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Music Box Dancer Ch. 01


This story is part of an ongoing series. The chronological order of my stories is now listed in WifeWatchman's biography.

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This story contains graphic scenes, language and actions that might be extremely offensive to some people. These scenes, words and actions are used only for the literary purposes of this story. The author does not condone murder, racial language, violence, rape or violence against women, and any depictions of any of these in this story should not be construed as acceptance of the above.

Part 1 - Prologue

"This is Bettina Wurtzburg, KXTC Fox Two News!" shouted the lovely redheaded reporterette at 7:00am, Monday, June 11th, from in front of the State Office Building. "We are bringing you continuing coverage of the investigation by the Independent State Counsel into the potentially illegal actions of TCPD Commander Donald Troy and Governor Val Jared!"

"Today the long-anticipated testimony of TCPD Captain Teresa Croyle will take place at the State Capitol Office Building in Midtown!" Bettina said happily. "Let's go to our Fox Midtown affiliate, and Meredith Peller. Meredith!"

"Thank you, Bettina!" said Meredith, with the gold-domed State Capitol behind her. Meredith was a pretty but not movie-star-beautiful blonde, who could equally be a housewife or a television actress. "At nine o'clock this morning, Captain Teresa Croyle will appear before the Independent State Counsel. Spokespersons for Mr. Robert Mullen say that he believes Captain Croyle has knowledge of the case and of Commander Troy's actions during that time, as well as Commander Troy's intent to harass Donna Rodman and Hillary Braselton on behalf of Governor Jared. Mr. Mullen says he expects Captain Croyle to fully comply with the subpoena and to answer completely every question he asks of her while she is under oath."

"Thank you, Meredith!" said Bettina as the older MILF redhead came back on the screen. "As you know, Captain Croyle has delayed giving testimony for almost a month. She was originally subpoenaed to testify on May 19th, but sued to delay having to answer the subpoena. But while Justice may be delayed, it won't be denied, especially for Commander Donald Troy and Governor Val Jared..."

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"Good grief." whispered Commander Cindy Ross as we watched the broadcast in MCD, along with MCD and Vice Detectives. "The way she was distorting everything... sheesh." I saw a platinum blonde head shaking itself in disbelief.

"Captain Thompson," I said to our Public Relations Officer, "what did you think about that cooperation with Fox Midtown?"

"Not very surprising, sir," said Captain Thompson, "considering what KSTD is about to do."

"What are they about to do?" asked Tanya Perlman. I nodded for Captain Thompson to tell everyone.

"KSTD has joined into a network with other stations in the State." said Thompson. "KCTY in the City, KCAP in Midtown, which is Fox Midtown's competition, and KSPT in Southport, among others. They're calling the joint organization SNN - the State News Network."

"Why are they doing that?" asked Theo Washington. Thompson looked at me.

"What they will tell you," I said, "is that it's to share information better so that you the viewer will be more informed. In reality, it's to make sure there is a coordinated message to all parts of the State, based upon the agenda that they you want to hear. They're realizing that people all over the State are not hearing the same coordinated attacks on the Governor, so they will join together to make sure that their organized, scripted hatred is uniformly heard everywhere."

"Wow." said Teddy Parker. "They don't consider themselves competitors, anymore?"

"Oh, that exited stage left a long time ago." I said. "They're not news organizations, they're not journalists, they're not businesses in competition for your viewing eyeballs. They're propagandists, they're agenda-driven, and they don't even care if they lose money... as long as they're doing what they will say out loud is their job: telling you exactly what to think."

"I get the feeling you don't like the Press very much, Commander." said Jerome Davis. Everyone chuckled. Except me.

"I'd reply to that with a joke," I said, "except I truly do believe the greatest threat to our Constitution and our jobs as Police Officers is our current agenda-driven, fake-news Media." I stood up. "Okay, let's get to work..."

Part 2 - The Inquisition Begins

"This is Priya Ajmani, KSTD Five-Alive News in the Morning!" said the lovely Indian reporterette at 8:00am, Monday June 11th. "We are bringing you all the news you have a right to know, and now we are doing so as part of the State News Network team!"

"The State News Network, SNN," explained Priya, "is a new network of stations around the State, bringing you State-wide as well as local news to better inform you of what is happening in these tumultuous times of chaos, division and strife, as well as the racism and misogyny of Governor Val Jared. And now let's go to Jenna James, our SNN affiliate out of KCAP in Midtown. Jenna!"

