tagIncest/TabooMy Awakening Ch. 02b

My Awakening Ch. 02b


This is a continuation of my previous story. So it will be helpful to have read the previous stories beforehand. This chapter got rather long real quick so I opted to separate it into three parts. Hope you all enjoy it.

All characters depicted having sex are over 18


Walking into the mall, arms linked with me, still a little wobbly from the orgasm my sister had just given me in the car, leaning on Kaitlin's shoulder. I was lost in my thoughts. How, not even a full day has passed, I had my first masturbation session while watching my sister on video masturbate. Had sex for the first time, with my sister of all people. Had sex in a public place, the parking lot just this very, had a minute even passed since I had an orgasm in the car? At this pace, I was definitely going to be burning through the hearty breakfast I had this morning.

I was so lost in my thoughts, I had no idea where Kaitlin was dragging me. I was so hazy from the orgasm, I didn't even care that I was basically being forced to shop. I must have had a goofy smile on my face, although I couldn't see it. I, also, couldn't help it if I did. It wasn't until Kaitlin slipped her arm from me that I even knew where we were. Victoria's Secret. I breathed deep. I had to gather my strength because knowing my sister, shopping is a marathon, not a sprint. And I was going to need all the strength I could muster to last a day with her.

"Oh. My. God." I heard. I turned my head and my sister was hugging this statuesque, caramel-skinned beauty. Her silky black tresses were long, flowing and bouncy. If I didn't know better, I would swear she had to be a model that stepped out of the pages of the very catalogues that were on display at the front of the store. "What brings you out here?"

"Winter Break. Home for the holidays. Today, out with the little sister on a shopping spree." My sister replied with a beaming smile. She pointed to me when she mentioned 'little sister'. To which Naomi, specified by her name tag, turned her gaze on me.

She strode up to me, grabbed both of my hands and raised them outstretched from my body. "This is little Hailey? Wow! What a couple of years has done to you. You look absolutely stunning." A girl can get used to all this praise and adoration. But if I got too much, I'd be afraid my face would burst into flames as hot as my blushes have been searing me today. She dropped one of my arms and the other she raised over my head and twisted my wrist causing me to turn around. Seriously, did I look like a marionette? Simple twists and flicks, I was beginning to think I had no control of my body any more. "Very nice, Hailey. You certainly have grown up a lot since I last saw you."

Turning to my sister, "So shopping spree? So what are we looking for today?"

"Nothing for me today." Which caused Naomi's eyes to bulge out and me to stifle a laugh at that look. Not that her look wasn't warranted. I mean my sister shopping and no one would, should or could believe she wouldn't buy something for herself. "Nope. This is all about my sister. You see, she just got her braces off," looking at me, "this summer?" I nodded. "And just now got a new hair cut, but now we need a new wardrobe starting with the essentials."

"Alrighty. So what do you have in mind?"

"Well, first off. I think she should finally be properly measured for the right size bra. Her old ones, when you can see she is even wearing one under her baggy shirts and sweaters, seem to be too tight."

"Sure. We can do that. Let's just head to the changing rooms." Once we were there, Naomi took my hand and led me inside, leaving Kaitlin to wait on us. Naomi grabbed a tape measure and led me to the back changing room. "Well, Hailey, I can't really measure your bust with a shirt on. Would you mind taking it off?"

Blushing, I slipped it over my head. I heard a small gasp, or did she just moan, when I revealed I wasn't wearing a bra. Whatever it was, it passed quickly. She wrapped her arms around me and pulled the tape measure around and just under my breasts. "30 and a quarter," she mumbled. She loosened the tape measure and slipped it over my breasts. Her hands were sending tingles down my spine, especially as her hands grazed my nipples. She pulled the tape tighter and said, "32 and a half. So that makes you a 32B" She dropped her hands and turned to leave the door. 32B?!? All this time I had been wearing the wrong bra size. A B-cup! Today, I started out thinking I was a 34A and now I was a 32B.

I started to follow her out to the sale floor. She abruptly stopped and smacked right into her. She remarked, "Well, I know a lot of people in the store, myself included, would love to see you, ALL of you, I do kinda think you should put your top on first." Wow, my head has been completely turned on in this entire day. Turning back, I gathered my top and pulled it over my head. When I turned back around, Naomi had left.

