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My Amulet


The Amulet -- A young man discovers the ancient powers of an amulet and uses them to make this Halloween unforgettable.


My name is Andy Zimmerman. My life up until this last week was typical for your average 21 year old. Not interested in school, trying to make some money and of course, trying to meet a girl. What was not average was that I lived with my step-mom, Carol. She came into my life after my mom died. I was 6 at the time and my father re-married about a year later. My grandma Julie lived next door to us and accepted Carol as she knew I needed to have a mother. Her and Carol got a long well even though grandma was a bit quirky. Sometimes I would be up late and grandma could be seen in her backyard, chanting, making small fires and was real good at providing healing and medical remedies with herbs. She spoke of the untapped powers of the universe and nature. I remember as a little kid asking her if she was a witch. She gave me a big smile, and told me that witches are not evil and actually try to help people. I took that as a yes and asked if she flew around on a broomstick, she laughed and assured me if she was a witch, a car is much easier transportation. She always had a blast on Halloween and would always have the coolest, scariest props and decorations. I think she relished the thought of being a witch and sparking my imagination.

About 3 years ago, after high school graduation, things took a nosedive. My dad died in a car accident. Before we could recover from that Carol was laid off. Carol said not to worry, but I could tell she was freaking out. She still kept up her routine and did her best to make sure I did to. She would run in the mornings or workout on the elliptical in the living room. Even though she was my step-mom, I was always turned on by her nice body. I never knew of her seeing anyone after my dad's passing. During her lay-off we struggled, but my grandmother helped us out until Carol got a new job. I always wondered where grandma got her money from, she was always helping out and always spoiled me with gifts on birthdays and holidays. I was inclined to get a job somewhere to help out, but grandma insisted I go to college. After two years, I dropped out. I didn't want to sit at home and do nothing so I looked for a job. I tried fast food for a bit, quit that. I tried to do odd jobs here and there, anything to help out. My step-mom was real cool about the whole thing, always insisted happiness was more important.

Well, this year things were starting out OK. I had been working for a temp agency and was always on an assignment somewhere. Our neighbor on the other side of the house, Mrs. Morales was my current assignment. I worked in her real estate office doing administrative and technical support. Money was steady, but no steady girl. As Halloween approached, my grandma was getting happier by the day. She kept telling me this Halloween was going to be different. I could not wait to see what she had planned.

About three weeks before Halloween, she passed. Carol and I were devastated. With her passing, I knew my life and this Halloween were definitely going to be depressing. Carol tried to cheer me up and tell me grandma would want us to carry on.

About a week ago, Carol gave me a box. There was a note from my grandma. She stated that she wanted me to have the enclosed amulet. That amulet was her one of most cherished possessions. I recognized it and as I thought of her, could not recall ever seeing her without it. In the note she states that she has had it since she was born and it always brought her good luck and helped her reach her dreams. She advised me to always keep it with me and when things are going sideways, to hold it and wish for what I desired. I took the amulet and placed it around my neck. I went to my room upstairs and in all honesty, cried for awhile.

The next day was a day off and I was watching TV and my friend Zach shows up, honking to get my attention. I go outside and he has a new ride. In his car is his girlfriend Valerie. Valerie was a real cutie. She had long legs, blonde and nice perky tits. I only wish I could have a girl like that. Just less of a bitch. She didn't quite like me. Even then, I never understood why she stayed with Zach, as he treated her like crap. He was always telling me stories of their sexual sessions and how he even had her blow a guy in order to pay a debt. What kind of douche does that? All the more reason I pondered what she saw in him? Maybe it was the apartment, car and job which I did not have.

He waves me over and asks if I wanna go get dinner and drinks. I look in the back and there is Valerie's best friend Tracy. Another mean bitch. She was hot like Valerie, but brunette and huge tits. Tracy and Valerie both have looks on their faces making it very clear they do not want me to come.

Fuck it, I tell him sure and ask for a minute to get my wallet. Tracy says what for, you know it is empty. Zach busts out laughing and Valerie chuckles.

I go back to the house and go up to my room. I open my desk drawer and rummage for it. Tracy's comment is still stinging a bit and I wish I had a drawer full of money instead of all these papers, candy wrappers and crap. I close the drawer, grab my keys and leave the amulet on the desk. I go downstairs and leave a note for Carol that I am out with Zach.

