tagGroup SexMs. Marca Ch. 24

Ms. Marca Ch. 24

byMs. Marca©

My husband and I live out in a private gated community and each home sets on a 5 acres lot. Everyone has fenced in lots and the open grounds to the back of our home backs up to a large wooded area. One day with nothing to do, one of those days when you just don't want to do anything, I went walking to the back of our place and got to the edge of the property and look at the small stream. It was going to be a hot July day and you could feel the air getting heavy, no wind and no sound but the water running by.

I had on my tennis shoes and walking shorts with a pull over type sweatshirt. We had a gate at the back of the place that you could not see from the house because of the small rise in the land half way to the back. I started down to the stream when I head the sound of kids laughing, I stop and looked and then out of the other side 3 little boys came running out of the woods to get in the water. They had to be early teens and were nude. I moved back from the gate because I didn't want them to see me looking at them. I watched them for 30 minutes playing and doing boy things and than one of them came to my side of the bank and took hold of his cock and took a pee. That turned me on seeing him holding his little cock. I better go home!

Two weeks later Marca woke to a bright sunny morning and horny as a sailor on a Saturday night. Her Husband was out of town and she miss her good night fuck, in fact for the past 2 nights. When she looked in the full-length mirror she saw a body that men would die for. She laughs and said she new 3 little boys who would love to see it. That's what I'll do go for a walk and see it the little guys are down by the stream and give them a show. She took her shower and put on makeup and looked hot, had to make the little guys feel hot.

She put on the smallest, tightest shorts she had. White ones with a slight French cut. Her top was a red sleeveless 2 button crop top, thong no bra and her slip on 4" heels. The heels made her ass stick out and gave her that fuck me look. You don't were heels to go walking, but she was going down to the woods to put on a shows. Besides I can carry the shoes to the gate and slip them on when i get to the stream.

When she got to the stream, she began the show, walked around, bent over and took in the sun on her legs and stomach, while setting on a log. After about 45 minutes she heard something in the bushes and new it was the boy's "time for action." She took her shoes off and set with her feet in the water. "God I'm horny." No sooner had she done this than she heard more sounds coming from that sides of the stream, trying to get a better look were they?

They had to be about 13 and just getting to those teen-age years when hair was coming out around their little cocks. She had noticed that they were little guys. When she thought of little guys, she thought of the yard guy they had Ed, he was just a little guy and I bet he has the same size cock. Ed loves to look at her, always had his eyes on my tits and they made him go crazy. He had never seen them, but he was always trying to get a peek.

I wonder what the little shit's would do if I took off my top and let them see my tits. I bet they jerk off right in the bushes. She stood up in the water and unbuttons her blouse and pulls it out of her shorts and with her back to the boys took it off and laid it down on her shoes. She had her big 40DD open to the world to see and the 3 kids in the bushes. Thinking of them looking made her wet and her nipples get hard, that was the way it was when Ed looked at her. Just having eyes on her got her to thinking wild sexy things to do for the young studs. She did not want to strip completely and at the same time she wanted them to see her body and with a thong on, that would do the trick.

With out thinking her pants were down and on the log with everything else. Her light blue cotton thong was all that was left on her 5' 10," 140 pound 40DDx23X38 body. She walked around the water looking down and bending over and picking up rocks, just anything to give the teens a thrill. Her breast were full and nipples had gotten rock hard form just the feeling of them watching. From time to time she would dip water on her breast and let it run down on her stomach and legs, and feel her breast and run a hand over her nipples so they could see what a set of 40DD look like. After 20 minutes of this she decided it was time to get dressed and head for home, the show was over. She went back up stream to the log and "No clothes."

I put them right on that log. The little fuckers had come out of the bushes and got my clothes. Only thing left was her heels. Thank god I don't have to walk out on the road to get home and thank god I kept my thong on. With her thong and heels on she took one last look around and than said out loud "I can't let them get away with this." With that she started toward that side of the stream and up the bank to look for them. When she got to the other side and went up into the thick over growth she found a small path and turned and went up the path. The heels were not a good idea; I can't run in them, hope I don't have to chase them. She had not gone 20 feet when two men stood up. Out of the bushes they step toward her.


