as the pulsating spray washed over me. I stayed in the hot shower for almost 30 minutes and emerged clean and ready to hit the sack. My mind was filled with images of the scene I had just played with my neighbor. I could only imagine what was going through his mind. I lay down on my bed and pictured his body through his window. I got up and in the darkness of the room looked out and could see his figure in the walkway where he had been since I went to shower. With my breath held tightly, I reached up and turned my light back on. I knew that I would be in perfect view for my neighbor. I stood up and walked to my closet. I was out of his view so I quickly put on a very sheer, very short white baby doll nightgown, then put my white robe and took with me my sex kit. My sex kit has my vibrators, dildo's and other things I took just one vibrator and jelly and went into the den and this gave him a better view because of the French doors. I stretched luxuriously, making a big show of it while standing right next to the den sofa. Keeping my back to the window, I let the robe fall open and down around my shoulders. I turned around sat down on the sofa, knowing that my open robe was very revealing.

My nipples were getting hard and I looked out at the dark where I knew he was standing and began to wonder if my neighbor was still there. I was sure that he was and I was going to take full advantage of the situation. I started to massage my breasts through the opening in my robe. My baby doll nightgown was more like a sheer robe that opened in front. As I kneaded my breasts and pinched my nipples, it started to open and fall away.

I closed my eyes and imagined that it was my old neighbor's hands that were moving under my robe. I could feel myself becoming excited and slowly moved one hand from my breast down to my stomach. As I stroked myself I could feel a familiar wetness start again between my legs. I was determined to put on a good show for the old man next door. I moved a hand between my lips and let it play over my pussy. I opened my I closed my eyes and imagined that it was my old neighbor's hands that were moving under my robe. I could feel myself becoming excited and slowly moved one hand from my breast down to my stomach.

As I stroked myself I could feel a familiar wetness start again between my legs. I was determined to put on a good show for the old man next door. I moved a hand between my lips and let it play over my pussy. I opened my I closed my eyes and imagined that it was my old neighbor's hands that were moving under my robe. I could feel myself becoming excited and slowly moved one hand from my breast down to my stomach. As I stroked myself I could feel a familiar wetness start again between my legs. I was determined to put on a good show for the old man next door. I moved a hand between my lips and let it play over my pussy. I opened my bedroom.

I kept the vibrator out of my neighbor's sight. With my back still towards the window, I played the vibrator over my nipples and breasts. The vibrations caused little ripples of pleasure to flow through me and made my nipples even harder. I moved the vibrator down between my legs and let it slide over my clit. I jumped in shock as the tip touched me, I was getting very turned on again and my pussy lips were opening as the pleasure started to build. I was ready to include my neighbor in the next part of my act so I moved over to my back and slid across the sofa till I was closer to the French doors, and his view. I brought the vibrator up so that it was in full view, then brought the tip down to rest right on my clit. I massaged my pussy with the vibrator for several minutes without actually penetrating it. I dangled a leg off the side of the sofa for a more tantalizing view and continued to pleasure myself with the vibrator.

My breasts were heaving as another orgasm was building within me but I was determined to finish the drama I had started. I pulled the vibrator from my clit and slid my legs and ass off the sofa until I was standing directly in front of the French doors in complete view of my neighbor. Then I reached over to the sex kit and pulled out a tube of KY jelly. Making a big show of it, I covered the vibrator completely with the KY, then I rubbed what was left on my fingers into the lips of my pussy.

My legs were spreading wider and I was completely exposed. I slowly lay back on the sofa and opened my legs even wider. My pussy was wet and open now and I placed the vibrator right at the entrance to my cunt. My breathing was becoming labored and I was dying to cum but I slowly pushed the vibrator until it forced open my pussy. The vibrator was sending waves of pleasure through me but I kept it from penetrating me. Then inch by inch, I pushed it in till it filled me completely, stretching the lips of my cunt and making me tremble in pleasure. I pulled it all the way out until just the tip remained inside me and then I shoved it all the way inside in one hard thrust. I started to fuck my pussy wildly with the vibrator, moving my hips in rhythm with each stroke. I was thrashing about the sofa now violently as my orgasm was building to a tremendous level. The combination of the vibrator, and the thought of the old man next door with a perfect view of my wickedly spread legs brought me to a wonderful, totally earthshaking orgasm.

I arched my back toward the window, as my body shook in pleasure. After it was over I fell back on the sofa, with my legs still spread toward the window. The vibrator was still embedded deep inside my pussy and juice was dripping onto the floor. I had never felt to totally nasty and wicked. I felt like I could hardly move and it took a concentrated effort to rise up on my elbows and reach over to turn off the vibrator. After I clicked off the switch I fell back on my side and looked toward the darkness out the French doors. Several seconds passed in silence as I recovered and watched out the window. I was sure that he had been watching but I couldn't tell in the darkness. Just as I stood up and turned off the den lights and go to bed and get some sleep a light flared.

My neighbor had struck a match to light a cigarette he had been there after all. In the light of the match I could see him clearly, standing in the walkway where he could see my den kitchen and bedroom. As he held the match out to blow it out, the light extended down his body and I could make out his cock, still semi-hard, and still covered with come. It was glistening in the light just as my wet pussy had glistened before. He brought the match up to his lips and blew it out. The area dropped back into darkness and I could see no more movement. I picked up the vibrator and while still standing I used it again and got my 6 climax standing with it in me, it start to fall from my pussy. It slowly slid out, still sticky from the KY and from my pussy juices.

I began to think how I could help my old neighbor, he was alone and was told he had to one, not even children to see about him. What if I start being a good neighbor and check on him once in a while, become his friend. I could have him over for coffee and get to know him. I know he has nothing to do and I could take him with me to buy groceries and help him out that way. At his age I knew he would not say anything and the size of that rod would provide a great deal of pleasure for both of us. I could wear very little around here and play dumb like I didn't think it would bother him to see me ½ naked. I could rub up next to him when I was near him, and give him a little peck on the cheek and make sure my tits rub on him when I do. Set with him on the sofa and let my robe open so he can see lots of leg and make sure I have no panties on when I'm home which I do anyway. No one would ever think any thing about the old guy dropping by for coffee and me taking a pie or some goodie over to his place. The type of goodies would be just between him and me. With what he has between his legs I will be getting a care package over to him once a week. I'll make a pie in the morning and put on one of my sexy short skirts and a tub top that shows my tits and the nipples would show though the material. My 5" heels would make my ass stick out and bending over a few times showing my ass would send the message that I was available.

I went to bed planning my next move on that big but old cock no more than 70 feet from my bedroom.

The next morning my phone rang and woke me up, damn it was Saturday and I wanted to sleep in "Hello, Marca this is Judy your neighbor across the street."

"Yes how are you!"

"Oh not so good look out your front window and you will see." I went to the front and saw the cop cars and the Fire Dept. Rescue unit in front of Mr. Hill's house. "Judy what happen!"

" It seem that poor nice old Mr. Hill was out side this morning and had a heart attack, poor all guy was in his shorts, they found him by the fence next to your side. They said he just fell over with his cock in his hand, must have been taking a P."

"I heard one of the medical people say he must have had a sexual dream in his sleep, they found lots of sperm in his shorts and this might of brought on his attack."

"One cop said the old man died happy he has a big smile on his face."

Guess I don't need to make that pie!

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