tagIncest/TabooMs. Marca Ch. 67

Ms. Marca Ch. 67

byMs. Marca©

Daddy, me and we do the deed

Nothing was said for the next few days after our first sexual act in dad's bedroom, where he tit fucked me and jerked off on my tits, face and had me suck him off. (OK so I sucked him off he didn't make me do anything I didn't want to do.) I had to go out town for a show, but when I got back things began to move on slowly toward full incest between us. Nothing was said about our oral play time in his bedroom and we were back to our game acting as nothing had happen. Dad still enjoyed his morning and evening hugs and kisses. I must admit, I enjoyed them too. He is a tall man, with a figure cut like ex-football player and has managed to keep fit.

I had been home from my trip a few days and dad was not working at his office on this Friday. That morning as I walked into the kitchen, I caught Dad looking at me . . . more intently than he has in the past few weeks or so. I could swear that he was looking at my legs. Was he trying to see through my nightshirt? The thought made my cheeks flush, I don't know why. Yes I did I was horny. If I hadn't been horny I would not have slipped on my 6 inch hooker heels this morning that made my ass stick out. Yea I need a good screwing.

He stood up damn dad seem to be taller, dad had on just his robe, I walked up to him for his morning hug and kiss. He wrapped his arms around me. His arms felt good on top of mine for some reason, so I gave him an extra tight hug. He pulled me into his chest and smelled under my ear.

"Mmmm, Chanel?" He asked of my perfume. I giggled and told him yes.

He smelled again, his nose digging into my ear. The heat of his breath went down my neck, and somehow a chill went up my spine. I got goose bumps. We stood there a few minutes more, when I felt his . . . front, pressed against my . . . front. I could tell he was getting some special enjoyment out of our hug. I must admit this made me dizzy. I had been to a trade show, but I only had one client to take care of and he was a small dick guy that did nothing for me and I was in need of some good hot sex.

"Did my girl do a lot of entertaining at her show?"

I pulled my face back from him and giggled. "I got a nice tip for a job well done!"

I broke away and started making our breakfast. While I cooked pancakes and sausage, Dad's favorite breakfast. I moved about the kitchen in my fuck me heels and short night shirt with just panties under it. I made a point to reach and bend over to give him a good view of my goodies. We had our pancakes and coffee and chatted about everything and nothing. While dad sat across from me his eyes were fixed on my big boobs covered by my thing night shirt.

My breasts are my pride and joy they are a very full 40DD and tipped with a set of sensitive nipples. The areola are about the size of a small plum, but when my nipples are erect they would stiffen and protrude about an inch from the base. I loved to suck on myself whenever I masturbated.

I loved to tease men with my body. In fact, it was the one thing that turned me on the most. I never left the house without being totally 'put-together' and even dressed sexy when I stayed home. This had an unexpected effect on my father who, from the time I was a teenager, began to take notice. After mother died and I moved back home in the evenings I would lounge in a thin red gown with panties and a pair of slip on heels.

At some point I began to take notice of my handsome father's glances. Before long, it became obvious that he was very interested in my hot body, especially my luscious boobs. At first it bothered and embarrassed me a little, then something changed and it started to turn me on. Soon the idea of teasing my own father became the most fantastic arousal I had ever experienced. The dark, illicitness of an incestuous desire slowly grew into an outright obsession.

After father and I had our first make out session where I gave him a BJ, see Ms. Marca Ch.66, we cooled it for a while. We never said a word about what happen in his bedroom. I went on the road again and started traveling and was not around for dad to get all worked up by seeing me in my sexy out fits and nasty poses. It was just about 3 weeks to the day that I sucked dad off, was it time that we fell back into our wicked ways.

I looked up at the kitchen clock and told dad I had to go take my shower I was going out for a while. He said he would do the dished and off I went to the bathroom up stairs.


I stood there looking in the full length mirror at my body dripping wet from the shower I had just had. My reflection portrayed my black hair doused, dripping wet as it stuck to my shoulders and back. I stared for a long while at my recently waxed arching eyebrows; my dark eyes; my straight pierced nose and full pink lips. My complexion seemed to be getting darker as I was tokening in the sun more. Grabbing my breasts I pushed them up- they were a full DD cup. The bigger the better I think, so my many clients and a few personal boyfriends can have luscious boobs to fuck. Releasing my breasts I lowered my hands as I roamed my stomach before cupping my butt cheeks in my hands.

