tagNonHumanMy Beauty & The Beast Ch. 02

My Beauty & The Beast Ch. 02



Molly gave an excited whinny when she saw Belle but snorted as Beast came into very as well. "Molly it's okay, he is nice to me." the young woman tried to sooth the animal as they approached the field. Beast stopped several feet from the fence so as not to scare the horse anymore. Annabelle started whispering with outstretched hands and Molly nickered shaking her mane. Her soft cheeks felt so wonderful beneath Belle's fingertips, she pulled several sugar cubes from her dress pocket and fed them to the animal. Molly munched happily while the young woman stroked her face lovingly.

Belle glanced back at the Beast and found him patiently waiting for her, he seemed content to gaze at her every move. Smiling Belle went to him. "Show me who you are Beast." she said softly, reaching up she stroked her fingers through the silken fur on his face. Surprise filled his sharp blue eyes and he held perfectly still, every nerve ending screamed at him to take hold of her small form, to press her beneath him and using her slake his lust . But instead he forced himself to be still, he did not want to scare her senseless, fuck her senseless maybe but he knew he must bide his time. How this little beauty could think of him as anything other than a host, she the guest, was beyond his trembling mind.

Belle felt heat waves rolling through her skin, her core seemed to ache with an empty desire that she did not understand. Her cheeks were flushed with raw instincts that she could not place a feeling on. She had never felt sexual desire before, not of this intensity and never for a wild beast. Something spoke within her, whispering that he once may have been human; a curse perhaps. She couldn't place her finger on what it was that sent sensual chills up her spine at the mere thought of her host.

Beast was brought back to earth as he felt blood fill his cock for the first time in nearly fifty years; just that sensation alone caused a slight growl from deep within his throat. Such a slight touch from this little waifs hand and he was ready to move heaven or hell in order to hold her close to himself. Belle's gasp brought him into focus once more and he realized that he had been grasping her tightly in a fierce hug and seemed to be rubbing what parts of her he could reach his groin. Instantly he released his hold of Annabelle but she didn't move whatsoever as the creature had assumed she would.

Belle's heart pounded in her ears and a strange wet heat pooled between her thighs. Her eyes seemed glazed with a longing, an untouched need. She seemed to want more, taking a step closer she buried her face into his fur and inhaled deeply. Loving the wild mossy scent of the dense forest fill her senses, Belle wove her fingers into beast's fur pulling herself up. Instinct drove Beast to pick Annabelle up, her sweet little ass settled into the crook of his elbow and now she was eyelevel with him. She eagerly wrapped her arms around his thick neck. In a timid curious manner she leaned her face close to his ear.

"Beast, I don't know how to tell you what I feel. I've never felt this strongly for anyone before. It's so new. I don't want to rush but I... I ache here." she said placing her palm over her lower stomach. "I can smell you. You smell so sweet and musky; it's making me crazy with lust Annabelle. But I don't want to rush you either. It has been so long since I've felt this way about a woman." murmured Beast. With his free hand he reached up to cradle the back of her head, nearly engulfing it, the soft brown locks mingled with his silk fur. Belle drew her face even closer to this massive creature, his fangs gleamed in the sunlight and still she wanted to kiss them. So timidly the girl molded her lips to the beasts. His lips were soft and warm; twice the size of her own but still she kissed the beast.

Beast gave a low groan and his tongue sought to enter her small mouth. A small moan escaped her as she opened to his curious tasting. Beast inhaled deeper as his enhanced sense of smell detected her body becoming even more wet then it already was. Belle's tongue sparred with his, tasting his strong wild texture. She trembled like a leaf in his arms; the onslaught of feeling and sensations was almost too much for her newly awakened body.

Sliding his thick fingers down he wrapped his thumb and forefinger about her slender neck forming a makeshift collar. Her eyes darkened with recognition of the need that coiled in her belly. "I like that Beast. It makes me feel safe." she cooed sweetly. "Come, let me show you something." Beast said. He walked her back towards the castle. Belle's gaze swept over the massive building, it's high towers and looming stone walls spoke to it's old world beauty. Beast walked into the main foyer and up the main staircase, turning to the left he walked down the corridor that came at the end of the banister.

