tagLoving WivesMy American Cousin

My American Cousin

byquinn rogan©

I was very inexperienced with girls, when my American cousin Jacko came to visit. He was about a year older than me, but he was nearly a foot taller, and he seemed much older than just a year.

Although I had a girl-friend, I was still very unsure of myself, sexually, and Stella and I had only ever kissed. I was desperate to get my hands on her little round breasts, but I hadn't the first idea how to go about it and I was terrified that, if I tried, she'd be mortally offended and 'give me up' on the spot – and, even worse, maybe tell her mother, who was a good friend of my mother.

We had been going out together – i.e. going to the cinema twice a week – when Jacko arrived. We only had a small house, so Jacko and I had to share a bedroom and, as soon as we retired on the night he arrived, he asked me about the local girls. He said he had a girlfriend back home, called Cindy, and he said they had been 'making out' for months.

He showed me a picture of her. It was only head and shoulders, but she had long blonde hair and high cheekbones and a very full mouth and, anyway, Jacko quickly filled me in with graphic descriptions of her large breasts, with long, suckable nipples, and her 'cute little ass'. He even described how she had flappy lips on her vagina, and trimmed her pubic hair in the shape of a heart.

He was doing this as we changed for bed and when he pulled his jeans off, it was obvious that he had given himself an erection with all this talk. I was quite embarrassed to see it poking against his undershorts, but he pulled them off without a second thought, and fell back on his bed, stroking it with his hand.

"Man, I could do with having Cindy right here now," he said, his hand sliding up and down his long cock. "Spread naked on this bed – legs wide open! Or leaning over me, her titties brushing against my thighs, and her lovely mouth closing round my cock"

I had a hard-on, too, of course, but I managed to get into my pyjamas and into bed without him noticing it, but I couldn't help touching it once I was under the bedclothes, listening to him talking about what he would do to Cindy if she were here.

Then he asked about my girl-friend and I found myself describing Stella to him. He was still lying naked on top of his bed, and it gave me a funny feeling, seeing him stroke his cock as I talked about Stella.

No sooner had I described her brown eyes and long black hair, than he was asking about the rest of her – her 'tits', her 'ass' and her legs. When he asked about Stella's tits, I was too embarrassed to admit I had never touched them, let alone seen them, and I had to use my powers of imagination – especially when he asked me to describe her nipples!

I obviously did a good job, though, because he closed his eyes and squeezed his cock, hard, with a sigh.

"Man!" he said. "Don't you just love their tits, John? Best thing ever happened to me, the first time I got my hand inside a girl's sweater! How long have you and Stella been making out?"

I took a deep breath, and admitted we weren't actually 'making out', but managed to give the impression the big moment wasn't far off.

"Well," he said, "you'll have to introduce me tomorrow, and then maybe I can meet one of her friends and we'll make up a foursome!"

I agreed, weakly, and more than a little apprehensively, and was relieved when he jumped up, turned out the light, and jumped into bed, still naked.

I tried to settle myself to sleep, ignoring my still-hard prick, but, after only a few seconds, Jacko whispered – "Hey, John! You got a tissue?"

I threw over the box on my bedside table. I had always had some handy, ever since I started masturbating, but I hadn't planned on using them when I was sharing a room. Within a few minutes, though, the sound of rasping breath from Jacko's bed clearly showed that he had no such inhibitions and it wasn't until long after his final deep sigh of satisfaction that I finally drifted off into an uneasy sleep.

The next couple of days reinforced my first impression that Jacko had sex on the brain – well, so did I, really, but he was completely uninhibited about it, at least by my fairly repressed English standards.

Also, it was immediately clear that girls liked him. Even before he opened his mouth and started talking 'American', they noticed his tall, tanned, fair good looks and, once he started chatting them up, their eyelashes started fluttering and their conversation deteriorated into a succession of giggles.

I dreaded him meeting Stella, but it had to happen, and it did, on the Saturday two days after he arrived. Stella had a Saturday job in a supermarket and I always met her in her lunch hour, so we could plan what we would do that night.

I was stuck with Jacko the whole day, and we had been hanging round the shopping mall, talking to every girl who took Jacko's fancy. He was incredibly successful with them, and I could tell that he only had to say the word and virtually all of them would have gone out with him, but he kept it light and moved on swiftly, once he'd got a phone number, or whatever.