"Firm," I said as I slapped them. They didn't jiggle "the jogging works." Lifting my right leg upon the face basin I squeezed some lotion into my hands; as I began working the creamy substance into my palms there was a knock at the door

"Yes" I said sweetly; not taking my eyes from my gorgeously tan toned legs I began to rub the smothered lotion onto them

"Marca baby I need to piss," he bellowed from the other side of the door. I sighed. Was there only one bathroom in the house?

"I'm not dressed!" I said as I replaced my right leg with my left, applying lotion to my partially still wet body. I heard him mumble a curse word. He fidgeted with the door knob. "Baby I need to go bad."

I reach over and unlock the door and it burst open. Ignoring me he squeezed his naked self through the small space behind me to get to the toilet. Apparently he slept naked I thought.

Putting down my legs I began to rub lotion from my neck onto my shoulders, then onto my arms; making slow circular motions with my fingers.

Putting his left hand on the wall, he leaned in to piss, steadying himself with his hand.

"Ahhhhh," I heard him say as the tinkles of pee hit the water in the toilet. Still releasing himself he looked over at me with eyes that said "you're my daughter, I should get first priority to fuck you". I was now rubbing lotion over my breasts, ensuring I lubricated my body fully for smooth skin; I spent extra time rubbing my breasts in clockwise and anti-clockwise directions. So much so that my nipples became stiff; moaning at my own touch I watched my Father in the corner of my eyes. He was watching me intently and from what I could see he had finished peeing and staring stroking his cock.

Applying more lotion to my hands I massaged the thick mess onto my stomach and my sides, following my buttocks; as I did so I cupped the cheeks in my hands displaying to him purposefully how firm they were. I saw him twitch. After that was done I patted my face dry with a nearby towel and I mounted the counter face basin. Spreading my legs on either side of the sink so that the sink basin itself was beneath me in between my legs I stared into the mirror. Picking up my eyeliner from the corner of the counter I proceeded to applying it.

Flashing himself off he finally flushed the toilet and began making his way to the sink to wash his hands; something he doesn't usually do. Reaching between my legs he lifted the lever to turn the water on which when lifted rested against the lips of my vagina. As the water rushed out of the faucet with brute force I could feel it as it sprayed onto my inner thighs and buttocks.

"Cold," I shivered as it touched my body, but not hesitating to stop as I continued to apply my makeup.

"Sorry," he whispered in a husky voice as he began to use his hands to wipe off the water that splashed onto my buttocks and inner thighs. You could call me nasty but I wanted him so badly especially after he touched me.

"Mmmmmm," I moaned as his hands ran ever so smoothly over my buttocks and the lips of my vagina sending tingles down my spine. Reaching for an elastic band I caught my hair up in a high ponytail before applying foundation as I tried to ignore him. I didn't bother to ask him why it was that he slept naked because similar to him I slept nude and other times in just panties. I guess it was more comfortable to him.

"What have you got planed today sweetheart?"

"Getting dressed in something hot and sexy and then going to the mall, if I see something nice, he might get lucky."

"You going out and be naughty?"

"Daddy I might get naughty, but I'm always nice."

He then began to fondle me. Apart from the fact that the water had splashed on me, the fact that my father was hitting on me turned me on. After out play time a few weeks ago in his bedroom I was ready to be fucked by my dad, better yet fuck him. Just thinking about it made me wet. As my knees began to cramp on the hard counter top I asked sweetly

"Daddy can you help me down?" without saying a word he held me by the waist and as I bent my knees he lifted me from the counter and placed me gently on the floor. My back still facing him I began to widen my legs, encouraging him to touch me again. He took the hint as he moved his hands down to my hips and there they rested.

"Daddy I had a date this past week with a guy who said I had a body to die for!"

I looked in the mirror and saw him looking at me with a look of lust. "Was he a boyfriend?"

"No! He was the CEO of a company that I was hired to entertain."

"Oh ... so you went out to dinner with him?"