"Where are we going?" her curious voice echoed in the small long space. "I would like to show you my library. It is across from my bed chamber." said Beast. Again he turned to the left, threw a double arching doorway with heavy velvet drapes, warmth glowed throughout the room as they entered. A slight gasp came from Belle as she was greeted by books. Walls and walls of literature lined every wall that surrounded them. The fireplace was massive with dragon pillars on either side. The ceiling was high with heavenly paintings. Wooden carving and etching along the seams and corners of the library made it beautiful on its own.

"Oh Beast it is so gorgeous in here. I will be spending a lot of time in here." she smiled with glee. Setting her down Beast watched her as she explored the room. Being drawn by the flame of the fire she ventured towards the warmth glancing here or there at the numerous books high above her head.

Her joy at such a simple thing as adventure and knowledge made Beast's heart leap in his chest with an excitement that he had not known in awhile. A joy that was equal if not greater than her own. Belle let her fingertips wonder across the spines of countless titles as she reached to those that she could touch at her mere 5 foot height. She settled into one of the massive high backed arm chairs allowing her legs to open ever so slightly. Beast's nostrils flared as her scent filled the space filling him with primal lust, her dress complimenting her olive toned skin, and the heat from her core drew him in.

Almost in a stalking motion Beast moved towards his prey.


Belle moved swiftly from where she sat in the library as she noticed Beast moving in on her, a nervous laugh caught in her throat as she was followed by his sheer size, for every eight strides she made Beast merely took a step so she skipped out of the library and to the right searching for what would be his bedchamber door. The massive double doors greeted her several feet from the library. A gasping scream escaped the young woman as Beast swept her up and forced her small formed up against his doors, she looked up at him to find those blue eyes full of desire.

"Belle don't tease me. It has been forever since I've been with a woman. I am afraid I would do you serious harm. Even now I have true intentions of doing the honorable thing by you... but you are making this very difficult for me. It feels like I've known you forever." his voice grew deeper more strained as he spoke.

"Beast I feel as if we have known each other for a long time, but the fact is it has only been a mere few hours since breakfast. Please at least make my ache go away." she replied not exactly sure what she had just asked of him. Her breathing was making her ample breasts spill out of her top and she shook in his hands. The sight of her nipples peaking up from beneath her corset nearly made him rip all her clothes off right then and there. He held her in his grasp and opened his chamber door. Releasing the woman his mind raced. He had not intended to go this far this quickly with Belle but she seemed to be encouraging him.

Belle loved how dark this bedchamber looked. Dark woods and textures made it feel almost like a dungeon but the roaring fireplace glowed and cast shadows throughout the room. Twin arching windows with black drapes were on the far outer wall, drawn back to allow enough light to see by. Beast's bed was twice the size of a king size bed and had an equally big wooden bed frame. Tree shaped bedposts sprung up from the head and foot ends of the frame, the branches held up the bed curtains which were tied back around the posts. Massive soft carpeting blanketed the stone cold floors. Belle promptly made her way to the bed and started to take her cloak and skirt off. Beast merely watched as she got through her layers in a shaky but determined way. When her breasts popped out of her corset he fought the urge to push her onto the bed and take her there and then.

Belle's eyes took in the beast and her eyes roamed over his huge form, the large bulge that formed in his trousers drew her attention. She had never seen a human organ before but what would his look like? Her gaze caused Beast to come to her. Suddenly she moved around him and with a barely noticeable push with her little palm had him sit on his bed. Her large breasts were just handfuls for him as he palmed her tender orbs.

"Beast I want to see it." she commanded. She leaned into his large paws loving the feeling of his touch. She removed her final few items of clothing revealing all of herself to this terrifying creature. Beast's chest swelled with awe and wonder at her bravery. She was even more beautiful naked than she had been with her skirt and dress on. Her long locks framed her face and kept her shoulders warm as she sat beside him. Gently Beast took her hand and placed it on his huge cock.

"Are you sure Belle? This is what you want; I do not want to harm you. You have begun to mean too much to me to risk it." Beast moved her palm along the length of him, letting her feel his size. An instinctual moan escaped her as Belle felt his hidden cock; he was thicker than her forearm and nearly as long! At realizing his sheer size her core began to ache more.

"Please Beast, please let me see." her voice was nearly hoarse with feeling. Belle licked her lips with an anticipation that she had never known as he undid his belt and wiggled somewhat out of his trousers. Her eyes widened as he sprang out into the light, dark skin covered a penis that was over ten inches in length with a huge bulbous head at the tip. Silken fur surrounded the root of his organ and thick veins were visible just beneath the surface of his skin.