As I get in the car, Zach asks if I have banged my step-mom. I tell him to fuck off. Zach tells Tracy my step-mom Carol is hotter than her. Tracy flips Zach the finger and with that we take off. We go eat some seafood and steaks, head to a couple of bars and finish off the night hanging out by the pier. Zach and Valerie take off leaving me alone with Tracy. I try to start a conversation, but she stops me and tells me nothing is happening between us and it would be best if I just shut the fuck up. I do. I head over to the bathroom and Zach is in there. I am peeing as is he. I am buzzed and peeing like a racehorse when I hear a camera like noise. That jerk Zach took a picture of my cock and is laughing his ass off. He tells me I have a dick like a race horse, but it is still smaller than his. I try to reach for the phone, he ran out.

I eventually catch up to him, but it is too late. He has shown the girls. I sense that Valerie and Tracy have a different attitude towards me. We make it back to the car and they drive me home. I get upstairs and notice the light on in Carol's room. I head over there just to check in. When I walk in I am floored. She is lying in bed, sleeping, but totally nude. The TV is on but the DVD ended. I shut it off. As I approach the bed to cover her and turn off the light, I notice a big dildo next to her leg. It is glistening in the light. I stand there looking at it and Carol's naked body and I suddenly feel paralyzed. I feel my dick start to stir and feel the urgent need to jerk off. I try to block that thought and do the right thing. But I cant. I take in her gorgeous body and look at her tan lines and nicely shaved bush. Her hair is covering part of her face and her lips look wet. I really want to kiss her. Her tits are not big, but more than a handful, all natural and looking like they need to be sucked. I admonish myself for that thought but my mind goes back to wondering what they might feel like. I can't help myself, I reach down and feel her left breast. It is firm and smooth. I move my thumb around to get a good hold of it and flick her nipple. Carol moves. I freak out and step back. Carol rolls over and lays belly down. I see her nice round ass and tattoo on her right butt cheek. The initials EZCZ. My dad's name was Eddie and those were obviously his and Carol's initials. The thought of my father clears the fog of desire in my head and I cover her and turn off the light. I get to my room and promptly jack off.

Next day I get up to go to work, and shower. I think about Carol and last night and jerk off again. When I get out I take a peek to see if she is up. I peer into her room and she is gone. Bed is made and room all tidied up.

I go downstairs and check the fridge, she left a note that she was called in early and would be working late too. She left me bus money and pizza money for dinner. Shit. I hate taking the bus. I head back upstairs and try to get ready. I see myself in the mirror and see the amulet is not hanging there. I put it on and think of grandma and her advice. I hold the amulet, close my eyes and tell her I miss her. I also wish I didn't have to ride the bus. All of a sudden I get light headed and fall onto my bed. I think I passed out and when I come to, I am in a daze. I finish getting dressed and head downstairs. I start heading down to the bus stop when I see Mr. Morales leaving. I wave and he just looks at me and drives away. I hear another car start and it is Mrs. Morales leaving too. She stops, I wave and she opens the passenger window and asks where I was heading. I tell her the bus stop. She says not to, she will give me a ride. I tell her its OK, but she cuts me off and tells me we are heading to the same place. I get in. She takes off and almost immediately her cell rings. It is her husband and they start arguing about something. She is driving ad talking and all I can focus on is her tight dress. We get to the office and she ends her call. She apologizes and I tell her it is no problem. I ask if all is OK and she says no, her husband is going out on business again. The way she says it seems like she does not believe there is any business at all when he travels.

Her office is in a strip mall. Mrs. Morales's real estate office is busy and she has a staff of 3 other agents, all female. They seem to be in their 30's, all married. I really have the hots for all of them, but mostly Mrs. Morales. She is in her late 40's and has some great legs, long black hair, perfect lips and a set of tits that are easily double d's.

Typical day for the girls is them on calls or meeting with clients. They sometimes leave me to man the phones when they go out to lunch. I really like it when one of the girls has a computer issue. I have an opportunity to get close, smell them and once in a while steal a glance at some breast or nylon covered leg. When 5 pm arrives the office is emptied pretty quick. I head out across the parking lot to the bus stop. Mrs. Morales calls for me and I head back over to her.