I walked out and saw Naomi and Kaitlin walking the store talking and absent-mindlessly picking up bras and panties. They kept some; discarded others. I couldn't tell rhyme or reason on their decision making process. I finally got behind them and followed them around, but never once was I asked for any input on the selections.

"So, how long have you worked here?"

"Since I started college. Usually, I work weekends and if needed on weekday nights, but they don't work me too hard with classes. I get a lot more hours now that classes aren't in."

"Where do you go, again?"


"You like it?"

"Yeah. It's hard, but its a good college and like I said my manager is really understanding. Especially when I get overloaded on homework and exam time."

This conversation was droning on and all I got to do was follow along. That was until I saw the sleep wear. I just stopped and examined a mannequin wearing a satin two-piece outfit. It was a cami and pants that, while looked like a gray tone, said was pale plum. I was just feeling the material, when I heard, "So find something that interests you?" I turned my head and saw my sister beaming at me. "See? I told you shopping can be fun. Hmm. And it seems, despite the evidence in your closet, you do have good taste."

She handed me the stack of bras and panties. There was an assortment of colors and styles. Naomi ushered me to the changing room, followed by my sister. Naomi, stopping at the entrance to the rooms, looked around to see if anyone noticed and then slipped in behind my sister and I. Kaitlin went straight to the back cubicle and, waiting for Naomi to enter, latched the door.

"Well, we can't really try on the panties. Its just not sanitary and besides you're probably still a bit moist from earlier." I stared at my sister in disbelief. Had she really just said that in mixed company? Naomi just looked between the two of us, a devilish grin forming.

"So you finally got your wish?" Naomi looked at me and informed me, "Back in high school we had a friend in our group. We would swear she looked like you, or how we thought you might look in a couple of years. So at times, we would pretend she was you, but older." Wait? What? My sister had sex with her friends in high school? But she dated boys. Did I ever see her with any boys? I can't say that I did. I mean they picked her up and they dropped her off. But I can't recall a single kiss to any of them. Then it really hit me. My sister and her friends...fantasized? About me! It was too much. I sat on the bench. My sister sat next to me and wrapped her arms around me.

"I'll explain it all to you, later. But Naomi doesn't have much time before they notice her gone and we do need to see how you look in the bras, at least. Okay?" I simply nodded, not at all understanding. My sister lifted me up and removed my top while Naomi pulled my skirt down. I just stood there about as lifeless as the mannequin I had been looking at. Naomi lifted one leg at a time and pulled my skirt from under me and draped it on a hook. I was being led back to the bench and gently pushed to sit back down. Kaitlin sat behind me. At first, I thought it was so I wouldn't inch away from what was about to happen. It was at this time that I noticed Naomi had gotten back on her knees before me.

I watched fascinated by Naomi. She looked at me like a cat might look at her prey. Just before she pounced. But she didn't pounce, at least not like I imagined it. She sniffed my thighs. I felt her tongue lick up the dry juices that had dripped down my leg. My thighs began to glisten from her saliva. Each lick pulled her closer to my creamy center. But rather than go up one thigh, she would alternate to the other. I trembled while I watched her. My sister put her hand on my chin and gently nudged my face to look at her. When my head was turned as far as I could without causing pain, my sister leaned in and kissed me.

As soon as our lips touched, Naomi had her tongue thrust in me. She wiggled it around. I slumped pushing my pussy harder onto her face. My body melded with the softness of my sister. She grabbed my breasts with her hands. Between her kneading and pinching, her caressing tongue, Naomi's probing tongue, I started moaning in my sister's mouth. I wanted to pull away, but I wasn't able to. Kaitlin would sense when I was about to separate our mouths and a hand would firmly keep me in place. I couldn't back away; my sister's body kept me in place. I couldn't lurch forward between the head between my thighs and my sister's hands on my breasts. I was at the mercy of these two women. And I was in ecstasy.