But he didn't date any of them and, at last, the moment came when he met Stella. We met in a café, and I was quite pleased when she didn't just ignore me to talk to him all the time, as all the other girls I knew had done. She was friendly, though, and, when Jacko suggested the three of us take a trip to the seaside the next day, she agreed with little hesitation.

I went out with Stella on our regular Saturday date that night. We went to the cinema and she talked quite a lot about Jacko – but not too much. We got a seat in the back row and, though we kissed a lot, I just couldn't summon up the nerve to put my hand on her breast.

When I got home, Jacko couldn't wait to ask me about our date. It was obvious that he really fancied Stella and he wanted me to describe how I had 'felt her up' in the cinema – probably so that he could get a hard-on and have a wank in his bed, thinking about it.

I was frustrated, anyway, and it was probably because of that that I blurted out that I hadn't ever done anything with Stella, apart from kissing. To my surprise, Jacko didn't laugh at me – nor did he seem as surprised as I thought he would be.

Instead, he assured me that he thought Stella was really ready to 'go further' than kissing with me. He said he knew by the way she had looked at me when we were together in the café. Then he said he could probably help – starting the next afternoon. I was dubious, at first, but he went on to describe the first time he had got inside Cindy's bra, and my hormones took over as I imagined my hand sliding confidently over Stella's soft yielding breasts, playing with her erect nipples, and this time, before I passed the tissues to Jacko, I took out a handful for myself ......

The following day, Jacko and I left our house, carrying a bag which held our swimming-trunks, towels and, unknown to our parents, a bottle of sparkling wine and half a dozen tins of lager which Jacko had pinched from the fridge that morning.

We met Stella at the crowded sea-front. She had a bag containing a picnic lunch and a towel. She was wearing denim blue beach shorts and a T-shirt and she said she had her swimsuit on underneath, which was a disappointment to me, as I had been hoping I might get a glimpse of something when she changed into her swimming things.

To my surprise, the first thing Jacko did was to hire a rowing-boat for the afternoon. For a start, I couldn't row, and, anyway, I could never have afforded it. But Jacko had plenty money and, as he showed as we pulled away from the crowded beach, he was a very good rower.

It was a glorious sunny afternoon and, after a few strokes, Jacko pulled off his T-shirt and pulled the boat powerfully, wearing just his shorts. In a few minutes, we were well away from the people frolicking near the edge, and Jacko told me to take one of the bottles of wine from the bag and open it.

Stella looked a bit surprised at this but, once I had the bottle open, she took a small drink from it. She made a face but, after Jacko and I had both had a swig, she took another, longer one, then stretched out on the wooden seat and turned her face up to the sun.

Jacko grinned at me and nodded meaningfully in the direction of Stella's T-shirt, where her breasts made two very obvious bulges in the stretched material. I grinned back, sheepishly, then opened my hands and mimed the action of squeezing them. Jacko nodded urgently and mouthed – "Go on!" – but I just shook my head.

At that, Stella sat up and looked around. Immediately, Jacko handed her the wine bottle and, without hesitation, Stella put it to her lips and took quite a long drink before lying back down again.

This time, my eyes took in Stella's legs. I had never seen her in shorts before and, as I sipped at the wine bottle, I studied her thighs. They were paler than her calves, but shapely and smooth and my eyes were inexorably drawn to the very top, where they disappeared inside her denim beach shorts.

Her shorts were drawn tight against her pubic mound, and my cock stirred as I imagined what lay concealed beneath the denim. I glanced at Jacko, who was beginning to sweat as he leaned into the oars. His eyes, too, were fixed on the junction of Stella's shapely thighs and I felt a flutter of apprehension as his tongue ran over his lips, wetting them slowly.

To break his concentration, I handed the bottle back to him. Without shifting his gaze, he took it, and drank. My eyes dropped to Jacko's shorts and my apprehension deepened as I recognised the bulge of an erection.

Suddenly, Stella sat up, swinging her feet to the bottom of the boat. As she did so, she toppled forward a little, and giggled as she put a hand on the side to steady herself. Jacko handed her the bottle and she giggled again then, lifting it up, drained it.

As she took the final mouthful, she looked at the bottle with a vague look of surprise.

