tagMatureMum's Friends Ch. 02

Mum's Friends Ch. 02


Paul woke at six thirty. Debbie was smiling at him. Debbie asked, "Do you need the bathroom? I have been, and I used the bidet."

Paul went to the bathroom and relieved himself. He then used the bidet. An hour later they showered together then Debbie went to make breakfast. They both left for work at eight thirty. Paul phoned his Architect at nine and asked if he could come to the Center as he wanted to put in a Bistro and Wine shop. The Architect was there twenty minutes later. There was no problem, and the Architect would submit plans next week. Paul had to apply for a Licence for the sale of alcohol.

At twelve Paul's phone beeped. He had a WhatsApp message from Debbie which read: "Thanks for last night and this morning. My pussy and ass are still tingling. It was wonderful. Hope you're day is going well. Thinking about you...

...is there anything you would like me to do at five? Lots of hugs and kisses, your Debbie xxx."

Paul replied, "Spoke to the Architect about the Bistro and wine shop. He is drawing up plans. At five I want you to sit opposite me in the lounge. We will have a glass of wine. I want to watch you masturbate in front of me. We will both be naked. Then I will come over and fuck you hard and rough. All my love your Paul xxx."

Two minutes later a WhatsApp message beeped on Paul's smartphone. It read:"You make me so horny. I will do that for you. Maybe one day I will bring a friend and I will fuck her and you can watch. When I am finished with her, you can come and fuck both of us. Would you like me in a threesome or even a foursome? I have some very naughty friends, and they all are clean. I can't stop thinking about you. All my love, your Debbie xxx."

Paul replied, "That sounds great. I think you would get aroused when I fuck some of your friends. Kay messaged me to say she wanted to see me. I told her that I had fixed your laptop and you had invited me out for dinner. She said she wanted to do something special, and naughty with me. I am happy with you, but I am sure we could both fuck her if you want. Would you like that? All my love your Paul xxx."

Debbie replied, "I have fucked Kay many times. She is good but Jo's better. I will try and arrange them for tonight. I need to phone Jo to ask if she wants to stay out all night. I would love to watch you fuck a mother and daughter. As soon as I know, I will let you know. All my love your Debbie xxx."

An hour later Paul's phone beeped. The message read, "All is arranged. Kay and Jo will come to my house at seven-thirty, then we'll all go for a meal. I will see you at five and do what you asked. I will bring some Viagra for you as you will need it after dinner. Jo is fantastic in bed. I am looking forward to tonight. Are you? All my love, your Debbie xxx."

Paul replied, "Yes I am. If we do this, then I will never stray from you. I honestly prefer older women. I will make "five" very special for you. All my love, your Paul xxx."

Paul arrived home at four fifty. He opened the garage door, and Debbie's Mercedes was sitting in its place. He opened the front door and Paul heard music coming from the lounge. Debbie was sitting on the sofa wearing an open crotch bodysuit with her legs wide open. Her tits looked beautiful. They were sticking out of the top of the bodysuit. She was fisting her pussy and rubbing her clit with her other hand.

Debbie looked at Paul innocently and said,"I hope that you are not angry with me for starting before you, but I wanted my cunt wet for you when you arrived."

Paul topped up Debbie's glass then took the Champagne and ice bucket onto the coffee table beside the armchair he was going to sit in. Paul said, "You look fantastic fisting yourself."

Debbie replied, "I love to be spanked gently. Paul, as we get to know each other better, then we can spice things up. Now get naked so I can see your magnificent cock, that I have dreamed about all day, get hard."

Paul stripped and his cock was semi-hard. He sat down sipping his Champagne and watching Debbie. Debbie had her legs wide open and was fisting herself hard. She looked so sexy. Debbie was smiling and looking at Paul she said, "Are you going to fuck me hard tonight? I'm going to do a lot of different things when you're inside me. I know you want to ass fuck me first then go up my pussy. Your cock is getting harder. My pussy is so wet for you. I put some lube around and inside my ass. I will put some lube on your big boy before you go inside me. Are you ready for me?"

Paul said nothing but went over to Debbie who started to suck his cock. Then she put some lube on it. Paul turned her around then bent her over and went into her ass doggy style. He rode her hard for fifteen minutes. Paul was playing with Debbie's tits. Debbie was still fisting herself and rubbing her clit. Then Paul pulled out of her ass and slid inside her pussy. He soon had a great rhythm going. Debbie was gripping him tightly. Paul was still playing with her tits and Debbie was still rubbing her clit. Twenty minutes later Paul exploded inside her. Debbie had a very loud orgasm at the same time.

