tagLoving WivesMs. Marca Ch. 54

Ms. Marca Ch. 54

byMs. Marca©

It was one of those perfect summer days. Good tanning lay by the pool or work in the garden type weather. Sunshine with the temperature in the low 90's. My Husband was out of town on business. Good day to get out buy the pool and do some reading in one of my hot looking bikini.

Nest door was a nice family, the Goodson, who was away on a short trip and would not be back for a few days. The wife had told me they were going and that her brother-in-law would be house setting for them. He was Robert P Goodson a very successful real estate broker. A guy in his late 20’s a big stud on campus type. A good-looking guy who knew he was. He was a good 6’ 2” 210 /220 at the gym everyday, had the legs, chest and shoulders to show for his work. He had the whole house to himself.

Of course most people would just sit on their ass and do nothing. Not him, he was out doing laps in the pool and working on his build. I had seen him at the country club where we were members. Last summer the Goodson had us over for a pool party and he was there showing off his body, just like I was. I knew I had made a impression on him the way he kept looking at me and I kept looking at him, he made my pussy wet.

I was setting by the pool looking over my magazines I heard a “Hello sexy lady! Marca It’s your next-door neighbor for the weekend, ” He popped out of his yard and was coming over the fence to get a eye full, which I didn’t mind, and love for guys like that to look all they want. Now Marca is a beauty queen. She is a X model, dark hair and eyes, tall 5’ 10” about 130#. Her best feature is her incredibly large 40 tits that goes with her 23 x 38. Any time she is out in the back yard, she wears a string bikini or a thong bikini and matching top that barely holds those big guns in. No man can't help but stare.

"Hi Marca." I try to pretend I haven't see him. "Oh, Hi Bob what are you doing here? I’m house setting while everyone is at grandmothers for the weekend." (As if I didn’t know.)

"You and Tim got a big weekend planned? Tim is on a trip just me home alone until he gets back.“ As she answers, he can't keep his eye off those big, beautiful tits. I can see him saying “Oh what I would give to get my hands and mouth on those things.”

He had caught Marca putting the garbage out on one occasion in her robe. And when she saws him, she crosses her arms to cover the bouncing globes and the wind kicked up the lower half exposing her cleaned shave pussy. She appears conservative, but I've always heard, those types tend to be wild in bed.

We exchanged a few more words, and continued to finish our looking at each other. Checking each other out? It was starting to get warm, so I decided to head in for a cool drink. Of course I asked if I could bring him a cold drink. “Marca I got the keys to the wine caller lets get a good bottle come with me!”

She said let me go get a shower first and she was heading in for a shower before he could answer. God Bob is one hunk and built like Tim, except Bob has a boner that shows every time he wears a pair of cotton shorts. I know he has a cock that is bigger than Tim, hell every guy is bigger than my husband.

About 45 minutes later she came over wearing a pair of white shorts, shall we call them very short shorts! Her top was a white bikini top that just covered her nipples but the rock hard nipple was showing it’s outline though the thin cotton material and she had on a pair of 4” white high heel sandals. As I said hello, I could see she had put some oil on her dark brown skin, which just made her look more like a goddess than before.

We had small talk over a bottle of wine. Every time I got up to get a new glass my cock would spring to attention. She kept glancing at it and just smiled. When she got up her big tits would bounce up and down. After about 3 or 4 glasses she said she had better go before the wine kicked in and she would have to crawl home. I told her if she like that wine I had a case down in the wine cellar and let me get her a bottle for the weekend. As we got to the cellar door he open it and before could Marca moved to go down the steps he leaned into her and his cock rubbed up against her leg. “You poor guy that things been up and down so much today, it’s like riding in an elevator. I noticed you were hard when you came into my yard this morning. You better relieve yourself after I go home! Oh I can‘t believe I said that, got to be the wine forgive me for being so crude! Honey the truth never hurts anyone! If that is true, did my outfit this morning get you going? Yes, you did get me going this morning, I love to look at your big tits. I fantasize what they looked like. I just love to tease you!”

(Fuck that bitch, you cunt!)

