tagIncest/TabooMs. Marca Ch. 66

Ms. Marca Ch. 66

byMs. Marca©

Chapter 66

My Daddy and Me

I think daddy has a thing for me? It all started after mother died and I came home to be with him and continue my modeling career from dad's place. I was traveling doing trade shows and they were always in one of the big convention cities somewhere around the country. I did one year of college at T C U and started doing modeling full time making big money. It didn't hurt my sex life to moved back home, because I was doing my thing when I worked a trade show. I was getting paid big bucks if I just happen to go out on a date with one of the good customers and make him happy for the evening.

I was almost twenty at the time I moved back home it took dad months to get over mother passing and when I was home he was like a puppy dog would follow me around. At first I didn't think anything of it, but then I started to notice him looking at me or should I say my body. That's when I realized he was getting a hard on whenever I was around.

To think I was making him horny made me feel good knowing that I could turn him on. So I started wearing sexy clothes whenever I was home after a trip, like tight pants or tight fitting jeans and low cut blouses. Every time he would get a boner. Little things started happening, at first I thought it was my imagination, he would "accidentally" brush up against me, he would ask to photo me, in serious poses, all sorts of things. Sitting real close to me on the sofa. Then he started touching me in sensuous ways, it was hard to define it so I never mentioned it to him.

Then one day I knew he was trying his luck, the day he kissed me on the cheek, but the kiss didn't land on my cheek, it was a kiss on the lips, he deliberately reached for me, and not a peck either. After that I was a little wary of daddy, but I must admit that I was flattered too. I was supposed to be his daughter not his wife, although I have never tried to take her place.

He was getting a little bolder as time went by, he was openly touching and feeling me up, but only when we were alone of course, I have to say here that my sex life had dropped off since I came back home. Daddy loved sneaking up on me from behind, wrapping me in his arms so trapping me, and kissing my neck, which is a very sensitive place for me, I did like it a lot, but I always stopped him, but it made no difference to him at all, and although I would never admit it, I was beginning to like and enjoy the attention he was giving me.

It was as if he knew when and how to get to me, he would kiss me softly, another time he would cop a feel, then it would be a look, and that made me shiver with arousal, he bought me my favorite perfume, it went on and on.

He had felt my nipples, which caused me to blush with arousal, he thought it was embarrassment, but it wasn't, I was fully turned on, if only he had known hey? He had rubbed his cock at my pussy one time, another time he had rubbed into the crack of my ass. It became a game to me; acting sexy and watching the bulge grow in his pants. Daddy is about 49 at the time and a handsome tall man with black hair. A Saturday came and I had got in rather late on Friday night and did nothing more than greet dad and I went to bed. I knew it was only going to be a matter of time before things came to a head, and they did this particular Saturday.

All day Saturday he followed me around the house so I figured I'd tease him a little. That evening around 9:00 PM dad told me he was going to take a shower and get ready for bed. While he was in the bathroom I got up to go to my room.

As I passed by the bathroom the door was ajar and I could see his reflection in the mirror. I was shocked to see him sitting on the toilet beating his meat. I stood there and watched as he jerked his hand up and down on his long shaft. I couldn't believe how big daddy's cock was and as I watched I felt myself getting wet.

I went back down the hall and yelled out "Dad are you about done in there, I need to use the bathroom". I hated to spoil his fun but I didn't want him to cum, at least not yet. It startled him and he hurried and pulled up his pajamas up and came out.

I went in and pretended to use the toilet, when I came back out I told him, "Let me get ready for bed then we'll watch some TV or something." I decided to see just how horny I could get him so I went into my room and found one of my sexy things I take out on a date when I'm entertain a client. It was a white lace teddy with matching panties but I figured that tonight I went the no panties route would be more exciting. I hurried and slipped the teddy on.

I looked in the mirror and I saw that my teddy didn't quite cover me, which is how I like, or how my customers like it. I'm 5′10″ tall so the teddy didn't hang down over my ass all the way. The lower cheeks of my ass were slightly showing and if I moved around a little the teddy would ride up allowing a full view of my ass.

Daddy was sitting at the kitchen table. I walked passed him and over to the cupboard to get a glass. I knew when I reached up for a glass that he would get an eye full. I took my time getting the glass and pouring myself something to drink.

"So what would you like to do?" I asked; "I don't care" he answered. He had one hand under the table and I could tell he was playing with himself. "You want to go in your bedroom and watch TV?" I asked, "Sure" he replied. As he got up from the table I saw the bulge in his pajamas and I knew he had a hard on.

I made sure that I walked in front of him down the hallway so that he could see my ass swaying in front of him. In the bedroom he sat down in his laze boy chair as I turned on the TV and then sat down on the bed across from him. I was sitting there in front of him with my legs crossed.

