tagLoving WivesMs. Marca Ch. 57

Ms. Marca Ch. 57

byMs. Marca©

Those of you who don't know me my name is Marca, I' m tall.... 5,10 and slim with rather large breast, would you believe a pair of 40's. My figure is 40 x 23 x 38. Some say they are perfect and my legs, will they go on forever.

My husband Tim had come home from a day of golf and began to tell me about the group of guys he had played golf with at the club. As he was fixing a drink at the bar. "Honey I had golf with Robert P. Goodson today! I didn't know you knew him!" (Oh fuck, Jesus, oh my God, Jesus help me! I think I'm going to be sick, oh shit! ) "Ah....ah...honey his brother lives next door, the Goodson's! Oh he did say he had been to our house a few times I guess he was talking about the Good...ok my bad as you say!" (Oh shit.... holy shit.... thank you sweet Jesus!) "So how was the golf honey?" (I'll kill that mother fucker when I see him; I'll bite his balls off. He will be the next Babbitt when I get though with his cock!) "Good game! The other gentlemen were all very nice young men most your age are younger. Hell everyone is getting younger each day, but that is life." They also seem to know you. A Rick Dean, said he worked out at the same gym that you did about 8 years ago. OH... let me think RICK...ah...RICK DEAN yes I think I remember him.

(Rick Dean 6' 1" 210 #, competed in our state's Mr. America contest. Tall, blond, built, bright smile and blue eyes, he came in third in a field of 22. Has a cock 8 inches very thick is uncut, hangs down and to the right with a mole on the left ball, that is the left ball as I face it. Be the right ball if you're sucking it from his ass side. Likes it dog style and will slap your butt if you don't hump him fast enough. Calls out fuck yes, fuck yes.. just before he shoots off.) "Seems I remember him, have to see him to be sure. "( If the stud were naked I would know for sure!) "Marca I think every guy in town knows you baby, hell all the men talk about what a hot babe you are! Oh, Bob Goodson has invited us to a pool party next week, I'm in town so if you like... why not!"

The next morning I was on the phone as soon as my husband had left the house to Goodson's office. "GODDAMN you Goodson's you trying to breakup my marriage, why are you playing golf with my husband and why are you inviting us to one of your wild everybody fucks pool parties! My husband does not fit in with this group!" I was hot and I was mad as hell why was he doing this, wasn't our monthly all day fuck fest good enough. "Marca, easy baby everything is going to be OK. I got a special big tit blond that will baby set with him all night, and this will give you and me and a few of my friends time to enjoy the party." (If you didn't have the cock you do... you son-of-a -bitch... Fuck you, and he knows I will.) "Bob so help me if you cause me a problem I'll make your fucken life holy hell!

The night of the party came, and I was like a teen on her first fuck date. I wanted to go and be in on the fun, and when I say fun this was going to be a wild anything goes type of party, but I had my husband Tim with me and something told me we should stay home, for my marriage to stay intact. I was dressed in a low cut mini dress that showed off my full D cup breasts. Last came a pair of stiletto-6"-heeled fuck-me pumps that make any man squirm whenever I wear them, and shapely legs that presented a sight that would bring a man to his knees. (On his knees, it's easier to eat pussy!) It was obvious I wore nothing under it, didn't need to mess with a thong tonight just lose the thing anyway. I had a pair in my small evening purse and a little makeup for touch ups during the evening.

We arrived not to early, but than not too late. I had to make an entrance you know. Rick Dean greeted us in the foyer of the big house; he had trained at a gym that I went to before I was married. Although I acted as if I had known him only at the gym, you know the gym thing, for my husbands sake and my peace of mind. Years ago the boy had fucked my brains out on more times than I could count. He did/could get my juices running. I could hardly speak. He couldn't keep his eyes off me. Tim and Rick started talking as if they knew each other and this was when I remembered that Rick was one of the guys that played golf with the group that day. I know why Tim said all the guys were X football types, they weren't but looked like they could be on a NFL team.

