tagInterracial LoveMutual Agreement Ch. 04

Mutual Agreement Ch. 04


I woke up the next morning and could see the sun shining in between the blinds David had shut last night. I was still laying on the sofa and the house was very quite and I wondered if my wife and David were still asleep.

Looking around the kitchen I noticed three empty whisky bottles setting on the counter plus the one here on the end table. Kathy could hardly stand on her feet last night and I'm sure David wanted her drunk enough to do what he wanted to her.

I couldn't wait to tell Kathy about the pictures I found in David's wallet last night but would have to wait until David wasn't around to tell her.

I got up and walked toward the bedroom and looked inside the room and I could see both my wife and David laying on their side. They were both still asleep and David had his arm around my wife and Kathy had her ass pushed back against David and looking closer I could see David's cock embedded inside my wife's pussy. They actually feel asleep with his cock planted inside her last night or this morning.

I decided to take a shower and let them sleep or fuck because they may have been up most of the night and I wanted my wife to sober up before I talked with her. After finishing my shower I dressed and wanted to make some coffee and when I walked past the bedroom again my wife was sitting on David riding his cock. They were getting either an early start or a late finish this morning and just walked past into the kitchen to make the coffee.

I was sitting on the sofa when my wife walked out wearing a robe and went straight for the coffee. I asked her where David was and she told me he was in the shower. Getting her coffee, Kathy made her way next to me and sat down giving me a kiss on the cheek. Kathy smelled of sex and I could also still smell the liquor on her breath.

I knew I had to tell Kathy about David and didn't have much time before he would be finished taking a shower. I told Kathy what David wanted me to do yesterday with her douche kit and I had found pictures in his wallet of another woman with a child. Kathy looked at me and said that David told her he had a daughter who was five years old but never married her mother.

I thought that at least he told her the truth about this other woman. I went on to tell Kathy how I had found a few pictures of the same pregnant woman and Kathy answered saying that a lot of men take pictures of their wife or girlfriend when they are pregnant. Than I told her about the pictures of David having sex with the woman and her answer was that men do that too. At this point I didn't want to mention finding the picture of her in his wallet taken at the same club. I thought I'd save that for a later time until I could find out more about David.

Kathy asked me about the douche kit and I repeated what I had told her and she just looked at me in disbelief. Kathy wanted to know why I was still jealous of David coming here after we had made our agreement.

Kathy wanted to know exactly what I thought was going to happen when she took a lover with all my blessing. Kathy said that she really liked David and he gave her the sexual satisfaction she wanted for many months. Kathy hugged me as she continued to tell me how much she loved me but if we were going to continue our relationship than I had to be completely honest with her.

Kathy said that I should treat David as a friend and I should be thankful that he is here with her and she was not having an affair behind my back. I asked Kathy again about the douche kit and she blamed me for trying to start up something that wasn't true. Kathy than told me that David said he was taking a new kind of male contraceptive and she didn't have to worry about becoming pregnant. I told Kathy everything that David said to me about wanting a baby boy and a relationship with an attractive white woman.

Kathy said David told her the same thing but I was twisting everything around again and if I were trying to get her not to see David again that it wasn't going to work. Kathy said I was the one that brought up the idea of a lover and she wasn't going to let me back out of it now that she had found one.

I told Kathy to tell David she was married to me and I would be happy. Kathy looked me straight in the face and asked me if I were crazy because David was an ex-boxer and he had told her stories about guys that tried to do things to him but didn't go into any detail of what had happened and she didn't know what he could possibly do if he found out now.

Kathy put down her coffee and put her hands on my shoulders and said that once she has seen David for several months I won't even give it a second thought. He will be just another man that comes to the house for sex as we agreed. Everything else will still be the same between us except David will supply the sex as we agreed.