They were bums old looking weather beaten street bums. They smelled of sweat and filth, they had teeth missing and a face that looked used, all she could do was just freeze in her tracks. They looked her over, she could see each man taking in every curve she had, this was not a turn on for Marca she wanted no part of this. It was to later to cover her breast, but she did and one guy just laugh and said "we done seen them honey."

You put on some show for us, got my old cock hard and with that he pull down his smelly torn faded baggy pants. His cock just fell out in front of her. This damn thing was 8 or 9 inches long. They are going to rape me Oh God. Just be cool and walk slowly out of here. If I can get past the one on my left I can make it home. He was the one blocking the path back to the stream and our gate.

"Just let me go and nothing will be said" and with that Marca started back toward her side of the stream, still covering her breast with both hands and arms folded. The bum standing in her way looked her in the eye and said in a slow southern accent" You'r fucken not going nowhere until you suck this thing and I lick them tittles." He pulled on his crouch and she could see he had a big size cock.

God no I can't fuck them they may have something I can't even look at them it makes me sick. "Please let me go please" and Marca began to have tears in her eyes and shake form the fear that was over taking her. "We got your clothes and you can have them, but you got to suck cock." The other guy who had showed his cock said here they are, and with that she turned and looks to see he had them in one hand and had pulled his pants all the way down to the ground and was stroking his cock with the free hand.

"I bet we smell to bad for her, that the reason she don't want no cock to suck!" Said the one guarding the path, and they both laughed.

You do need a bath came the reply from Marca. "Well big tit's you going to get to give us one and wash our smelly ass, cock and all that God gave us." The one guarding the path moved up behind her and took her arms, and Marca began to scream and yell. He held her arms down while the one with the clothes took an old rag from his pocket and put in her mouth. The smell of the rag and the taste was enough to make her gag. One took both her hands and pulled her toward the stream not far from where she had been wading and the other one picked up an old bag that they kept stuff in and they took her up and around the corner of where she had been. By the time they got her to the water she just new they would rape her and than kill her. At the water the one who had pulled out his cock told her " I'll take the rag out if you don't scream" God yes I'll do anything to get it out of my mouth, and with that she nodded yes.

He pulled it out and she began to spit to try and get the taste of that smell, odor, that taste of filth out of her mouth. One of the guys put his hand on her back and told her to set down in the water, and pushed on her to go down. She was in the water and looking up at them with her legs pulled up as close to her as she could get them.

She tried to cover her breast, but they had seen them and on the way down to the water they had ran their hands over her ass and tits feeling her as much as they could. They looked at her and it made her sick to know what she had to do to get out of here. Before she knew it the one who had taken his pants down up on the path was getting undressed. His body had sores all over it and he was pale white from no sun, just his face and hands had sunned. He had lots of hair on his body, which made him smell that much worse.

He reached into the bag and pulled out a used bar of soap, and walked up to her and sat down next to her in the water and said, "OK big tits, wash me." She took the soap and closed her eyes and started to rub his arm and look away at the same time. "Bitch you better wash me good and get that stink off cause you got to suck this thing."

With that she looked back at him and than look down at his tool lying in the water, Oh god I can't suck that no way. She stood up in front of him with just the thong and heels on: her body was artwork in motion. She stooped to gather water in her cupped hands to pour over him to get him wet, for the washing.

Marca stepped in front of him and began to wash his hair and try and get any bugs that might had gone to hatch in the mess. She washed his hair and as she did her big breast began to swing and danced to any move she made with her arms. Her pussy was just below eye level. Everything was right in front of the dirty bum and the big breast swinging had him licking his lips as she moved just inches from his mouth.

