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It was hard to believe the luck Zack was having. Not only did he get to skip a few classes because of his college's performance of Les Miserable's, but his crush Sara scored one of the leads. As the head stage manager, he would get to have almost unfettered access to Sara whenever he wanted to for the sake of the production. Fantine's part was one of the hardest and Sara asked Zack for extra help to not only get use to the lines, but also to get used to the multitude of stage movements. During the few weeks of rehearsals, it took all of Zack's abilities to actually concentrate on the production as a whole and less on the fair Sara.

Many times, Zack would catch himself staring at Sara just noticing her features. Sara's dark brown colored hair came softly down past her shoulders and framed her porcelain face. Her eyes of hazel were gentle as the lights hit them and also showed the wetness upon her naturally red lips. She had gentle sloping cheek bones that weren't too high like many of the models of the day wore. Her figure was the reason she won the part. She had the curves in all the right places that made Zack dizzy when he imagined tracing his fingers across them. There were many of night where Zack imagined that Sara was his personal submissive and the acts they committed together almost made Zack a daily fixture at the local discount store to buy sheets.

It was on one such night during Zack's daydreams that the director was extremely ticked at Sara for losing her place yet again. Zack felt sorry because of how hard the songs were to learn and how even the most seasoned of actors had a difficult time to remember it all as well as the movements. After the practice ended, Sara walked up to Zack almost hypnotizing him in place with her walk. He almost didn't hear her ask him for help until she coughed and grabbed his attention. It was a blur whose idea it was to go back to Zack's dorm room to practice. Zack had the Broadway version on DVD so she could watch it. They spent the night watching it as Zack did his best not to make a move. Sara was kind and pleasant as she left towards home and Zack felt a sigh of relief.

That night, Zack's roommate started giving him grief over the fact he couldn't pass first base with Sara. Zack felt a little ashamed until his buddy told him where he hid his love making kit. As Zack dug in, he found a red flogger that felt like silk in his hands. Zack wasn't a virgin by any means. But the thought of using the flogger and the crop along Sara's gorgeous ass was a little more than a turn on.

The next night after practice, Sara walked with Zack to the dorm room to see how to perform "I Dreamed a Dream". As they entered the room, Zack noticed that his roommate left all his gear on his bed including the flogger. Zack started trying to figure out an excuse as Sara noticed the different tools. Sara started to take the flogger in her hand and feel the strands. Zack held his breath as he saw Sara looking inquisitively over all the tools.

She then looked at him and asked if that was his idea of a joke. Zack began to stammer as Sara walked over and checked out a butt plug. She then made a few twisted comments about how she needed a new plug or how her flogger was a different color. Zack's arousal was getting the better of him when he firmly told her that all the stuff belonged to his room mate. Sara then looked back at him.

She then began to undo the button on her jeans as she talked about only one way of finding out the truth. Soon, she was bent over the bed with her rear exposed to Zack except for the frilly string of her red thong panties. Zack was beside himself as he got a good look at her ass. He stood there silent until Sara began to taunt him. She told him how he wasn't man enough to lay a hand on her ass and how he was too much of a wimp to take advantage of the opportunity. Zack endured for a moment until a loud smack quieted the room.

On Sara's left rear cheek was a red mark made by Zack's hand. Sara hushed for a moment before she told him to do it again. Zack was smart enough to allow his hand to smack the opposite side. Sara's moan was more audible that time. Feeling empowered, Zack began to smack her more, alternating between sides. He could smell her arousal developing between her legs as he started taking control before he grabbed the flogger and began to use it on her ass. Sara's moans became more pronounced as he continued. The red threads kept swatting against her as she egged him on until a quick blast of inspiration switched the tool of choice to the crop. Zack was going to try to put full force behind it until Sara in a haste told him to just flick it. It left a naughty little red mark on her ass before he flicked it on the other side.

Soon, Sara's ass was crimson pink as Zack found a pair of leather cuffs to bind her hands. The leather felt smooth in his hands as he cuffed her before he noticed her Phantom of the Opera t-shirt was hindering his view. He decided against ripping it open since she would have to go back to her dorm later in the evening. He simply moved it up until her bra was visible. It was lacey and red matching the panties that were sodden between her legs. He then carefully moved her onto her knees where she opened her mouth expectantly. Zack took his time opening his jeans and allowing them to fall to the floor before he revealed his six inches of manhood to her.

He stood quietly before he allowed just the tip to rest on her lips. He could feel the lips connecting attempting to suck him in before he pulled out. He scolded her, telling his new slave that she wasn't to suck him until he said so. He moved her back onto the bed on her stomach and proceeded to spank her a few more times. He then slowly traced his fingers along the edge of her panties feeling how wet all the proceedings made her. He moved the fabric over to reveal her naked sex to him and to see how engorged her lips were. He admired it for a moment.

Then he abruptly slid his right middle finger inside her as she moaned out loud. He told her to be quiet before he used the finger to fuck her a little. He then pulled the finger out and brought it to her mouth and commanded her to suck it off. Sara complied almost immediately. The way she sucked almost made Zack regret was he was going to do. Then again, he simply shoved two fingers back into her pussy and felt her clench them as he dominated her. She started trying to moan before he hushed her again. She started begging to cum for him. He allowed her to beg for a bit before he allowed her to and felt the gush of fluid on his hands as she screamed out loud.

He removed his fingers as he heard her whimper before putting her back on the floor and repeating the previous movements. His cock stayed on her lips until he commanded for her to suck him off. She started sucking his cock as much as she could with secured hands. Zack's body wanted to shoot fluid down her throat so badly, but he had other wicked ideas.

He pulled out as she began to whimper. His eyes were on her exposed pussy lips as he pushed her back on the bed and cuffed her hands to her ankles to hold herself open. As he poised himself at her entrance, he could see the excitement in her face. He slowly teased the lips of her pussy with his cock head as she moaned in protest, desiring to pull him fully inside her just for release. Soon, her desires were fulfilled as he slid full force inside her until his pelvis was against hers. The scream was loud as her pussy clenched him in orgasm. He responded by pulling all the way out as Sara cried out until she remembered who was in charge. As she quieted down, he stood at the edge again and rubbed his cock against her lips again.

This time, Sara restrained herself and felt herself open up as a flower as he entered her more slowly. His demeanor was gentler this time as he again slid into her all the way and felt her pussy stretch over him. He started stroking slowly and deliberately back and forth as his hand reached up and unhooked her bra to expose her nipples to his touch. Her nipples were already stiff in his fingers as a thumb and point finger surrounded them and caressed them. The added stimulation was bringing Sara closer to the edge again as his strokes became more forceful and driven.

Soon, she looked at him longingly, almost begging to be allowed to release. His head nodded yes as she fell over the crescendo again. He responded by pulling out and leaving her empty for a moment before undoing the connections holding her legs open before he began to roll her over. She started to protest because of her recent orgasm until a hand came in contact with her behind on one side. The smack caught her attention as he positioned himself so his tool barely touched her pussy again. As she collapsed against him, he entered her and began to slide in and out, allowing the flogger in his hand to swish over her exposed rear. The flogging combined with her movements started to bring Zack closer to the edge.

Zack attempted to pull out to slow down until Sara flipped over and had her legs pull him inside before he could react. The sudden control shift caused Zack to lose control and he felt his dick paint inside of Sara as she moaned one more time in satisfaction. Sara could see the look of defeat on Zack's face as his muscles seemed to tense. The look of contentment on his face was priceless as his crush was realized and Sara's aura of inaccessibility was finally conquered in his mind.

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