Kathy hugged me and told me she felt sexually frustrated for a long time and how good it feels to have a man around that can give her the sexual satisfaction she needed. Kathy went further by telling me that David was going to stay here for the next couple weeks because she had some catching up to do sexually. David told her he actually felt sorry for me when she told him I was impotent and was the reason why he had let me watch last night.

Right when Kathy finished that last sentence, David walked in the room laughing and telling me again that I was trying to steal his woman away from him. David sat down on the other side of Kathy and kissed her lips while parting her robe and placing his hand on her titty's. They were red with bit marks all around the nipples leading right up to Kathy's neck. Now I know why she was trying to keep it pulled shut around me this morning. David slipped his hand down between Kathy's legs and rubbed her pussy mound which was also all red from all the fucking they did last night.

Kathy got up and walked out to take a shower and left me sitting with David on the sofa. I thought I'd try and ask David a couple questions myself and see how he would answer them. I asked David what he planed to tell Kathy about her douche kit missing. He told me not to worry about that because he had taken care of that problem. I asked him what he had meant and David's reply was that he had told her he was taking something and she wouldn't get pregnant.

I told David that he lied to Kathy and he said it was just a little lie that wouldn't hurt because white women like Kathy have this deep dark secret about getting pregnant by a black man. David said that they all act like they don't want to get pregnant, but deep down they really do want it but act like they are afraid. David said he had to slowly ease it into them and laughed and mentioned like he did last night.

David said that once Kathy does find out she is pregnant with his child that the shock will be over and she won't be afraid to have the kid. David laughed again and said he had cum eight times last night inside Kathy's pussy and he was planning to fuck her many times over the next two weeks.

I gave David a couple of scenario's about Kathy and wanted to know what he would think if Kathy were married or separated from her husband or had an old boyfriend that wanted to come back into her life and what would his thoughts were.

David seemed to be thinking out those scenarios' before giving me a quick answer. David's first answer was that Kathy told him she wasn't married but if she were than there was something defiantly wrong in that marriage because after long communications with Kathy for several weeks on the internet and going out and spending time with her over the past few days that he learned enough about her to know that she was reaching out for something. David said his thoughts where the marriage wasn't very stable and didn't think Kathy would ever go back to it.

David laughed while moving and bending an arm in front of him and flexed his muscles and asked me if I thought he had any problem taking care of an old boyfriend or wimp husband if he were to show up here and laughed again.

David moved closer to me on the sofa and put his big arm around my shoulder and told me to listen because I might learn about relationships.

David said that he could tell that something was missing in Kathy's life and maybe that other person wasn't able to give her exactly what she needed. David asked Kathy last night he she were happy so far and if he had given her everything she was missing in life and she overwhelmingly told him yes. David said that was enough to convince him that Kathy was locked in and she belonged to him now.

I told David that nobody belongs to anyone and David just laughed and said it was a figure of speech and he realized what I was saying is true somewhat. David said he liked to treat women very special. You give them everything they want in a relationship and make them feel special.

David told me that once a woman has confidence in you than the rest comes easy. He said that women will turn around and give you 100% back in return and Kathy gave him every percent plus more last night.

David reached back in his pants and brought out his wallet and flicked through the pictures and showed me the picture of the blonde woman I saw last night. David said that woman was married when he met her but the relationship had turned sour and that when he came into her life she was a mess. David showed me the photo of him with the lady and little girl. David said this was his daughter and she was five years old now. He said that her mother didn't want to get married because she wanted to go to law school which was something her husband wouldn't let her do.

I asked him if he saw his daughter and he said even though she moved out of state that he visits her several times a year and pays for all her support. David told me she didn't want to have any more kids for a while and wanted to try for a son. I brought up the fact that he told Kathy he was taking something for her not to get pregnant. David looked over at me and said I was right and he would have to tell the truth to Kathy tonight. What if she were pregnant with your baby now against her will I asked him. David said that if Kathy feels for him like he suspects than she will be a happy woman when she finds out.

