tagLoving WivesMs. Marca Ch. 64

Ms. Marca Ch. 64

byMs. Marca©

It was Friday and I had called Tim at his office and told him that we would spend tonight watching a movie at home and having a pizza and a bottle of wine for dinner in my bedroom. He had been a good boy all week and it was a night to reward him. I had been out Friday morning getting my nails and hair done and doing other stuff that we all need to do once a week. About 2 that afternoon I went by an adult shop that I had been in once or twice but never purchased anything. Today I wanted to see what they had in the way of videos. Dressed in jeans and a blue denim shirt with the top 2 buttons open to show off some of my 40 DD and heels that made my ass stick out I was the center of attention the minute I walked in. My full breasts and long legs made me very popular.

For you who don’t know me, I feel equal to any man but at the same time more feminine then most women can ever hope to be. The way that men find me sexually attractive, I actually liked the idea that men looked at me not only as a woman but also as a sexual being. I came to the realization in my youth that I was in control of that physical attraction, even more so then the man I was attracted to. I have learned over the years to control whether that attraction went past the stage of flirtation or not.

On the other hand I can't get enough of gazing at the male member, either in real life or on videos. I just can't resist the sight of a man with a nice full front. This just adds to my fantasy and feeds my obsession for being the center of attention.

"Can I help you, lady?"

I turned to see an assistant standing behind his counter, "No...not at the moment...I'm just looking" I told him. There were at least a dozen guys inside the store, and not a female, other than me in the place. It seemed as if they all turned and stared at me as he spoke the 'Lady' word. I saw where the adults section for hardcore XXX of the videotapes section, not sure what to do or where to go I found myself walking over to the racks displaying sex toy’s, lingerie and sexy outfits. I browsed for a few minutes, looking around I noticed a door marked 'Private Viewing' and another marked 'Members Only'.

I went over and asked the assistant what was the Private Viewing and Members Only rooms used for. He smiled and said let me show you. He opens the door to the room and as I walked in he ran his hand over my ass and took my arm by the elbow to guide me to one of the private viewing rooms. In the room was a TV for viewing any of the videos that the store had. Two black leather Lazy-boy chairs and a small end table between the chairs.

“What video would you like to review lady?”

I told him I needed a hard core XXX of a woman that looked like me, tall full body lady with dark hair. All this time he is giving me the once over, all over, he smiled and shook his head yes. I told him I wanted her to do it with nothing but big hung men any and all colors. He told me he had just the flick. He life the room came back in about 5 minutes with 3 video’s and within a minute I was watching porn in living color. I sat down in one of the chairs and he handed me the remote and he took his place beside me in the other Lazy-boy and laid it out as if he was going to nap.

I viewed the 3 films for about 25 minutes skipping to see section and getting a feel for what she was doing in each section and what she had on or like of. I ask the dirty little guy how much for the flick, he told me it was $55.00 each. I told him that was not what I had in mind to pay how about $125.00 for all three. He told me he would let me have it for nothing if I would take my top off and let him sees me topless. I looked at him shook my head no and said

“Takes more than $125.00 to get me to strip!” (I knew if he got me down to just my heels, he would want more.)

He started in on me trying to make a deal where we would take it all out in trade. How he had seen me in the place before and that all I did was teases the men in the places. No way was I going to fuck this shit head! No amount of money, I was horny but not that horny.

“Lady I just want to see those big guns and jerk off!”

I smiled and told him here was my deal I would purchase once a month up to $100.00 worth of anything he had in the store and for that he gets to see me in the all together for 30 minutes. He smiled said we had a deal. I paid $125.00 for my 2 new tapes and told him I would see him next month.

After 6 years of marriage and knowing that Tim was never going to provide me with the sex I needed. I had to put a plan into effect that would give me freedom to get my sex outside the marriage without going behind his back as I had been for over 5 years. Would be great to do it with his blessing, but I knew that would never happen. I had started this plan after my wild night 2 weeks ago when I let him know who was the boss, who was running the show. (Ch. 63)

Bit by bit, the past 12 / 14 days I had started to be rough on Tim, and the key was to make him learn this was going to be part of our life style. In other words he would soon come to expect it and need it and most of all loved it. He had never had control over his life when it came to women. He had needed a very strong woman to take over and I came along and finally rescue him. Surprisingly, I think he found that dedicating himself to my every need was an excitement without comparison. It finally gave Tim a purpose in this comfortable life, and he did not have to think for himself any more than was something I was doing for him.

