tagErotic CouplingsMs. Marca Ch. 36

Ms. Marca Ch. 36

byMs. Marca©

Chapter 36: Party Time Is All The Time

When I worked a trade shows or a convention your main job as a booth girl as we were called was to get men to stop at the company's booth and let the salesmen do the number on the people who might buy. We were ways dressed to kill, in my case I was the tall dark hairdo, big-titted one that was just like the other bookends except for the color hair.

When you did your job right you got great perks/rewards and when the company needed to wine and dine the good customer's you were expected to be part of the dinner party and just set their and look good, not bad work if you look good. This was when the company personal put the pitch on the buyer and, I was to take over later when it was show time as we girls called it. After dinner someone would say lets go to a club and do a little party time. Many time the party would be at a hotel where they had a suite, lots of drink and hot running girls to make the place look good.

One such trade show I worked once was for law enforcement and security show. The company I was working for had the 3 girls they hired to dress in a sexy cop's uniform. I had on black 4" pump heels, black fishnet crouch-less stockings; this made my clean- pussy smooth, as a baby's ass be more appealing. For the life of me I don't know how my pussy can be better. The black mine skirt made my ass stick out and give's them more to get hard over and with a cop's shirt that had the first 3 button open and lots of cleavages was showing, and with 40DD I didn't have any trouble showing it. A cop's cap was on my black long flowing hair and a leather belt with a night stick and handcuffs made me look like a cross between a hooker and a Rent-A-Cop.

At one of the reception we were drinking and having a good time and after a few hours of having to stand around, looking good, one of the guys took out some pot. I never touch the stuff and when they got the stuff out I told the customer that I would need to arrest him for doing that and took out my handcuffs. We all laughed and he looked at me standing in front of him with one hand on my cocked hip and in my other hand was the cuff's.

He had just enough to drink that his mouth was about to over load his thinking and said to me "Here you good looken thing, put your cuffs on this!" With that he took out his cock and held it out for me to see. My God this guy was hung he had to be a good 9" and thick as a 5 pounds of packaged sausages and by the look on his face I knew he wanted me to do something with it. Oh thank you sweet Jesus, a man after my heart, pussy, ass, tits whatever this Son-Of-A-Bitch wanted he was going to get.

When he pulled out his cock we all laugh when I bent down and put the handcuffs on his semi hard cock. I told him I better taken you in and ask you some question about this pot and this limp cock of yours. "Take me in baby, do what you got to do to me!" I looked around the room at the other guys standing and laughing and I said, "I've got a way of getting to the bottom of this that Sergeant Friday never knew about!" I had them all laughing as he and I went off into one of the bedrooms that were in the suite.

His cock was not hard enough to make the cuffs hang on the cock, so he said to me "Marca jerk me and make that thing get hard!" I pulled on it for a few strokes and you know me I get excited when I get a cock in my hand. With just 2 glasses of wine, I got my pussy wet and when it gets wet it gets to throbbing and I want cock, or my pussy wants cock! When I have a cock in my hand I want let go of it.

When I got him in the bedroom I looked at that big thing. "Mmmm, you've certainly got a live one," I cooed, giving him a wink as I continued to rub his throbbing prick. The guy's name was Denton and he had to be about 55 and had that middle age spread and more hair on his arms than on his head. Denton trembled and stood helpless, letting me feel him from the outside of his pants. He swooned and swayed on his feet when my warm hand curled around the hard shaft, and my gentle fingers squeezed the shaft

"Marca your tits are getting hard I can see the nipples getting bigger!"

"Why don't you do something with these (as I unbutton my top) and let me see what I can do with your cock? I know you'll love them. You've been looking at them ever since you got here."

"I've never seen breasts this big, this beautiful."

"Go ahead, Denton, touch them. I love having my tits massaged and sucked, it really drives me wild."

