Muses Ch. 08

bySean Renaud©

It was two in the morning when I finally got home. Work had gone a little bit over, then I'd gone to a friend's house for several hours of Dungeons and Dragons and Magic before I'd finally stumbled home. I wanted to sleep but apparently the girls had other plans and I found myself compelled to turn on my computer.

Karen was the one who greeted me when I turned it on. She was wearing a black one piece swimsuit with a golden belly chain, anklet and bracelets. Her black platform heels had straps laced all the way up the backs of her calves nearly to her knees and she was dancing pool side. It's not fair to call what she was doing dancing, she was more shaking her hips and bouncing her shapely ass.

Then I noticed that she wasn't alone. The honey hued honey had an audience. There were men in the pool all resting their arms on the edge of the pool and staring at her. It was probably a dozen of them, maybe more. They might have been nude it was impossible for me to tell from the angle that I had. "You here hun? This is what I want to do next." Karen said continuing to dance. "I want another gangbang and not one that I'm forced to do." She said turning slowly. The swimsuit was tight enough that the outline of her slit was easy to see. "I want cock because I like the way it feels." She reached and took the shoulder of her swimsuit and lowered it down part of the way slipping her arm free.

"Is that all you wanted me for Karen? It's late." It was in fact going on two thirty. "I'd like to get a little sleep tonight."

"You know you aren't going to sleep until your drunk. You're a goddamn alcoholic, just like my father. You don't go to sleep, you pass out. So you can sit here with me." She lowered the other side of her suit slipping her arm free again. It was only the elastic material and her tits keeping the outfit on her at this point. "You can sit here with me and love me or you can go lie in your bed and stare at the ceiling."

"Fuck you I'm going to pour myself a drink." I did but she was right. I wasn't going to lay in the bed and stare at the ceiling. "So what are we working with."

"You work too much on story sometimes. Did you noticed that your little masturbation stories went well? I mean high votes? Just keep it simple stupid" She slipped the suit down beneath her breasts then cupped them squeezing them. "So here is what I want." She bent at the hips thrusting that fantastic ass skyward and picked up a bottle of baby oil before turning back around and oiling her breasts. "Lit rules won't allow a sweet sixteen party, and besides you didn't know me when I was sixteen anyway. I was seventeen going on eighteen when we met. You know what we should have done for my birthday? We should have had a gangbang. I was the youngest person in the group, everybody else was legal already and you know I wanted to fuck your friends." She smiled pulling the suit even lower so she could oil her belly.

I'd never seen her wear a belly ring before, just a simple golden bangle with a bright blue stone hanging on the end. "I like that belly ring." I commented as she removed the rest of the swimsuit. She'd trimmed up for me, a neat landing strip that betrayed her real hair color wasn't the maroon of her head hair but rather was a dark brown.

"Thank you." She glanced down. "Since when does the carpet not match?"

"It makes you a little more realistic."

"I don't want to be real." Karen replied walking over to the edge of the pool. "I want to be perfect." She smiled and walked over to the pool's edge. "Do you guys like me like this?" She asked strutting the length of the pool. The universal response was that they did love her just the way she was. "So how bout it Sean? You think you can just write me a Birthday Gangbang."

Enrique pulled himself out of the pool, he was wearing black swim trunks which was a mild surprise. The wet fabric clung to his already hard cock making a perfect outline of his organ. I hadn't seen him since Karen's Pool party a few years back, apparently he'd spent some of that time getting into better shape. His chest was shaved smooth and his arms and chest had the definition of a man who spends some time in the gym. "Hi boss." He said glancing towards me then walking towards a cooler. "Does anybody else want a beer?"

"Double beer me, Sean's going to take his time figuring this out but if I walk off set he's not going to remember me and I'll end up lost again." Mark called. The six three blue blonde had grown his hair out. It was nearly down to his shoulders now soaked and slicked back. He'd been with Karen in a story called Road to Wrestlemania. Enrique tossed him one beer then the next.

"No body else wants anything?" Enrique asked opening his own beer.