Of course soon after we were married I knew that I had to take control of the bedroom, just to teach the boy about sex. He was scared at first of everything. I was an obviously gorgeous and confident woman, and could easily pick whom I wanted for a husband. I was turned-on by the whole thing; particularly by the newly discovered power I had over a man more than twenty years my age who wielded a good bit of authority and power within the business world. Tim, on the other hand, who is tall (6’2”) and has a nice body, but unfortunately anything but well endowed. The first time his cock size came up was about 2 years after we were married. Seems like it was just yesterday .... We had just finished what he would call one great session of sex, I on the other hand knew how to fake a world class climax. As he rolled off of me and we lay side by side he ask that question that no woman wants to hear.

“I’m small aren’t I Marca! Tell me Marca I want you to be honest with me!”

Oh watch it girl, don’t hurt him! But this may be the opening you need to get it out and get him to thinking and for you to start being the one running the show, time to make him feel small toward you, small like the little pee/pee he is.

“Tim at 6’ 2” you are not small, don’t be silly!”

“Marca I’m talking about my penis!”

I put my arms around him and kissed his cheek.

"You know, Tim, I’ve been with a few men and some were small, however most of the men I've been with before we were married had larger cocks than some of these guys who are porn stars."

“So I’m one of the small group? You don‘t need to answer that I know, .... but ...why .... Marca, .... haven't you mentioned this before?"

"Why would I? Its not like you could make yours grow bigger now, is it? It's not like there's anything you could do to make me want it more...plus, sweetie, you are pretty nice when you get your head between my legs and lick like you do.”

“Marca when I was in school ... college .... A girl I dated a few times ....told me....I had a little ....... boys dick! I got to know .... what you think of me ....my ..size.”

Tim ..... if we are putting it all on the table, ...... It's quite true...I can't think of very many men whose equipment would be as small as yours. Don't misunderstand me, Tim, I love you ...and I love everything about you .... even you’re little pee/pee...but sweetie...it's not the biggest one around...not by a long shot! But remember It‘s my little pee/pee!"

He had to feel embarrassed. Nothing was ever said after that night until the night I took over and let him know who was the boss. That was 2 weeks ago that I had put him down and made him my little boy whenever I had him alone with me. I was his mommy!

For the past 12 nights I had him sleep in the little bedroom at the far end of the house. It was a room 10’ x 12’ with a small bed and a nightstand. On the nightstand was a reading light. Each night I would check on Tim around 10 PM, kind of a mother thing you know tuck him in. Each night I made sure he had his glass of warm milk. The milk took away the taste of the salt peter that I was giving him. He also got a dose of the stuff in the morning with his glass of V-8 juice. My grandfather told me many years ago when I was visiting with him on his farm that you gave salt peter to male animals if you wanted to slow or in some cases stop them from breeding. The cock cage I had put on Tim had to be helping the plan along, with that thing on it had to hurt for him to get an erection.

After a week I ask Tim how his little pee/pee was feeling inside his cock cage. He told me that for the last 3 days he had not had an erection and it was not hurting him at all.

“See ..honey ...... I don’t want you to get an erection until we are ready for sex, and this way you don’t waste it on nothing. Best to make it lasts longer for me! You see why I have this on you, ...... to prevent you from having an erection till I need your cock!“

He just looked off and in a low voice, .....oh .... I see. When Tim was home I made sure he didn’t see me nude or in anything sexy looking. Each night I would have on a robe and my breast were covered. On day 10 of the 14-day of the first phase of my plan I began to put a dose of salt peter in his dinner. This was 3 doses a day and I knew that would cause him to go limp.