"It's empty!" she said, and giggled again. I wished she would stop giggling. She sounded like these empty-headed girls in the mall, giggling every time Jacko opened his mouth – and Stella wasn't like that.

Jacko leaned forward and took the bottle. He threw it over the side, and I watched it float away, then it filled up with sea-water, and sank. Stella watched it, too, and, to my annoyance, giggled again as the bottle disappeared.

Somewhat belatedly, I realised that the wine had affected her more than a little. Looking at Jacko, I wondered if that might be why he had brought it. My emotions, now, were very mixed – especially when, at that moment, Stella, murmuring about the heat, peeled her T-shirt over her head and dropped it on the seat beside her.

I hadn't seen her in a swimsuit before.

This one was a two-piece, in bright yellow – at least the top was. It covered her breasts completely, but her shoulders were completely bare and I could see that it fastened at the back with a thin piece of material, tied in a bow. The expression on her face was a little strange – sort of defiant, as if she was daring us to comment.

As a rule, she was a conservative dresser. I had never seen her shoulders, or her belly, before and, as I took them in now, my erection activated itself again. I looked away, over my shoulder, embarrassed, and realised that we were now a long way from the shore – a good half-mile, at least.

I turned to look at Jacko and, anticipating my question, he nodded to his right, where I saw, for the first time, a large sandbank rising out of the water.

"Is that where we're going?" I asked, and he nodded, again, then said – "Hey, buddy, take a turn with the oars – I'm pooped!"

I was a little nervous, but the sea was like a millpond and, after Jacko showed me what to do, I found myself successfully heading the boat in the right direction. Jacko flopped down on the seat beside Stella and rummaged in the bag and pulled out three cans of beer. He ripped open the tops and handed them out.

Stella looked a little dubious but put the can to her lips, drank, and then smiled.

"That's nice!" she said.

"Not as nice as you!" replied Jacko. "That swimsuit's knock-out!"

I clenched my teeth as Stella giggled.

"Do you think so?" she said.

"Well" said Jacko, his face serious, "I suppose what I mean is you make it look good. I didn't know you had such a fabulous figure."

I waited for the inevitable giggle, but it didn't come. She looked at Jacko and, holding his eyes, softly said – "Thank you."

I knew I should say something, but shyness held my tongue.

"John's a lucky guy," said Jacko. Stella looked up at me and my heart leapt as she smiled fondly. I tried to smile back, then she raised the can to her lips again.

Then to my astonishment, and horror, I saw Jacko's hands disappear behind Stella's back and, in an instant, the tie on her swimsuit top was undone and Jacko whisked it away.

I had a momentary vision of her bared breasts, then Stella shrieked, dropped the can of lager and covered her breasts with her hands and arms, hugging herself tightly.

I sat, motionless, staring, as she screamed unintelligibly at Jacko, demanding that he give her the top back, then I started shouting at him, too, but not daring to let go of the oars and, to my eternal shame, aware of the almost painful hard-on in my shorts as I tried to glimpse her breasts between her fingers.

Jacko put her top down on the seat beside him and, unconcerned by Stella's hysterical outburst, put his hands, gently, on her shoulders. He leant forward and murmured gently to her.

"Hey! Hey!" he said. "Hey, it's O.K." His fingers started running lightly up and down her upper arms.

"Hey!" he insisted. "Don't worry. What d'you think we are? We won't make you do anything you don't want to. It's just – well, your breasts are so beautiful, we – well, we wanted to see them. Is that so bad? They're really lovely, you know, and – hey, have another drink. It'll help you calm down ..."

Unbelievably, Stella's screaming had died away and she was leaning back into Jacko's chest as his hands stroked her upper arms ceaselessly and he murmured into her ear. Now, every so often, his lips brushed against her neck and he planted light kisses on it.

She became quiet, but every so often a gulping sob would escape her, shaking her body. Her arms were still clasped tightly across her chest but, when Jacko lifted his beer can to her lips, she opened her mouth and took a deep swallow, then leaned her head back and sighed, trying to steady her breathing.

Almost immediately, she hiccupped, and, involuntarily, giggled. Jacko laughed and folded his arms over hers, hugging her tightly. She breathed deeply again, in and out, then shook her head a little.