"So how's work going dad?" I asked

"Okay I guess"

"Daddy mother has been gone for almost a year, have you got any girlfriends?"


"Why not ...?"

"I don't know; just not ready to put my toe back in the water, yet."

"You're not too bad looking" I said as I uncrossed my legs give him his glimpse of my bald pussy.

"Thanks, I'm glad to see at least one person doesn't think so" he said in a hesitating voice as he saw my pussy.

I kept teasing him by crossing and uncrossing my legs giving him beaver shots. The bulge in his pajamas was huge by now and the thought of him sitting there with a boner made my pussy wet. It was now time to take it a little further.

"You like my legs don't you daddy?"

Dad tore his gaze away and looked up at me, his tongue unmoving once again.

"It's okay daddy, I enjoy it when a strong man like you finds me attractive. I would say that you are definitely a leg man though, and a bit of a submissive one at that."

"What?" Daddy blurted out.

"Come sit down here so we can talk daddy." I said as I patted the bed next to me.

Dad mindlessly moved to the bed and sat down right where I had asked him to.

"My neck hurts, I must have pulled a muscle," I said as I rubbed the back of my neck.

"Could you do me a favor and rub the back of my neck?"

"Sure thing baby anything for my little girl."

He got up and knelt behind and started to massage my neck. The feel of his hands touching me sent chills down my spine and I could feel my love juices flowing from my pussy. I closed my eyes slightly and leaned my head back as he continued to rub my neck and shoulders. My eyes weren't totally closed and I could see he was peering down at my breasts.

"Daddy did you and mother have a free loving marriage?" he stopped rubbing and I felt him take in a deep gulp of air.

"What do you mean Marca free loving?"

"Daddy let me put it this way, did you have an open marriage, did you swing, were you and mothers swingers?"

"We tried to keep that from you baby, how did you know?"

"When I was 14 I found your stuff in the back of your closet one weekend when you and mother were gone. You know your porno magazines. 'Swingers monthly', 'Sex with Stranger's', 'Hot-wife's, 'Cuckold's', and 'Watching the Wife."

"Did you say anything to your mother?"

"No, but a few years later I screwed a guy that picked me up in a bar one night when I was still in high school, just after I turned 18, who had been to a weekend swinging party that you and mother had been to and he asked me if I was as wild as my mother and that was a quote."

"Your mother was a sexy woman who did like to party, and yes I liked to watch her."

"Let me lay down so you can rub my back" I said as I turned and lay down on my stomach.

I instructed him to sit on the back of my legs and rub my back. He got on top and sat down and started to lightly rub his hands over my shoulders and up and down my spine. Each time he ran his hands back up I could feel the teddy inching up letting him see my ass.

Then I told him to sit up and scoot down so he could rub my legs. He did and I spread my legs so he would be able to not only massage my inner thighs but also view my wet pussy. Slowly he ran his hands up my inner thighs lightly touching the area that surrounded my outer lips.

The feel of his hands coming so close to touching me down there made me even wetter. I knew he could see the white creamy fluid running out of my pussy. I let out a low moan of delight hoping to excite him even more. I knew his cock had to be rock hard and throbbing by now. Ever since I was a little girl around 10 I wanted my daddy to love me. By the time I was 12 I saw him nude in the bathroom one day I had this thing for him. It's the same fantasy repeated over and over. So many times it has been spoken with my eyes, but I or he did nothing. No one, even I heard it. I know why. It's due to my fear of crossing that boundary, of opening a world of delight or Pandora's Box? It's something I didn't move on.

"Daddy did mother dress sexy for you around the house when I was gone, not around?"

"OH she did baby, most of the time wearing just high heels and panties, why?"

"Just wondering, when I'm in my hotel room, all I wear is the same, like mother like daughter I guess. When you guys were off at a swing party, did you like watching mother with other men?"

"Does that bother you Marca?"

"No daddy makes me hot I hope someday to find a husband who will enjoy watching me be that way, I love sex as much as mother did, if not more. You know in high school I had a nick name, it was 'Jugs'! That was because of my big tits and the guys knew I loved to have them sucked and I would go down on them and suck them off if they got me turned on."

"Your mother told me when you went off to college you were into it."

"She tell you that I'm a nympho, I been told that by more than 4 or 5 men, I think they are right."

"Your mother was!"

Now it was time for me to give him a good rub down.

"Wow that felt good, now let me give you a back rub." I said

"Okay" he replied as he got off of me and lay down.

I got on top of him and sat down on his firm ass and began to massage him. I rubbed his back for a few minutes then had him turn over. Slowly I ran my hands down over his chest then back up. Each time I'd run my hands down closer and closer to the bulge in his pajamas.

