tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMs. Marca Ch. 41

Ms. Marca Ch. 41

byMs. Marca©

One of the many guys I was dating the spring that I turned 18 was 20 and had been a big stud on campus when he was in high school. Here I was about to go out into the world and do my thing and I was getting the rush put on me by Mr. Hunk. Although still at home and just a few days from getting out of high school that did not stop me from having a good time and little did I know that even better times were still to come, but tell that to an 18 year old.

My new boy friend had come over to my house on a weeknight and we went out for just a ride around to see who was out and I hope to have sex, my father did not like the guy and told me to be home early, which we were. When we got home they were still watching TV. I told my mother we going to go outside and talk and he and I went out to the backyard. My boy friend and I ended up walking to the very back of the backyard so not to be seen by my mother or father should they look out and turn on the backyard light. It wasn't long before we were kissing. We sat down on a bench that was by the back fence.

He had his hands all over my body and had me getting hot and turned on, my pussy was wet and for that matter it was/has always been wet. I was getting hotter even though it was cool evening. My nipples stood straight out as he slipped my sweatshirt over my head and discovered I didn't have a bra on. His lips slowly perched my nipples as he sucked slowly sliding his hand in between my legs.

Suddenly I noticed something behind the fence. It was a figure of a man just behind our/neighbor's fence. I suddenly realized it was old Mr. Worth watching us, this was nothing new to me he had been peeking in my windows at me for about 3 years. All he had seen up to this point was me stripping and walk around my room nude and once in a while play with my pussy and getting myself off with my fingers. I felt so nasty and God I was turned on just knowing he could see what I was doing. I wanted to give him a show. When I say old man Worth, you must remember I was 18 and anyone over 35 was old. Mr. Worth was just 40.

It didn't take much to get my cut-off's down my legs and as he did so I tilted my head back and spread my legs welcoming his gifted hand as he slid underneath my panties. His fingers slowly caressing my pussy lips getting me hot and wet before slipping a finger inside of me. He slid in and out of me in a rhythmical motion as he kissed my neck and ran his free hand over my full dark breast. Suddenly his hand disappeared from my crotch and he was running his cum covered finger over my lips as I took it in my mouth sucking my own love juices off greedily. I pushed him up and stood pushing him right back down again giving him a little strip show. Finally I was completely nude and ran my hands all over my body as I danced for him. I should say them!

The fence was 8 foot high made of boards about 6 inches wide and I could tell that the horny old guy was looking at us though one or two of the knot holes that were eye level. Here I was trying to make sure he was getting a show and not thinking about getting my lover off, this tells you how I was enjoying the act of being seen in the act of having sex with not just myself this time.

I shook my ass at the direction he was standing and wondering what my next door neighbor was doing with his hands. With that in mind I bent down slowly then slid onto my knees putting my ass in the air as I began to suck on my lover's stiff cock. As he ran his fingers through my hair I went down on his cock deep throat sending shivers up his spine. "Don't cum yet baby," I half whispered to him. But just loud enough for Worth to hear me and see what I was doing and about to do. I was going to do a blow by blow commentary for him in case he could not see it all.

I had just unzips his pants and was giving him head when I lifted my head up and said "Baby pull them down so I can get my lips on your balls!" He looked around and said, "your father might come out and see us!"

"He want come out and if the neighbors see me that is OK, I love for the men who live around here to watch me!"

"Have any of them tried to fuck you!"


"But I think one wants to and his wife is at work when he has the day off and with me home alone during the week I'm sure he will come over some morning to visit."

"Would you fuck him!"

"If I did; no one would ever find out!"

That was all for the benefit of Mr. Worth hoping he knew that he was the one that I was talking about. But this talk about me and some other man was taking up time I could be using for sex and with this hunk standing in front of me with one hell of a hard-on; what was I thinking about.

I dropped to my knees and took out his hard-on; there it was in the pale light of the evening sky, a hard, thick, raging cock begging for attention. I always loved the way a cock feels as it pulsates in my mouth and on my lips as I slide up and down on it. Every vein throbbing in unison. I reached out and took his gorgeous cock in my hand. I stroked it and tell him how nice it looks and feels. I know old man Worth is watching and I want him to see me do my stud. I lowered my head to taste this delectable present. It was dripping with precum, and I swirled my tongue around it, licking it up. I moaned with pleasure as I kissed the swollen head open-mouthed. Upon pulling away, a sticky string of milky precum connected my tongue to his head before I lapped it up, swallowing.