Most of the people were out on the patio or down by the pool as it had been a hot July day, oh the good ole summer time. It looked, as if there were about twenty or so other people here. Just as we came into the living room a tall stunning blond with a pair of 38's came up and introduced herself. "I'm Jane and since I'm with Bob I'm the hostess for the evening. Jane gave me that look, she was here for one reason and that was to stay with my husband, the baby setter and keep him away from the action. Small talk between us lasted about five minutes. "Jane where is the bathroom? Let me show you Marca, no it's not for me my honey was the one in need!" As always I had embarrassed him again in front of a beautiful woman. "Come with me handsome I may even help you!" She and I laugh, Tim blushed and off they went with her holding his hand heading for the men's room. As you know Tim is so prim and proper that he can't say a cuss word. He was turning bright red from the blushing.

While Jane took care of Tim, knowing she would be showing him around and chatting with the other guests, Bob approached me quickly with a smile and kissed me hello. I could smell his expensive aftershave when his face touched mine it was almost intoxicating. I was delighted. He was wearing shorts! I could see his strong, tanned legs as they disappeared into the legs of the garment. His lips brushed mine in a greeting and I felt the tingling return to my body. "Bob please don't embarrass me, I'll do anything you want, just don't make a fool of Tim or me, please I beg you!" He just looked at me and gave me a smirk look, (the cock hound knew he had me and I would do anything for that rod of his.)

"I wasn't in the room when you and your husband arrived, but realized something was up when I heard, or sensed, this collective sigh from the males in the room, and when I turned around, there was Marca in all her glory. Baby you got some cocks in this house that want that sweet wet hot pussy of your, I'll take care of little weenie Tim, don't you worry about him, not for the next few hours!" I gave Bob that hard but firm look. "Relax sweetheart. Nothing will happen unless it's OK with you!"

"Let me get you a drink." The drink tasted sweet and strong. I had no idea what was in it, but as Bob had mixed it, I assumed that it contained a substantial amount of alcohol. I was told a few days later that all the ladies got a drop or two of something to keep us horny for the evening, like I need anything. Bob began walking me around to the other guests. All were young maybe late 20's early 30's. I know why Tim said he would feel like a father figure here tonight. All the men were workout buddies of Bob and all professional in the business world and or law, all his friends were male real males I could see that by the full front they each had. I met them all with a warm, friendly smile. Bob kept his arm around my slim waist and every now and then I could feel him squeeze me slightly.

I could feel the unmistakable bulge of his excitement through his shorts as he rubbed up against me as we chatted with his friends I was feeling very naughty, I wriggled myself gently against him. I heard him sigh very quietly and tighten his hold on my buttocks, kneading my flesh seductively. A sudden realization of what I was doing hit me and I pulled away slightly and looked around for Tim. Perhaps it was guilt, but I wanted to see where he was before I let this go any further. When I looked up, he had two of the sexy blonds on either side of him and Bob had fixed this up to where my husband was going to be entertained all evening with one of them near him at all times. Than it hit me, I don't see but 8 other women. The 4 blonds 2 other brunettes, and 2 redheads. All had a porn star look and breast was falling out of whatever they had on.

The party rolled on as the early evening light faded into darkness, but the heat remained, so a few of the couples made use of the pool. Bob guided me down to the pool area and there was Rick chatting with one of the big-busted redhead. He had changed into swimwear and slipped on a terry cloth robe, but when he turned around I could see he just had on the robe and it was open in the front. I have big dark eyes and they grew even bigger when Rick's robe open completely showing that his cock was full, hard and erect. He looked like a Greek statue. Later that evening I told him with his build and his 8" cock, he should have won some kind of title.

From the edge of the pool came a male voice, "Not coming in tonight?" It was a brother and when he stood up out of the water one could see that he was a full blood brother and it was there for the entire world to see. I looked at Bob and before I could say anything, Bob smiled and gave me a wink, "baby you can tell me who is bigger after you recover from all this!" I looked back down at the handsome dark stud. "Not until later when there's not so many people around, and I don't have to dress again afterwards, there's nothing worse than having wet thong under your dress!"

"Baby from where I'm standing all I can see is a smooth damp love canal and I don't think you will find a thong covering any pussy tonight!"

He made his way up out of the pool and beads of water dripped off his hard muscled body and his big dark snake began to raise it's big purple head as if it was checking me out. With out thinking my hand went to it and touched the Pee slit and fingered it as if no one but he and I were around. "Bob I love your friend, she has nice roaming hands!" (Oh my God what was I doing, where is Tim?) "I've got a husband that I need to look after" I snapped, embarrassed that he might have heard everything or God forbid seen what I was doing to this guys fuck tool. "I got to face Tim later, sorry guys but you get the picture!" With that I headed back up the walk toward the house and being a good wife coming to check on my hubby.