Once in the cellar Bob locking the door. "Isn't this better?" Stepping up to her and gently slipping his arms around her waist. "We can have one more glass of a new bottle, our own private party." Marca laughed nervously and tried to back away. "Hey, now, don't get shy on me," he said, pulling her closer against his chest. He kissed her quickly on the lips, then made a little series of kisses along her neck. When she squirmed he pulled back a little. "Are you going to make me call a cop and have them arrest you for being a cock tease?" She flashed a feeble smile. "I'm not sure I would like that," she whispered. Things were beginning to happen so quickly. Her head was practically spinning, and she didn't think it had that much to do with the wine but that was kicking in. Bob was affecting her in a way that no man had in a long time. His good looks, his body, and his bulge was getting bigger.

What was obvious was that she was horny, and getting more so by the second! With Tim out of town the past 5 days and only her toys to keep her company while he had been gone, it had been rough! "You're fighting it, Marca, for some reason," he said, pulling her tighter. "You're fighting yourself and me. Why don't you stop pretending. You know you want this as much as I do, we both know it." She felt his lips on the soft, sensitive flesh of her neck and upper chest. His hands were securely gripping the firmness of her ass cheeks, squeezing the flesh through her tight-fitting shorts. As he kissed down toward her rock hard nipples. “Oh please I can’t do this, it’s not right!”

“Baby you need some! You need a big cock don’t you?” He had my head spinning how did he know? Did he know Tim was small? Had he seen Tim at the club in the men’s locker room? Oh how embarrassing to know your husband has a little PP or some say we we! “Bob I got all the cock I need at home so lets go back upstairs.” Bob step back about two steps and looked at her and with that fuck you bitch grin he said, “I don’t give a fuck how much you say you get at home you don’t get this!” He pulled down his shorts and underwear. Out popped his erect prick. I heard myself grasp in wonder and shock, my breath caught in my throat. I just stood looking my jaw had dropped. It was every bit as big, if not bigger, than any guy I could remember having. Mesmerized by the sight of it, The magnificent tool stood stiff as a flagpole, rearing up to a plum-sized head. It looked absolutely magnificent.

"Twelve inches long and six inches around," Bob said arrogantly. "It's been measured quite a few times." I didn't doubt him. "It's so big," Marca said as if in a stupor. "Don't worry love," Bob promised her. "It will all go in, and you'll love every inch. I'll make sure you do." Her clit began erecting quickly in proportion to her horniness and growing lust. The way Bob continued to play with his monster of a cock, stroking it rubbing the big shaft was gradually driving up the heat of her cunt even more.

“Marca take off you clothes and let me see you play with your cunt!“ She moaned as he moved next to her and rubbed against her. "Just you and me and no one around to know baby," he whispered, and kissed the side of her face and tongued her ears behind the silky curls of her long dark locks. She felt the pressure of his hands pushing her down by the shoulders. She swooned, her control vanished completely. It was crazy, but she was sinking down to the floor on her knees in front of a stranger. Now Marca could get a good look at his cock. as she was on hands and knees, her mouth drooling as she eyed the huge monster before her. She extended a hand and gently touched his cock, noticing that her fingers wouldn't go all the way around it. It was at least twelve inches long, maybe more, and thicker than her wrist. Go ahead and kiss it, honey. I know you give great head. I could tell that the first time I saw you. Show me I'm right, baby. Prove it to me. I know you want to do it. He smiled down at her. "Come on, honey, do it. You're not getting back upstairs until you do," he said as he reached down to fondle her big tits.

She gasped when he touched her breasts. Deep inside her creaming cunt a fire blazed, igniting her passion even more. In that strange instant Marca knew there was no turning back. She knew what she would do, and she had to taste his cum. She wanted to drink it down. "Oh, I hate myself, but I can't help it," she whispered. "Come on, sweetheart," he urged, fondling her tits this time with both hands. "Why save it all for your little cock of a husband you have. Spread the fun around a little, you'll be happier for it."

She moaned as she lowered her head and began to lick the cock's crown, tasting the drop of pre-cum that was oozing out of his piss slit. She gripped it by the base and began licking her way up the length of it till she reached the top. She stopped and looked at it, wondering if she could even get just the head in her mouth. She worked her jaw to loosen the muscles and then began to force the spongy head into her mouth. At last she had the head in her mouth and she rested a moment, taking air in through her nose as she looked up at him and saw his smirk on his face as if I was just one more conquest..