Jacko released her and went back to stroking her arms, but, this time, instead of the tips of his fingers, he was using his whole hand and I could see that Stella was liking it, almost purring with pleasure.

Jacko momentarily moved his hand and picked up the beer-can, handing it to Stella. She took it awkwardly, contriving, still, to protect her breasts as she tipped it to her mouth. I watched, fascinated, as Jacko imperceptibly shifted the position of his hands so that they were stroking her shoulders and the upper part of her chest as well as her arms.

Stella drank again, then leant her head back against Jacko's chest, the tension visibly draining from her body. Her eyes met mine, briefly, expressionlessly, then she let them fall shut.

Jacko's hands were now concentrating on Stella's shoulders, in ever-widening circles, and, as they made their first contact with her crossed forearms and pushed gently downwards, her arms unresistingly moved with them.

Gently, Jacko took hold of her arms and eased them away, so that they lay at her sides, one of them clutching the half-full can of lager. Her small, firm breasts lay exposed on her chest, her nipples hard and pointed. Jacko's hands rose again and he cupped them gently, his forefingers teasing the points of her nipples.

"Beautiful," he breathed into her ear, and I let out a long shuddering sigh as I watched. I was completely mixed up. Deep inside of me, a little voice was insisting I should be mad, watching this guy feel my girl's tits, but, up front, my eyes were out on stalks and my heart was beating wildly as I saw my first pair of real naked breasts.

I was only dimly conscious of the slight bump as the boat nudged up to the sandbank. I had stopped rowing some time ago and it must have been the current which carried us on to the bank. The boat rocked a little from side to side, then settled on the sand. I was still gripping the oars.

Jacko was now caressing Stella's breasts with firm, gentle strokes, his finger ends rasping over her nipples. Again, his head was bent as he planted a series of light kisses on her neck and shoulders and she was beginning to make little sighing sounds.

Then she turned her head slightly, opening her lips, and Jacko's mouth closed over hers. At the same time, I saw his knuckles whiten as he tightened his grip on her soft, yielding flesh and Stella let the can drop from her grasp, to empty its contents slowly on the boat's planking. Her hands came up and closed over Jacko's, moving them over her sensitive breasts, then her right hand moved again, sliding down over her little rounded stomach.

She popped the button on her denim shorts, and, easing the zip a little way down, slipped her hand under the waistband, under the yellow material of the bottom half of her swimsuit. As the bulge of her fingers pushed downwards, she suddenly gasped and her body went rigid.

Jacko, lifting his mouth from Stella's, looked down and saw where her hand was. His eyes lifted to mine and he opened them wide, then looked down again, pointedly. The message was clear – he was telling me to join in. Then he found Stella's mouth again and kissed her, deeply.

My insides turned to jelly. I had no idea what you did with a girl's vagina to make her come. But I let go of the oars and, dropping on my knees on the hard planks on the floor of the boat, I bent forward and put my hands on Stella's thighs.

At my first touch, her fingers stopped their movement under the shorts, then they started again. I stared at them, then carefully took hold of the catch of the zip on her shorts. With some difficulty, I managed to pull it right down and, to my amazement, Stella braced her legs and lifted her hips off the seat.

My hands trembling, I pulled her shorts down. They came down easily and I left them round her ankles, my eyes fixed, now, on the strip of yellow cloth under which I could see the shape of her knuckles as they rose up and down against the material. I could now see right up to the top of her inner thighs and, with a huge thrill, realised that a wisp or two of her pubic hair was visible at the tops of her legs.

I placed trembling fingers on the soft skin of Stella's inner thighs and she parted her legs a little. My mind racing, I slid my fingers up to the junction of her thighs. Because her hand was under her swimsuit bottom, the material at the side was raised slightly and, scarcely daring to breathe, I slid the tip of a finger underneath.

First of all, I felt the soft resilience of curly, damp hair, then the sensation of dampness became more pronounced and my heart nearly stopped as my finger encountered a slippery warmth it had never experienced before. I pushed it a little further, then further still, then realised my finger was now enveloped in a wet, tight tunnel, which could only be Stella's vagina.

I could never have guessed at that feeling – it was the most exciting thing that had ever happened to me. I tried to imagine what it would be like having my cock surrounded by this wonderful warmth and the prospect was so wonderful that tears started to my eyes.

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