"Honey I see you found the two best looking women in the place, are you ladies taking care of my baby?" Tim blushed and they just smiled and each winked at me when I got their eye. Bob had set it up to where Jane and the tall brunette Lisa had him by the arm and would keep him away from me. He would always be going in a different direction than me. I began to feel more relax seeing how they had his full undivided attention. One of them was to be with him at all times and away from me for the evening. About that time the big black stud, from the pool with a robe on, walked up and introduced himself to Tim and began to chat about high-powered finance and when I saw that Tim was getting interested in what Derek was saying I made my move. "Oh no you two, you can have lunch and talk that stuff next week, tonight we chat about other things, come on Derek show me around and girls you don't let him tell you anything about Central America that is business!" As I went off hand and hand with the big black stud I heard Lisa say "Oh Tim please tell me all about your trips to South American!"

We walked out of the house on to the patio and I turned to see if Tim was looking, he wasn't thank God! Derek took my hand and pulled me around to the side of the house where the cars were parked and into his car. We got into the back seat and immediately got it on caressing and kissing, stroking and licking. His hands roamed over my sexily clad body and stroked my legs. He slid his hand under my dress and fingered my oozing cunt, saying he had never felt such a smooth shaved pussy as what he was feeling. I opened his robe and fastened my right hand on his cock, feeling him getting harder and harder. Finally breaking from our kissing, I pulled his tool up, and lowered my lips to kiss and lick the throbbing head of his Black Python of a cock, his manhood.

I couldn't see it well in the dark car, you know how it is with a brother and he was very dark but I could feel the ridge on its underside as he grew ever more erect. He continued fingering my clit while my lips worked on him, slurping eagerly at his cock, licking up and down the sides of it, then putting my lips over the head of it and sucking gently. My eyes began to glaze as his digits worked their magic on my shaved pussy. I was ready to try the deep-throat technique that I had perfected over the years when suddenly I began to cum. (Damn girl what is wrong with you, it's like I'm drugged and can't control my sex drive or emotions.) The rhythmic contractions of my vagina filled my mind with pleasure. Not long after that, he began to moan and I felt his cock begin to pulse. I immediately felt my mouth being filled with his hot sperm. I swallowed frantically, drinking most of it and letting a little dribble over my chin and flow down my neck.

My lust was growing rapidly and I lay back on the car seat and pulled him onto me. He rubbed his still hard cock against the moist entrance of my pussy, then slipped it inside of me. I loved the wanton discomfort of doing it in the back seat of a car. (Shit it had to be when I was 18 the last time I fucked in a back seat! No, I forgot about that truck driver. Oh and the guy at the airport parking lot, and... OK it's been a while.) The smooth texture of the leather upholstery on my naked ass and the feel of the semen sticking to my legs and running down my neck all conspired to heighten my excitement. The stranger's hot breath on my face as he began to place his cock at my lips and began to drive it into me. I was wild and thrashed ecstatically under his body as he slipped the head in me. I heard his heavy breathing and the squishy wet sound of his cock pumping in just an inch or two. I was about to be in heaven knowing the friction of his penis polishing the lining of my vagina each time he thrust into me would make me see stars. I could feel my orgasm rising inside me and escaping out of my mouth in a joyful sigh as my insides churned in ecstasy. (Damn he hasn't got it in and I'm going crazy!)

What the hell! What is going on? I couldn't feel that swelling that means a man is about to cum. His breathing grew quieter, not louder like he'd been when he filled my mouth with his seed. Finally, he pulled up, saying he couldn't do it any more. What, oh my God he lost it! The son-of-a-bitch, has me ready to fuck and he can't! Than it hit me be cool Marca be understanding, I sat up and kissed him saying to him in away as to not hurt his feeling. "Big guy you just want too much and besides I just sucked your big load, why don't you rest and we can try it later." I was facing him with only my heels on which were still up over his back as his snake began to go limp and slip out. Here let me clean you up and with that I licked and sucked his cock clean of any cum that he might had shot and my sweet juices. "Marca I'm sorry please give me a second try, please!"I looked at him as got up and slipped out of the back seat and stood out side his car and slipped my dress up over my head and down across my breast and smiled down on his naked body. "I took his chin in my hand and raised his face up so he would look at me, I'm not going to say anything to the other guys, just between you and me! Maybe next time big boy!"