I felt Naomi sliding two fingers into my pussy. When they bottomed out, she opened them as wide as she could in my tight canal and flicked her tongue in between her two digits. My sister pinched and pulled my nipples and I let a scream out. Naomi started to wiggle in my pussy as she started to push and the retract her tongue. I screamed, muffled by my sister and her invading tongue, at the new sensation. My legs jerked out on their own. When they fell back towards the ground, they landed on Naomi's back with a THWAP. I heard her gasp into my pussy. My thighs clamped around her head like a vice as I came. She didn't just stop, though; she kept up her tongue assault. My sister stopped pinching one of my nipples and started playing with my clit. Driving me to yet another orgasm for the day. Three orgasms in such a short span of time. My head felt dizzy. My nipples felt like they would dent steel as hard as they were and my pussy felt tender. In hindsight, I am thankful I didn't wear underwear today. The rubbing of the fabric may have been too much after the thrashing my body was taking. When this orgasm subsided, finally, my legs loosened from around Naomi and she slithered out from under me. My sister pulled away from our kiss. And I lay back against my sister panting for air.

Naomi leaned over me and hungrily kissed my sister. After a bit of tongue wrestling, my sister pulled away and started to lick my juices off Naomi's face. After a brief breather, Naomi stood and picked out a random bra and handed it to Kaitlin. Kaitlin then put it on me, with Naomi adjusting the straps and cups to make sure it fit. Once in place, Naomi stood aside and allowed Kaitlin to look at me in the mirror. They did this for every bra they had with them. Kaitlin would nod her head or shake her head and Naomi would discard the bras in two piles. Once we were out of bras, I was beckoned to stand and Naomi would place a pair of panties in front of my crotch and Kaitlin would see what she liked or disliked. There was less to look at since I guess she was looking not only at style of bras but color as well, but with color established all she needed was the style of panties.

Naomi straightened herself out and tried to wipe the girl juice and saliva off her face without messing up her makeup. When she was satisfied, she gathered up the discard pile and put them in the basket at the front of the changing rooms. She then returned with the purchase pile and headed to the registers. Kaitlin, in the meantime, was getting me back into my clothes I had shed. She kissed me lightly and told me to wait for her on the benches outside Victoria's Secret, which I did.

She came out with two big bags to fit her purchases in. I stared open mouthed at her haul. "How do you think dad is going to react to all of this?" I practically screamed.

"Shh. Keep your voice down. Not all of it went on dad's card." Well that effectively shut me up. I started to say something, but my mouth closed. I tried again, but that question died before making it past my lips. "I do have my own means to buy things with, y'know. So stop gaping like a salmon and let's keep shopping." She held out her hand, which I took, and she hoisted me off the bench.

We stopped in at Aeropostale, next. We had no tryst in here, luckily. I swear if we had sex in every store, I wouldn't be surprised if I died from the pleasure. Kaitlin grabbed a bunch of clothes for me to try on. The attendant stopped us as we had too many clothes for one trip. So Kaitlin handed me an outfit. The rooms were much smaller here so she stayed out and waited for me to return.

The first outfit was a white pair of jeans, matching denim jacket and a peach top. When I came out, she had me turn around so she could inspect it and handed me a new outfit to try on. "Bring that outfit back out with you." So I had on a dark floral dress that barely came to my knees, when I came out with the previous outfit back on their hangers. This went on for the entire collection of outfits. I saw one pair of jeans that were especially tight on me hanging up to be re-shelved. After my impromptu fashion show for my sister, I tugged on her elbow, "Those jeans you had sent back."


"Well, they are the only pair of pants you sent back."

"Yeah. They just were too tight, sis."

"I know."

"So what's the problem?"

"I'm still not wearing any panties!" I did the best to scream but in a whisper. She just looked at me quizzically. I guess I had to spell it out for her. "Some of my, well, I mean, my juices...got wiped on the inside of them."

"Oh. That. Of course they did," she responded. Just loud enough to attract the attention of another associate, she added, "If that bitch had realized how much I was going to spend, she might have let up on the maximum number of items I could try on in the stall."

The attendant, turned out to be a manager, seeing the number of clothes in Kaitlin's hands and, fearing she would leave without anything, tried to appease my sister. She finally relented on giving Kaitlin the employee discount for our purchases, which my sister separated into two payments. One out fit was purchased with our dad's credit card. The other four or five outfits paid by a card I'd not seen today.