"Oh… my God…Damn Marca you know how to suck a cock!" he muttered, his hands rising hesitantly up to entwine their fingers in my dark hair. He began to fuck my face my mouth had become a pussy to him he was deep humping his cock in as fast as he could. He started to pump and hump my mouth, his cock thrusting deep. I about choked when he ram the damn thing all the way in it was almost too deep, but I managed to continue without gagging. I was enjoying this thick hard meat so much; it became a point of pride not to ruin it with gagging. I continued sucking and swallowing him down as far as I could and with each blow job I was giving to the different guys I had been dating, I was getting better at this JOB!"

With my mouth on his cock and I looking up at him and biting into his cock just enough to get his attention, he knew that I was running the show. With his eyes wide open and looking down at me, I gave him that look to stop! He did. I guess he felt it was going to be my way or possibly no way. I pulled back and told him to slow down lets make this last. "Oh please Marca suck me I was so close to cumming!" I wanted Jim Worth to hear how I was making this young hunk beg for more and what I wanted him to do. I swirled my tongue around and over his shaft in my mouth. I could feel his hot cock start to quiver slightly when I did it. My right fist wrapped tight around the base, I continued moving my hand up until it met my lips and then let it slide back down again. My hand slid easily up and down the length of him as my saliva, mixed with his precum, rolled out of my mouth and down his cock.

I stared at the hairy ball sack in front of me. They were big, all right. I tried to figure out how to measure them. Measuring would not be necessary. In the cool air of the night, the testicles hung loosely down about four inches from his body and were covered with sweat. I licked the sweat off his balls and it was a much stronger taste than some guys I had sucked. To make sure I got the full flavor, I had to suck his balls, too, taking them one at a time into my mouth and rubbing my tongue against them, and sucking gently on them. They were too big to get both of them in my mouth at once. His balls bounced around in the sack as I licked and flicked my tongue on them. Nut sacks come in all sizes and flavors, but they all have one thing in common—they enjoy being licked. "Oh I love sucking your balls!" I love getting on my knees and put them in my mouth and hum and make them shoot off!"

"Oh baby this girl does like to lick and suck a nut sack!"

"Come on my face now, while I lick these balls. Lick your wonderful cock, lick them real good."

I moved back to his cock when I felt the balls began to rise up in his sack and I fucked his cock with my mouth. "God, I'm cumming, Marca, do you want me to take it out?" I pulled my mouth off his cock for just long enough to gasp "No way" and he continued to pump for just a few seconds and I felt him stiffen and the first of his jets of sperm hit the back of my mouth. I held on to his upper legs, holding him in my mouth as he continued to spurt the sperm into my throat. When he was exhausted, his cock withered and slipped out of my mouth, but I continued to swallow every last drop of his cum. I even licked my lips to show him and Jim Worth how much I enjoyed the act.

I was ready for Jim Worth to fuck me and I wanted him to know I was ready for cock, any cock. I turned to my boy friend as we both dressed and cleaned up as best we could and said to him, "Honey what don't you come by in the morning about 10 and we can fuck no one will be home!" I knew he was working for his father and could not get off but this was my way of letting Jim Worth I was here in the morning and ready to fuck. "Oh Marca I can't in the morning but we can go out after I get off work and do it, OK!" I just looked at him and smiled and gave him a devilish look and said, "You better hope no one knocks on my door before you get off work or I might just fuck him!"


That night I went to bed thinking about how I was going to make Jim Worth face me and watch him sweat as I open myself up to him. To see how he would react to the way I offer my body to him.

My mother and father were out of the house by 7:30 AM and I was up and having my bath and doing my hair face and shaved my already wet pussy. I did not want a single hair on my body if it was below my neck it was off. I put lotion on and deuced my pussy 3 times with lemon water and the last time with a cherry scent deuce. It was almost 10 AM and time to put my plan in action.

