tagIncest/TabooMum's Fancy Dress Fuck

Mum's Fancy Dress Fuck


Since I split up with my fiancee last year, I had 'lodged' back with my Mum and her boyfriend. My dad had fucked off with some silly little bitch my age three or so years ago - no real loss, and Mum hitched up with Tim about two years back. They are both 44, and I have just turned 24.

Living back at home is no great hardship, all my washing and cooking get done, and I wank off most nights listening to Tim fucking my Mum, who is a bit of a screamer! When I wanked, I'd started saying "God Mum, I'd fuck you 'till you screamed!", which always brought on a huge cum. It's funny, but I had never thought of my mum in a sexual way before, but hearing her beg Tim to 'fuck her hard' or 'cum in my arse' certainly changed things! In fact, with hindsight, my mum is almost my ideal woman. Five foot nine inches tall, with shoulder length auburn hair and a 38 26 38 figure, and her legs…oh her legs! They just don't seem to stop!!

I took the split with my fiancee pretty hard, and had got used to lying round the house of an evening. Even the offer of going with mum & Tim to a fancy dress party last Saturday night couldn't excite me. However…..

As they were in a rush to get ready, I was washing up after dinner. I heard mum walk into the kitchen, but didn't turn round till she said,

"Well Simon, how do I look?"

I turned round to face her, and dropped the plate I was washing on the floor. Standing in front of me was a six-foot tall schoolgirl! I should just say here that I'm no pedo. Little girls in their school uniforms do nothing for me, but the sight of a woman in full St Trinian's kit works for me every time. Mum's hair was in two pigtails, and she had painted freckles round her nose with a make up pen. Her white blouse was a size too small for her, and her black half-cup bra was easy to see. The blouse's straining buttons were hidden behind my old school tie. Her pleated skirt was just long enough to be decent, and her long stocking clad legs were slipped into two-inch high heels. She took the lollipop she was sucking out of her mouth and repeated the question.

"Well, how do I look?" only this time she spun round as she spoke, and her pleated skirt rose up, giving me a flash of her tanned thighs above her stocking tops, and just the briefest glimpse of white panties.

I was suddenly aware that my mouth was very dry, and my dick was very hard. I tried to speak, but rational thought was being blocked by obscene ideas. Suddenly, I heard a voice croak, "God Mum, I'd fuck you 'till you screamed!". I realised with horror it was me!! Mum's eyebrows nearly shot off her face, and she stared at me with a surprised look…then her features softened into a wicked smile, and she licked her lollipop suggestively.

"Thanks for the offer, but as you know, Tim manages to make me scream pretty loudly! However, if he ever loses his touch, I'll knock on your door, hopefully before you've finished wanking, and you can fuck me as long and as hard as you like." With that, she walked over to the kitchen door. There she paused and flipped her short skirt up to her waist. Her white panties were stretched tight over the cheeks of her backside, framed by the straps of her suspender belt holding up seamed stockings! Mum looked back over her shoulder, stared at my obvious hard on, smiled, and blew me a kiss before straightening up as Tim walked down the stairs dressed as an urchin schoolboy. Luckily, he didn't come into the kitchen, or he would have seen me leaning against the sink, with a look of pure lust on my face and a huge lump in my trousers!

Only the slam of the front door a few minutes later managed to wake me out of my horny trance. I staggered upstairs to my PC. I was desperate for a wank, but equally determined to save it until I heard mum getting well fucked later on. A couple of hours of quality Internet porn would keep me happy 'till then. Funnily enough though, every pic that loaded onto my screen transformed itself into the image of my mother in her schoolgirl outfit. Whether oral or anal, group or twosome, all I could see was her innocent face and that killer body, whilst her comments whirled round my head. Was she really offering herself to me? God knows we aren’t particularly uptight about sex, but incest?

It was nearly midnight when the phone rang. It was mum. "Hello darling. Guess what? Tim thought I was driving home, and I thought Tim was, so we've both had too much to drink. Could you be a love and come and get us?"