Eric sat down on the steps of the pool. He already had a drink in hand, I'm not sure where he got it from, but it was golden so knowing hit was probably rum and coke. "I'm good. So are we going to get this thing going any time soon?" He took a swallow of his drink and looked up at me. "Is this going to get rough?"

The last time appeared in a story it was called Karen and Eric and he nearly raped her. Of course she wanted him more than anything in the world so it wasn't so much rape as rough. "I mean seriously man you owe me, it's not cool that you were nibbling on my ear at our friend's wedding. I know you were getting bored but seriously I get a piece of that ass." He said smiling at Karen.

"Wait wait wait. I haven't sanctioned this shit yet! I already have a group."

"And you need three for the first cap." Eric growled getting out of the water. He hadn't shaved, actually he hated to shave and now after what would have been over a month of not shaving for me but was probably just two or three days for him he looked like some kind of wolf man. He wasn't wearing any trunks, he did more grooming down below than on his face. "And I think there are lots of guys out there who want to see our birthday girl. The rest of the men got out of the pool and walked up to Karen who sank to her knees.

Enrique finished his beer in a single fantastic chug then pulled a can of whipped cream out of the cooler. "Guys, wait, we need a plot! Nobody is going to read this storieless smut!" Enrique dropped his trunks adding his tree to the forest she was lost in. They were shoulder to shoulder around the kneeling birthday girl who could only look up hungrily at the cocks. "Guys!"

"Oh shut it, how long as it been since half of us have had any fun?" Enrique shouted. She shook the can of whipped cream up and hastily sprayed a bit on to the tip of all six cocks surrounding her. "Now come on guys it's her birthday." One by one they looked to the man to their right until they were all on the same page. As soon as that happened they broke into song.

Happy Birthday to you.

Happy Birthday to you.

Happy Birthday dear Karen

Happy Birthday to you

And many more on channel four

Some anal too on channel two

And all the rest on CBS!

"And now that you're done with that Karen it's time for you to blow out your candles. We couldn't get eighteen-" I know Eric was going to say something clever. It was going to be something clever about how she could blow with all three holes. He didn't get to say it though, for starters nothing clever materialized on the page and to keep me from having to figure it out Karen took him by the hips and swallowed him to the root in a single try. She got whip cream all over her face but she managed it. She went from one cock to the next rapidly bobbing from one to the next while the rest hooted and hollered their approval.

"You guys really aren't going to stop until she's glazed like a donut are you?" The closest thing to an answer any of them gave was Eric took a fistful of her hair and pushed Karen down on his cock as far as she could get. Her nose was mashed against his and he held her there grinning as she started sputtering. Spittle frothed out around her mouth and down around his balls. It was clear she couldn't breath but she wasn't afraid, she was excited.

"Share her a bit man." Enrique said tapping Eric. There was a slight moment where things looked tense but Eric let her up and she kept moving from one cock to the next. Her cheeks were smeared with a combination of spit and whip cream, already her hair was sticking to her cheeks. That must have gone on four a solid five minutes before the guys got bored with just her mouth.

As usual Eric was the ring leader and again as usual he was an ass man. Which lead to the kind of circus sex that rarely happens even in the Kama Sutra. Eric took her by the hips lifting her and twisting her so her back was facing the ground, this whole time she keeps Enrique's cock in her mouth mind you and he slid into her ass. She was spewing every filthy thing she could imagine but I could only make out two words clearly. "More cock." I didn't recognize who straddled her midsection and wrapped her tits around his cock but that was how they supplied her with more cock.

"Hurry it up guys I still need to run ideas past her for stories. I need to get cracking again and you all aren't helping!" I grumbled.

"Fine fine, but she has to have her birthday shots and her cake." Eric said turning to the others with a grin. "You read baby?" Karen nodded her head as best she could with a Enrique half way down her throat. "Then get in position." Eric practically dropped her but if she minded she didn't show it. There was a huge grin on Karen's face as she lowered her face to the concrete floor and pushed her ass up as high as she could manage. "We didn't make a cake so I guess pie will have to do!" Eric laughed as he pushed his cock back into her ass occasionally pulling out so everyone could get a look at her gape before pushing back into her. The rest of the guys simply stood around watching before he came on the crack of her ass. The rest of the guys all cheered as it oozed into her open anus. One by one the guys took their turns fucking Karen's ass and cumming inside her until the last one had finished.