"That's right, Priya," said Jenna James, a thirtysomething woman with a cascading mane of blonde hair and a body that porn starlets would envy, "we're waiting for Teresa Croyle to arrive at the State Capitol Office Building, where she will give testimony under oath about her boss Commander Donald Troy's role in using Police power to harass two women who brought credible charges of sexual harassment against Governor Val Jared."

"Ms. Croyle sued to delay having to appear before the Independent State Counsel," said Jenna James, "and the People of the State are wondering what she is trying to hide. Legal experts believe she may be the 'smoking gun' that shows potential criminal activity by the Governor of the State..."


The Deputy Chief beat me to my own remote control to turn off the verbal sewage that was spewing from the television. Cindy, myself, and Tanya Perlman were in my office.

"Rousing start, that SNN conglomeration has gotten off to." Tanya said sarcastically.

"We're used to Bettina and Priya." I said. "Now we'll see what even more rabid propagandists posing as journalists act like on television."

Cindy was being abnormally quiet, and I realized she was in a reverie. So I stared at her. Tanya caught on and stared hard at her, too. When she came out of it, she saw us peering at her.

"Okay, okay." she said. "Yes, some of us blondes do think, in spite of that reporter's example to the contrary." I chuckled and Cindy continued: "What I want to know, is why they're concentrating so hard on Teresa. It's obvious the Press is creating a huge issue of her, creating and raising expectations for her testimony, and I'm sure the Press effort is coordinated. But we know that Teresa knows nothing that will be of help to them. So why is Mullen putting his eggs in this basket? And why is the Media chanting this with such frenzy?"

"Let me ask you this." I said. "What blemishes do you have on your Police record that the enemy Mullen can exploit?"

"Er... none." said Cindy. "And being a lesbian is not the issue it might've been just a decade ago."

"It's not about the sexual orientation." I said. "But you're right... you have no blemishes on your Police record."

"Ohhhhh..." said Tanya. "But Teresa does... the Dean Allen incident. But... that's all resolved. It's in the past."

"Is it?" I asked. The silence in the room was deafening as they considered the enormity of what was facing their fellow Angel...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

"The Inquisition, let's begin; the Inquisition, look out sin..."

---- 'History of the World, Pt. 1'.

8:45am, Monday, June 11th. An absolute crush of cameras and reporters waited at the front entrance of the State Capitol Office Building, wanting to film Captain Teresa Croyle entering as if she were enduring a perp walk.

Then someone said "Look! Up in the sky!"

It was a helicopter, the TCPD's Bell 206 being flown by TCPD Sergeant Andrew Prince, bringing Captain Croyle and her two lawyers. They landed on the helipad on the top floor of the parking lot, and were escorted in by State Patrolmen, using the parking deck entrance where the Press was not allowed. The Media was infuriated. And that was the opening salvo in the coming political war...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Teresa and her legal eagles were escorted to the room where the Inquisition--- er, interrogation was to take place. Her lawyers were Agnes T. Spires and Rudolph 'Bulldog' Louis. Louis was nearly as tall as the Iron Crowbar, and broad-shouldered, extremely fit and muscular, making him an impressive physical specimen. He had been an Officer in the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault), and the Army had sent him to Law School. He was still in the Army, as a Major, but on leave.

Outraged at what he was seeing done to the daughter of a Medal-of-Honor-winning Captain of the 173d Airborne Brigade, he'd contacted Admiral Cordell, now the Administrator of University Hospital. Dr. Cordell had put him in contact with BOW Enterprises, and now he was here as Teresa and Ms. Spires's bodyguard... both legally and physically.

They entered the room, where several cameras were set up to record the testimony. There was also a sign that said "NO WEAPONS ALLOWED".

After they were seated, Teresa between her lawyers, the Independent State Counsel's attorney's marched in, acting as if this were a military armistice conference between enemy sides. No one on either side offered to shake hands. There was no polite chatter.

Robert Mullen sat down on his side of the table, his five lawyers sitting either at the table or right behind those at the table. When he attempted to start without introducing his lawyers, Agnes T. Spires spoke up and said "Please state the names of all your attorneys for the record."