Damn this thing took my breath away and I get so excited when I have a monster like this to hold and play with. I know you guys would love to hold and play with our tits all day if you could, oh to have a cock to stroke between my legs for the day.

The more I held and pulled on his cock the head swelled into a large sphere, and his surprisingly thick shaft pulsed in my hand. I had no doubts that I could, and would, have fun with Denton before this night was over. I began to pump his rigid cock, sliding my fist up and down it. With my left hand I cupped his balls and continued to pull them once I had freed them from his shorts. As pure lust overtook him, he squeezed and fondled my sensitive nipples, making them jut out stiffly. I was enjoying the manipulations of his hands and almost didn't notice how his cock was starting to jerk and twitch in my palm.

I stared at the hairy ball sack in front of me. They were big! Measuring would not be necessary. In the cool air of the hotel room, the balls hung only an inch or so in the sack, but they bulged out to the sides. They were round and full - looking, with prominent veins. Nut sacks come in different sizes and flavors, but they all have one thing in common—they enjoy being licked. So come on girl get your tongue ready, lick your lips pucker them it's time to make his balls jump. "Damn girl do it now, lick these balls right now. Lick them good."

I stood up and kissed him on the mouth a deep French kiss but I never let go of his cock. As I kissed him I whispered in his ear "Baby, I want you to get hard for me. I want that big cock to get hard as a rock, will you do that for me?" I snaked my hand around to his butt and wedged my fingers between his cheeks until one finger found his anus and plunged inside. He let out a groan and I felt his ass hole tighten around my finger.

With my lips up next to his ear in a low voice I told him how much he would enjoy this. "Honey just relax let me take care of this, you just enjoy the ride and the thrill of having it all done for you." I kept my finger in his ass, wiggling it as I continued to kiss him passionately.

I could feel the blood pumping into his organ as it began to swell in my hands. In a minute or two he was fully erect. I had seen cocks on older men before they stand out but this one was standing up as if it was a cock of a 25-year-old. I had not seen him erect before, of course, therefor I couldn't really appreciate how big the damn thing was till I was holding it in my hand like that.

I wanted to get back to those balls this guy had damn they were big! Denton's testicles hung loosely down about four inches from his body and were covered with sweat. The skin was redder than before and the veins even more prominent. I lick the sweat off his balls and it was a much stronger taste than before, as I knew it would be. This was not my first time to suck a cock, and thank God it was not going to be my last.

To make sure I got the full flavor, I took them one at a time into my mouth and rubbing my tongue against them, and sucking gently on them. They were too big to get both of them in my mouth at once. Denton said nothing, and acted as though this were a normal thing to happen. I liked licking scrotum and it is a normal thing for me to be doing.

I was ready to make this guy shoot that load deep into my mouth. I then licked my way slowly up his cock to his thick tip and reached his very end. Denton had already started to pre-cum and I licked his pre-cum off while looking at him with my large dark eyes. I then placed my tongue on his pink exposed cock and licked where the cum starts to flow. Denton could not bear it any longer and suddenly all the cum which had been stored for what seem like days to me suddenly splattered out on my face into my waiting mouth.

The cum started flowing out of my mouth down the side of my mouth, down my neck and onto my exposed breasts which had already become full and the nipples were hard. I was not finished and I squeezed every drop he had remaining into my hungry mouth.

We both feel onto the bed and came down off the high that had taken over the two of us. I squirmed up his body kissing his chest and licking his nipples and sucking them, getting him to respond to my lips on his body. I sucked his right and than his left nipples almost biting them making him moan and hurt with a thrill he was having to his breast. I sat up over his chest and looked down on his face and told him "You got a pussy to eat big boy!"

I got my legs over and had his head between my thighs and lowered my clean shave pussy down over his mouth and told him to just kiss it. See if it has a sweet taste to it, and before I knew it he was lapping at my juices with reckless abandon, completely ignorant of his surroundings. There was just him, and this beautiful enchantress' hot, juicy, sweet cunt.