She asks where I am headed, and I tell her home. She admonishes me and tells me not to be silly, she will give me a ride. I politely refuse because I don't want to intrude on her plans or dinner with Mr. Morales. She reminds me that he is out of town and her only plans are for some quick errands. Besides she says, you're driving and with that throws the keys my way.

I have no choice but to do as she says. I open the passenger door for her and hold it open. She gets in and I really enjoy seeing her nice body up close. I close her door and head over to the driver side. I get in, and we take off. She tells me to head over to the cleaners by our block. I do so and while at a light her phone rings, it is Mr. Morales. Argument starts right away. We pull into the cleaners and she doesn't get out because she is in the middle of accusing Mr. Morales of cheating. I am about to step out of the car to give her privacy when she tells me to sit. I do. I can only assume Mr. Morales asks who she is talking to because of her answer. She told him it is the young stud she is fucking. She ends the call and says she will be right back. I watch her walk in and I grab my amulet. As I look at her standing there I make a wish that one day I have the chance to tap that ass. I reason that she is not happy and Mr. Morales doesn't appreciate her. Right then, I feel a force possess me and I feel a bit lightheaded. My skin heats up and my heart is racing. I close my eyes to try to steady myself. This feeling subsides and I open my eyes and look up to see Mrs. Morales looking at me. She seems confused. She gets her clothes and gets back in the car. She asks if we could stop at the pharmacy the next block over, and I make my way that way. She looks a little dizzy still and I ask her if she is OK. She says she feels lightheaded, but it is probably because she had a light lunch, heavy day and just needs a drink. She asks if I need anything from the pharmacy. I say no thanks. She gives me a devilish smile and goes in. When she gets back she tells me to head home. We pull into her driveway and she thanks me for being her chauffeur. I thank her for the rides. She asks if I have plans for dinner. I tell her just pizza and a movie. She tells me nonsense, come over in an hour, we will have dinner together. I tell her OK and head home.

I get upstairs and rummage through the closet to find something cool to wear. I decide to take a shower and imagine all kinds of crazy scenarios where I get to fuck Mrs. Morales. I know this is all crazy, but I am feeling pretty euphoric. I grab the amulet and wish for the opportunity to sweep Mrs. Morales off her feet. No, fuck that. I wish for her to get kinky with me. As soon as I imagine that, I pass out again. When I come to, I am already a bit late. I race over there and make a mental note to go see a doc.

She opens the door and is wearing a black short skirt and white blouse. Her boobs are jutting out and her legs look nice and smooth. I say hello and she invites me in. I follow her to the living room and she tells me to have a seat, she will be right back.

She comes back with some wine and sits across from me. She starts to thank me for my hard work at the office and for being understanding when they leave me there alone. I tell her its ok, I am happy to work there. She then tells me that she would like to hire me full time, and asks if I would be interested. I say sure, I would love too. She says congrats, welcome to the team. She tells me that some of my duties will change, and to also make sure to call her Sonia. I agree and thank Sonia. We chat some more and then we head to the dining room to eat. She made some broiled chicken and rice and it is awesome. We drink more wine and I feel it is time to excuse myself. She stops me and asks if I have somewhere to go. I tell her no, just didn't want to overstay my welcome. She says nonsense, and asks if I like music. I say sure. She grabs my hand and we head to her entertainment room. They have a bar in the corner, big screen TV, some sofas and bean bags and a wall full of pictures. She fiddles with the stereo as I look at photos of her and her hubby in different vacation places. I turn around to find her bent over poking the buttons on the stereo. I take in the view, her ass is great and those legs are driving me nuts. She finally gets it going and it is Latin music. She likes this song and calls me over to her. I get close and she is shaking her body, gyrating those hips and getting all up in my personal space. I like it. She tells me to shake it, move that body. I do my best to keep up with her. She is all into the music and suddenly gets close to me, turns and backs up that great ass real close to my crotch. She then reaches back for my hands and places them on her hips. She leans back and her head is on my chest. She encourages me to get into the moment. I don't know what she means, but I am enjoying the view of those melons bouncing around right in front of me. She notices this and tells me to at least give them a compliment. I quickly apologize but she puts a finger on my lip to silence me. She keeps dancing and starts to grind her ass into my crotch. This goes on every now and then and I am getting hard. I adjust my dick to a more comfortable place when she backs in again to grind. She finally realizes I have a boner and it is a big one. She excuses herself to go freshen up before the song even finishes. I fell like a punk and start to think the party is over. I sit on the couch thinking about what to say.