They came close to his face and the blur of the big full bags made him want to reach out and hold them still. This was making the bum horny, he may not wait for this bath to be over he just might need to suck on some boobs.

The bum moved his right hand to feel the back of her left leg that was just inches away. He ran his hand up her thigh to feel her pussy Marca let out with "oh" and she hump forward as she did she looked back and down to see what was doing that. As she moved closer to him in a flash he moved his head forward and took her nipple in his mouth and sucked down on it.

The shock of him doing it caused her to pull back and scream out, but he had a firm hold on it and it pinched her and she recoiled back to his face pressing her body against his face and both hands had gone around her. He began to suck and run his tongue around her swelling nipple and her breast began to throb as he sucked and licked. With her eyes closed she tried to fight the rush that her body was feeling as her pussy went wet and she could feel it pucker

"I'm getting hot Oh shit please no." She had to think quickly before her body betrayed her. " Lets finish washing you so we can play," were the words that came out of her mouth. God did I say that. May be the only way out of here.

She moved down to his chest and rubbed the soap over his upper body and under his arms and than she got on her knees and ask him to stand up. His cock was right in front of her and she took the soap and ran it over his limp tool. She could tell that he was looking down at her, looking at her breast. They were full and her nipples were rock hard. She could not believe that she was getting turned on. But the two of them forcing her to be a slave to them had an effect on her. She had rubbed down to his feet and was washing them when he told her wash my asshole

He turned and bent over and spread his cheeks and opens up the big ass with dried shit hanging down from it made her gag. She closed her eyes and ran the soap and her hands over it and could feel the dried crap and anything else on it coming off. The other one had taken off his clothes and walked up behind her and said do me and she turned while still on her knees and looked right at the biggest 10" thick cock she had seen since she saw the next door Great Dane getting it on with a stray dog in her back yard a few weeks ago. "Oh my" this sent a shiver thought her both men were hung and had more than enough cock for her to be satisfied by.

He was rubbing his monster on the head with his fingers as it hung down between his legs. She could hear the other one splashing around in the water getting the soap off. With her eyes fixed on the new cock in front of her watching him play with himself she said, " he still needs to be wash 2 more times."

You may just need to lick him to get him clean, just like a dog licks his cock. With that he slapped her across the face and knocks her into the water. In a dazed she could feel her right leg being pulled up out of the water and a hand pulling her thong panties off. She looked up and could see the second big cock bum holding her leg up and looking at her exposed pussy. Marca put her hands down to cover between her legs and watches as he throws the thong into the bushes. My big cock is going to fuck you.

Wash my cock and with that she got back to washing him on the cock and legs and around his ass. Marca knew she had to keep washing the big cock bum because when she stop she would need to suck him. She washed his cock and moved to the legs and would come back to the cock to make him feel good. Her touching the big monster is making her excited. Than he stop her and tells her to wash the soap off and she knows she is at the end of the bath and the next part is to begin.

After he was rinsed, he put his hand on my head and pulled my face up next to his cock that was just a few inches in front of me and said suck it. I open my mouth and with my hands lifted the limp cock up so I could lick the tip. I closed my eyes and flicked my tongue on the head. I had washed it enough that the smell was gone and it was not that bad. I could feel him quiver and knew he was looking at my body, they both were and it made them hard.

I let the head slide between my lips and rolled my tongue around the head and kissed it. His breath was getting heavy and I could see life in this limp monster. I repeated that same move 4 or 5 time and it was getting the blood to his tool and I could feel it start to throb as my lips ran over it and my tongue rolled around the big head. I ran my mouth as far down his shaft as I could and let all of it fill me. Damn and this bastard is not hard, god what will I do when it gets it up.

A few more sucks of the tip and all at once it was suddenly filling my mouth. I had always liked oral sex and love going down on a full erect hard shaft, to run my tongue over the blunt head and tongue the small P hole. "God damn this bitch can suck a cock" He cried out as I sucked and licked and held it in my hand. It was a strange sensation at first. I didn't want the nasty thing but at the same time I wanted to suck it dry.