I began to get in rhythm with his tongue, grinding my pubic mound into his face. I rode Denton's face and began to shudder. He stuck his tongue as deeply into my pussy as he could reach, straining his neck and jaw to lap every last drop of my pussy juice. Suddenly my body stiffened as I mashed my clitoris into his lips. I began to buck wildly, shuddering and rocking as I buried my ass and pussy over and on his mouth.

A moan began to slip from my lips, my mouth, filling his face with my juices and my. He not only felt my sexual energy he tasted it! I had taken him over, body and soul. I came, arching my back, nearly suffocating him in the depths of my pussy juice. A tidal wave of my pussy juice came to his mouth, nearly drowning him in my sweet, intoxicating juices.

I lifted myself from his face and then, with a quick flip I was facing the other direction toward his cock and with a hungry mouth I found his cock. At once I began to suck it back to life and lowered my ass down onto his face and looked back at him and told him: "Eat my ass, tongue it tongue it deep eat it like you did my pussy!" The total control I had over him made him respond to my every word. With my tongue and lips and stroking of his cock made it even more fully erect than before. It veritably bulged, longer and thicker than it was when I sucked him off.

"Fuck me, Denton," I panted. "God Damn you fuck my pussy!" I started to mount his prick, but with a sudden, surprising move, the stud showed me that he had a few plans of his own. I gasped as his hands gripped my hips, while, at the same time, he pushed me forward and spinning me down onto the bed in the dog style position, I love it dog fashion!

His throbbing prick slapped against my thigh, and I could feel how hot it was on my ass. I lay sprawled bent over under him; my large tits splayed out want only as her breath rasped in her chest. My long legs stretched out wide in her anticipation of his cock slamming into my dripping pussy. "Oh I'm going to fuck you, Marca," he said hoarsely. "I'm going to fuck the hell out of you!" "Yes!" I shouted in response. "Yes, fuck me! Fuck me long and hard. Do it!"

I humped my hips back and upward to meet his cock at the same time I reached down to grab his pulsing, engorged prick. I guided him to the entrance of my cunt and positioned the fat head of his cock just inside my hot wet pussy. Denton kneaded my tits as he moved his hips forward and rammed his cock into my honey hole in one plunge. Denton slowly parted my pussy with the tip of his large cock and slowly popped it in.

My wet tight pussy snapped shut behind his thick tip. Denton then slowly slid his entire length into me and went deep inside my pussy. His cock rubbed roughly against my clit, which was standing stiff, and it made me moan.

Then he slowly started to move in and out of me rhythmic. I responded my moving my body in rhythm with him. OOOHHHH YYESSSS I squealed as I moved into another climax. I could feel that Denton's cock was growing inside me and knew he was going to cum soon and that they would cum together. Denton started slamming into me rapidly. My buns were wiggling with the force he put in. "Slap my ass!" I said and he slapped my buns and put two fingers into my butt to fuck there too.

HARDER PLEEEEAAAASE HAAAAARDER I cried as Denton rammed into me with great force. He grabbed my hip for more force as he thrust into me He clenched his butt for more force as he drilled into me from behind. The bed started to creak as they rocked. With every thrust Denton slammed me hard as I rocked back and forth.

His swollen cock head pushed and pushed. He pounded into me and squirmed his tight ass, penetrating my pussy deeper and deeper with each stroke. "Oh, yes, Denton! This is how I love to be fucked! Don't stop. Make me cum! Make my hot pussy explode. Fuck me hard and deep!" He didn't need the encouragement

Suddenly we could take it no more and Denton exploded into my cunt hard filling me completely and I came hard and felt his warm cum inside me mixing with my own juices. Denton was so exhausted that he slumped onto my back with his cock still inside me and hugged me from behind taking my breasts in his hand and kissed me on the cheek. "Thank you Marca" he whispered in my ear. I closed my eyes and smiled. Did Joe Friday do it this way!

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