Fifteen minutes later I was knocking on the door of the party house. At first I couldn't find mum and Tim anywhere until, walking out onto the patio, I saw them. Mum had her arms round Tim's neck as they kissed each other. One of Tim's hands was holding her short skirt up round her waist, whilst the other was burrowing down the back of her panties. I stayed in the shadows and watched as his fingers caressed mum's arse cheeks, before moving lower. I heard her gasp as he found her cunt. Tim's voice was slightly slurred as he spoke, "bloody hell Ruth, you're wet tonight! I hope Simon gets here soon, I want to fuck you so badly." I had to admit to myself he wasn't the only one. Seeing my mum squirm on her boyfriend's fingers made my prick so hard it hurt. But what I heard my mum say next nearly made me cum in my trousers.

"Do you know he wants me? He accidentally told me tonight, and I saw his lovely cock get hard when I flashed my arse at him. It's been almost six months since he split up with his woman, I just know he would love a good hard fucking from me, and I would love to give him one."

Silently, I backed round the corner. "Right then", I thought. "If she wants me, she can have me!" Whistling loudly to announce my arrival, I sauntered back round the corner. "Mum! Tim! Are you out here?"

"Simon, over here!" I walked over, and almost managed to suppress a groan. Mums lipstick was slightly smudged, her blouse was half pulled out of the waistband of her skirt, and half the buttons were undone, exposing most of her breasts, just contained within the lacy cups of her bra. Her stocking tops were now visible, and one stocking had a small run in it. Basically, she looked just fucked, and God, I wanted her. "Hiya. Got a kiss for your mum?" I glanced at Tim. He smiled at me and nodded slightly. I stepped over to my mother. With her heels on she was only a couple of inches shorter than me. Looking me in the eye she whispered, "I'm not really that drunk, so I have no excuse for this." She kissed me full on the mouth, her tongue sliding in between my teeth. At the same time, her hand cupped my erection through my trousers. I kissed her back, hard as one of my hands came up to squeeze her breast, finding the erect nipple poking through the cotton of her blouse. My other hand went to her thigh above her stocking top. It felt smooth and taut. The sound of Tim unzipping his trousers brought a semblance of common sense back to me. Getting caught like this could take some explaining!

"C'mon," I hurriedly suggested, "lets go home."

We walked back through the house, mum and Tim offering goodbyes to several people on the way. I couldn't take my eyes off the sight of mum's backside swaying underneath that short skirt knowing that, with any luck, I was going to get my hands on it soon.

Mum and Tim bundled themselves into the back of the car, and I heard Tim's zip being undone again almost before I got the car started. Although I couldn't see, his moans and the wet sounds coming from the back seat meant that he was getting one hell of a blow job. After about three minutes he shouted, "I'm cumming!! Simon, stop the car!"

As I pulled over to the curb, I heard him groan as he came, and I spun round in my seat just in time to see my mother, kneeling on the back seat, sucking the last drops of spunk out of his cock. Without saying a word, she sat up, and got out of the back of the car, opened the front door, and got in. Mum looked me straight in the eye and, grabbing her blouse in both hands, ripped it open, sending the few remaining buttons flying off. Her half-cup bra was just cupping her full breasts. Still looking at me, she opened her mouth, and Tim's spunk dribbled down her chin, and onto her tits. "Sometimes I swallow, sometimes I like it on my tits…and sometimes, when I have an appreciative audience, I like both!" She glanced down at my hard cock, straining at my jeans. "And I can see you are very appreciative! We can be home in ten minutes, and then I want to see just how much you really love your mum. Until then," she leant back into the car seat and pushed her hand down her panties, "I'm gonna see how many times I can make myself cum!"

Two and a half loud, shuddering orgasms later, I pulled up outside the house. Mum jumped out of the car and stood, waiting for us, right under a streetlight. Desperate as I was to get her inside the house and fuck her, I had to just stop and stare at her. Her bra was rucked up under her full breasts, which were glistening with a mixture of sweat and Tim's cum. Both her stocking tops were of full display, and she was rubbing herself through her panties. "Christ Tim, we had better get her inside before the neighbours see her." I said.

"Don't worry, she has fucked most of them in the last year or so." He grinned at my shocked expression. "You didn't know your mum was a swinger did you? Hell yes, neighbours, neighbours friends, friends from work, strangers from the pub, ask her to show you her photo album sometime! Your mum enjoys a hard cock up her almost any time, and she has wanted yours for ages. Now get a move on and let's get into the house."