They kissed, and Paul got the glasses. Debbie said, "That was wonderful. Paul, I am so happy. I have felt so good all day. I have been thinking a lot about you. I would love us to have a child. I had one of the other gynaecologists check me out. Everything is good. You just need to give me lots of your sperm. Do you know that's the fifth time you have cum inside me in the last nineteen hours?"

"Jo's looking forward to tonight. She was telling me Kay is going to California in September. She has an uncle out there, and she is going to teach in an American school. Her Aunt is also a teacher. She has got Kay, a job in the same school as her."

Paul replied, "Kay, never told me anything. I have just taken her on holiday for two weeks. I don't think that I could ever trust Kay. I believe she just uses people. She only thinks of herself."

Debbie replied, "Don't get me started about Kay. When she was at the Teacher Training College, I gave her a Saturday job at the Spa. Kay was shaving pussies. She had a lot of regular clients. Kay was making lots of money on tips. She was eating their pussies. They said she was splendid at it. Then she was asking her clients if they would like to eat her virgin pussy for one hundred pounds. I know for a fact she was on the pill at fifteen. I treated her for gonorrhoea at sixteen. Then she bought a car. She had to stop her Saturday job as she had so much work at College. Then I heard she was doing house visits. I think I lost about thirty patients to her, but twenty have now come back."

"I believe that she was working as an escort while she was at College. Three years ago I treated her very often for STD's. I told her to start using condoms as I had to give her a stronger dose of antibiotics every time. She has been clean for the last two years. I think she visits five or six widows from the Spa, but I believe she has five or six sugar daddies that she also visits. Paul, Jo is a far nicer person than Kay. I would trust Jo with my life, but I don't believe Kay."

They kissed again then Debbie gave Paul five hundred pounds to pay for the meal. She also gave him a box of Viagra telling him to take one tablet after he had finished his main course. He had to go to the toilet to take it. They then showered. Paul dressed in his bedroom. Debbie wanted to be alone as she had something special to put on. Paul tidied the lounge and got fresh glasses. He finished the first bottle then got a fresh one. Debbie came into the room. She looked stunning. Debbie was showing a lot of cleavage. She looked very sexy. Paul poured her a glass. The doorbell rang, and Debbie answered it. She brought Jo into the lounge, and Paul got Jo a glass of Champagne.

Debbie said, "I have bad news, Paul, Kay got a call, and she had to meet an old friend tonight. I still think that the three of us will have a beautiful night together."

Paul looked at Jo. She was showing a lot of cleavage too. She looked stunning. They chatted for twenty minutes then left for the Italian restaurant. They had an excellent meal. Paul excused himself after the main courses. He settled the bill then they left. They had two bottles of Champagne with their meal. Paul walked in the middle with Debbie on his left and Jo on his right. Paul was cupping both of their breasts. Both their nipples were hard. They arrived at the house. Debbie opened the door. Jo kissed Paul. Paul could feel the weight of her breasts as Jo pushed her pussy against his leg.

Paul got a fresh bottle. When he got back to the lounge, Debbie and Jo were sitting on the sofa only wearing crotchless bodysuits and self-supporting stockings. Paul poured the Champagne then stripped. His cock was three-quarters hard but still looked impressive. Jo said, "Wow that's a big one."

Debbie said, "Jo, would you like to work on Paul and I will watch you. Paul, she loves it in every hole. She also loves it hard and rough. Jo, suck Paul's cock and testicles. Make him hard, and he will work on your pussy."

Paul and Jo started to 69. Jo was fantastic. Her tongue was everywhere, and she could take the full length of Paul's cock in her mouth. Paul was working on Jo's clit. It wasn't as big as Debbie's but was still big. Jo loved it as Paul sucked her clit and fingered her pussy. Jo was very wet. She was gripping Paul's fingers. He now had four fingers inside her. Jo was pushing her pussy against Paul's fingers. Paul was taking some of Jo's cum and was lubing her ass with it. Paul had three fingers inside Jo's ass.

Jo had cum three times with Paul's sucking and fingering. Jo was moaning with pleasure. Paul slipped his cock inside her pussy. Jo took it all and was gripping Paul's cock firmly. Paul rode her pussy for five minutes then turned her around and went into her ass doggy style. Jo could easily take the full length, and it felt tight for Paul. With one hand he was rubbing her clit, and the other was playing with her big tits. Jo had a hand massaging Paul's testicles as he ass fucked her. After ten minutes Paul came out and slid inside her very wet pussy.