Jim Worth and his wife lived behind us and he was a very quite man who had very little to say. He was the nerd type and looked like one and dressed like one. His wife was not anything to look at so the two fit. I had already made it with the two men who lived on each side of us and with 3 men who lived across the street from us. I was not out to see how many guys I could sleep with, but I saw how they would look at me and smile and watch me as I was out and about. When I was in my backyard in my bikini the men would all gather to get in a peek as if I didn't know. Jim Worth was the only one I had not had sex with and he was the last on the list.

This was his day off and I knew his wife would be at work and no one would be around until 5 PM. I picked up the phone and called his house "Mr. Worth this is Marca how are you!"

"Mr. Worth is Mrs. Worth around and could I speak to her?"

"Oh it's not that important I forget she works I just needed to borrow something and I'm sorry that I disturbed you."

"Oh nothing that important I was going to make a cake for dinner tonight and I don't have enough eggs, could I come over and borrow 3 eggs from you?"

"Oh you don't need to bring them over I can come get them just give me a minute to get dressed all I got on is my swim suite. "

"If you don't mind, yes just 3 eggs."

He was at the backdoor in about 5 minutes and he had his 3 eggs and a big smile when I open the glass sliding door to the patio. I had put on my black thong bikini with a strip less black top that had pushup wire cups that made my 40DD seem bigger than they were. When he came in his eye went right to my tits and the look on his face was one of "OH MY GOD!"

"Oh thank you Mr. Worth I feel so dumb for asking you for the eggs."

"Let me get you a cup of coffee, if you have time?" I didn't wait for an answer I just turned and walked back into the kitchen and wiggled my ass and knew he was looking at the crack of my ass in my string thong.

He sat down at the kitchen table and I set his coffee down in front of him and we began small talk about this and that and anything to keep him looking at me. I paraded around in front of him giving him the front view and than the ass view which one he like the best didn't matter I was letting the guy see 95% of the good stuff. I had the cake mix already to go when he got to the house all I had to do was break the eggs and just add and mix them in. I made a point to hold the bowl up in my arms so that my breast would ride up and they would giggle as I mixed the batter. I poured the batter into the two flowered cake pans and put the bowl in front of him and said "would you like to help me lick the bowl, I just love cake batter!" I put the pans in the over and came back over to where he had the bowl and he was running his finger around the edge of the bowl and raised it up and I said "Is that one for me!" I reached out with my mouth and hand and put my lips over his finger as if it were a small cock I was about to suck on and put my hand on his hand to steady it.

I ran my tongue around his finger and sucked it as I pulled up off it with my lips and looked down at him and smiled. "You're not going to have any?"

"If you don't want it I'll lick it all!" He just looked at me and didn't have a clue as to what he was to do next. I put his hand back into the bowl and he knew to dip more batter on his finger and I went after it one more time as I had before. This time I took longer to run my tongue around it and sucked harder on it as I pulled off. He dip his finger again and I saw that was about all that was going to get from the bowl and I had to make this last lick a good one.

He raised his finger this time and I put my mouth all the way down on it and took all the finger into my mouth and pulled up and tongued his finger. Up and down and around I ran my tongue and than began to move my head up and down it as if I was sucking a cock and trying to get it to shoot off. As I sucked it I looked up at him and saw his eyes were fixed on me and with eye to eye contact I pulled up and licked my lips and said "Oh I so love doing that, just wish it was something more than a finger!"

"Marca I better go I should not be here!" With that I step back as he stood up and I reached behind me and unfasten the top and let it fall to the floor. I ran my fingers across my nipples and pulled one up and licked it and kissed it. I than put my thumbs on the insides of my thong and pulled it down and as I pulled I looked up at him and said. "Why go I want you to eat me, as I suck your cock. "Iv seen how you been jerking off when you peek on me."

I spread my legs and standing with just my pump sandals on I rub two fingers on my clit, masturbating lewdly, more lewdly than I had ever done when I was alone. He is watching me as I finger my love hole and his breathing become heavier and faster. I press down particularly firmly on my clit and starts moaning, almost in surprise: I achieved orgasm as I began to buck and shudder, and I let my middle finger drop into my slipperier-than-ever pussy hole, so that I can feel the finger fuck that is coming. "Show me your cock Jim!"

"Jerk it for me, show me how you jerk it when you look in my bedroom window at night."

"Show me how you jerked it last night while you were watching me and one of my boy friends last night."