"I'd be able to rub your legs better if you took you pajama bottoms off" I told him

So he slid them off and lay back down. The bulge in his boxer shorts was even more visible now and all I could think about was how much I just wanted to grab his shorts and pull them down and expose that big cock of his. I could feel my pussy juices dripping down on his bare leg and I wondered if he could feel it also.

He closed his eyes and I heard him moan as my hands came close to his cock. He was breathing heavy by now and I decide it was time to take this on down the road. I pulled my teddy up over my head and flipped it on the floor, I was naked with my big boobs on display.

I ran my hands up his legs but instead of stopping I slid them over his cock and took the waistband of his shorts and pulled them down.

He looked down at me with his eyes about to pop out. He sat up on his elbows and looked at my big boobs. I was naked for him. I put my hands on my boobs and rubbed them and pulled one of to my mouth so I could lick the rock hard nipple.

"Happy?" I asked.

"Very," daddy said.

I smiled. "You know daddy I think we've both been building up to this, haven't we?"

Daddy closed his eyes and nodded yes. My hand slowed and I started rubbing the pre-cum oozing out of his cock into the underside of the head. Every muscle in his body locked up when I did and a loud moan escaped his lips.

"Oh it's okay daddy I'll take care of it, just like mommy took care of it."

The more I talked about mom the more turned on dad became. I wasn't even sure if dad could have told me his name I had him so worked up.

"Now just lay back daddy, mommy's going to take care of everything."

"Looking back, I suspect that your build up had been longer and more gradual than my own. But, in the end, that was irrelevant. We have both arrived at where we are and I guess we need to be. If you'd like to masturbate, please do." I said.

"I'd prefer to fuck, all I been doing is jerking off."

I closed my eyes for a moment. "I'm sure we'll probably do that, at some stage. Yes. But, for now, I'd like to watch you stroking that beautiful cock of yours. To be honest, I don't care whether you're thinking of me or mother or some tart on the Net, I just want to watch you shooting off big time. And if you want to cum on my tits or on my face, well, that's OK too."

I looked at his cock much closer than I ever had, dad had to be a good 9 inches and thick like a ripe cucumber.

"Let me help you get started."

Before he knew what was happening I leaned down and started licking up and down his long shaft. It startled him at first but when I slid the head of his cock into my mouth he relaxed and just laid there letting me suck him. I rolled my tongue over its head tickling it.

"Oh Goddd that feels so goooodddd" he said

I then took the large head of his cock into my mouth and tickled it with my tongue. My pussy was throbbing so badly by now and it needed some action to. So I turned my body around so that we were in the 69 position and lowered my pussy down to his mouth.

He looked up and saw my creamy wet pussy and started to lick his tongue up and down its slit. It felt wonderful and I wanted his face buried in it so I spread my legs wide letting my pussy drop down smothering his face as I continued to suck his big thick cock.

I rolled off dad and on my back I looked up at him. "Come on honey give me a mouthful of your seed. Give me your love juice. Give me some cream, in my mouth daddy!"

I held his dick with one hand and rubbed it over every inch of my beautiful face. I pushed myself up on my elbows pressed my tits around daddy's cock and slid them up and down. I fucked daddy's dick with my tits.

"Shoot off on me daddy, come on my tits. Coat me with your juice."

I leaned over and took the head of daddy's dick in my mouth and sucked hard. At the same time I pressed my boobs against the sides of his dick, released them and then pushed them together again.

While fucking him with my boobs I continued to apply non-stop suction to his dick head. I looked up at daddy's face and licked my lips. I was giving his dick the time of its life between my fabulous tits.

"Tit fuck me daddy, spray me with your hot cream." And he did.

Daddy came as I spoke, shooting a streamer of his goop up through my tits and onto my neck. I immediately leaned over and slid my lips down the entire length of daddy's bursting boner. I was deep throating him while he came!

"OH FUCK MASRCA! I didn't have much left in me, you drained me dry. I didn't think I'd be able to cum again for a month.

I kept mouthing him while his dick deflated. I didn't give up until he was completely limp. Then I let dad roll off me and I sat up with big gobs of his wad on my tits, chin, and lips.

"Thanks daddy. I had a great time tonight."

"Oh Marca your just like your mother."

"Mmmmm, that's it daddy, think of me as mother. Daddy you want mommy to fuck you? Do you daddy?"

"Yes ...!"

"Now remember daddy, mommy does the fucking around this house. Do you understand daddy? Do you understand that your mine now?"


"Yes what daddy?"

"Yes mommy, I understand."

"That's a good daddy." I got up and went to my room.

More to cum ...

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