(Friday night at the movie)

I heard Tim coming in the back door and as he came up stairs I called out to him to get undressed. I was in the shower and he had better be in my bed before me. I told Tim I hard ordered a pizza and it would be here in 30 minutes. I had to make myself sexy and get him thinking about sex even if his sex drive was not working. I had put on high black platform heels made of plastic. These were the whores looking type and with the 2” platform, pulse the 6” heel made me stand about 6’ 6” . Black lace thong panties covered my smooth pussy lips; that I had shaved the night before, it was completely bald especially for him! A black lace matching pushup bra that stretched at the front to accommodate the swell of my 40DD bosom. The tight black thing revealed much of my deep cleavage.

My tits were almost all the way out of the bra. I was ready to tease him all night. Prancing around in my high heels, making them jiggle in that bra. Bending over so he could see almost all of them. Acting like a slut and we all knew how much I loved having everyone staring at them, even my limp dick husband.

A few dozen candles illuminated the room and the sweet smell of incest was in the air. I put on a sheer almost see though black robe and came out to the bedroom to find him on the bed in his little briefs.

“Tim ... baby ....I said to get undress .... that is everything .... honey!”

He got off the bed and with his back to me slipped his briefs off and got back into bed this time getting under the sheet. I just looked down at him and gave him that sly smile that told him I knew he was embarrassed in front of me. I waved a finger at him to get back up and had him stand in front of me as I sat on the edge of the bed and unlocked his cock cage. I patted the bed and he knew to get back in. About that time the doorbell rang. I looked in the full length mirror and fixed my hair and turned to check myself out and looked back at Tim and told him I would get the door ... must be that cute pizza delivery boy. I made sure my sexy out fit look good under my sexy robe, looked back at him and smiled.

“How do I look honey? You think I’ll give the young boy a thrill?”

“Marca you can’t answer the door like that!”

“You let mommy take care of the pizza boy. You might want to peek around the corner and see how mommy can flirt and tease the young kid.”

I opened the door and standing there was a young black kid who had to be on his school basketball team. This kid was looking me in the eye and with my heels on I was 6’ 6” His eyes dropped down to my breasts, and then side ways, then down, his head was moving so fast I just knew he would get whip lash any minute He blushed slightly. He was handsome, muscular and did I say tall. . As I was studying him, I noticed that his eyes had fallen to my chest again. When he did look back up at my eyes he just smiled. I waited until his eye's reached mine before I started to speak.

I glanced down at the kid's crotch and saw a large bulge appearing against his pants. We stood there for a moment admiring each other’s bodies, impure thought flooding both of us. I put one hand on my hip causing my thin almost see though robe to open and expose more of my body.

“Hello .... It’s $15.00 .... right?”

All he could do was nod yes and look at my breast. I moved over slightly so Tim had a better view, got him into the vision area. I wanted him to see everything. The thought that Tim was seeing every second of this made me so wet that I had to cross my legs so that I would not drip down my leg. I told him to come in and closed the door hind him. I looked back over my shoulder and smiled as I told him my purse was on the hall table. I gave my butt some extra wiggle for the kid's entertainment as I went to get the money, he was right behind me. When we got to the table in the hall where my purse was I turned to address the kid. His eyes were still locked on my ass, and it took him a second to bring them up to my face.

“You got change for $100.00?” He didn’t say a thing but grunt something.

My purse was on the chair by the hall table I bent over knowing the robe was riding up over my ass and I took a long time going into my coin purse, looking for that 20-dollar bill I had. I knew he was looking hard. I spread my legs a little too much, showing him a freshly shaved pussy that was covered by the thin string of my black thong, it had to be gleaming from how wet it was.

Turning back, I confirmed his looking by the tent in his pants.

"I don’t have a 20 , but I have one in my bedroom. Can you carry the pizza up stairs for me? Just up to my ...... bedroom ...if it‘s not to much trouble!"

The kid couldn't even speak. In a hypnotic walk he stayed about 3 steps behind me watching my ass with each step I made up the long winding staircase. I saw Tim run like a kid who had just been found out, I tried to keep from laughing out loud. I open the bed room door and told him to put the pizza on the bed as I went to the dresser across the room. First he fingered the pizza box as he sat it down on the bed. Then looked over at me. I simply gave him a polite smile and then, as he still looked on, I turned my back to him. Next I very slowly bent over from the waist, opening the bottom-most drawer. As planned, I parted my legs again revealing my thong covered ass again- providing the horny boy with a delicious view of my wet pussy as it pouted out at him from between the tops of my smooth thighs. Then, with a deliberately teasing slowness that made him groan, I stood upright, and bent over again, placing something back into the open drawer.