Belle laid her hands on his cock, the weight of him caused it to lie back against his lower stomach. She gripped him and brought him up to get a good look at this lovely thing. Her fingers didn't even begin to fit around his girth. A growl came from him at her touch and suddenly big droplets of liquid formed at the eye of his crown. It soon was spilling down the shaft and onto her fingers. The musky scent made her curious enough to lean down and timidly lick at his tip. The creature nearly bucked in her hands, arching like a bow at such a slight touch.

The taste that met her touch was salty and slippery in her mouth, milky white and creamy as it became thicker. She licked and lapped until that didn't seem to be enough she widened her lips and attempted to fit the large crown into her mouth.

"Oh Belle, oh Belle, Belle!" growled Beast, she felt his paws form fists as he dared not lay his hands on her or he might crush her unintentionally. Beast's flesh was hot and pulsed inside her mouth, she lapped at his thick cock, his flesh was stiff and tasted so good to her. She found herself pumping at his remaining shaft with both her hands, not understanding what had driven her to do such a thing. She also noted that she had formed a wet puddle on the bed covers beneath her thighs. Withdrawing Beast's cock she licked her lips.

"Oh Beast you taste so good, I've never done this before. You are huge!" she admitted to the creature. Beast raised his head to look at her, his eyes glowed with a dangerous wild light that sent chills down her spine.

"Belle I want to taste you now." he said. Quicker than she could blink he had flipped her onto her back with his massive form looming above her. She felt small and helpless beneath him; she loved every second of it. Beast shoved her up closer to the head pillows so he could maneuver between her legs. Her scent filled his every sense as he lowered his face towards her.

"Yes, please Beast. Touch me, touch me." she breathed, her hips undulating with her need, beckoning him closer. She was so wet that her inner thighs were moist as he laid his paws on them to hold her still. The sight of his fangs so near to her ready to tear her to pieces if he so desired made Belle even more excited and helpless.

Carefully Beast used his big wide tongue to lap up the juices from her tender thighs, she tried to wiggle with delight but his grip held her firm. Using his claw tipped fingers he gently parted her moistened labia to expose her clitoris and nether lips. She was puffy and pink with a dusty rose hue. As his breathe tickled her most tender parts he could hear her trembling gasps of surprise. Had she never even touched herself?

"Belle, is this your first experience? The way you sucked my cock, I thought for sure you had been with another at least once before me." Beast's warm hot breath asked. "Beast you are the only one. I just did what my own instincts dictated me to do with your.... your cock." she struggled with the new word. A strange look overcame Beast locked eyes with her. "Belle, I will not take you until you know more about me, until you feel more comfortable." Beast said gently. "But I am ready, aren't I?" Belle moaned thrusting her ever glistening pussy towards him.

"Belle, you think you are. But trust me; right now with the way that I feel I would damage you in ways that would ruin you for the rest of your life. I would hurt you on the inside. And I do not want to do that to you." Beast murmured. "But Beast!" she cried aloud, her protest caused him to clamped her mouth closed with a quick flick of his palm across her mouth.

"I didn't say that I would not bring you to orgasm my sweet love." his growl held a tinge of firmness in it. Belle's eyes locked with his and the determined finality of his firm voice made her shiver deliciously. She liked the look of dominance in his eyes as well as how it wove into his words. The growl had made her vaginal muscles squeeze in response.

"Beast lick me!" she moaned, she wiggled beneath his pressing form. "Do not rush me." he commanded. Stern eyes met her blazing gaze.

Gently with his index claw he tickled and traced her clit and vagina lips, thrilled at the glistening pearls that beaded at her entrance. She was beyond sensitive he could tell, it would make for a longer gentler initial love making once he decided that she was ready. Her form tried to wiggle and his glanced up at her, instantly she settled down. Was she reacting to how stern he looked at her? He traced her inner thighs applying more pressure as if to scratch and Belle gave a shuttering yowl. Gasping she wiggled but Beast gripped her ankles to hold her still and that caused her to gasp even louder. He made gentle scratching motions on her thighs closer and ever closer to her pussy. Belle trembled making tiny noises of pleasure, her flesh was pink and warm, alive with passion.

Next Beast lowered his face careful not to hurt her with his fangs as he let his tongue take a big long swipe on her fresh pussy, a deep moan as he tasted the woman for the very first time. She tasted so potent and silky in his mouth.