"Thank you Marca anything you need, just ask."

At 18 I usually had a satisfying experiences in the back seat of a car, but this one was a big disappointment, about 9 inches worth. (However, it did leave a good taste in my mouth.) Better let Tim see me and do a quick hello. Into the house and up stairs to the bathroom to gargle and wipe what cum I had coming out my sweet and a much hotter pussy. Jane was coming out of the bath as I was going in "where is Tim? Lisa has him down stairs by the bar. Make sure he doesn't come up here and why not show him the pool for the next hour!"As I was about to close the door I called back to her and told her to send Rick up and if he wants a friend to join us, ok by me! I entered the bathroom and sat on the seat, I felt my slippery pussy and couldn't believe how wet I was and it was not from my Pee. After I had my Pee I slipped a candy cherry mint into my pussy lips and went to the mirror to redo the face.

I walked out of the bathroom to see Rick coming up the stairs and two other guys behind him smiling nervously. It turned out that they were from the same gym and I know they had that feeling BINGO I JUST GOT LUCKY. Rick introduced his friends Jerry and Dan to me and told me that they would be happy to take me up on my offer. Jerry was tall had to be 6' 5", muscular guy who looked like a body builder as was every guy in the place was. Dan was short 5' 5" but very stocky a bull type, both of them had rather large bulges in their pants. I said "Great. Shall we go?" We all went to a room toward the end of the hall where Rick open the door for me to enter first. I walked into the dark quiet room, followed by the three guys, and walked to the foot of the bed. "One of you make sure that thing is locked!"

"No lock on it Marca!" I looked around the room and than down at each of their shoes to see who had a rubber heel. I told the tall guy take your shoe off and wedge it under the door with the heel down. They all looked at me like I was crazy. "Boys as my grandfather would say "THIS IS NOT MY FIRST RODEO!" Lets get undressed the clock is ticking.

I pulled my dress up over the top of my head and off my breasts and they stared at my large, exquisite, full 40's and intensely excited nipples. They were jutting out like erasers, and begging for attention. All three men in the room gasped and shook their heads and moaned in anticipation. Rick moved toward me and kissed each nipple lovingly, sending wonderful signals through my whole body. I felt my whole chest flush and it seemed like a mild electric current was flowing from my nipples, to my already tingling cunt. Rick began slowly licking my breasts, starting at the bottoms and sides and slowly covering each of them with sheen of his saliva. He spent what felt like a lifetime on my nipples, gently sucking them, slurping quietly, occasionally nibbling them and giving me little bites. I was totally turned on. I slowly spread my legs, as he began to move down my front with his lips and flicking his fingers over my clitoris, bringing me to the point of orgasm again. I was moaning and panting continuously as his fingers worked on my love bud. I gasped "Oh God Yesssss! Don't stop. I'm going to cum." my body trembled and shook, trying to cum and yet holding off as long as I could.

This time, he rolled me over and licked my ass, babbling at how good it looked in the soft light of the room. The other two guys murmured in agreement. I lifted it slightly and let him lap at the sensitive area around and below my asshole. He slipped his long tongue up my ass and I squirmed as he pushed his face in close and snaked his tongue deep into my rectum. Eventually, he rolled me over again and worked his way around to the front and once more began to lick my dripping pussy with his powerful tongue, slurping around the smoothly shaved mound. He leaned over me and placed his penis at my ready and hot opening. I began moaning from the second he started to enter me. He slowly eased his cock into my willing pussy. He was as huge in the bedroom as he was out by the pool an hour or so ago. Much longer and thicker than my husband I had to laugh out loud when that came to me and wondered what Tim and his little weenie was doing, but 2 more inches of Rick's cock got me back to the action real quick. Rick rolled over on his back and carried me with him and all at once I was ready to riding his full 9" to lower myself down on it slow and easy.. "Oh yes, sweet Jesus yes!" ( Tim and his little weenie can wait.)

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