"Well that's it for her birthday pie. But where are we going to get shots from?" Enrique asked in the cheesiest voice he could muster?

"I know!" Eric answered pouring the rest of his drink out and then lowering the glass to his waist and pissing in it. "Come on everybody. Karen needs to know you all care about her." The guys each added a some piss until the glass was about halfway full. "I dunno, something is still missing here."

"Cum." Karen growled.

"You're absolutely right." Eric said putting the glass on the ground. Karen's eyes locked with his and she squatted over the glass pushing six loads of cum into the piss filled glass. The cum sank about halfway down into the glass floating there in small ropes that clung together. Karen took the glass and raised it to the sky looking at the vile fluid for a moment. It looked a little like an obscene lava lamp, little white globes floating in golden liquid. Then she drank it. It took her two goes to get it all down but she drank her entire birthday shot.

"Ok. Now you guys are all done right."

"Yeah we're done. I'm gonna go play some Left 4 Dead. Whose house is this anyway?" Eric asked grabbing a beer from the cooler and looking in through the patio door.

"I don't really know. Does it matter?"

"Not really. I was just hoping it was Ron's place. His sister, Brie, is hot as fuck and I've been tryin to tap that ass since she turned legal you know?" Eric replied.

"That's creepy, I mean you've known her since she was like three years old! You remember carrying her around at Disneyland in middle school!" I shouted and Brie walked into the kitchen wearing a blue button up shirt. Only the lowest button was done leaving the guys to wonder if she was wearing anything beneath it. Brie had the pale complexion of her Irish grandfather complete with a smattering of freckles across the bridge of her nose and tops of her cheeks. Her hair was naturally red and curly perfectly framing her face. Brie had always had a pretty face, cherubic even with a bit of baby fat that had never left her cheeks. Her bright green eyes were so innocent, she really didn't know the effect she was having when she opened the fridge and bent at the waist to grab an apple. The shirt rose just an inch, enough to answer the question about her panties. She was wearing Strawberry Shortcake underoos with red trim.

"But she's changed over the last fifteen years. I can't believe we've been friends that long!" I commented still looking at Brie. If she was aware that she was being watched she didn't react to six nude men standing against the glass window watch her bite into her apple. She really had changed from a young girl into a young woman. She had a pert little ass wrapped into those cartoon panties and a perky pair of pears partially hidden behind her shirt but she still looked completely innocent. Brie got herself a glass of water and then walked over to her television turning it on and her 360 along with it. It took her a couple of minutes of twisting and turning on the floor but she got comfortable lying on her stomach. Her knees were pretty far apart letting the guys get a good look at her nethers. The tops of her toes were touching and she was raised up on her elbows. "That does not look like the girl you used to carry around Disneyland." Karen whispered.

"No shit?" I muttered watching her. Even Karen had come to the glass to get a peak at the new beauty.

"You know it's about time she showed. You've been perving over her for years." Karen said opening the door. "Hey Brie."

"Karen! Hi!" She turned and wrapped her arms around her nude friend in a tight tit crushing hug. "You want me to grab you a blanket?"

"No I'm fine." Karen replied laying down beside Brie and picking up the other controller. "So how are you?"

"Uh Karen, can we please work for just a few minutes here? Just five. Just five minutes. I really need some new ideas as to what I should write."

"Go fix your score card. I'll be thinking up an idea for you and when you get back I'll have some." I wasn't going to argue with her so I did what she said. "So what goals are we setting for March?"

"Well we need to get at minimum four new categories filled, we can cap a few more of them if you want but I want to get up to twenty categories filled and I want to be in the Earth Day contest. I know we've been talking a lot about it but nothing is really shaking loose. We've got several promising ideas though." I explained glancing at my newly updated scorecard. "So do you have any ideas for any new stories?"

"I didn't until I saw this cutie here." Karen said quickly pecking a kiss on Brie's cheek. "Now I think it's about time that you started posting some new stories, a couple first time stories, you gotta take her virginity. Be nice about it, you don't want it to accidently end up as one of those noncom stories. You want a first time story, or an incest story or a group story."