Then, slowly, she began suck and rock her lips, working her tongue around the prick to coat it with her saliva. She felt the cock head lodge against the back of her throat. She tried relaxing the muscles there, and then tried swallowing, but nothing she did would allow the giant rod to pass beyond that point. She looked up at him and whimpered, as if begging for help. He nodded and gripped her head tightly between his hands, and with a quick thrust of his hips, drove his cock into her throat. "It's all right," Bob told her. "I've never found a woman yet who could take all of it in her mouth. I suppose that's just too much to ask for." "Maybe," she said to her self, "but I think I know where it will fit."

The taste thrilled her, being different from the taste of her husband's. She went to work on the tiny slit with her tongue. "Oh, shit, you sure know how to tease a guy," Bob groaned, now tangling his fingers through her long silky hair. "I knew I was right about you, Marca. You were born with a natural talent for sucking cock." The horny woman held his throbbing organ in one hand and his balls in the other as she opened her jaws wide and sucked the swollen knob into her mouth. She closed her lips around the bulbous head and continued to suck. At the same time, she swirled her tongue around and began covering the shaft with her spit. Marca moaned as she sucked him. She savored the taste of him and soon was no longer content to just taste his cock head. She sucked vigorously and drew in several more inches of his prick between her lips. Her mouth slid down over the veined flesh, creating a tight ring as she gobbled up inch after inch of his hot cock. Then she flattened her tongue and arranged her mouth to allow herself to take in more cock until, at last, her lips nudged just over half of his monster. Six to seven inches was about all she could handle with out gagging.

Bob groaned with delight. His reaction thrilled her almost as much as the satisfying sensation of his rubbery cock head pressing into her throat. She prided herself on being able to mouth Tim’s entire prick; shit he was like a finger compared to this arm! Now the satisfying feeling was even stronger as she performed the same action with Bob's cock. Slowly, she pulled her head back. Then she brought her tongue back into action, flicking it along the ridged underside of Bob's cock shaft. Then, with only his cock head between her lips, she once again swirled her tongue over it. She looked up at Bob to see his reaction and seeing if he was pleased! “Damn baby you suck that husband of your like this? Can you suck both his balls at one time?” Marca's blood raced at the mention of Tim's name, and a flood of guilt coursed through her. She closed her eyes for a second, but, when she blinked them back open, she was still staring at Bob's hard cock, her hand still securely holding it by the base.

Bob’s balls were like hen eggs no way she could get both of them in her mouth at one time. Tim on the other hand had balls the size of a pair of grapes, she could suck on both of them at once and slip his little PP in all at one time. “God I got a man size cock here today!” Her lips glided on his cock, and with every stroke she increased the tempo of her sucking. She massaged and fondled his balls as she sucked. She toyed with the heavy sac, enjoying the feel of his nuts in her hand. Next, she soaked his prick with hot saliva and continued to suck him. His hard-on became a meal for her, and she eagerly devoured it, wanting to bring him right to the edge, but not to let him cum.

Bob grunted huskily as she gulped his prick deep into her mouth, taking about half of it and once or twice she had to get 8 or 9 inches down if she had her head at the right angle all with one swift suction force. This time she didn't linger. Instead, she pulled back swiftly and released his prick entirely from her mouth. Before he could object, Marca attacked his cock with her wet tongue. She licked and nibbled, covering every inch of his fuck stick with spit while massaging his balls with both hands. "Damn, honey, you sure are good, this is not your first time, your doing some fine action on me." Bob gasped, twisting her hair in his fingers and trying to pull her mouth back onto his cock. Finally, she did suck his cock back into her mouth. She moaned as she tasted him again and she was especially happy with the active responses his cock made with every sensual touch. Then Bob grabbed the back of her head and roughly fucked his rigid cock straight into her face. The sudden motion caught her off guard for a moment, but she recovered before gagging. Her own moans grew louder and more urgent as he began driving his cock in and out of her mouth with deep strokes. Now, without a doubt, Marca knew she enjoyed the rough treatment. She loved a forceful man, especially when it came to fucking and sucking. Her pussy heated up as Bob fucked her mouth. His big, hard prick hit against her windpipe as he gyrated his hips and shoved into her mouth repeatedly. He built up the rhythm and the pace until her lips burned from the friction of his prick, but she didn't care.