We were strolling the mall, our arms laden with the purchases we had made so far. We had pants, jeans, skirts and dresses from a variety of stores. We had quite a few tops from different stores. One I actually got to pick out for myself in Hot Topic; a pink shirt with the Horde emblem from World of Warcraft on front and in white in a WoW-ish typeset said 'Girls Got Game'. I was pleasantly surprised to see my sister relent and so easily at my request. "I am not trying to change who you are, Hailey. I love that your interests are so different from mine. I want you to stay exactly how you are, in your interests, in your personality. Well, I would like to see you come out of your shell, but the rest of your personality. Today, though, I just want you to see yourself the way I see you. As the beautiful woman you truly are."

It was about this time that my stomach alerted us that it was time for lunch. We looked at each other and laughed. We had so many bags we looked like walking advertisements for the stores in the mall. And we had only made it around the first floor. "Let's stash these in your car. That way we can eat and continue shopping after lunch without lugging it all around with us." I readily agreed to this sentiment.

After loading my car with all of the purchases, we headed back in just chatting about things. How her classes were. What California was like. Where I wanted to go to school. Just catching up with each others lives. We were at the food court in no time. Looking at the selection, we decided on splitting a foot long sub from Subway. I let her order while I grabbed us a table in the increasingly busy area.

I sat down and patiently waited for my sister. I had found a table near Subway and was sitting facing the direction my sister would be coming from. When I saw her, I waved her over to the table. I had been ruminating over some of the things I'd seen, heard and done in the course of the day today. So as soon as she sat down and started divvying up the food, I blurted out, in a hushed tone, "So did you really fantasize about me in high school?"

She looked up at me and cocked her head to the side. Glancing to either side she saw that no one was paying any attention. She sat down, giving her some time to think. Perhaps trying to arrange her thoughts and how best to put them into words. "I did," she replied simply. I wanted more. I was about to say something, but her hand slid on top of my hand and continued to speak, "I will tell you everything, just let me explain at my pace, okay?" I nodded my head. "Okay, so you just eat for now."

As I started to eat my sub, she began her tale. "First of all, I don't know if you realize this, but I am a lesbian." I had a rather large bite in my mouth and was having a hard time swallowing at this news. She waited until I had swallowed and again as I was about to say something, she stopped me. She smiled at me. "Yeah. I thought not. Part of why I wanted to move away was for me to have the freedom to explore my sexuality. Without you, dad and especially mom having an easy time to come out for a surprise visit. I, suppose, I knew in high school, but I didn't really want to openly explore this side of me for a variety of reasons. One of which, was how mom and dad would react. The other being how all of the high school would. I liked my status as Queen Bee, as it were, and was afraid my sexuality might dissolve my popularity." She would stop at times to take a bite to eat during her explanations, but this time she stopped to take a sip of her drink.

"But you still dated boys! I saw you go out and come back from dates. How did you date them without them finding out? How did you convince your friends to..." She stopped me once again.

"Convince my friends to have sex with me? That wasn't as hard as you might think," she said with a conspiratorially look. "Now, do you want me to continue?" I nodded. "Okay then, no more interruptions. So first off, I had to insure my popularity so I did date boys, but we didn't have sex. Well, intercourse. They were just as happy getting blowjobs as they might have been with having sex. At least, until they would start pestering me for actual intercourse. At which time, I stopped seeing them and moved on to someone else. I had no sexual interest with the boys I was with. I used them to help hide my secret and to keep my place on the popularity totem pole."

"Totem pole? That's not how I ever thought of the popularity hierarchy."

She beamed, "It's always how I thought of it. How else do you explain it? I was standing on top of others in a heap to remain at the top. Look at any totem pole and there is always one icon standing on top of those beneath it." She had a valid point, I conceded. "So anyway that's why you saw my with multiple guys but never anyone that I actually brought home. I had no interest introducing a guy to the family because in short order he would want more than I was willing to offer and I would toss him back. As for my friends?" She stopped talking for a while, taking time to eat and think.

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