"Ohhhh Beast!" she wailed her hands reached out to grasp his fur that surrounded his face. Her fingers kneaded into his fur as he proceeded to lap up her weeping vagina, delving his thick tongue into every fold of flesh and relishing the sounds that met his ears. Believing her to be more relaxed Beast thrust his thick long tongue up into her pussy while simultaneously scraping his claw semi-gently along her inner thighs.

The young woman arched high but Beast's muffled growl warned her as her movement drew her quivering pussy out of his mouth, he curled his paws about her tender legs and pulled her back into his eager mouth; again thrusting his tongue into her needy virgin cunt.

"Oh Beast! Oh Beast!" she panted as she settled into his thrusting tongue obviously enjoying his ministrations. Changing tactics as she adjusted and accepted her pleasuring he began flicking her clit while delving into her pussy; intent to have her first time be something to always remember. Moaning and cooing, shuttering growling groans met his ears as he took her higher and higher. Belle felt a deep aching coil grow tighter and tighter within her over sensitized core. She couldn't contain herself as her body wiggled and thrashed at the sensations building inside of her. A pressure that almost hurt but with the creature's skillful patience soothing yet encouraging the fire within.

Suddenly Belle bucked screaming out her very first orgasm as it built to a crashing flourishing crescendo. It spread rapidly across her womb but lingered in its wake. Panting with emotion she looked at Beast he had a rather smug look as well as very juicy lips.


Belle's eyes fluttered open, had she fallen asleep? The room was very dark as she sought some light but only found the warm glow of the fire. She felt hot to the point of boiling, as if she were surrounded by a giant animal skin. Her wiggling stirred the sleeping giant and a slight groan came from the furry thing that had been cuddling her. Suddenly Belle remember who she was with and settled deeper still into his soft firm form, his silk fur nearly hid her completely from sight especially as she felt him wrap his strong arm about her in an attempt to keep her from extricating herself from him.

Beast's breathing was steady and calm, he watched her deliciously nude form as he observed her almost physically recall their recent encounter. Feeling her stretch out her little body beside him, Beast absolutely adored the sensation of her so close to him. "How do you feel?" his drowsy voice sounded next to her ear. "Like none of this is really real." she admitted. "Oh." he replied. "But I don't ache anymore, I feel good laying here with you Beast." she added. Her honesty warmed Beast's heart and he kissed her cheek. He got up, going to his own closet he produced a thick warm robe for her to wear. Shivering from the sudden loss of his heated body Belle scooted to the side of the bed and stepped into the robe that he presented to her, tying the belt that came with it about her small form. Beast was still wearing his former clothes which were somewhat in disarray. He straightened them. "May I show you my family?" he asked once he had cleared his throat. Belle's curiosity perked up as she glanced up at his words. Nodding she straightened after putting her shoes on.

Beast offered his hand to her and she took it without hesitation this time. "You have a family?" Belle began once they had ventured back down to the front foyer and down several corridors that were off to the left of it. "I did, a long time ago. This once was a ruling castle. With the land and it's people flourished just below it's walls." said Beast. He led them into a big portrait room. Every wall held someone's picture. Small frames, big frames, some were oval some square. The bigger frames were rectangle. And on the wall just opposite the arching entrance was a massive oil painting of the reigning king.

Beast led her to the right once they had come into the room. Her eyes rolled up and around as she tried to gaze at all the different portraits. Beast paused and she turned her focus to what was in front of them. She was met by a beautiful woman with raven locks and piercing blue eyes. Her body was slender and robed in a pale blue diamond gown with a sapphire blue cape. Simple drop diamond earrings and a matching pendant complimented her pale skin tone. A silver sapphire studded vine and scroll metal crown rested on her head. The backdrop was of a sea colored curtains. "This is my mother, Leigha Anne Dominne." Beast voiced. "She is gorgeous Beast." commented Belle. Moving on he showed her his two younger sisters and his father. Robert Dominne had handsome strong features and dark brown eyes that held so much wisdom. The remaining portraits on the wall were several of Beast's cousins, uncles and aunts. She turned to the adjacent wall which was bare except for the giant portrait. "Who is that?" asked Belle as she gazed up in awe at the handsome gentleman. He wore the same crown that had been on King Robert's head. His hair was black and those eyes seemed too familiar, his poise was strong and masculine, a mischievous smile met his twinkling gaze. He did not wear the garments of a king but rather the clothes of a huntsman. His hounds sat at his feet ready to do their master's bidding. The outdoor woods lay behind him with the castle in the far distance to his right.

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