I scrambled out of the car. Mum looked at me through lust glazed eyes. "Tonight you forget any inhibitions about incest or crap like that OK? Yes I am your mother, but I am also a highly sexed woman who is willing to do anything, absolutely anything to give you a good time. You can call me Ruth, or mum, or slut, or whore, or anything you like, just take me inside and fuck me hard!"

I took hold of her wrist and put her fingers in my mouth. I could still taste her pussy juices and I sucked them off, making her moan. Tim stood behind her, rubbing his hard cock over her bottom. "Absolutely anything?" I said. How about Tim bending you over the bonnet of my car and fucking you now whilst you suck my dick? Or how about knocking on the door of the student house up the road? I know there are about six teenagers in there, male and female. Could you take all of them on?" To my surprise she orgasmed again, and only Tim's hands on her hips kept her from collapsing onto the pavement. Grinning at him, I scooped my mother up in my arms and carried her into the house.

As I carried her over the threshold, like a groom and his new bride, mum kissed me again. This was no parental kiss; it was more like a lust filled promise of things to cum. I gently put her onto the settee, and I sat on one side of her, continuing our kiss. A few minutes later, Tim sat on the other side and, as I began to squeeze one breast, he started to lick the other. Mum began to groan as we continued our twin assault on her tits. She splayed her long stocking clad legs over ours and reached for our hard dicks.

Tim had been delayed in joining mum and I on the sofa because he was repositioning the large hallway mirror against the wall opposite where we all now sat. Breaking off our kiss, I looked into the mirror. It was a pretty erotic sight. Mum, dressed as a slutty schoolgirl, legs akimbo, wanking off both her son and her lover whilst getting her tits sucked. "I can't wait any longer mum, I've got to fuck you now. Get up on your knees."

"Oh God yes, Simon. Fuck me now, I need your hard prick in my hot pussy!" she panted as she rolled over. I stood up and ripped my clothes off. Mum reached out and grabbed my dick, and pulled it towards her mouth.

"No bitch, if you want to suck cock, suck Tim's. I need to cum, and I'm gonna cum in your cunt, not your mouth!"

Tim grabbed her head and forced it onto his prick. I pulled her wet panties off her hips, down her legs, and left them hanging off one ankle (a small fetish of mine!) her pussy was awash with her own juices, and her thighs were wet too. Mum thrust her arse at me, and her pussy was red, inviting me to fuck her hard. I obliged, grabbing hold of her hips and, with one thrust, sunk myself deep in her. She moaned as she continued to suck off her boyfriend. I quickly set up a rhythm, fucking her as hard as I could, my full balls banging against her stocking clad thighs as we screwed. I knew I wouldn't be able to last long, considering the sexual teasing that had been going on all evening, the fact I was in my first MFM, and the female was my own mum!

As we continued fucking on the settee, Mum reached between her legs and cupped my balls as she sucked Tim. He was still sitting down, and smiling as he watched us all in the mirror. I saw him reach out and begin to tug on mums hard nipples in time with my frantic thrustings. I glanced into the mirror, and straight away I felt the start of a major orgasm. Mum was in the classic porno 'spit-roast' position, with one hard cock in her mouth and another up her cunt. Her skin was shiny with sweat as she thrust her arse back at me whilst bobbing her head up and down in Tim's lap. I tried to hold back, but I couldn't.

"Mum, I'm cumming…I'm cumming…..!" My mother screamed in ecstasy as I pumped what felt like a gallon of hot cum into her. Seeing her son cum in her made Tim cum too, and he sprayed his spunk all over her face and tits. The combination of our spunk sent mum over the edge into a massive orgasm as well, and she shuddered so much my cock fell out of her, sending my final ribbon of cum down the back of her stockings.

I fell back on the sofa, watching the spunk dribble out of my mum's well fucked cunt. She scooped some up with a finger and sucked it clean. "Hmm, you taste as good as you fuck! How soon can you get hard again? I want more fucking! Oh, you're hard again already?!?!?!…"

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