“Here it is .... $20.00!”

“Lady you need a man to help you eat all this pizza?” I laugh out loud and gave him a better shot of my tits, as I hunched my shoulders together causing them to bounce.

“My husband is on his way home ... he will eat all he can handle! I better show you out ... before he gets home!”

I knew Tim was in the bathroom watching us and I could see him peeking out from behind the shower curtain. As I went out the bedroom I turned and winked back at Tim and kissed at him. Going down the hall I reached over and took the kids arm as we started down the stairs.

“Some night when my husband is out of town I hope you can deliver a pizza for me!”

As we got to the door I looked back and saw that Tim had stayed in the bedroom. I halfway closed the door as the boy went out into the night air and I reached over and kissed him on the cheek. “I like a real big pizza with all the works!”

A bit shy, the kid looked into my eyes, and I pulled him towards me, and took his lips in mine. I tongued his mouth and he feasted on mine, closing the space between us. I could feel the heat of his chest against the warm dampness of mine as he took me in his arms and held me through our kiss. I gently pulled back and felt his cock dance in anticipation. I leaned back against the door jam and began to rub my inner thighs, finally reaching my pussy. I had held off touching it in anticipation of tonight with Tim, bit I was so horny I could have fainted. I gently rubbed my slit, feeling my own wetness mixed with the dampness of the night air and a gentle moan escaped my lips. The kid was on his knees in an instant.... nose at my crotch, inhaling my musk scent. Then he snaked his tongue out and began to lick where I was rubbing and moved my thong and hand to the side. I gently spread my pussy lips for better access. His tongue flicked up and down my slit....flicking rapidly at my hole and then licking up to my clit...teasing it out of hiding. I looked down and watched in wonder as I saw his tongue flick across my pussy lips.

I looked back over my shoulder to see where Tim was, good he was still in the bedroom. I felt the wonderful tingling of passion rise in me as he pulled my clit into his mouth, sucking it and pulling it gently with his teeth. "OOooohhhHH!!!" I sighed loudly, feeling my own lubrication in action. He licked back and forth unmercifully...sliding his tongue into my pussy, lapping me up. As I wrapped one of my long legs around him, my hands grabbed his head. I was tensing, feeling my orgasm rising in me. "AAAHHHH!!!!" I moaned and felt my body convulse.. He sucked and drank like a man dying of thirst. He stood and kissed me, and I tasted my juices on his tongue. He put his hand on my head pushed me down toward his cock.

“MARCA ... honey where are you?”

“My husband ...oh God!”

The boy jumped and pulled back, “oh shit” ...he ran to his car and never looked back. I closed the door and turned to see Tim standing on the top step of the stairs. “Marca you coming up?”

I closed the door and looked up to see Tim looking around the corner of the hall from up stairs, like a little boy wanting to know what was I doing or where was I. I locked up and turned off the lights down stairs and started up the stairs, .... “Marca what were you doing out there?”

“I was just talking to the young man, .... he was a very sweet boy!”

“Marca .... I .. I can’t ...... uh you let him see you like that ... and the way he looked at you, weren’t you scared ..he might do something ...weren’t you embarrassed for him to see you?”

I just smiled at him as I towered over him in my fuck-me-pumps, took his hand and pulled him into the bedroom.

“Did it make your little dick hard? Did your little Winnie get hard watching that young guy look at me, knowing he was thinking about what he might or would do to me?"

I glanced down at Tim‘s little pee/pee that was as limp as a dishrag, and then I giggled to myself. He was on the road to becoming impotent. My husband loves me very much, and I love him. However, due to various reasons I knew tonight that he couldn't get it up. Nothing he did would help get it hard, nothing!

(10 minutes later)

I had laid face down on the bed, looking up at Tim as we ate out pizza, me and my two slices had to keep my figure trim. I lay perfectly still for a time, my bottom pert and round under the black thong. Every once in a while I would bring my legs back up and toward my ass and cross them. This would make my as muscles tighten and pucker my ass.

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