"Yes, just the two of us ... later I fucked his ass off. He said I was the best ass he ever had."

"Marca you don't need to tell me all that!"

"Oh daddy you know what I do when I work a trade show we are both adults."

"Yes I know, so he was an old guy?"

"Would you believe 61, a grandfather, 6 grand kids, 2 sons, his wife died 2 years ago; I was his first since she passed."

"I bet you made his day, or was it night?"

"The date lasted until noon the next day, so both. He was a nice sweet man, was told a real top of the line business man but sweet to me, just one trouble with him he had a little dick."

"Will it was just one night so you don't have to mess with him again?"

"Don't have to, but he called me the last day of the show at my hotel room and invited me to go with him to Miami for the first weekend in March."

"You going?"

"I'm thinking about it, got to call and give him an answer on Monday. It would be nice to spend some of his money for 4 night 3 days, but I would be in need of a big cock the whole time I'm with him. I been in need of a big cock ever since I was last with him."

I pushed my hips back toward daddy and bent over more on the counter, as I parted my legs to give him better access to my sweet spot.

I said, "You dirty old man, I'm horny as hell. What are you going to do about it?" I push back with my ass toward daddy and lowered my hands to the counter top. He moved his right hand over my butt and I felt his fingers stroke my pussy. It was warm, when his hands touched me, as he used his fingers to part my outer lips. Now using his right hand's his index and middle finger he squeezed together my inner lips, as they rubbed against each other I felt a sensation as my clitoris was involved.

Using his left hand now he reached his hand up to my breasts, stroking and tugging at my nipples with his fingers as he did so. Throwing my head back in pleasure I felt my hair go loose. My hands were now braced against the counter top steadying myself in case my knees should give way; as my head rested on his left shoulder, my hair still damp swayed onto his back tickling and sending their very own sensations down my spine.

"Daddy that old guy said he felt like he was too old for me; he asked if I didn't think of him as being my father."

"What did you tell him?"

"My mind said ... your old enough to be my grandfather... my daddy is better looking than you and his cock is twice your size ... but I said ' I like older men they know what they want and show how they feel toward a woman' ... that sound good daddy?"

"Oh baby is my cock big enough for you?"

Releasing the lips of my vagina he moistened his fingers with the juices my body itself was producing and began to use it to stroke my clitoris. First gently- making tiny little circles on the tentative bud, but as my moans further excited him his gentleness became rough as his tiny little circles were drawn more rapidly- increasing my heart rate and breathing pattern.

"Oh, daddy, please," I begged him. Impatiently I reached my hand behind me and grabbed his firm hard cock in my hand, bending forward a little I pushed my lower body out to reach him; his cock still hard in my hand I found my entrance and letting him go I eased myself on my father's rock hard cock. Relieved at how magnificent he felt inside me- his lovely one and only daughter, I proceeded to ease myself off of him and ram back down. As I did this my butt cheeks slammed against his lower abdomen, making a smacking sound that brought delight to my ears as it did so. Getting the gist of what I was doing he moaned

"Oh, Marca," against my ear as he now held me by the waist to help thrust into me from behind. I was beginning to wonder if he had lost his tongue but was satisfied to hear him talk as I needed that very same tongue to help fulfill my desires. You may think I'm weird or desperate or just plain horny but the fact of the matter is, my dad's hot and I just always wanted to just eat him up or fuck him, whichever came first.

He pumped his hard cock now into my tight little pussy and I could hear his moans get louder as I began to contract the walls of my deliciously wet and warm cunt around his long shaft of a dick. As he held onto me, ramming into me from behind with every thrust I met him with as much force as I bounced into him increasing both our pleasures. My impending orgasm was building inside of me was too much for me to keep in time to his thrusts. I fell forward, crossing my wrists as my head crashed down on them. I raised my butt up as it hit me.

"Ahhh...daddy...harder." I pleaded. My hands gripped into each other.

His thrusts became more forceful. I was hit by a very intense climax and began to cry out to him.

"Ohhh yes... Fuck me daddy... Fuck your naughty slut daughter... Slam that old cock into my wet cunt... Fuck me daddy... fuck me gooddd... Ohhh..."