The hot fire in her pussy suddenly blazed out of control and a great climax shuddered through her. A second later, she felt the surge of his cock just before the first blast of his cum juice splashed against the back of her throat. She jumped involuntarily, but the desperate hold he had on the back of her head kept her locked firmly in place, forcing her to receive every drop of his salty cum. The spewing fluid shot from his prick in thick ropes. Marca gulped and swallowed, barely having the ability to catch her breath. For a panicky moment she feared she might actually miss some of his milky load, but she managed to drink most of it, some leaked out and ran down her chin on to her breast. She squeezed his balls, then his cock root. She wanted to make sure she had completely drained him before freeing his prick from her mouth. Then she let his softening prick slide from her lips and stood up slowly. She smiled shyly as he beamed a lewd, broad smile back at her."I think I'm going to love the rest of the day, hell the weekend looks like a winner to me," Bob said with a throaty snicker as he pulled up his pants. Marca didn't answer, but the smile on her face suggested that she shared his feelings completely.

“Come on baby lets take a bottle up to the bed room and get you some cock for that dripping wet pussy of your!” With just her heels and panties / thong on she had her shorts and top in one hand and holding on to Bob’s other hand she followed him up stairs to the guest bedroom. As she walked out of the darkness of the caller into the brightness of the house she could see strings of cum on her breast and down her front. She went into the bathroom and saw in the mirror that she had cum on her face, neck, shoulders, breast, in her hair it was everywhere. . Bob did have a load and she tried to get it all, but he was not what I was use to or expecting when I tried to gulp him down his baby making nectar and God that guy had a lot of nectar.

I came out of the bathroom with a wash cloth and found him on the bed spread out sipping on a glass of the new wine. His cock was limp and was laying off to the right side across his groan. It was still big when it was limp and resting. My poor husbands little PP shrinks up and is like a one-inch, maybe one and half inch nub on him when he is like that. Bob on the other hand had to be 8 inches when it was resting. I couldn‘t wait to get my hands on it and was ready to clean it and make that big boy get back up to it‘s 12“ mark. I sat down next to him and began to wipe it with the damp cloth. “No baby clean it with you tongue lick it clean!”

"Why don't you play with my tits while I clean your cock? I know you love them. You've been looking at them ever since you first saw me "Marca I've never seen breasts this big, this beautiful." Marca smiled. "Go ahead, Bob, touch them. I love having my tits massaged and sucked, it really drives me wild." She cocked her head back. "Sometimes I do real special things for my husband when he plays with my big jugs just right. They both laugh out loud as he began to kiss and suck the nipples." He moaned as he felt her satiny, firm flesh, and Marca gasped at the unexpected pleasure his manipulations caused her. As her nipples tingled against his exploring hands, kisses, sucking and biting , she glanced down and examined one of the best if not the most wonderful cock that she had ever had. Just think I sucked that baby off less than 30 minutes ago. Oh God what a beautiful rod he has. He had one hell of a cock! I wanted the day to never end.

She wasn't ready for anything to interrupt the wondrous feeling he was giving to her. "Go ahead, kiss them," she urged. "Kiss my tits now! I want you to suck them!" He didn't hesitate and leaned forward to fasten his lips on her nipples. He sucked and licked the rubbery buds, eagerly feasting on first one, then the other. Then he opened his mouth wide and took as much of her big jugs into his mouth as he could. As he sucked on her tits, Marca fell into a dream like state thinking about all the wonderful cocks and wild sex she had over the years. His tongue was swirling around her dark nipples, and he alternated his attention from one to the other. Meanwhile, Marca moved her hand to get in a better position for him to suck her when she felt his cock twitch against her leg. She took hold of the shaft and with slow deliberate strokes was quickly making his prick throb and leap in her fist.

Marca rolled over on her back and moved to where she had Bob resting on his elbows sucking her breast and after she spread her legs he fell in between them ready to slip it to her, so she thought. She whispered in his ear as he kissed and sucked her nipples, “oh fuck me Bob put you cock in me give me your hard cock!” Bob stopped his nipple sucking and looked up at her and said, “ you want cock baby, you got to beg for it my slut!” “Besides I say when we fuck, you understand!” “Yes, yes anything you say I’ll do anything you want, just treat me right!” “Baby you will be my private pussy your ass will belong to me after I get finish with you today!”

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