Kathy walked into the room wearing a short red dress with red high heels and sat down next to David on the sofa. David put his arm around Kathy and kissed her on the lips and told Kathy she looked beautiful. Kathy looked over at me and asked me what I was going to do today while they were gone, I came back with a bold answer and asked Kathy why she and David didn't just stay here and fuck all day while I went out.

Kathy stared straight at me with a look that could kill while David laughed and said he and Kathy had a date to go meet his family today. David put his hand on my back and said maybe tonight and laughed again as they both got up and walked toward the front door. David had his arm around Kathy's waist as she looked back at me and said."Oh by the way, I don't need the douche kit any longer."

The door slammed shut leaving me sitting there wondering if Kathy had meant that she thought David was safe or was she just mad and getting me back for what I just said to them.

I decided to go out myself and spent most of the day at the beach thinking about things David said to me and how twisted some of his views were on women. Maybe I would try a different approach with Kathy and let her think I felt completely comfortable with David being around. I also wanted to make an appointment with my doctor this week about my impotency problem and would mention to him about my erection the other night.

Walking back to my car along the boardwalk I noticed an interracial couple kissing at an open bar. They were sitting at a table and the black guy was holding the woman tight as they kissed. As I walked closer, I could see one of his hands beneath the table rubbing her thigh.

The woman had on a red dress like Kathy's and as I walked closer I was stunned to see it was Kathy and David. David had changed clothes and wore sunglasses and kept kissing Kathy while I kept walking past them hoping they wouldn't see me.

Later that evening I was home laying on the bed thinking about the events that had conspired over the last several days. Kathy and David seemed closer than I would have expected for such a short period of time. Kathy must have gone into more detail about her life to David when they corresponded on the internet for several weeks.

My wife and David arrived at the house around eight that evening, and David was carrying two suit cases in his hands. David saw me sitting on the sofa and walked toward me and said hello and told me he had bought enough things to wear over the next couple of weeks and that Kathy said I wouldn't mind.

David said he brought something for me and sat the bags down and opened one of the cases. David handed me several bottles containing pills which were all marked as some sort of herbs. David said these would help me with my impotency problem and wanted me to give them a try. David told me that Kathy was worried about me and he decided to try and help out.

I sat the bottles down on the table as Kathy told David to bring his things into the bedroom and she would show him where they go. David followed my wife into the bedroom with his stuff while I examined the bottles of pills. Kathy walked back into the room several minutes later wearing only a pair of thongs and dashed past me heading for the kitchen while her titty's bounced around. Kathy grabbed something out of the refrigerator and started to dash back but not before stopping briefly to give me a kiss on my forehead before making her way back into the bedroom.

Within minutes I could hear both of them laughing and playing around until Kathy came screaming out of the bedroom completely naked and running toward me on the sofa. Kathy was yelling and laughing at the same time telling me to hide her from David. Kathy had jumped onto the sofa right next to me and was holing onto my arm as David came running out with a jar in his hands. Kathy screamed to me not to let David do it to her.

Kathy was cuddled up close to me on the sofa and as David approached I could see he had a jar of honey in his hand. David set the jar down on the end table and reached over and grabbed my wife by the hips and pulled her down on the sofa laying her on the back. David told me to hold her arms as he grabbed the jar of honey.

Kathy's head was resting on my lap as while holding her arms down while she kicked her legs around trying to keep David from spreading them apart. David finally was able to take a hold of Kathy's legs with one hand and held them in the air together lifting them up high enough where Kathy's pussy was exposed to him. David reached over with his free hand and grabbed the spoon inside the jar and brought out a glob of honey and slowly rubbed it around Kathy's pussy mound making sure some went inside the crack.

Kathy was still screaming as David put the spoon down and told Kathy that she was going to love this. David kneeled down and grabbed both of Kathy's feet and pulled her legs apart while lowering his head to her pussy and stated to lick the honey.