"Take my cock your big tit slut... Give me that hot pussy you give out to other men you fucking whore... Take all of daddy's fuck stick in that tight wet pussy... Fuck my cock... Fuck my cock... Fuck your daddy's old cock with your creamy cunt..."

Turning to face him, he fell out of me and I could feel him saddened; but that didn't last long as I pushed him against the wall of the bathroom. Wrapping my legs around his waist, my hands placed on his shoulders I jumped onto him. Keeping his balance he now used his hand to guide himself back into me. As he went into me once again, trying to stifle my moan I grabbed his lips with mine; he didn't resist- at first I used my tongue to trace the outer contours of his lips; as I breathed hot air from my lips onto him I saw him part his lips, using this as my chance I stuck my tongue inside his mouth.

As I waited for a reaction, I began swirling my tongue in and around his mouth till he began mimicking my movements, our tongues lashed against each other in a wet, naked frenzy. Deciding to teach him a thing or two I sucked on his tongue, without hesitation I broke from the kiss. Looking at him I saw his eyes were still closed, his lips parted as he expected more from the kiss-this brought a smile to my lips.

Removing my hand from his shoulder I twined my fingers into the curls of hair on his head and pulled his head down to me so he could suck on my neck. Trying to keep me on him he turned so that my back was against the wall, using both my hands now, I placed them flat against the wall behind me as he cupped my buttocks to keep me up, he thrust into me. I began to moan aloud now as it turned me on when he did so, he lowered his head to suck on my nipples as we had mind blowing sex.

"Uhhhhh," he grunted as his cock was starting to feel like it was about to explode. Not wanting him to come just yet, I un-wrapped my legs from his waist automatically releasing him from me. Playing along for the final time he followed my instructions, as he now lay on the floor and allowed me to mount him. Before doing so I took his cock in my hands to taste it for the first since the night

I sucked him off in his bedroom. As I licked the cum from the sides I tasted myself- a taste I had acquired from frequent masturbation and blowjobs after sex, so in love with what I now had in my mouth my little licks turned into a suck as I tried to drain the cum he hadn't yet produced from his cock making it limp.

"Mmmmm," he moaned banging his fists into the floor. I didn't know if it was ultimate pleasure or pain that he felt but I didn't wait to find out as I released him from my hands and sat on him. He groaned inwardly as I began to bounce up and down on his cock, grabbing my breasts with my hands as they jiggled when I went up and down. I could feel him hardening and softening beneath me as I rocked him.

As I bit my lips to express to him the pleasure I was feeling I could feel my now dry hair but damp with sweat brush against my back. After a while I noticed we were sweating, him more than me to be exact, and so much so that our bodies glistened in the light.

"Marca, please let me come," he begged in a whisper "you're going to give me blue balls." Stopping what I was doing I leaned forward to give my father a gentle peck on the cheeks before saying

"I can't let you until I do," I smiled "and it takes me hours." as I continued to ride him. I drop my chest into his face and he kissed and sucked on my big nipples. He lavished attention on my breasts, kissing them and licking them and sucking them until I was writhing around on top of him. I was so wet I didn't think I could stand it anymore.

"Dad, now!" I begged, drawing his face to mine with my hand. I stared into his eyes as I lowered my pussy onto his big pole. He penetrated me, thrusting into my depths for the first time, feeling the woman that I had become. Feeling him inside me was amazing. The immense eroticism of my fantasies was only confirmed when I finally felt him inside me, thrusting deeper into me, the man that had made all this possible.

I loved him fiercely and he knew I did, he was the only man I wanted inside my pussy making me feel like this.

Only my father could do this to me, and he did it well. I moaned as he had sex with me, squeezing my muscles around his cock encouragingly, he filled my pussy so perfectly. I nibbled his shoulder as I hump on him and he thrust into me again and again. I was moaning with pleasure as he gently bit my throat, kissing it firmly as our bodies rose and fell, writhing together.

"Oh, oh, I'm coming precious, I'm coming!" he groaned as he began to come inside me, I could feel his hot liquid flooding my pussy, its warmth coating my insides. It was all too much for me and I began to quake around his cock in ecstasy, coming all over his cock.

Feeling him come inside me was earth shattering. Once I felt him come inside me I wanted it again, and again, and again.

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