The look on his face told me he was trapped and knew I had him and I than I said your not going anywhere unless you want Mrs. Worth to know you jerk off and peek at me. "Oh God Marca please don't do that to me, I'm sorry I want do it again." I though he was going to start crying, he was like a little boy who had been caught with his hands in the cookie jar. Will he was about to get his ass spanked if he did do what he was told. I knew I had the control and he was going to do what I wanted. "Drop your pants and pull out your cock!"

"Somebody might walk-in, your mother or father!"

"They are at work and no one is going to disturb us, I said drop them and do it this minute!" Here was a 18 year old girl telling a 40 year old man what to do and was about to make him have sex against his wishes and no one ever said no to me before.

I moved up next to him and unfasten his belt and pulled down his pants and his little jockey brief had a small bulge and he tried to cover up the front of his small tent that was coming up. I pulled up his T-shirt and off it came and his belly had a over hang that told me he was the nerd I knew he was and the skinny legs had no muscles to them at all. He was embarrassed and I smiled at him and told him to move over to the nearest chair. With his little underwear and his socks and shoes still on he was like a lost puppy not knowing what to do and shaking like a leaf in a strong wind.

As he got to the chair I reached down to feel his cock to hold the object of my affection. I ran my hand inside his briefs and while stilling looking at him in the eye he lowered his head he just could not look at me. You have heard of the mans cock that goes limp when he got turned off. My nipples went limp when I put my hand on his thing. Damn did he leave home without it! I had a girl friend who said any guy who's cock is not longer than her middle finger is not a cock, but a PP, all it is good for is to use it to take a PP with. They didn't call me "MARCA THE HOVER" for nothing. He was not going to be worth a shit to fuck, but I'll jerk him off and send him home it was not worth the time to mess with Mr. Worth, no pun intended.

"Jim pull your undies down!" He just stood looking at me and still shaking and was as scared as a virgin on her first date. I took my left hand and slip them in the front of his undies and pulled them down just past his balls and the back of them stop just under his skinny little buns. I couldn't resist the urge to smack his ass. With my right hand I gave him a slip across his left cheek that I know had to sting. "He let out a shrill and when I reached down and took hold of his little cock I pulled him to where he was at my beck and call and I gave him a few more whacks. I had him bent over on the foot stool by my fathers easy chair and began to tell him how I was going to give him a good spanking and he better get ready to eat my pussy.

"Oh please Marca don't do that to me, my wife will kill me!"

"If my father found out you fucked me he will kill you so whom do you want to shoot your fucken ass?" My father always keeps a plastic fly swatter near his chair, I reach down and picked it up and began to lay into his little skinny ass and was causing him much pain. God this was turning me on knowing I was making this man as old as my father do as I say and making him cry like a boy of 10. "You better get use to this I'm going to spank you till you learn who is running the show." He was crying big time and the sobs were coming faster than I had seen any kid have. The more he cried the more I spanked and I had to have hit him 20 to 25 times and as hard I as I could. His ass was bright red and some blood was about to run and that was when I got hold of myself and said I better stop.

"You're a pussy you know that Jim, just a fucken cunt pussy, you don't know how to have a good fuck do you!" I took him by the hair and pulled his face up and into my crouch and spread my legs as wide as I could. Lick me you shit head lick my pussy. I had him on his back on the footstool and I was setting on his face and reached back and held his cock and balls and rocked my pussy on his face. "I said lick it!" I raised up and moved back just a little and slapped his face as hard as I could and shouted at him up close face to face, "EAT ME YOU SHIT HEAD!"

Suddenly his tongue plunged into my hot wet pussy, and I began to wiggle my ass and ride his tongue. Fingers manipulated my clit and I felt his left hand holding my right hip, which was stopping me from moving backwards. The tongue fucked me faster, flicking in and out, the fingers on my clit began to tease it and pulling it out of its hiding place and the incredible quivers and spasms that were created made me cum in such a rush, pussy juices flowing abundantly. I could hear and felt the tongue lapping at me, licking me clean, as I continued to spasm on his face. I sat up off his face and looked down at him and than I open my pussy lips, and spread them out a little with my fingers, then plunged my middle finger inside again, coming out only to circle my clit occasionally.

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