Kathy's screams for David to stop turned into moans of pleasure as she started to rotate her hips around and push her pussy up toward David's tongue. David was working his tongue inside her pussy as Kathy's started to buck her hips up in pleasure. I let go of my wife's arms as she placed her hands on the back of David's head telling him his tongue felt so good inside her. David stopped for a few seconds and took the spoon with more honey and placed little dabs around Kathy's titty's and moved up to lick it off.

David took each glob inside his mouth eating every last drop of honey he had poured onto my wife's tits. David wasn't shy about asking Kathy in front of me if she wanted more and Kathy's reply was yes. I didn't have to hold her down any longer as David placed another dab of honey around Kathy's pussy lips working the spoon inside and went back down to eat it out of her.

Kathy was moaning loud now as she arched her hips up and tried pulling David up on top of her. Kathy's head was still resting in my lap as David moved himself up on top of Kathy and bent down to kiss her. I could feel the weight of David's head as he kissed my wife running his tongue deep inside her mouth.

David sat back up long enough to grab the spoon full of honey and put it some into his mouth and lowered himself back down. My wife and David lips were locked as I imagined David was spiting the honey into her mouth. Kathy broke the kiss and told David to fuck her, and she couldn't wait any longer. David reached down and guided his massive cock to the entrance of my wife's pussy and pushed forward. I could feel my wife stiffen up as the head of David's cock lodged itself inside her.

I felt like a peace of furniture because either one of them seemed to care I was right next to them as David started to ease more of his cock inside Kathy. Kathy had pulled her legs back to give David better access to her pussy as he continued to push himself inside her.

They began to kiss again as my wife locked her legs around David's ass while her arms wrapped around as much of his broad back as she could. David started to thrust himself in and out of my wife's pussy and I could feel every jerk of her body when David pushed inside. Kathy broke the kiss and told David she loved his cock and told him to keep fucking her.

It seemed like the couple were putting on this show just for my benefit when I herd David ask my wife who's pussy that was he was fucking. My wife answered David back by telling him it was his pussy. David told her to speak loud because he couldn't hear what she had just said. Kathy moaned again as David picked up his pace and said tell me, "who's white pussy that is I'm fucking."

Kathy's reply was that it was his white pussy while she started to tremble and I knew she was going to have an orgasm anytime. Kathy let out a yell as her body started to shudder and jerking herself up into David's driving cock. David kept fucking my wife hard as Kathy had her orgasm digging her nails into David's back as she hit her peak.

David had raised himself creating more friction against my wife's clitoris as he placed his arms behind her legs to raise her ass off the sofa a little higher. I slid my body away from them as Kathy's head slipped off my lap and onto the sofa. I listened to my wife as she started to shout out to David and say, "fuck me harder, fuck my pussy hard." David continued to fuck my wife with such force that her ass jiggled each time he drove himself home.

Kathy was moaning louder now and saying, "Shoot your load into me Baby, I want to feel you fill me." David replied back saying, "I'm almost their darling, Daddy is going to shoot your belly full of seed." I couldn't help but notice that I was as hard as steel myself as I watched my wife get the shit fucked out of her right in front of me.

David shouted out, "Here comes my seed baby, take it inside you." Kathy shouted out with another orgasm just as David's load shoot into her and they climaxed together. Their body's were sweating as David's body slowed down until he stopped holding himself deep inside my wife. David collapsed on top of my wife holding himself up enough not to crush her little body and looked toward me.

David started to laugh at me and I tried to figure out what was wrong as he said, "man your dick is rock hard in your pants." David laughed again and said, "All you needed was to watch a little interracial breeding to get that little guy up." Kathy tilted her head around to look at my pants too and said, "maybe he feels left out of the fun."

David laughed and said, "maybe we should let him join us for a little fun." David told me to take my clothes off which I didn't waste anytime getting out of them. My wife was laying still on the sofa still trying to catch her breath as David told her to grab a hold of me and give me a little pleasure.

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