Once it was in me I began to suck automatically because there was not much choice. Again I had that sensation of unreality as though I were standing at a distance watching myself slightly incredulously and going through my mind were the words, 'You're not really doing this, it's not real. I can't believe it!' I moved off my knees and squatted in front of him setting on my heels and my feet were 12 to 16 inches a part.

Than I felt something behind me playing with my pussy and I tried to look back and see what it was but he held my head so all I could do was suck him. "Oh She is a Cocksucker, Suck that cock bitch" and I went after it faster and with more energy in my movement of my lips and tongue. I was getting the movement going and had a pumping and sucking timing just right to make him go off. I ran it down my throat as for as I could. My pussy was now getting rubbed by the first bum and he was getting me wet and had me breathing hard. I pulled off his cock and the words just came out! "Oh yes I need that."

I gasp when his wet finger started to explore me internally. He began to slowly move his finger in and out, and I couldn't believe my own ears when I heard myself moan from pleasure. I was hoping it was not as loud as it seemed. I was hoping they didn't hear me. I tried to fight the feelings that were being aroused within me. I tried to remain as quiet as possible. But as a second moan escaped my lips I knew he heard me because I felt a second finger join the first in its exploration of the most intimate part of my body.

I was trying so hard to resist him. To ignore what he was doing. I wasn't consenting to this. I did not know him. Why was my body responding to this stranger? With the third moan came a third finger and I began to silently curse the desire that was now steadily growing within me.

Just as I thought I could not remain quiet any longer I shoved my ass back to take in his fingers. Finger me was what I was thinking. I rocked back on the fingers in my pussy and had the same motion as I had with the cock in my mouth. Why don't he fuck me my pussy is calling for it can't he tell? I wiggled my butt and used my ass muscles to clamp on his fingers to hold the fingers in me. I felt him remove his fingers slow and I tried to keep them in me by puckering my pussy around them and hold them.

I was grabbed around the hips and pulled up to stand but remained bent over as sucked the cock. My big melons hanged down and were swing with the rocking of my blowjob I was giving. The blood was rushing to my tits and I could feel them expand. I was going to have an orgasm. I tried to keep my eyes open and I no longer was thinking how could I get out of here with out getting killed.

I was being raped and that was bad, but I was enjoying this and I wanted to have a big cock up my pussy as I sucked this one. I could feel the cock in my mouth getting hard and I had taken his balls and held them to help get him off faster. I could hear the wet slurping of a tongue busily exploring between my legs and I looked up at the bum that I was sucking and saw his eyes glazed over slightly. I stared in fascination at the penis now clearly visible beneath his belly and stretching out more and more until it became stiffly erect. I was near going off when the bum on my ass bite my pussy and I exploded and juice just ran all over his mouth.

This made me jump forward just as I was taking a deep throat suck on the cock; it went down my throat and almost made me gag. I like to think I'm good at giving head and I've never gagged on a cock not even a big one. That licking and eating by the first bum down on his knees was making me react.

He was running that tongue in and out of my love hole and had taken his hands and spread my lips so he could get deeper. "She is sweet, her pussy is like honey we may need to keep her with us for a few days and fuck her ass and pussy" I pulled off his cock and looked up and my look gave me away. I wanted to fuck.

"Suck me you fucken bitch" and he pushed my face back to his cock. This can't be real. But it was real enough. I could feel the cock in my mouth ready to unload; he was humping my face and holding my head. He was making my mouth his personal pussy for him to shoot off in.

A moment later the bum climaxed and my mouth filled with the taste of his juice squirting against my throat and because there was so much of it I more or less automatically swallowed as he sprayed in long wet spasms or I would have choked. I heard clapping of hands delightedly in the background so I kept on sucking and the bum kept on ejaculating and when I finally gasped and came up for air, my whole being seemed filled and impregnated with the taste of his semen.

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