Mullen looked like he wanted to jump across the table and murder Spires, and he only begrudgingly stated the names of his cohorts in the room. Seated to Mullen's left was Brafford Bacon.

Mullen read Teresa her rights, actually making her sign a document that they were read to her and she understood them, and the question's began. (Author's note: see 'The Saga Continues', Ch. 02 for the actual events discussed here.)

"How long have you worked with Commander Donald Troy?" asked Mullen.

"Objection." said Spires. "Be more specific."

"How is that not specific?" snarled Brafford Bacon.

"Does Mr. Mullen mean my client working at the TCPD with Commander Troy? Or more specifically how long under his direct command?" replied Spires.

"You're picking nits." said Mullen.

"And I will continue to do so," said Spires, "as long as you continue to ask 'gotcha' questions designed to entrap my client."

The Independent State Counsel lawyers looked at each other, then stared daggers at Agnes T. Spires.

"All right, we'll play it that way." said Mullen. "Captain, how long have you worked for the TCPD having any contact with Commander Troy, whether in the same division, or you under his command?"

"Almost six years." Teresa said.

"On October 25th of last year," said Mullen, "the story broke that two women were filing sexual harassment complaints against Governor Jared. What was your relationship with Commander Troy at that time?"

"He was my boss." Teresa said. "I was, and still am, Captain of Operations; and he was, and still is, Police Commander."

"Do you and Commander Troy discuss his whereabouts if he is leaving the jurisdiction?" asked Mullen.

"Sometimes." Teresa replied.

"What does that mean?" asked Bacon, his voice unfriendly.

"It means," said Teresa, "that he does not tell me every time he crosses the County line. If he expects to be away on business and will be unavailable, he usually lets me or the Captain of Detectives know what his situation is."

"On October 25th," said Mullen, "Commander Troy traveled by helicopter to Midtown. Did he tell you he was going to Midtown?"

"Yes." said Teresa.

"Did he tell you what he was going to be doing?" Mullen asked.

"Not specifically." said Teresa.

"What does that mean?" asked Bacon.

"It means we all heard the newscast of the lawsuit, so he didn't need to say why." said Teresa. "Commander Troy said he was going to Midtown. That was all he actually said."

"Did he say at any time that morning," asked Mullen, "that he was going to open an investigation into the two women making the claims against the Governor?"

"No, not to me." said Teresa.

"Are you sure?" asked Mullen. "We have testimony that contradicts yours."

"Then show that testimony." demanded Agnes T. Spires. "I don't believe you. I think you're lying in an attempt to entrap my client." The lawyers stared daggers at Spires again.

"I'll ask again: are you sure Commander Troy did not say anything that morning about opening an investigation into the two women suing the Governor?" Mullen said, his voice a snarl.

"Not to me, and not within my hearing at any time before he left to go to Midtown." Teresa said, having used the time of the back-and-forth to formulate an answer that couldn't be used to accuse her of lying.

"Did Commander Troy talk to the Governor before leaving for Midtown?" asked Mullen.

"I don't know." said Teresa.

"How can you not know?" snarled Bacon. "You work with him, don't you?"

"Stop with the B.S. questions!" growled Robert 'Bulldog' Lewis. "Just because my client works with someone doesn't mean she knows every word that someone may have said to other people."

"It's a legitimate question." said Mullen. "I demand you answer it, Captain Croyle. How can you not know that Commander Troy talked to the Governor before leaving? "

"I'm not in his office or by his side every minute of the day." replied Teresa. "He only said he was going to Midtown; he did not tell me in granular detail every action he took or conversation he had before leaving."

"Let's make a note of that, Bacon." said Mullen. "It could be a basis for a perjury charge."

"Stop trying to intimidate my client." said Agnes T. Spires. "You're just saying that to badger my client and attempt to make her feel fearful." She turned to Teresa and said "Don't fall for that garbage."

"It's going to take a lot more than that to intimidate me." said Teresa, her eyes boring into Mullen's. He stared back malignantly.

It would go on this way for hours...

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

They did not take a break for lunch, and none of the Independent State Counsel lawyers went to the bathroom. Agnes T. Spires asked for a break for her client to use the restroom.

"No." Mullen said "No breaks. We continue until I am done. You can leave whenever you like, but Captain Croyle will remain here." The ISE attorneys all laughed.