Sonia returns to the room and changes the station. She finds one with slow romantic music. She comes over to where I am sitting and leads me back to the dance area. She pulls me in close, puts her arms around me and we start to move slowly. I am beside myself as her jugs are pressed up against me as is most of her body. She whispers in my ear to hold her. I do so and we dance like this for at least 6 songs. I don't want it to end, but she finally breaks the embrace and heads over to turn down the lights. She comes back and takes me over to the big sectional couch in the corner. We sit and have some more wine. She moves closer to me and leans in to give me a kiss. I barely have time to react and she stops and asks if I find her attractive. I do I tell her. She asks why her husband would cheat on her. I tell her I don't know, but he is an ass for doing so. She takes my hand and places it inside her blouse, right on her breast. I start to massage it and squeeze it. She looks in my eyes and then she reaches down to my rock hard manhood. She feels the outline of it in under my pants, and seems impressed with the size. She looks at me and tells me her husband has not touched her in two months. It is October she says and she can count the number of times they have fucked this year on one hand. I don't get to answer when she gets up and undoes the belt to her skirt. She lets it all fall on the floor and she is not wearing underwear. Sonia is beautiful and I can't believe this is happening. She flips off her heals and pulls me up and asks me to remove her blouse and bra. I do so quickly before she changes her mind. She turns for me to get access to the clasps. Everything falls to the floor and she turns around to me completely naked and tells me to take my time, she wants to enjoy this.

She reaches over to me and takes off my shirt. She rubs my chest and arms and then undoes my pants. She slowly removes my drawers and my cock springs up. She seems impressed at how big and thick my only redeeming quality is. She reaches for it and slides her hands down its length. She grabs a hold of it and leads me over to the couch. We sit and she looks me in the eye. She tells me she thinks I am cute, but she is married. She feels the need for revenge, but draws the line at full sex. She asks if we could explore each other but no intercourse. I nod my head as I am already lost in my desire and would be happy with a hand job. She then pulls me down on top of her and we start to kiss. I am thrusting my tongue deep into her. I reach for one of her breasts and squeeze. I am enjoying her boobs, the warmth of her body and the thought of being with this married woman. My dick is rubbing her bush and her pussy lips, I can feel moisture on my cock. I stop kissing her to put my mouth on the breast and start sucking. I have seen enough porno's to know to attend to her nipples. I pinch them and twist them, she loves it. I stop sucking that one and move over to the other. I cant get enough of them , but move my way down to her belly and then her legs. I lift them up and kiss them from toes to upper thigh. I want to dive in there, but want to also take my time with those great legs. After a few minutes I decide to see how far she will let me play with her pussy. I kiss her legs past the knee, her thigh and place a kiss right on her wet love hole.

This startles her, and she sits up. She gives me a smile and then tells me I can lick it, finger fuck it but no fucking. I thank her and dive in. My porn training must have paid off because she is pushing my head deeper into her pussy and is moaning. I am licking and searching for the clitoris. I know I find it when I lick that part of her pussy and she goes nuts.

I place my hands on her legs and keep her legs spread, licking up and down her slit and sticking my fingers in deep. She is moaning and thrashing about. I ask if she likes it and she grunts "Yes!". In no time at all, she orgasms. I keep licking and finger fucking. She stops me for a second and scoots to the edge of the couch. She lays down and opens her legs. She asks if I had ever been with a girl. I sheepishly tell her no. She then tells me to fuck her. I don't say shit and get in between her legs. She reaches for my dick and lines it up to her wet pussy. I am so horny and thinking about finally getting some when it happens, I blow my load all over her pussy, legs and some of it all the way on her boobs. I pump out quite a bit before I can gather myself. I open my eyes and start to apologize. She is sitting up looking at all of the cum on her. I feel like an ass, and see her start to lick my cum from her fingers. Wipes cum from everywhere and then sits back staring at me. She tells me to lay down and I do so. She then tells me that it happens, but she still wants my cock in her. She tells me it is huge, definitely bigger than her husbands. She starts to lick my belly and then my legs. She gets in between my legs and starts to lick my balls. I am in heaven again and my cock starts to grow. She strokes my cock, looks at me and compliments me on my package again. She then takes me into her mouth. I never had a blow job before and it is awesome.

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