Paul soon had a powerful rhythm going. Jo was twenty times better in bed than Kay. Paul was euphoric with Jo; he was now riding her very hard, and she loved it. Paul orgasmed five minutes later. Jo said, "Kay hasn't got a clue. That was the best fuck of my life. Paul, you are amazing. Kay had this for a fortnight, and she fucks off to visit a friend. Paul if you ever need relief then just give me a call."

Paul and Jo kissed. Then Paul kissed Debbie. Debbie's pussy was wet. Debbie said, "I want the same."

Paul then started on Debbie. His cock was so hard. Paul had never taken Viagra before, but it was working. Twenty-five minutes later he came inside Debbie's pussy. Debbie had been deafening as Paul had fucked her. Afterwards, Paul sat on the sofa sipping Champagne as Debbie and Jo licked his cock clean. They then went to bed. They were asleep in minutes.

Next morning Jo left at six as she had to take her husband to the hospital for a check up. She left a thank you note for Paul. She had put her mobile number on the note. Paul and Debbie woke at six thirty. They had an excellent session. As they showered, Debbie said, "When I watch you fuck another woman I get aroused. That turns me on. Paul, you have a graceful athletic movement. I could look at you all night."

Debbie made breakfast, and they left at eight fifteen. Debbie said as she left, "See you at five. I think I will plan something for tonight. I'll message you."

They kissed passionately then they drove to their work. Paul got into his office, and his phone beeped. He had a Whatsapp from Jo which read, "Paul, thanks for last night. I left you a note. In case you didn't get it, I got your number from Kay. I just wanted to say thank you. I am sitting waiting for my husband getting his tests done at the hospital. I am thinking how wonderful you were last night. I have messaged Debbie to tell her that I have messaged you. She hasn't a problem with it so write if you want. My pussy and ass are still tingling. Hope to see you soon. Kisses Jo xxx."

Paul replied, "I enjoyed last night too. I loved how you teased my cock when you were gripping him so tightly with your pussy muscles. How long will you be at the hospital? Kisses Paul xxx."

Paul got a message from Debbie which read: "Paul, that was beautiful last night. I love watching you ride other women. Jo was fantastic. The problem with Jo is she can only stay overnight once in awhile. At weekends she can come during the day but nights are an issue for her. I know a lot of wealthy widows and also a very rich spinster. She has a permanent room at the Spa. She is excellent in bed, but she has never had a man in her life. I was thinking of inviting her for dinner tonight. I know that we will have fun. Lots of kisses your Debbie xxx."

Paul's phone beeped he had a message from Jo which read, "Thanks for the compliment. I can grip harder if you want. The Consultant has just told me my husband must have an operation today. He has three tumours in different parts of his brain. He could be on the table for six hours. He is seventy-six. I don't think that he will make it. He has been a heavy smoker and drinker all his life. Paul, keep in touch. I will stay here with him. Thinking about you. Kisses Jo xxx."

Paul replied to Debbie. His message read, "I trust your judgement. The spinster sounds interesting. Has she never had a man? Lots of kisses back Paul xxx."

An hour later Paul's phone beeped he had a message from Jo which read, "He has gone. He had a heart attack just before they took him to the theatre. I am happy it was quick. I would love to see you tonight. Kisses Jo xxx."

Paul had just read Jo's message and his phone beeped. He had a whatsapp from Debbie which read, "It's arranged. Her name is Jill Gibson. Paul, she is very wealthy. Her father died and left her a fortune. She is a lovely woman. She dresses in an old-fashioned way apart from her lingerie which she buys in the shop at the Spa. She acts in a very reserved manner, but in bed she is wonderful. She will come to the house at seven. I can be home at four. Can you make it then? All my love Debbie xxx."

Paul replied, "I will be there at four. Jo's husband died today. She wants to see me tonight. What will we do? All my love Paul xxx."

Debbie replied, "I feel for Jo. We will have the two of them tonight. Tell Jo to be at the house at seven. It will be a good night. See you at four. All my love Debbie xxx."

Paul then sent Jo a message. It read, "I have messaged Debbie. Can you be at the house at seven? Debbie has invited Jill Gibson; I don't know her, to join us. I am sorry about your husband, but maybe it is better for you. See you at seven. Lots of kisses Paul xxx."