"I'm fine." said Teresa to her lawyers. "And I'll piss in Mullen's briefcase if I need to go." The lawyers's laughter stopped, and they stared daggers at her again.

"Okay, then." said Mullen. "Continuing on: have you ever been suspended from your duties as a TCPD Officer, Ms. Croyle?"

"Objection." said Spires. "That's way beyond the scope of the Independent State Counsel's investigation."

"No it's not." said one of the other lawyers.

"Let me just say this now." said Mullen. "I'm not going to fool with your 'beyond the scope' objections. Your client will answer every question I ask, no matter what, or I will refer her to the Attorney General for criminal prosecution. She will be suspended as a TCPD Officer, either by the Attorney General or the Courts, and she may be imprisoned for Contempt."

"That's a load of crap." Teresa replied. "Neither you nor the Attorney General nor the Courts have the legal authority to suspend me. Only the Governor at the State level, and my bosses with the TCPD or the County Council can suspend me, and not without due process."

"I don't think you understand the situation, Ms. Croyle." said Brafford Bacon. "The Independent State Counsel has the power to investigate your boss as well as the Governor. He has the power to subpoena you and force you to answer his questions, and he may ask any question he wants to. If you don't truthfully answer, you will find out that the Independent State Counsel does have the power to have you suspended. We can also obtain all of your financial records, your cellphone communications, and whatever else we want."

"One more time." Rudolph Louis said, almost shouting. "Stop trying to intimidate my client with your lies. Ms. Spires, I think maybe we should end this charade and go file a lawsuit against the Independent State Counsel. They are clearly outside the bounds not only of scope, but in their tactics of intimidation."

"If you do leave," said Mullen, "I will refer Ms. Croyle to the Attorney General for full criminal prosecution. Your only other alternative is to take the Fifth Amendment. Now, I'm not going to waste any more of my time: Ms. Croyle, have you ever been suspended from your duties as a TCPD Officer?"

"I want to talk to my client before we proceed further." said Agnes T. Spires.

"You don't have that right." said Mullen. "Your client will stay right here and answer my questions."

"Then I'll say it out loud, here and now." said Spires. She turned to Teresa and said "They're outside the scope, and my advice is to stop now. We'll leave and file a lawsuit to clarify the scope, as well as file a complaint that you're not being allowed to consult with your legal representation." She turned back to Mullen. "My client will not be taking the Fifth in doing that. I believe you are violating her rights, not only in exceeding the scope of your investigation, but in not allowing her to confer with her legal representation."

"Fine." said Mullen. "There's the door. Use it. And you won't even be out of the hallway before I've speed dialed the Attorney General. We have already prepared for this. He fully intends to prosecute. We are going to hammer your client into the ground and completely destroy her career if she leaves the room."

"Stop with your god-damned intimidation tactics!" shouted Rudy 'Bulldog' Louis.

"I'LL DO WHATEVER I GODDAMN WELL PLEASE!" shouted Mullen, his face ugly with hatred. "And your client will cooperate with my investigation, or I am going to end her career and destroy her life! That's not a threat, it's a promise!"

The room became silent. All eyes were on Teresa. She turned to Spires and said "We can always stop the proceedings and file the lawsuit. For now, we'll continue. What was your question, Mullen?"

"That's MISTER Mullen to you." snarled Bacon.

"And how are you going to force me to do that?" replied Teresa. "Do you really think you can beat me physically?" Her stare forced Bacon to concede; he was no alpha-dog bully when confronted by a superior force. Teresa then said "Did you have a question... Mullen?"

"Ms. Croyle, have you ever been suspended from your duties as a TCPD Officer?" said Mullen.

"Yes, of course." Teresa said.

"What do you mean 'of course'?" snarled Bacon, his voice sounding incredulous.

"I've been wounded in the line of duty six times." said Teresa. "I was always either suspended or restricted on each of those occasions, until I re-qualified with my weapon."

"Okay, you're playing nitpicking shit games with me." said Mullen. "Were there any other times you were suspended? At all?"

"Yes." said Teresa.

"Why were you suspended on any occasions where you were not wounded?" asked Mullen.

"For beating up a DUI suspect." said Teresa.

"Was that the Dean Allen incident?" asked one of the other lawyers.

"Yes." said Teresa.

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