"Well I have a first time story. Nikki gave some punk kid a hand job to some kid so he would act right when she was babysitting him. "But I like the idea of doing something with Brie here. She's definitely a cutie." She wasn't really paying attention to me, she couldn't spare the concentration from the screen where literally hundreds of zombies were swarming her location and she was meeting them head on, one after another with shotgun blasts to the head. Karen was doing the same but she was favoring the an M16 and she wasn't mostly aiming for the knees slowing tide of zombies up.

"Smoker." Brie said into a headset. One of her one screen partners turned and fired a shot and a puff of smoke appeared o screen. "Boomer." The other ran forward but stroking a fat zombie then stepping back so Brie could fire blowing the creature up.

"Well first I think it's time to really buckle down and focus on the Earth Day contest. That's the immediate problem and that's what we should focus on. I think you were really on to something with the mermaid and that is worth taking an honest shot at writing. I also thing you should go make up with Nikki."

"You heard about that?"

"Yeah I heard about that and I know you love her. I know you didn't mean it when you said maybe she'd be better off dead."

"I did mean it Karen. That's just it. You don't read her letters every week. She's in constant pain, she barely sleeps. She wakes up in the middle of the night crying because she remembers how he looked. Her ex has custody of her children who are so young they won't even remember her when she gets out. Her life is just pain, and I feel like I'm selfish for wanting her alive. I do want her alive, I want her alive so when this is all over I can hold her and tell her that I love her. I want to be there for her when she gets out and I want to help her through this. If I can I want to make a trip up to visit her once a year. Thing is I want all of these things because I love her, because I want her because I'm a selfish brat and I never think of anybody but myself. Ever."

"You think of me and you want me to be happy in my marriage even though it's not to you."

"Yeah I do, you have an amazing smile and whatever it takes to get that smile is worth it. That's what makes it so frustrating that whenever I talk to her she doesn't seem to be happy or smiling. She seems almost eager to escape her life."

"Yeah." Karen muttered. "Look one problem at a time. You need to worry about you right now. Push Kitten from your mind, whatever you need from her take it from me. She'll be ok, she's certainly not getting any worse. Nikki is getting worse, every single day she gets a little worse and you're the reason." Karen paused to give me enough time to let the words sink in. "She said that in her last letter. She told you that you were the reason."

Karen put the controller down and walked back through the nude men still ogling the unaware barely legal gamer girl. "Don't mess her up, she's about to get man versus tank. If you guys start gang fucking her and she doesn't get it I promise you. Sean will make sure that you're on the front lines the next time a monster shows up you'll be the one getting killed." Karen kissed Eric o the lips as she walked past him.

"So once she's finished that she's fair game?"

"Of course she's fair game after that. I'd rather the lot of you go someplace away from Karen, she's easily distracted.

"I am not." Karen pouted. Each of the men got a quick feel of her flesh as they walked past Karen and into the room with Brie who continued ignoring them as she played her video games.

"So where were we Sean?"

"We were trying to figure out a few new stories for this month. We'd decided that Brie would get a few stories this month. So I think you should start by working out what kinds of stories work best for her." Karen climbed onto the top of the wall glancing around at the surrounding yards. There was another pool but the one that caught her interest had thick patches of ivy growing throughout the entire thing. "See you know what I think? I think you would have a blast doing an erotic Alice in Wonderland."

Karen jumped into the ivy which was deeper than it looked, she completely sank beneath the thick foliage. She found herself staring up at the patches of ivy and face to face with a praying mantis. Sometime during the fall she'd acquired two pairs of translucent wings. The mantis canted its head slightly considering her. Just in time to avoid being captured by the claws and take to the air.

The world is an entirely different place when you're less than three inches tall. A dandelion could be a tree and a mouse is as big as an elephant. Karen was well adjusted to her sudden change in size, she was happily flying along just above the ground zipping around the various obstacles. "You know you've already got the inhuman covered pretty much you'll accidently get the cap on that in the coming weeks but I noticed that the sci-fi story with me and Reinhart ever actually worked out."

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