A few minutes later Paul's phone beeped. He had a message from Jo which read, "You will love Jill. She is quiet and unassuming. When she gets started, she is a turbo. I have slept with her a few times; she is good. She lives in Debbie's hotel, but she also has a large country estate. You may be the first man for her as she once told me that she had never been with a man. Treat her gently at the beginning. If you suck her clit and finger fuck her as you did to me last night, then she will be yours. Until seven lots of naughty kisses Jo xxx."

Paul got to the house at three fifty. Debbie had not arrived yet. Paul's had a message from the roleplay website. Paul logged in, and the message read, "Hi Bill, I have met the guy of my dreams. I have cancelled all my accounts. I wish you luck and hope that you find what you're looking for. Debbie."

Paul replied, "Dear Debbie, thank you for letting me know. I hope that it works out for you. Bill."

Paul got a bottle of Chablis and two glasses and went into the lounge. He took his clothes off and waited for Debbie. Debbie arrived two minutes later. She was glowing. She came to Paul and kissed him passionately. Debbie said, "I think I came in the car thinking about you. She opened her legs, and her skirt rode up her thighs. She had no panties on. Paul easily slid three fingers inside her.

Ninety minutes later they both lay on the Chinese rug in front of the fire. Debbie said, "Be gentle with Jill tonight. When she gets used to you, then she will want it hard and rough. Jill is a very wealthy woman. I thought that I know maybe five very rich widows. I will invite them individually out for dinner before we go to France. You have money, and I have money. I have found that the secret in life is to use other people's money when you can. All of the women I will introduce you to are highly sexed good looking women."

Paul replied, "I agree with that, but I don't like using people. I have enough money to live comfortable. If they wanted to invest in a business venture, then that would be OK. I feel sorry for Jo, but I think it is the best thing for her. She is so much better in bed than Kay. I don't want to see Kay again."

Debbie said, "I agree with you. I see us doing a lot of different things. If we have a little group like I suggested then, we will have all the financial backers we will ever need. Jill is a lawyer and an Accountant. She was her father's Personal Assistant. Her father left her billions. She has helped me so much with my investments. She also has wonderful breasts; her nipples are very sensitive."

They showered. Paul dressed in his bedroom as Debbie wanted to surprise him. Paul opened a bottle of Champagne. He had just sat down on the sofa when the doorbell rang. He answered it, and there was a tall and distinguished-looking woman standing in the doorway. Paul said, "Good evening, are you, Jill?"

The lady put her hand forward and said, "Yes I am. Are you Paul?"

Paul replied, "Yes, I am. How do you do? Please come in as Debbie is applying her war paint and Jo has not arrived as yet."

They went into the lounge, and Paul poured her a glass of Champagne. Jill had a beautiful face but hardly used any makeup. Her clothes did nothing for her. She was tall and had a curvy body. Jill said, "You look so young, are you at University?"

Paul replied, "Thanks for the compliment. I have a law degree, but I received an inheritance from my aunt. I have always been interested in Antiques. I bought a four storey building, which was formerly a grain store. I converted into an Antique Center. I now have over two hundred dealers renting space from me. I love working with Antiques. What is your profession?"

Jill said, "How exciting. I have a law degree too. I am retired. I love Antiques very much. I have quite a few bits and pieces at my home. Is your Center the one that opened three years ago at the harbour?"

Paul replied, "Yes it is. Have you visited it?"

Jill said, "I have. You have some wonderful pieces there. I was thinking of renting some space there, but I didn't have the motivation. I would love you to show me around the Center."

Paul gave Jill his business card. Jill gave Paul hers; it had her name, mobile number and an email address. Paul said, "Give me a call anytime. Mornings are best as it doesn't get busy until eleven."

Paul topped up their glasses. Jill said, "I'm drinking too quickly. I am very nervous."

Paul sat beside her and took her hand. Paul said, "You don't need to be nervous. If anything happens, I will be very gentle. If we do something that you don't like just tell me and I will stop. Please don't be nervous."

Jill put her glass down then put her arms around Paul. She then kissed him on the lips. She slid her tongue gently into Paul's mouth. Paul then cupped her breast. The nipple got hard very quickly. He stroked her nipple. Paul felt her relax as her kissing got more passionate. Then the doorbell rang. As Paul went to the door, Jill said, "Thank you, that was wonderful. Be gentle with me later.?"

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